Wahl Peanut 8655 vs 8685: Find Out Which Is The Better Choice!

Today, we will compare two mini sized hair clippers which give you the maximum results.

When you look at the first glimpse of the Wahl Peanut, whether it is the 8655 model or the 8685, you will surely not be expecting too much. In a lineup next to some of the other big names in the hair clipping industry, it looks like a small toy!

But be prepared to be proved wrong!

Do not be deceived by the small size or its name which is most appropriately given to this model – “Peanut”. A little package which is powered by incredible power and delivers impressive results.

Now, given that both the Peanut 8655 and 8685 are genetically the same, we will make your job easier to choose between the two with this head to head comparative review. They are just as good as any other Wahl’s clippers, but when it comes to professional results – you need a professional review.

So, let’s get started!

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Comparison Table of Wahl Peanut 8655 vs 8685

FeaturesWahl Peanut 8655Wahl Peanut 8685
MotorPowerful Rotary MotorPowerful Rotary Motor
Accessories4 Guide Combs4 Guide Combs
Dimensions4" long & weighs 4 oz4" long & weighs 4 oz
Price Check Price Check Price

Let’s Get to Know All About the Wahl Peanut 8655

The Wahl’s Professional Peanut 8655 hair clipper is one of the best On-the-Go trimmers out there. It comes in an attractively sleek black color. The great looking compact sized clipper is ideal for barbers and stylists for professional use due to the use of a powerful rotary motor which is the same motor that powers any of the other Wahl’s Professional Grade line of premium products.

Wahl Professional Peanut #8655-200

The Peanut 8655 is among the Professional range of commercial grooming products that is intended for both professional and personal use. It delivers on that intention with its supreme precision, performance and sharp cuts as is demanded by experts and everyday consumers.

The Peanut is both a good looking and good performing clipper. It is compact, making it sleek and the black color makes it aesthetically appealing. Just as the travel sized bottle of your favorite shampoo is the same thing in a smaller package, this miniature Wahl’s clipper is the same top-notch precision and performance of a full-size clipper that easily fits in your palms.

In terms of specifications, the Peanut 8655 is 4 inches in length and weighs just about 4 ounces. It comes with four guide combs that are in the following sizes – 1/8″, 1/4″, 3/8″, and 1/2″. It also includes the cleaning or maintenance kit with a tube of oil and the cleaning brush. Along with the instruction manual, you will also get the trademark Wahl’s red blade guard.

The clipper is extremely easy to use and gives plenty of room for work with a professional grade cord that is 7 feet in length. The cord is heavy duty and chemical resistant making it both durable and safe. It is accompanied by the manufacturer’s warranty for users and buyers in the United States.

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My Impression

The first impression that I got from the Wahl’s Peanut 8655 was not great. According to my experience, small clippers are best for small jobs, but when you need a serious cut you need a big machine. But I was quickly impressed by the performance that was on offer by the miniature hair clipper or trimmer.

It is no secret in the industry that a man by the name Leo J. Wahl was the one who first invented the hand-held electric clipper back in 1919. But in due course, over a hundred years later in 2020 we are using a far more enhanced engine at work in half the size to its predecessors or its present-day counterparts.

The clipper is both reliable in getting professional, precise cuts and it is also made available in a very affordable price for everyday users at home or on the run. The travel sized or pocket trimmer from Wahl’s is a great idea that proves size doesn’t matter as long as it is backed by quality.

Mild Concern

As it is common with any other travel sized product, the Peanut 8655 is a hair clipper or trimmer which is best utilized as a travel clipper rather than one to be used day in and day out. It is most appropriate for everyday users rather than professional barbers and stylists.

Let’s Get to Know All About the Wahl Peanut 8685

The Wahl’s Professional Peanut Classic is the hair clipper and/or trimmer known as the model 8685. The iconic peanut shape of the clipper is to match its name. The majestically miniature hair clipper comes in an aesthetic white color which makes it standout among the vastly black colored clippers in the market.

Wahl Professional Peanut #8685

Not to be fooled by the compact size of the clipper, it offers professional precision as with any other premium clipper from Wahl’s Professional commercial grade line of products. The Peanut Classic 8685 clipper is recommended not just for home users but also for professionals in the hair cutting or styling industry. Regardless of its tiny size, its performance is without a doubt sharp.

The Peanut Classic 8685 clipper is as different as night and day in terms of just its color with the Peanut 8655. Other than the color, all other specifications such as its 4-inch size and 4-ounce weight are just the same. It also fits in your hands and comes with all of the same accessories which are as follows:

  • The clipper or the trimmer with a manual
  • Four attachments of comb cutting guides in sizes – 1/8″, 1/4″, 3/8″, and 1/2″
  • A cleaning lubricant and the small cleaning brush
  • The iconic Wahl’s red blade guard

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My Impression

As was my first impression to the Peanut 8655, my impression of the Peanut Classic 8685 clipper by Wahl’s was not one that undermined its abilities. I was not surprised to see that the Peanut Classic Clipper 8685 is both intended and fully capable for personal and professional use.

The size again did not hinder its performance capabilities as it deliver sharp cuts, smooth motor movements and no concerning signs of overheating. The small size makes it a bit more of a precise maintenance job, however, not at all any more a complexity that just another standard hair clipper or trimmer.

Since its inception in 1919 by Leo J. Wahl, Wahl’s as an electric clipper manufacturer has gone from one height to another and delivered consistently with various models of hair clippers and trimmers in all shapes and sizes. The Peanut Classic Clipper 8685 is just another reasonably priced clipper by Wahl’s which has made the lives easier for everyone who use clippers at home.

Mild Concern

There are no major causes of concern using the Peanut Classic Clipper 8685 however, it is best used as a home hair clipper rather than for professional use at a hair salon or barbershop.

We have looked at both clippers individually, let’s now look at the direct comparison between them.

Wahl Peanut 8655 vs 8685– Features Comparison

Both the Wahl Peanut 8655 and the 8685 are professional grade clippers. As you would expect, the features between the two are largely similar and makes it difficult to pinpoint at their individual unique attributes.

So, the following are some of the most crucial features of both in comparison to each other:

  • Overall “The Peanut” as a Clipper

Both of the Wahl’s Peanut Clipper 8655 and 8685 introduced a long time ago and it is still widely popular in the light weight clipper category. Its popularity, unsurprisingly, is due to its compact size which makes it easy to use and the lightweight. However, the powerful motor works efficiently and with precision like any other normal sized clipper.

For many, they are considered a sort of ideal clippers for travel. They are cute and small in size making it easy to pack and travel with. At many times, you may be surprised by its funny peanut shape, but once turned on, all your doubts are cleared with its brilliant performance.

  • Compact Travel Size

By now, you must be crystal clear on the size of both the models of the Peanut clippers by Wahl’s. It is just 4 inches in length and just 4 ounce in weight. For those who travel a lot, it is perfect to have with you regardless of how light you travel.

If necessary, you can even opt for the cordless version of thePeanut. But with the corded version, you have up to 7 feet of cord to use it as freely as you would like for achieving all sorts of maneuvers and cuts with ease.

  • Corded or Cordless Designs

We have mentioned that the Peanut is actually available in both the corded and the cordless versions. So, you can choose based on your preference.

The cordless version is powered by a rechargeable battery using a charging station. Given its small size, it runs using a single AA rechargeable battery. While you may wonder that even the tv remote needs 2 batteries, the performance of the clipper is still very powerful!

  • Quality

As delicate as the peanut’s outer shell maybe to get to the nut, the Peanut clipper by Wahl’s is not delicate at all. It has a heavy duty and high-quality exterior with a powerful rotary motor under its tiny hood. The single-speed rotary motor powers stainless steel blades with maximum power for precise cuts.

The trimmer’s stainless-steel blades are sharp enough to cut through all hair types including thick, coarse and curly hair. The guide combs are easy to clip on and do not require screw on adjustments to be made. The quality is reliable because it is backed by a one-year manufacturer’s warranty. Both the accessories and the blades are easily available as replacements in the market.

  • Haircutting Ability

The bottom line for any hair clipper is of course, how well it cuts hair!

The Wahl’s Peanut 8655 and 8685 are both exceptional quality hair clippers which deliver sharp and precise cuts.

For those with thick hair or beard, the Wahl Peanut is the most powerful among any other lightweight clippers or trimmers in the market. Whether you choose the corded or the cordless versions, you will be impressed with its haircutting ability.

They are small, compact and easy to maneuver or control for getting all types of haircuts. Given its small size haircuts are very easy to do, but they take longer to finish. However, you will not be bothered with tucks, nips or cuts while using it.

The small size has a few disadvantages such as for those with larger hands may find it more difficult to hold, but there are pros and cons to every clipper and this is no different.

The Very Few Differences Between Wahl Peanut 8655 & 8685

As you will have figured out by now, there are little to no differences between these two Wahl’s Peanut hair clippers. However even the few are as follows:

  • The Wahl’s Peanut 8655 is the newer model compared to the Wahl’s Peanut Classic 8685 hair clipper. Given that the Classic is older, it has more vintage features while the newer model will have subtle but more modern features under the hood
  • The 8655 is black in color and the 8685 is white in color but they both have the same subtle peanut shape to their body design
  • The 8655 is more curved in right areas to make it more comfortable to hold while the 8685 is straighter and thinner

At the end of the day, both models are fairly similar and have differences which may seem insignificant. It comes down to which one you would prefer in terms of color, or which one is available in stock, or better yet, which one is the better buy in terms of the price!

They both come with the following accessories:

  • 4 attachment combs that range in different hair trimming lengths ranging between 1/8 inch to 1/2 inch
  • A detachable blade
  • Red blade guard
  • Cleaning brush
  • Oil or lubricant for blades and motor
  • Operating instructions

Highlighted Advantages

The following is the long list of similarities in advantages between the two models 8655 vs 8685 of the Wahl’s Peanut hair clipper:

  • They are both small at just 4 inches long
  • They are extremely light in weight, weighing just 4 ounces
  • They both have a unique peanut shaped design
  • They are easy to hold and control
  • Both are powered by a single speed rotary motor
  • Both available in corded or cordless model
  • Both are ideal choices for easy storage and travel

Highlighted Disadvantages

The following are the highlighted cons or disadvantages of the compact sized Wahl’s Peanut 8655 and the 8685 hair clippers:

  • Tendency to feel the vibration a bit more than usual due to the small size
  • The small size and lightweight unit maybe awkward for many to use
  • The haircutting power or ability is not weak but cannot match larger multiple speed motors at all times
  • The hair clipper unit may not prove to be as durable as a normal sized clipper due to normal wear and tear during use

Conclusion & Recommendation

We have come to the end of the review of comparing the two largely similar clippers – the Peanut 8655 and the 8685 hair clippers by Wahl’s.

Yes, as you may agree by now the compact sized clippers are highly advantageous for not just trimming facial hair but also ideal for clipping hair, especially when you are on the go. It is a fully capable hair removal solution for your full body from head to toe.

As seen from the many consumer reviews and feedback, most users are highly satisfied with their experience of buying and using the Wahl Peanut – for both the 8655 and the 8685.

But if we were to recommend one, it would be the Wahl Peanut 8655.

Don’t be fooled by the small size or its humble appearance. It is compact yet versatile, light in weight but heavy in performance.

However, it would be wrong to recommend it for barbers or hair stylists for professional use. It is best suited for home users or as the travel clipper. It offers close shaving and extreme control for getting precise cuts and styles.

If you prefer a small package with a big “oomph”, then the Peanut Classic Clipper by Wahl’s is for you!

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  1. Is it possible to replace the S-2 blade only for the Wahl Peanut #8655? It just broke and I am having a problem finding
    a source to purchase it. If I have to order other blades with it I will, but I do not want to order a whole new product if I don’t have to for one blade!!!
    Please advise!!!

    Thank You,
    Robert Rifkin

    • Thanks Robert for reading my article!

      You can check in your local grooming shop but I don’t think the blades are available online separately.


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