Choosing a safety razor can be done in two ways – you analyze the feature-list, choose what fits the bill, speculate over the price and then make an educated decision.

Or, you go for the warrior.

No questions asked, no frills given!

The Double Edge VIKINGS BLADE Safety Razor is one such warrior.

Inspired by the true, unwavering spirit of the mighty Vikings, this is the weapon of choice for men who war with blades every morning.

Is the Vikings Blade all that immortal a warrior?

Or is there more?

It should be reasonably clear by the end of this page.

Vikings Blade Double Edge

Our impression

The standard double edge VIKINGS BLADE safety razor is not your everyday wet shaver.

It is that and more.

We will quickly wrap up the feature-list and then tell you why the razor is leaps and bounds ahead of most identical knockoffs.

Let’s start by giving you this: all materials used in the VIKINGS BLADE are made in Sweden.

They swear on the old Vikings (and the new) for the quality and craftsmanship of the blade.

That is one great discerning factor that you will never find in any one of the knockoffs that have blindly copied the design.

VIKINGS BLADE is known for producing some of the most trusted blades in the industry without wasting money on huge advertising campaigns and adding the money to the product cost.And they have done exactly that in this product as well.

As a result, despite being a safety razor, you find an advanced butterfly-style neck on the razor.

You can literally change blades in less than five seconds without compromising on the safety.

The much hyped Microcomb system does not disappoint.

It works a great deal and prevents additional nicks and cuts.But that does not mean you can be casual while changing the blades.

The dual edged razor comes with a travel case that you can use both for travel and dry storage inside the bathroom.

With that, you also get a mirror that serves the purpose really well when you are on the hunt.

There are five bonus blades that you get with the pack.

For many, these blades are the real deal.

They are platinum coated and do not carry the name of a brand.

That gives them the raw, manly stance which is so in tune with the brand itself.

These blades are super durable and you can expect them to be last several months at a stretch.


VIKINGS BLADE does well to include lifetime warranty on the razor.

For a first, razor brands do not typically extend lifetime warranty to you.

When they do, it is a stamp of self-belief and just how much they are willing to pitch for their product.

So that is a real plus, considering most razors do not last the test of time, especially when you are subjecting them to continuous wet shaving.

And this comes with the confidence of changing blades in five seconds even when you are midway through the session.

Is it a razor you can trust if you have always used disposable razors?

Yes, totally. This is far superior to any of those disposable razors you might have used in the past.

Of the ones that perform above the neck, this is among the few that shave beard and head with equal ease.

It has that weird capacity to make men wary of shaving love it again.

Both for the beard and head, the razor (and the blades), produce absolutely zero irritation.

And it stays the same even if you shave the head twice in day without applying an aftershave.

But the double edged VIKINGS BLADE does not come without its own share of flaws.

Despite unmatched closeness and sharp shaves, you can find it fairly difficult to adapt to this razor.

It is significantly different from some of the razors (safety and disposable) that you have seen so far.

The first few shaves could range anywhere between uncomfortable and difficult.

Once you sit through this period, you will be amazed by just how quickly the VIKINGS BLADE product adapts to your face.

With that kind of transition, your confidence in this razor goes up by a few notches.


  • Butterfly head, 5-second blade changes.
  • All components made in Sweden.
  • Microcomb mechanism prevents nicks and cuts.
  • Optimally distributed heavy weight product.
  • Comes with mirror and tour case.
  • Includes 5 new platinum-coated blades.
  • Lifetime warranty.
  • Works equally well on women.


  • Average performance by the unnamed blades.
  • Does not perform very well on sensitive skin.
  • Does not replace the simplicity of cutthroats.

FAQ (frequently asked questions)

  • What kind of replacement blades work for this razor?

Any replacement blade that would work for a safety razor works for this razor as well.

  • Is it any safer than the conventional blades?

While the blades are not safer than the conventional ones, there is no added risk either.

  • What is the material used in the head and the handle?

The entire razor seems to be made out of stainless steel.

  • How long is the handle actually?

The handle is slightly long for average sized hands, long for small hands and normal for large hands. It works well with each actually.

Wrap up

The double edge VIKINGS BLADE safety razor is the morning warrior you can go to war with. And we mean each thing of that.

There is no need for another razor when the VIKINGS BLADE razor can do it all for you – close shaves, fast blade changes and years of performance at a stretch.

The only thing that you might not like about this razor is the performance on sensitive skin, which is subjective though.

Bottom line

The VIKINGS BLADE razor is a product that is made for the tough guy. If you are the tough guy, with a tough beard, a war is coming.

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