Wahl Senior vs Andis Master: Comparing Two Leading Professional Hair Clippers

A haircut is one activity that men cannot live without, not just now but for centuries!

But these days, whether you are a student, a business professional or an office executive; looking sharp is the basic need of everyone. A nice and tidy haircut can provide you with a great look that is not only desirable but also admirable.

For a great looking haircut, the first thing you need is the right tool that is able to deliver precision and comfort. People who look for haircutting tool which is comfortable to handle and delivers ultimate precision for catering hair clipping needs can look into the likes of Wahl Senior and Andis Master hair clippers.

These two state-of-the-art clippers have robust bodies which can cut off even the thickest and most difficult parts of hair effortlessly. Both of these clippers are made for serving the same purpose and their performance delivery is pretty much the same.

But both of them have some distinctive features which make them different from one another. We hope this direct, head-to-head comparison review of the Wahl Senior vs the Andis Master will help you to choose the right one according to your exact requirements.

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In Depth Comparison Table

FeaturesWahl Senior Andis Master
Motor TypeElectromagneticMagnetic
Heavy DutyYesYes
Cutting/ Combs3 CombsAdjustable
Length6.5 Inches 6 Inches
Weight1 Lb.1.25 Lb.
Cord8 Foot8 Foot
Blade Type10050001
Price Check price Check price

Wahl Professional Senior Clipper Review

Wahl Senior is one of the best performing clippers among their commercial grade professional range. It has been designed for delivering cutting edge performance with ultimate precision. It is equipped with heavy-duty carbon steel blades for a flawless haircutting experience. The blades come with self-sharpening feature, which requires less maintenance and stays sharp for a longer period. The Zero-gap feature allows the blades to glide on each other closely to deliver a clean and maximum precision cut with each stroke.

Wahl Professional Senior Clipper

The Wahl Senior is fitted with a strong electromagnetic rotary motor which powers the blades for fast operation. The V9000 motor operates in a cooler and faster manner compared to other standard clippers available in the market. It is capable of heavy-duty haircutting, tapering, edging, fading and blending around the neck and behind the ears without the risk of overheating. The exterior of this clipper comes in a long-lasting metal housing that feels comfortable in the hand and delivers better control.

The Wahl Senior has been designed to provide maximum convenience to its users. This unit comes with 3 attachable guide combs which allows you to cut your hair in various lengths. Also, you would find blade oil, cleaning brush, instruction manual and the trademark Wahl’s red blade guard in the box. It is fitted with an 8 feet long industrial grade chemical proof cord. You can roam around freely while performing a haircut due to its long cord. It consumes less electricity compared to most other clippers available in the market as it operates efficiently at 120 volts or 60 hertz.

The metal housing of this clipper is more durable and comfortable to use due to its convenient size and weight. It is 6.5 inches in length, which fits comfortably in you palm and weighs 1.3 pounds. This allows you to deliver haircuts one after another without getting your hands tired.

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My Impression  

The Wahl Senior is a pretty decent clipper for both professional and personal use. It delivers precise and quick haircuts with low maintenance. It is one of the most resourceful clippers available in the market. It has additional attributes and tools to deliver flawless haircutting experience every time. The long lasting and comfortable housing of this clipper will serve for a long time to come.

It is a highly recommended clipper by experts and professionals. However, you would not be able to operate this clipper cordless. Regardless, the extended cord of this trimmer will allow you to move freely during haircuts. You will get the best combination of precision, durability and comfort from this clipper. It is very easy to operate and maintain. Therefore, it is strongly recommended and most appropriate for first time users.

Mild Concern

It is a fixed cord trimmer, so if you are looking for clipper which can be operated cordless then this is not the right choice for you. Also, the blade may need maintenance or repair from time to time, depending on the frequency of usage. Just use a screwdriver to replace or reposition the blade if it becomes improperly aligned.

Now let’s find out about the Andis Master!

Andis Master Hair Clipper Review

If you want to have a professional haircut at home, then it is best to get the tool that professionals use. And what better option for professional clippers than the Andis Master?

You may have noticed on your trip to the barbershop, Andis is very well renowned. This clipper is fitted with carbon steel self-sharpening blades which can go through even the thickest hair like a hot knife cuts through butter. The adjustable bladed can deliver haircuts from fine to coarse size 000 to size 1. Its zero-gap feature delivers ultimate precision and effortless cutting. It is a 15-watt clipper.

Andis Master Hair Clipper

There is a strong magnetic motor fitted inside the clipper. This motor can generate up to 14,000 rotations per minute. You will be able to cut maximum amount of hair in a single stroke. Also, the motor runs cool and quiet. So, it does not heat up the clipper and also, you can have a calm haircutting experience. This clipper has a sleek and ergonomic design which provides a firm grip and better maneuverability for your desired haircut.

Apart from the convenient design, it also has a comfortable size and weight. It measures 6 inches in length, which would fit very comfortably in your hands. Also, it weighs just around 1 pound, which allows you to operate the clipper for a longer period of time without tiring out your hands. The exterior of this clipper has almost plain surface at most of the areas with a texturized curve on the side which makes it easier to grip. The stainless-steel housing also provides durability and protects it from accidental falls.

This unit comes with 8 feet long heavy-duty power cable which is leak proof and chemical resistant. Although, the cord is fixed and the clipper cannot be operated cordless, the extended flexible cord makes up for that with independence to move around while clipping hair. Because you will have plenty of wire to move around freely, even if you do not have a power source in the bathroom.

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My Impression

If you are looking for a durable and long-lasting, professional grade, yet user friendly clipper, then the Andis Master is the best recommendation for you. Among its many other features and attributes, the noise-free motor is the one feature that steals the show for this clipper. It is surprisingly quite yet, incredibly powerful delivering an incredible 14,000 rpm for a fast and precise haircutting experience.

The carbon steel blade of this clipper is remarkably sharp which can deliver flawless, precise and maximum cut with every stroke. Whether you use it for professional or personal use, it can be extremely user-friendly and can be used for an extended period of time comfortably. It has a convenient size and its very light in weight so that you can use it with better maneuverability without getting sore hands.

Mild Concern

Strangely enough, Andis did not include any accessories with this unit such as attachable guide combs or cleaning brush, etc. However, you can buy these accessories which are compatible with this clipper, separately.

Now that we have looked at both clippers individually, let’s now look at the direct comparison between them.

Wahl Senior vs Andis Master – Features Comparison

Both the Wahl Senior and Andis Master are professional grade clippers, designed to serve similar purposes. Most of the features and attributes in these two clippers are the same, but both of them also have some unique features which separates them from one another.

Here are some crucial feature comparisons of the Wahl Senior vs the Andis Master:

  • Blade Type

Both of these clippers are fitted with ultra-sharp and durable carbon steel blades. Also, both of them have self-sharpening feature. Therefore, they require less maintenance as they sharpen themselves every time you use them. The material used for the blade is stronger compared to other blade material such as steel or aluminum. As a result, it is able to cut through even thickest patch of hair effortlessly. The material eliminates unnecessary pulls, tugs and harm to your skin which enables an irritation-free trimming. The chances of a cut or nick is pretty much zero with this blade.

  • Tapering Features

To have better control on the cutting process, both of these clippers have an adjustable two-party tapering switch. You can utilize the similar type of bar design on any of these clippers. This feature allows you to cut hairs with a 000 or 1 setting with both of these models. The length in these settings are ½ mm to 2.4 mm sizes. These can be effectively used for close cuts and longer bits of hair which makes these clippers perfect for edging, fading and blending.

  • Secure Corded Designs

Both of these clippers have fixed cord power connection system. But they are both equipped with a similar 8 feet long power cord. The cords in these clippers are industrial grade and chemical resistant. Therefore, they last longer as well as do not leak. The eight feet long cord of both clippers gives you maximum freedom to roam around freely, while being plugged to the wall.

  • Motor Quality

Although both of these clippers are fitted with powerful motors, there are some functional differences between these two motors. The electromagnetic motor in Wahl Senior is more powerful than the other one. But it generates more heat and noise which can be a little annoying if you are using it for a longer period of time. On the other hand, the magnetic motor of Andis Master, which generates 14,000 rpm, runs more quietly and does not generate as much heat as the former.

  • Haircutting Ability

Both the Wahl Senior and Andis Master are capable of cutting through the thickest or coarsest of hair types, effortlessly. Zero-pull is created while using both of these clippers. These clippers can also be used for blending, fading and edging around your neck and behind the ears. Also, they are suitable for outlining and trimming your mustache and sideburns .

  • Easy Maintenance

These trimmers are very easy to maintain. As they do not run on battery, you do not have be worried about keeping it charged or wearing out the battery. All you need to do is just plug and trim. Also, both of them have self-sharpening blades, which gets sharper every time you use them. So, you don’t have to oil them before every single use. Just brush the blade after use.

Similarities Between These Two Products

As both the Wahl Senior and Andis Master offer the same service and serve similar purposes, you would find there are a lot of similarities between them.

Some of the similarities between these two clippers are given below:

  • They both have same kind of blade which is made of carbon steel which provides close and quick haircutting experience every time.
  • Blades in both of these clippers have self-sharpening feature so you don’t have to spend too much time or effort for maintaining the clippers.
  • Both of these clippers have a two-party tapering switch to adjust and control the haircutting process. You would find almost the same bar design in both clippers.
  • These two clippers have zero-gap feature which eliminates pulling while cutting. Also, both of them can cut through the thickest hair without any pull.
  • They both have fixed cord powering system. They are equipped with 8 feet long, industrial grand, cords which do not limit mobility.
  • Both of them come in a metal housing which makes them more durable and resistant to damage from falls.

What Are The Differences?

There are some distinctive features among the Wahl Senior and Andis master which make them different from one another.

Some of the differences between these two clippers are given below:

  • The motor fitted in the Andis Master is much quieter than the Wahl Senior. Also, it creates less heat than its counterpart.
  • The Andis Master has a lighter housing compared to the Wahl Senior as a result of the aluminum exterior.
  • The Wahl Senior comes with various accessories such as guide combs, cleaning brush and lubricant. On the other hand, the Andis Master does not include any accessories, as they must be purchased separately.
  • The Wahl Senior has more of a plain exterior which gives it a sleeker look. On the other hand, the Andis Master has a better grip from textured surface.


A clipper is a necessity for men to look good and to be well-groomed. But it is not something that you going to buy every day. So, if you buy the wrong one which does not fit your requirements, then you are stuck that for a while or you have wasted some money before you bought the right one.

Therefore, we always suggest to get some prior idea before you buy your next hair clipper.

The Wahl Senior and Andis Master, both of them are very decent clippers and quite popular among experts and professionals. Most of features between them are pretty much the same. But there are also some unique features among them which makes them different from one another.

We have tried our best to cover all the features of them in this direct, one-on-one review. We hope the features discussed will help you to make the best decision when you buy your next clipper.

Good luck in keeping your look sharp with the best quality hair clipper!

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