7 Best Close Shave Electric Razors For Effortless Grooming In 2024

As the professional men constantly venture out of their homes every morning, one prime demand is to get a close shave with minimum effort. It’s not always an easy task and the challenges may seem to be pressing down like an extra hassle to go through every now and again.

Choosing the best close shave electric razor has become a major concern for not only such men, but also for professional barbers who tend to perform such fine grooming relentlessly. The task has now been laid upon the experts to sort out this matter to guide every man’s way toward a treasure electric razors that can live upto its name.

Check out our listing of five-star electric shavers that specialize in close shaving duties. Go through the assessments made by our expert analysts and see which one stands out to fit your description of the ideal electric razor for a close shave!

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Closest Shave Electric Razor: Can All Electric Razors Do It?

When we go deeper into the market for the best close shave electric razor choices, we realize that among so many products there are only a handful razors that can deliver a result as they promise. It means, not all razors, especially rotary shavers fail to shave as close as the foil shavers that we’ve highlighted. And it requires a certain degree of functionality to offer such cleanliness in a shave.

For instance, if you go through the differences between manual razors and electric shavers, you’ll realize how far technology has progressed till date. Such inclusion renders specific shaver units to deliver a close shave that’s unparalleled with other devices, thus we’ve felt the need to put all of our knowledge into this one article to ease your understanding.

Best Electric Razor For Close Shave: Our Premium Options

When it comes to offering the finest shave, we’ve been able to accumulate seven razors to rank at the top of our list. Such seven varieties are put on display here today for your convenience!

Braun Series 9 Pro Electric Razor for Men

Braun Series 9 Pro Electric Razor

The Braun Series 9 Pro is the highest graded electric razor that’s available for fashionable men to aid them in their grooming process. This is regarded as the best Braun shaver, if not, one of the best units this line has ever produced. It’s equipped with the latest technologies to turn a shaving experience into the least concerning task at the start of each day!

My unit of Braun Series 9 Pro has been durable all around. After my six months use, I can state with certainty that the 7 year guarantee which the company offers is legit because of its supreme build quality. All I need to do is to follow proper maintenance for this device made in Germany and replace the blades on a regular basis.

I found the cleaning and maintenance to be significantly convenient with this shaver unit. I didn’t have to manually charge, wash or lube the shaver because the 5-in-1 SmartCare center has all of these covered! It’s a great benefit for barbers as well, because the shaver can simply be slotted in the dock in between each shave and have it prepared for the next one in less than no time!

The Gentlest Close Shave a Man Can Get?

After each shaving session with my Series 9 Pro shaver, my shave felt closest to my skin. I’ve tested it out on my different lengths of stubble and received the best outcome with a beard of 3 to 10 days age. The blades have been kind to my skin, leaving behind no irritation or burn. This marks it as one of the prime razors for the ones with sensitive skin like similar units that specialize in such matter.

Shaving tricky areas have been a concern for me with my previous razors, but this one is the comfort that I’d wanted all along. Whether it was the corner around my neck or the edge of my lips, I managed to end up with the cleanest outcome without any pulls or tugs from the foil portion. Such a degree of precision is achieved through the technology that this shaver has implemented in the design.

Its Sonic Technology poses 10,000 micro-vibrations. My stubble strands had been continuously grabbed and fed into the blades due to this system with the flexible ProHead. The foil bits also captured flying hair and spared me the pain of cleaning a mess made of stray hair on the sink. On top of that, I got away with shaving using foam, gel or even dry because this shaver can do it all!

I take this shaver inside my shower from time to time to cut down the office preparation time. It’s been water-resistant completely after my elaborate utilization and didn’t show any hint of damage even for once. Afterward, I simply plugged it in the SmartCare center for a hygienic cleaning. From time to time, the cleaning brush came in handy to sort out the residue.

Ideally, this 100% waterproof, portable charger was able to run for around 60 minutes after a full charge, with a 5 minute quick charge option for urgent shaving situations. I believe it’s the perfect device to use in the professional scene as well. This long battery-backup let me travel without the charging dock and I could pack it inside the leather pouch that Braun themselves provide with it!

Panasonic ARC5 Electric Razor for Men, ES-LV67-K

Panasonic Arc5 Electric Razor ES-LV67-K

The Panasonic ARC5 series is a regular groomer’s wet dream and consumers literally ignore the pricing while getting it because they know the elegant outcome they’re going to receive. Ranked among the top-tier Panasonic men’s shavers, the ARC5 LV67 is endowed with the latest technologies and it’s something to die for in general.

The design struck me at first. The captivating look just melted my heart and the ergonomic grip felt like I was holding on to something that would never slip away. It has been highly beneficial for my close shaving as my sessions have been effortless so far, to hold it & press against the skin at the most awkward of angles because the LV67 is designed to reach where no man has ever thought to go!

The powerful motor helped me chop through any density of bushes and I never heard it struggle for even a second. My stubble that I grew for 5 days was swiftly cleaned down to a very close shave with this device. The 5-blade system implemented in this electric razor is powered by a beast motor which was highly necessary to relentlessly enable this level of service.

With the help of this ultra-fast motor, the 5 blades run simultaneously generating 70,000 cross cuts per minute. It always saves me time and it’s the razor I always turn to when I’m in a hurry. The foils managed to grab all of my beard on the razor’s exposure area and trim them down from the root very easily!

16-D Pivoting Head is Innovation at its Best!

This is where the Panasonic LV67 takes an interesting turn! The flexible 16 direction pivoting head usually follows my every contour making a secondary pass irrelevant! I have received the closest shave with only one pass. And for areas that aren’t always reachable like the folds beneath my neck, I used the pop-up trimmer to clean all of that up in seconds.

It’s further reinforced by the Advanced Intelligent Shave Sensor that actually analyzes my beard densities 220 times/sec and frequently adjusts the power accordingly. With this, I’ve never really had to bother about adjusting the power or settings or even pressure. I simply held the shaver against my face, moved my hand and the device did the rest of it by itself. Very easy, right?

The stainless steel inner blades can readjust to 30-degrees angles no matter how I operate my shaver. In the previous days, I had to make sure I’m holding the razor at the correct angle. But now these sufferings are gone because the blades realign themselves to my skin. I only sit in the back seat and allow the shaver to pamper me with the finest, smooth shave!

Lastly, it can perform both dry and wet shaves if one knows how to do it, much like every other shaver at this price range. I’ve tried it out in the wet and never had any issue with water leakage or anything of the sort. I received around 45 minutes of runtime after a 60 minute full charge. While it’s a downside for professional stylists, a home consumer such as myself should have more than enough time for a close shave during this period.

Braun Series 9 Electric Razor for Men

Braun Series 9 Electric Razor For Men

Much like the Braun Series 9 Pro, the standard edition of this line of electric razors have multiple benefits and certain advantages. While they share a lot of technological features, the way these contribute to a close shave is completely different! If I’m opting for close shave qualities like the Series 9 Pro but don’t want to spend as much, I can pretty much get away with this variant.

The series 9 is marketed as the Precision shaver category and it is rightly so – because I’ve rarely had a shave so close to skin with a foil shaver. This is initially backed up by a powerful motor that’s utilized by the SyncroSonic technology. It never really mattered if my beard had been combed or placed in a certain formation, because the machine would always vibrate and pick up every last bit of my hair.

The advanced 32 bit chip comes in handy too. This shaver apparently scans my beard while shaving and it makes sure to get all of it finely removed from the roots. It picks up on the length & coarseness of my beard and adjusts the motor’s power accordingly while offering me the most efficient and skin-close outcome!

5 Synchronized Shaving Elements for the Closest Shave!

Shaving my sensitive areas of face has always worried me thinking I might get razor burns or ingrown hair! But the Series 9 actually excels in this matter. The lift & cut as well as direct & cut features grabs my lying beard in all directions and removes them from the roots with the omnidirectional vibration. My skin has been intact every time I shaved using it as the skin guard and 2x OptiFoil protected me from getting any nicks or cuts.

In terms of following contour, I think it falls a little shy of the Braun Series 9 Pro’s 16-D feature as this one is able to follow 10 directions at once. This has still been a major upside for this razor, because the MicroMotion technology detects the slightest dents or bumps on my skin and adjusts the blades accordingly. I’ve never had any of my pimples accidentally cut open during a shave.

It’s powered by a li-ion battery that promises 60 minutes or runtime with a 60 minute charge, and that’s pretty much what I got when I stress tested it. I took it during my office’s weekend retreat without the charger because that’s an extra hassle, and it lasted through the entire stay. However, taking my shaver on a plane needed some knowledge beforehand for ease of travel.

At home, I’ve never had to bother with charging or even cleaning as the charging station takes care of all of it. The station surprisingly cleans, charges, lubricates and dries the razor well above my expectations. This makes it a pro choice for both professionals and consumers.

I’ve left it half-wet multiple times, the titanium coating prevented any sort of corrosion. And the LED indicator embedded into the body gives me a heads up before running out of charge. There are certain precision features like the pop-up precision trimmer, and once I got used to it, I never needed a secondary trimmer for lining my beard edges or cleaning certain areas.

It’s completely waterproof as I’ve shaved in both wet and dry conditions. I could throw in some shaving gel or foam to get a really close shave. Since water doesn’t harm it, I graciously rinsed it under running tap water to get rid of the foam and that’s the beauty of convenience I still cherish about this shaver unit.

Panasonic ARC5 Electric Razor for Men, ES-LV65-S

Panasonic Arc5 Electric Razor ES-LV65-S

This list has included another model from the Panasonic ARC5 series and this time it’s the LV65 variant that has similar close shave capabilities as its successor. It is such a razor that can go head to head with the Braun Series 9 devices with differences that can help distinguish between the two. However similar the features may be, there are certain differences that sets it apart as a fan-favorite worldwide!

Panasonic has indulged this razor with 5 precision features. I felt that my shaver is giving the effort to follow my skin without any extra effort. This is achieved through 30° nanotech blades and ultra-thin Arc foil that always align perfectly to my face’s shape and contours. So closely following my skin to remove hair from the root isn’t my concern anymore!

Among many things, the design of this device is something that’s strikingly alluring! The deluxe black housing with silver linings on the sides almost killed me with its looks! The styling points are further added due to the placement of the LED screen on the body, from which I can get the idea about the battery level, cleaning level, shaving mode and duration altogether.

This renders it as a smart man’s choice for close shave as such utilities come in handy during such operations. Since I always prefer a close shave, I found a firm grip on the device so that it doesn’t slip out and is set right next to my skin. The power button has been very responsive and I always lock the device using the rotating function so that accidentally pressing any button doesn’t hamper my shaving.

Full Power till the Last Drop of Your Charge!

The lithium-ion battery featured in the LV65 is very unique as it can maintain the power equally throughout the entire shaving operation. I’ve never really had any issue with the battery and never even had it die on me during the shaving. Be that for a professional use or for frequent traveling, battery is something that one won’t have to bother about this razor, this much I can personally guarantee.

With this shaver, I could get a close shave with a stubble of almost around 10 days. Anything more than that didn’t really work and I had to trim off some of the beard for the LV65 to find its footing. Cleaning has two options – I’ve cleaned it using the dock or removed the head to wash under water. It easily rinses away all the residue that’s been captured and doesn’t make it a mess out of loose hair particles.

I’ve used the pop-up trimmer for lining my beard edges or even cleaning out certain patches of hair. This all-in-one razor will serve both as a shaver and trimmer which has made my travel packing even lighter! I think professional barbers will find the LV65 among their favorites by making twofold use out of it, as I could frequently use the razor and the trimmer without having to switch out multiple devices.

Braun Series 7 Electric Razor for Men

Braun Series 7 Electric Razor For Men

The Braun Series 7 electric razors are actually very strongly built. I dropped it on a few instances but it didn’t even seem to leave behind any dent. This can be regarded as a lite edition to the Braun Series 9 with certain  differences between the two. Performance-wise, I think the Series 7 has given me almost similar close shaves as the Series 9 Pro features cater more to professionals.

Although the Series 7 has been released a decade ago, it still remains one of my favorites because of the performance it’s able to generate that can easily compete with the latest models. Every feature is a little toned down from its successors but I’ve found it to be insignificant to go for a hefty upgrade. Because this device sits in a sweet spot between cost and performance.

There are 3 cutting elements to this razor that work as a whole with the SkinGuard. I can be very careless when it comes to shaving, and despite that I’ve never really cut myself using this shaver. I could get away with a close shave from a 3 day stubble at max. And such has been made possible by the three foils that rotate and grab the beard efficiently strand by strand.

It’s Made for Sensitive Skin Shaving!

I have sensitive skin and not all razors are worth my investment. I didn’t really think I’d settle for it in terms of regular use, but the comfort I’ve received during and after my shaving has made me fall in love with it. There has been no post-shave redness in skin or even any discomfort while I’m scrubbing the blades. Being on a budget, someone with sensitive skin will probably see this as a gift from Braun.

There are 5 built-in modes among which I always picked the sensitive mode for my needs. The Intelligent & Sonic technology actually detected my beard’s density and kept on vibrating subtly to feed my beard through the foils. I never found any unshaved beard patches left behind, mind you, I have a very dense beard. Only a couple of passes had been enough to achieve this level of clean shave.

The precision head enhances such abilities along with the 8-D contour adaptation. The qualities of this razor I’ve seen mostly in the best foil shavers available in the market and should aid the barbers too. The synergized foils and blades paired up with the OptiFoil technology trims my beard down at around 0.05mm length, going as close to the skin as possible without giving any discomfort.

Since it comes at such a low price, it has its downsides. I found it a little challenging to shave the difficult areas on my face, but the ActiveLift trimmer has helped me in such regard to clean out those areas. My device has always resisted water perfectly and I could shave almost 5 times after a full charge, which is highly unusual for a shaver at such a price.

BaBylissPRO GOLDFX Double Foil Shaver

Babyliss Pro Gold FX Double Foil Shaver

This BaBylissPRO GoldFX shaver is by far the most unusual shaver I’ve used in my entire life. I still carry one around in my bag’s pocket just because of its aesthetics which I find very charming! This is the affordable luxury shaver that both barbers and home consumers can use everyday. And apart from the captivating looks, the features too did surprise me in numerous ways.

I must stress on the design because this is one of the major aspects that BaByliss has drawn focus on. The metallic aluminum body has a fine coating of shiny golden color that comes in the shape of some fancy lighters. The build would feel like military-grade solid as dropping it didn’t seem to make any significant damage (it is discouraged to do so of course).

There is no hint of plastic on the housing except for the area surrounding the foil blades. The blades are capped by an equally shiny, golden cover that clicks in to turn this razor into a portable, mini pocket device. The foils are also gold-colored and made out of nickel-titanium metals. Despite the size, it’s one of the most durable shavers that I’ve ever put my hands on till date.

Best Close Shave Electric Razor that Specializes in Dry Shave!

Although this razor might not be able to compete with the likes of Braun Series 9 or Panasonic ARC5 variants, it does however have its own perks. I often try out shaving dry and it’s been one of the major turn-ons for this unit. It reached my difficult facial areas with the two foil heads that are placed in an angular shape and has given me a very close shave significantly easily considering its size!

I didn’t really expect a powerful motor to be hosted in such a compact device! I initially thought it was just cute, then I realized it’s a beast after prolonged use. I borrowed it out to my barber friend where It ran relentlessly for 3 hours after a complete 3 hour charge. The charge level is indicated with an LED at the bottom of the razor.

There’s a 3 meter long cable included with the package, but with such a long battery life I’ve never really found any need for it. Only downside to this shaver I think is that it can’t perform shaving in wet conditions. Also, learning the ways of cleaning such shavers is an added benefit since it’s not an orthodox razor to begin with.

The shaving has been really comfortable with this razor, but I’ve felt occasional pulls now and then. I bypassed such issues by applying shaving lotion beforehand which significantly improved the quality of my shaving. This is built for regular shaving and I felt the most comfortable when I shaved daily. Trying it on my two-three days of stubble gave me some degree of snagging.

It is to be noted that, it won’t function like the other all-round shavers in our list as it’s made with a different philosophy in general. Ones who are looking for an eye-catching, compact close shaver that shaves really close in the dry and are ready to go through a manual cleaning process should consider buying it.

Braun Series 8 Electric Razor for Men

Braun Series 8 Electric Razor For Men

As there are many facilities for using an electric razor, the Braun Series 8 emerges at the optimum spot between price and performance. While it has similarities in features with the Series 9 razors, it comes at a more affordable price range than the latter. This renders it as a pro choice for shaving enthusiasts who are on a budget yet search for the best!

The ergonomic grip in this razor is something to watch out for! I have very slippery hands as my hands sweat almost all the time. The rubber grips on either side let me hold onto it for a longer period of time without having it slip out of my hand. Such grip boosted my confidence while shaving close to the skin without any risk of accidental mishaps like uneven cuts.

The shaver head in this razor features a zig-zag patterned foil guard that guides any type or density of beard into the foils. A week’s stubble has been the highest density & size of beard with which I got the closest shaves. Anything over this doesn’t let the shave run efficiently. The AutoSense technology comes into play here as it calibrates the motor power according to the beard’s condition.

Budget-Killer for Close and Gentle Shave?

After much analysis, I think it’s a budget killer as it sits in the sweet spots in every possible way. It has an intelligent SmartCare Center that takes care of everything from cleaning to maintenance. Barbers can take advantage of it as they won’t have to be bothered about cleaning, charging, drying or lubricating it each time they’re done with a customer.

I very often leave it on the dock and forget about it until my next session. The smart LED indicator tells me what my razor needs, so I never really have to bother about it even for a second! A pop-up precision trimmer is included in this unit as well which serves the same purpose of lining and trimming the tougher spots on the face.

Following the electric shave pre-routines has made my shavings effortless and helped me achieve a close shave of the highest order. Along with the Sonic technology, the li-ion battery lets it run relentlessly for an hour with a full charge. At one point I was careless about the docking and found the device dead. A 5 minute quick charge was able to give me a complete shave, so I’ll take that as a big win.

I used it with foam, gel or even inside the shower. I even dropped it inside my bathtub with water filled halfway and got away without facing any leakage. I mostly rinse it under water since it’s waterproof, to keep it hygienically clean and ready for action whenever I may need its services!

The Series 8 does not only use power to chop through the beard or just give a close shave, it’s also been gentle on my skin. Once I was done shaving, I never found any razor bumps or irritations, rather I ended up with a soft & smooth skin which is highly desirable among healthy men!

Final Thoughts

In the end, we’ve come across some of the best close shave electric razor units that are diverse in nature but have an elegant nature in common. They come in varying price ranges, design, color and even operationality so we hope one of them has been able to melt your heart for your next big purchase.

Braun and Panasonic razors actually go head to head in this battle and they cater more toward professional use. Doesn’t mean you should refrain yourself from going that extent for the unmatched comfort you’re going to get from any of those razors!

Only exception here is the BaBylissPRO razor that stands out for its design, compact size and the price to performance ratio. This could be your choice if you love owning appliances that look like rare collectibles and are frequently staying out of your home.

Overall, we leave it up to your preference because we believe we’ve taught you enough to make your own successful choice of razors for getting the closest shave daily!

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