Remember the beach rum cocktail easing into you, the sea hosting a mind-numbing sunset – that unforgettable volleyball game!

What delightful moments they were!

Now contrast that experience with the stringy, itchy and acutely unsexy sensation of splashing aftershave on the face after each morning’s shave.

Or what if I told you could replace this itchy feeling with the fresh sandy smell of the beach?

Welcome the Caribbean style aftershaves.

Bay leaves and exotic Caribbean rum do some serious sensory telling to make every morning shave magical.

The best Bay Rum aftershave urgently makes you the most desirable man in the crowd.

Feel excited already? Take it from me – I simply couldn’t resist the temptation of trying them all out. Here are my reviews on the five of the best aftershaves in the market now.

Straight recommendation: Bay Rum Aftershave Splash

Brief history of bay rum aftershave!

Officially, Bay Rum was first distilled in in Saint Thomas but could have been concurrently in use in several other West Indian islands as well.

The lotion is prepared with rum and leaves (or berries) of the West Indian bay Tree.

Some early variants also included spice oils and citrus. Lime oil was also a common addition.

The lotion was first picked up and liked by 16th century sailors. Its popularity never ceased to surge ever since.

What’s the difference between bay rum aftershave and regular aftershave?

The essential difference between bay Rum aftershaves and other modern aftershaves is in their compositions.

The Bay Rum has two major components – bay leaf and rum.

Regular aftershaves or even aftershaves for sensitive skin vary greatly in their chemical composition – from water based aftershaves to alcoholic ones.

While regular aftershaves ship in a ferry of flavors, Bay Rum is classically characterizes with a woody, earthly and spicy smell.

This is what separates Bay Rum from the rest of the aftershaves. Also, the alcohol in Bay Rum is way stronger than others – you know what we mean!

What characteristic you’ll look when buying a best rum aftershave?

  • Is it made of natural and premium ingredient? The one fault that plagues most modern Bay Rum aftershaves is mediocrity. You will notice that most Bay Rum aftershaves of the day do not include the Rum at all. So you will have to put in that extra effort to see if the ingredients used in the aftershave are sourced purely from Bay and Rum.
  • Will it re-moisturize your skin? Bay Rum aftershaves are not known to be natural moisturizers of facial skin. However, newer innovations and chemical interventions have turned them into moisturizing aftershaves. Now, you can always ask for a Bay Rum aftershave that is just as good with moisturizing skin as it is with creating men out of nothing.
  • Does it have a decent fragrance? If not for the fragrance, Bay Rum aftershaves wouldn’t have been a separate category for many of us. So the scent is all we go after mostly. And Bay Rum has the reputation of giving us those classic smells –woody, spicy and earthly. Some new ones also have a prominent clove note. Go for the one you like the best.
  • Does it improve your skin? There are several ways in which an aftershave can act on your skin. Some can be constructive, while cheaper lotions may induce a sharp burn. Like the moisturizing, Bat Rum has never been known for skin improvement. However, you may always ask for it now, given that the cream works just as it should.
  • Is it cost effective? A great deal cannot have you burning in the pocket. This applied to even the best Bay Rum aftershaves out there. You must be convinced that you are on the advantageous side before you decide on buying an aftershave. Leverage our reviews to check the cost of different Bay Rum aftershaves in the market.

Our top 5 recommended bay rum aftershave reviews

# Bay Rum Aftershave Splash for Men – 4oz. of The Finest

Our impression

Bay Rum Aftershave Splash

The Bay Rum splash from Barberry Coast is the kind of smell delicious men dream of.

The composition of the Barberry Coast is as exquisite as it can get – it has been hand crafted with completely exotic and natural spices.

There are other essential oils and other extracts as well that remind you of the true West Indian island beaches.

There are no GMO oils in the composition and it is completely free from paraben

The product is completely vegan and has not been tested on animals.

The other good thing is the moisturizing action.

It leaves the skin hydrated and not dried out like other creams.

There is 100% pure glycerin in the composition that lets you re-moisturize the skin without the slightest difficulty.

Once you apply the Barberry Coast on the face, you will instantly feel a manly and crisp burn that is typical of all good aftershave lotions.

Best deal I found on the Bay Rum Aftershave Splash


  • Sense-awakening crisp feel.
  • 100% vegan.
  • Lifetime warranty.
  • Classic bay rum scent and feel.
  • Rehydrates the skin.
  • Pure glycerin and 100% re-moisturizing.


  • Vanilla note could have been mellowed.
  • Would do well to last longer.

# Pinaud – Clubman Virgin Island Bay Rum – 12 oz

Our impression

Pinaud – Clubman

The Pinaud Virgin Island shaving cream is a classic bay rum – with all those spice, wood and earth scents that define the best bay rums.

The Clubman Virgin Island is an all-purpose essential fragrance that typically works for all moods.

There is a unique blend of exotic spices that goes into the formulation of this aftershave.

This works well with the exotic smell of the bay tree that has always inspired this beautiful blend of healing.

The Virgin Island is the kind of smell that you want to stay with all day.

It is not completely fruity or musky or metro.

And it is also not one of the “mellowed down” ones that most men go for.

There is a certain masculine deliciousness about the smell of this aftershave.

Even after that, the smell is not overpowering.

It will not interfere with say, an exotic farm pizza smell. Just splash a palm full, rub the face and neck and hay hello to a new day!

Buy now >>Virgin Island Bay Rum


  • Great woody smell.
  • Heals nicks and cuts instantly.
  • Proper splash application.
  • Lasts all day.
  • Does not overpower food smell.
  • Deliciously masculine.


  • Cinnamon and spic might not work for all.
  • Slightly incompetent packaging.

# GABELS Bay Rum After Shave Lotion

Our impression


The bay rum aftershave from GABELS comes across as a refreshing and brisk aftershave.

It comes at an impressive price point and is cheaper than most such aftershaves you find in the market.

If you have been using something like the Dominica, this one compares very well and gives you a distinct price advantage.

In most GABELS aftershaves, clove is the dominating note, and it is no different for this one too. And the clove note stays put right there.

If you have been looking for good aftershaves for sensitive skin, this one can take that into stride as well.

The aftershave is a very balanced one and it immediately closes the pores of sensitive skin so that here is no added irritation.

You may not like [it if you like long lasting aftershaves.

However, Bay Rum was never designed to replace cologne. This just closes shaves in the old school manner.

Click to see pricing “GABELS Bay Rum” Here!


  • Super product for sensitive skin.
  • Brisk clove note.
  • Refreshes skin after shave.
  • Great value for money.
  • Costs less than Dominica.


  • Does not last very long.
  • Rum goes missing.
  • Could be very light for some.

# Captain’s Choice Original Bay Rum 4.0 ozAfter Shave Pour

Our impression

Captain’s Choice

The bay Rum aftershave from Captain’s Choice tells you all about the Bay and the Rum even before opening the bottle.

For a first, we really liked the packaging on a bottle of Bay Rum aftershave.

It comes in a clear container and the rum color is clearly visible through it.

The bay leaf completes the look along with a pirate theme label. That tells you this thing is built for the coasts.

While the bottle looks more like a cough syrup model, you do not have to pour out the aftershave from the mouth.

There is a dapper top just under the lid that controls the flow and does away with wastage.

The major downside that we did not like for this aftershave is the presence of alcohol in it. It may leave a slightly tingly sensation on the skin.

The scent is nice and it lasts for a neat 30 minutes to make sure you get all the attention you deserve.

The best deal –  Captain’s Choice Bay Rum


  • Aesthetic Bay Rum packaging.
  • Hazel smell with light mint.
  • Can be smelt after a couple of hours.
  • Silicone dropper to avoid wastage.


  • Spillage during delivery.
  • Fragrance weaker than most.
  • Not suited for sensitive skin.

# 8 oz Genuine Ogallala Bay Rum Regular Old-time looking bottle and label

Our impression

8 oz Genuine Ogallala Bay Rum

The Genuine Ogallala Bay Rum after shave comes in a blue medicine-like bottle and a special card.

The old-school bottle looks slightly off note when you first look it. But the look gets to you slowly.

It really feels like a special product in the bathroom. Moving to the fragrance, it is quite refreshing and bold.

The fragrance is in fact stronger than most others you might have seen. In fact, it is reminiscent of the barber shop smell you found long back.

The ingredients of the Genuine Ogallala include purified water, hazel, bay rum fragrance and alcohol along with sandalwood.

There is a slight confusion we noted among customers regarding the bottles for samples.

Actually, the 2 oz samplers are plastic bottles and the 4 oz and 8 oz bottles are made of cobalt blue glass.

The sandalwood smell of the aftershave is neither too strong nor too light.

Check price >>Genuine Ogallala Bay Rum


  • Impressive sandalwood smell.
  • Great blue glass packing bottle.
  • Slight hint of vanilla.
  • Heals small cuts and nicks.
  • Good for sensitive skin.


  • Smell different from the cologne version.
  • Burn is more than expected.

What makes the bay rum aftershave splash for men a better choice than the rest?

The Aftershave Splash Bay Rum brings you to life with a sharp and crisp feeling without burning the skin. The product is 100% vegan and unlike several others, comes with a lifetime warranty. There is classic Bay Rum feel and scent all through the product. The best part is it does not dry out the skin and leaves a rehydrated feel for you. It is made of pure glycerin and moisturizes like none other.

Bottom line

Bay Rum aftershaves bring the true fervor of West Indian islands into your bathroom. Go for one and wake up a new man every day.

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