Schick vs Gillette: Which Cartridge Razor Is The Best In The Market?

Are you looking to invest in a new razor and left undecided between leading manufacturers Schick vs Gillette?

Well, as you may have imagined, Schick & Gillette are among the most well-reputed manufacturers of premium razors. But finding proof of who is better or which one to buy is not an easy decision.

Today, we will look at a head to head comparison to find out which one gets our vote for being the better cartridge razor – Gillette or Schick!

Cartridge razors maintain a fine balance between the classic safety razors and the disposable razors. They expertly combine the best of both to get a perfect balance of performance and convenience. Regardless, you want to choose a razor which will ease your shaving experience without causing any skin irritation, razor burns, bumps, etc.

In this head to head comparison between these razors, we will look at their individual features, strengths and weaknesses. Also, we will look at the similarities between them as they are both leading manufacturers followed by the differences that set them apart.

Well then, let’s begin!

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Schick vs Gillette – Comparison Table

FeatureSchick Hydro 5Gillette Fusion5
Fusion5 Proglide
Precision Trimmer
Number of Blade55
Skin guards YesNo
Include4 count2 count
Notable FeatureHydrate gel formulaFlexBall Technology
Price Check Price Check Price

Schick Hydro 5: In-Depth Review

Gillette is very popular worldwide and its biggest competitor is Schick. The Schick Hydro 5 Sense cartridge razor comes with the razor handle, a razor blade and 4 packs of refills with 4 blades in each. So, when you buy this pack you get a razor handle with not 1 or 2, but a total of 17 razor blades.

Schick Hydro 5 Sense Sensitve Razor

The Hydro 5 Sense is the flagship cartridge razor by Schick and it is easily their most popular and most loved product. It is also ranked to be one of the best available cartridge razors in the market for those with sensitive skin. The following are its highlighted features:

  • 5 ultra-glide blades for irritation-free & clean shaving
  • Shock absorption technology to maintain the right pressure on your skin while shaving
  • 7 gel pools for ultimate lubrication & skin protection

Ultra-Glide Blades

As you will realize from its name, the Hydro 5 Sense is a cartridge razor which uses 5blades. This makes it possible to get a very clean & close shave, each time. The blades have what is called the ultra-glide feature by Schick which means that there is minimal friction against your facial hair or skin, thus reducing the likelihood of irritation, cuts, burns, etc.

The gliding feature ensures that you do not need to make multiple passes for a smooth shave. You get a nice, clean cut with the first stride without any tugs, pulls or irritation to your skin. Not to forget the precision trimmer which is neatly hidden away for safety and is great for shaving harder to reach areas.

Shock Absorption Technology

The use of shock absorbing technology in the Hydro 5 by Schick makes it truly unique. Most other cartridge razors do not have any such technology. This allows the razor to adjust the pressure you are applying to make sure you are not pressing too hard to harm yourself or not enough to get a nice shave every single stroke.

A common problem this razor removes quite easily is – sensitivity. Those who suffer from sensitive skin will get a nice evenly pressured shave which will give them maximum comfort for a clean shave.

7 Gel Pools

The gel strip which is quite commonly seen on razors (even disposable razors) are a highly effective solution if it is high quality. Schick is reputed to have the best lubricating strips among razors and with its unique 7 gel pool design, it cannot be beaten. The gel is released slowly and consistently as you shave making your shave extremely smooth. The Hydro 5 comes with the option of 3 different types of lubricating strip gel varieties:

Hydrate – this is designed for normal skin shavers made with coconut oil

Energize – this is designed for normal skin shavers with active ingredient, menthol

Sensitive – this is designed for sensitive skin shavers infused with herbal extracts

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  • Best for those who need lubricating protection for sensitive skin
  • Evenly distributed pressure during shaving
  • Ultra-glide blades which are extremely sharp
  • Unique lubrication strip that will outlast any other razor
  • Rubber grip on razor handle which provides good grip, even while wet
  • The precision trimmer is protected by a unique design for safety while not in use
  • Plenty of razor blade refills for you to not worry about buying any more for a while


  • Although the shock absorb technology is great, the razor handle is limited in providing freedom of movement in all directions
  • Much more expensive than its competitors

Bottom Line: Schick Hydro 5 Sense Best for Sensitive Skin!

If you are someone who has sensitive skin or need extra lubrication while shaving, then this is the razor of choice for you. With its ultra-sharp 5 blade head and unique lubricating strip, you will experience a smooth, clean and close shave without risks of irritation, burns, cuts or any other shaving discomfort.

Gillette Fusion5 ProGlide:In-Depth Review

The global popularity of Gillette as a razor is unparalleled and for good reason. They are manufacturers of the highest quality premium razors which are used all over the world. So, not just popularity in terms of advertising and marketing, but even in performance they are top-notch!

Gillette Fusion5 ProGlide

The Gillette Fusion Pro Glide comes with a razor handle with blade and one refill. So, a total of 2 blades only, but this is justified by its lower price for this pack. You will have to shop for blade refills but you will not have to buy it for a crazy upfront cost. The most popular Gillette razor has the following highlighted features:

  • 5 anti-friction blades
  • Flex Ball technology neck
  • Streamlined Comfort Guard

Anti-Friction Blades

The Fusion ProGlide is a 5-blade cartridge razor which has an anti-friction blade design. What that means is that they are the thinnest blades and are spaced closely together making them ideal for cutting all types hair for full body shaving rather than limited to just facial hair.

With its enhanced lubricating strips and the anti-friction blades, you will get a comfortable shave. As you use the blades frequently, the strip changes its color to turn white indicating that it is time to change the blade for the next refill. The trademark Gillette precision trimmer will make it easy to get hair under and around your nose.

Flex Ball Technology

This is the most unique and the most appealing feature of the Fusion ProGlide – the Flex Ball Technology used by Gillette in their handle design is simply genius. It allows the blade to be as close to your skin as possible at all times following the contours of your body. As a result, areas such as your chin, neck or any other part of your body gets the perfect shave.

In addition to the sharp ultra-thin blades and the enhanced lubricating strip, the flexibility provided by the Flex Ball technology guarantees a smooth, safe and clean shave. You won’t miss any hairs and you won’t even have to stretch your skin in awkward areas.

Streamlined Comfort Guard

Gillette ProGlide features a Streamlined Comfort Guard – it is a soft& flexible material that you will most definitely notice in the bottom of the blade. The guard actually surrounds the outer edge of the blade head entirely. It gets rid of any excess foam, gel or other obstruction to ensure that the blade has direct contact with the hair.

The benefit of the guard is not just comfort as the name suggests, but it also ensures optimum contact for a perfect shave. This combined with the mineral oil enhanced lubricating strip will leave you satisfied with your shaving experience.

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  • Anti-friction super thin blades provide clean, close & sharp shave
  • Flex Ball technology neck is incredible for contoured shaving
  • Blade performance is best for thicker, coarse hair and full body shaving
  • Extremely comfortable & effortless to shave any part of your body
  • Razor handle grip is good for maximum control
  • The precision trimmer is handy for trimming hard to reach areas
  • Comfort guard which guarantees a comfortable shave


  • Just 2 blades in the pack; will need to purchase refills soon after
  • The enhanced lubricating strips are not as long-lasting

Bottom Line: Gillette Fusion Pro Glide Best for General Full Body Use

For those of you looking for a general use razor which is safe, comfortable and effective on all and any part of your body, the Gillette Fusion ProGlide will rank as the best. The Flex Ball neck and its super thin blades will impress you every time you shave with little to no risks of irritation, burns, cuts or any other harmful side effects.

Gillette or Schick: The Similarities

As you will agree, whether you talk about Gillette or Schick, you are talking about a premium quality cartridge razor and there are quite a lot of similarities between these leading products. Of course, as you have seen, there are pros and cons of both but we will present the aspects which make them similar before we mention the things which set them apart later.

  • Shaving Gel Strip

Both the Schick Hydro 5 Sense and the Gillette Fusion Pro Glide have lubricating gel strips to make your shaving experience comfortable. The Hydro 5 Sense has its unique 7 gel pools which dispense as you shave. While the Fusion Pro Glide has a mineral oil infused enhanced lubricating strip that changes color to signal when it is time to change the blade. The Hydro 5 Sense gel pools almost make your shave too slimy while the Fusing Pro Glide get strip runs out in as little 4 or 5 shaves.

Both are impressive in terms of a comfortable, lubricated shave with their unique shaving gel strips.

  • Precision Trimmer

Both of these leading cartridge razors by Schick & Gillette come with a detail precision trimmer blade on the blade head. They make it easy for you to shave the hard to reach areas such as around your nose and you can even use to clean around your ears or shaping your sideburns.

While the Pro Glide has the traditional design, the Hydro 5 has the trimmer neatly hidden away for safety and needs to be flipped up for use. Not many use this feature on cartridge razors, but they come in handy at times of need.

  • Ultra-Sharp Blades

Both razors have a total of 5 blades and they are extremely sharp. They both have effective blades which are great for a nice clean shave with minimal pulling or tugging on hair. While Gillette uses much finer blades, the performance between the two cannot be differentiated in terms of blade sharpness.

The Schick comes with 16 extra blade cartridge refills while the Gillette comes with just 1 extra blade refill cartridge. Both razors have an extremely easy and simple process to replace the blade heads or cartridge refills.

Overall Similarities: Gillette & Schick

Regardless of which one you pick between the two, you must always remember to use a good shaving technique when using a cartridge razor. It is always suggested to shave with the grain. Shaving against the grain, meaning against the growth of your hair, will cause severe irritation. You will also increase the risks of ingrown hairs.

Many, who may not be fans of using cartridge razors, may actually be those who do not pay any particular attention to the shaving technique. Using a good quality shaving cream, gel or foam is also just as important. No matter which razor you pick, you must ensure that your investing in good quality shaving prep and post shaving skin care products.

Gillette vs Schick: The Differences

Now, the nice and easy part of the review is done, it is time now for the real talk – which one you should buy. We have decided to compare the differences of the Schick Hydro 5 Sense and the Gillette Fusion Pro Glide on the following 3 main points to make the decision easier for you to make:

  • Quality of the Blades
  • Maintenance& Value for Money
  • Features & Design of the Handle

While you may think these are simple points, you will find quite a bit of details within them.

  • Blade Quality

Questions to answer:

  • Will you get a clean, close shave?
  • Are the blades sharp & long lasting?

In terms of clean and close shave, Gillette’s Fusion ProGlide is the clear winner. Both have good quality blades that are sharp but Gillette will take care of all types of thick, coarse hair which the Schick cannot compete with.

However, there is difference in the blade design on the Hydro 5 which is unique – the safe flip up precision trimmer design. When needed, you simply slide up and use it. It gives full protection as precision trimmers have the same quality blades which are extremely sharp and prone to injuries.

Winner in this category: Gillette Fusion Pro Glide!

  • Maintenance& Value for Money

Questions to answer:

  • How long do the blades last?
  • How much value do you get for the money spent?

In term of long-lasting performance, the Schick Hydro 5 will outlast the Gillette Fusion Pro Glide each and every time. This is because the Hydro 5 Sense has lubrication strips which have a unique design as it calls it the Gel Pools and there are 7 of them. Every time you shave the mineral oils and aloe-based gel come out to make sure you have a comfortable shave. But this can get sticky and a bit too much for some users.

The Pro Glide by Gillette has a very good mineral oils infused lubricated gel as well but it is in the traditional form and will not last more than 4 or 5 shaves. However, the unique feature of the strip is that it changes colors to let you know that it is time to change the blades.

For the price you pay per cartridge, both are expensive but you will get better value for your money with the Schick Hydro 5 Sense compared to the Gillette Fusion Pro Glide.

Winner in this category: Schick Hydro 5 Sense!

  • Handle Design & Features

Questions to answer:

  • How is the razor handle design & ease of use?
  • Does it provide a good grip and hold while shaving?

The handle specifications of both the razors are quite similar. It really depends on what your personal preference is. Each has a unique difference which can only be separated by your choice.

The Gillette Fusion ProGlide razor handle of course comes with its FlexBall technology implemented design. While the blade cartridge itself may have lubrication strip issues, using the razor is extremely comfortable as it caters to the unique contours of your face and body while shaving. So, it gives perfect maneuverability and control.

The Schick Hydro 5Sense is slightly heavier than the Pro Glide but not noticeable while you shave. The rubberized body of the razor handle gives a more secure and better grip. So, if you are someone who likes to shave in the shower, this will be the ideal choice for you.

Winner in this category: Gillette Fusion Pro Glide!

Overall Differences: Schick & Gillette

Now, each of these razors has its unique benefits and drawbacks as we have seen and that’s true for every and any product. Overall, the Gillette Fusion Pro Glide and the Schick Hydro 5 Sense has shaving experience differences between the two by a whisker.

Which is why, it is important to compare not just the brand and price, but other aspects such as the things we discussed: handle, blades, ease of use, affordability, etc.

Now, it is time to see who is the deserving winner based on our research and comparisons.

Any guesses?

In Conclusion: Which One is Our Top Pick?

We declare our winner to be the Gillette Fusion Pro Glide!

So, why is the Fusion Pro Glide our top pick?

It is true that Schick Hydro 5 Sense has a lubrication strip design and precision trimmer design which are both unique and effective. But the Gillette Fusion Pro Glide gives an overall better shaving experience with its effectiveness and comfort.

Getting a shave is quite straightforward but before putting your skin under blades, you need to consider some essentials such as the preparation, technique etc. in addition to choosing the right shaving gear. This will determine your shaving satisfaction.

We hope you thoroughly enjoyed the battle of the titans as we broke down the Gillette or Schick comparison to make your decision making easier. As a reminder, you will not lose by picking either but you will no longer wonder which is the top pick based on market research.

Let us know your thoughts on either Gillette or Schick and your shaving experience using these two excellent cartridge razors.

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  1. Thought this was a great comparison. You really hit every point.
    Although, I can’t argue with your winner, I use Schick, because as you said the blades are longer lasting and the cartridges are somewhat cheaper.

    I’ve also used Harry’s which I thought were very good. Different blade angle.

    Thank you for the review

  2. I have used both the Gillette Fusion 5 and the Schick Hydro 5. Both give the same quality shave. The Schick lasts more than twice as long as the Gillette. The Schick wins hands down.


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