About Us

AllAboutRazor launched with one goal: to demystify men’s grooming.

The modern man doesn’t just use his dad’s old safety razor once a day and splash on aftershave. There are as many styles to consider as there are products to achieve them.

Beard trimmers, hair clippers, electric razors, and epilators are just some devices companies push to market every day. And despite what it says on the box, not every product deserves your time and money.

We remove the guesswork from online shopping. As consumers ourselves, we know how hard it is to find reliable, clearly written product reviews online. Often, websites misuse terms, misrepresent products, and ignore glaring problems with a product’s design or function.

We work hard to be the only site you need to rely on for honest reviews and articles on everything to do with your morning shaving routine, beard trimming, and beyond.

Most North American ecommerce flows through Amazon. To reach the largest audience, we are Amazon affiliates. You can purchase any products we review through our site, and we receive a commission. But we will never misdirect you or force you to do so. The choice is yours.

Also, we are not endorsed by any company on our website. Our slant points solely towards helping the consumer find a product that is affordable and well-made. We want you to be satisfied by your grooming products today, tomorrow, and a year from now.

To provide even more value for your experience on our website, we update our blog regularly. It’s full of well-researched articles and in-depth guides that answer the questions on the minds of our readers.

There are countless choices you make throughout the day, many of them complicated and time consuming. At AllAboutRazor, we believe grooming should enhance your life, not add to the complications. We simplify grooming so you can get back to what matters, in style.

If you have questions, concerns, or just want to say hi, contact us any time at dennis@allaboutrazor.com

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