Philips OneBlade vs OneBlade Pro: Which One to Choose?

On many occasions you will go online or to a store to buy a shaver. But you will want to make sure to get the best one in the market.

Often, I am left wandering for hours, whether it is scrolling through product feature pages. Or, even stood for hours in the men’s grooming aisle looking behind every shaver or clipper box.

There are many things that go through your mind, all the features, the quality, comfort and of course, the price. All things taken into consideration; it is a very difficult task!

This review is made to help you limit your choices by focusing on the few crucial factors of two of the most incredible shavers by Phillips. Make the best decision after looking at the pros & cons of both of them, set right against each other.

Let’s discover the best choice together by comparing the Philips OneBlade vs OneBlade Pro!

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Philips OneBlade vs OneBlade Pro: Comparison Table

FeaturesOneBladeOneBlade Pro
Motor TypeHybridHybrid
Length Settings3 14
Wet and DryYesYes
Contour FollowingYesYes
LED DisplayNoYes
Battery Backup45 minutes90 minutes
Battery Type NimHLi-Ion
Power110 V110-240 V
Warranty2 Years2 Years
Price Check Price Check Price

Philips OneBlade Review

Philips OneBlade is a classic shaver!

It has the innovative design of razors on the two sides of the head. This gives you maximum ease for shaving. Regardless of your level of shaving expertise, you will not be left with irritated or otherwise aggravated skin. This is an extremely valuable factor when cutting around awkward or hard to reach areas such as the neck and surrounding areas.

Philips Norelco OneBlade

The razor head is designed using adjusted plastic tips to ensure that accidental nicks or cuts are avoided. Philips coined this feature as their “Dual Protection System”. So, you will get a perfect shave for any area without pain, whenever & wherever.

The blades move at an incredible speed of approximately 200 times per second. This makes it possible to cut more hair every time. Because of the fast cutting speed, hair is not easily pulled or tugged while being used.

The Philips OneBlade is very tiny in size. As a result, it is also extremely lightweight at just over 300 grams. So, you can use it without tiring out your hands in front of the mirror. The compact size also makes it the ideal travel companion.

The razor comes with 3 different sizes of comb sizes which are 1 mm, 3 mm, and 5 mm. The unique color combination of a black and lime greenish-yellow is vibrant. It comes in a useful pouch which is ideal for safe storage and excellent for travel.

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My Impression

I am very impressed with the shaving performance of the OneBlade. It has a simple design with just one button and you are ready to go. The sound is not irritatingly loud like most powerful machines in the market. Rather it is a soothing mechanic murmur which will perform without irritating you.

Like most other razors, this is also capable of cutting through all types of hair. But if you are like me and are constantly struggling with hair which is excessively thick and coarse, then be careful. Regardless of how good a shaver may be, extremely thick hair and highly dense growth can be troublesome to even the best machine.

The razor is ideal for both wet and dry shaves. So, whether you use it with a shaving gel or not, you will get similar results. The razor is not high in maintenance at all. You wash it easily under the tap or you can rinse it while in the shower.

Few Minor Concerns

There are some minor concerns with the Philips OneBlade that you want to be aware of. The time to reach full charge is an extremely high 8 hours! But you will get 45 minutes of run time from it. So, you can easily get 2 shaves from one full charge.

Since it cannot be used while being charged, you should make sure that it is at least 50% charged. When traveling, you want to take it fully charged, or else it is pretty much useless.

Philips OneBlade Pro Review

As the name suggests, the OneBlade Pro is simply the Pro version of the OneBlade. You may wonder, what can the OneBlade Pro do that is different?

But what you will be left thinking is what can the OneBlade Pro NOT do!

Many people, like myself, prefer the traditional safety razor and shaving brush but the alternative in the form of an easy shave is just as much fun. Especially for areas like the back of the neck, etc. a tool like the OneBlade Pro is the perfect solution.

Philips Norelco OneBlade Pro

When using it as a shaver, the flexible head is a purely intelligent design which follows your facial contours for a perfect shave. It is both effective and comfortable to shave. The improved dual protection system gives complete safety without the fear or tugs, pulls, nicks or cuts.

Incredibly, the trimming feature of the razor allows anything from a slight stubble to much longer styles. The quick 14 length settings let you get the perfect length if you are as picky as the next guy in front of the mirror. You can also give yourself fades, since there are up to 14 lengths which can be subtle yet give you almost barber-like skills.

It is ideal for all needs such as manscaping, eyebrows, sideburns or the awkward back of your neck. The dual-sided blade frees you of the tension of knowing which direction to shave in. As a result, no matter how hard an area may be to reach or see in the mirror, you can shave without hassle.

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My Impression

As you may already have guessed from the product description, I am extremely impressed by what the OneBlade Pro offers to users. It is an ideal men’s groomer! Not only is it made by one of the most renowned manufacturers, it also checks every box in terms of features, safety, adaptability and practicality in design.

Anyone with the slightest of experience can use the OneBlade Pro to get an excellent shaving performance. The blade system is made to work effectively for shaving both with the grain and against it. So, you will not harm yourself no matter how you shave.

With an incredible 14 different length settings, you are able to get all sorts of trimming and cutting done easily. Add to it the ability to shave both wet & dry, giving you no restrictions in use. One of the biggest concerns of the extremely long recharging time is overcome with the Pro allowing quick recharging capability.

Few Minor Concerns

The charging issue is no longer a concern as was the case with the OneBlade. But it is good idea to pick up a carrying case, as the OneBlade Pro doesn’t come with adequate protection for storage. Also, it is a necessity for safe travel with this razor.

Another concern is the blades, depending upon the frequency of usage the blades may not give you the standard 4 months of usage. So, it is a good idea to carry replacement blades.

Philips OneBlade vs OneBlade Pro – Features Comparison

The OneBlade & OneBlade Pro are both elite products by Philips. The latter is the second generation with enhanced features to what the former had to offer. However, they are both similar in many ways. Here is a look at some of the most notable feature comparisons between both of these Philips razors:

  • Dry Shave or Wet Shave?

There are two types of men. Some are those that enjoy shaving dry and others enjoy shaving wet. With the OneBlade and OneBlade Pro, you will be pleased to know that both wet & dry shaving styles are offered. So, whether you enjoy using shaving cream, etc. or just the bare trimming of your facial hair, both will fulfil your purpose equally.

  • Waterproof & Easy to Clean

Both the OneBlades are fully water resistant. As a result, they can be used in the shower, with shaving products for wet shaving, etc. This also makes it very easy to clean up. You can simply rinse off shaving foam, hair, etc. under tap water. So, no matter how you make it dirty by shaving wet or dry, you can easily clean it up.

  • Battery Type

The most notable of differences among the batteries is that the OneBlade has a battery built on the NiMH technology and the Pro is built using the Li-Ion technology. As a result, the time taken for a full charge is very different.

  • Design

Both the shavers are very light in weight and compact in build. This allows them to be very easy to maneuver and control. You will be comfortable in handling them at all times. The design is simple and built to perform. Whether you are a novice or an expert, you will not be hassled with more than you need.

  • Charging Capability

The OneBlade took ridiculously long 8 hours to be fully charged for 45 minutes of run time. But the OneBlade Pro takes just 1 hour to fully charge and returns 90 minutes of run time. So, not only does the Pro offer faster charging, it provides double the battery backup.

  • Blade Quality

Philips uses strong blades which are shar and have a lifetime of approximately 4 months. Both are built with the same quality of blades and great for frequent usage. The replacement blades are easy to find and affordable for use.

  • Display

The OneBlade Pro has a full display on its handle which is LED powered. It shows the charge remaining at all times. In this way, you know exactly how long you have until the next recharge. But the OneBlade original has no power indicator, making it less user friendly.

  • Razor Head

Both the OneBlade shavers come with a razor head which supports dual-directional cutting. As a result, the blade swivels in both or any directions while following all the contours of you face and neck. This allows maximum comfort and cleaner shave. So, you can shave with the grain of your hair or against it, without harming your skin. It gives pain free shaving experience without pulls & tugs to your facial hair and saves your skin from nicks, cuts & irritation.

  • Trimming Sizes

The 1st Generation of Philips OneBlade has just 3 length settings for users. You can select between 1, 3 & 5 mm of cutting lengths for your styling. But the Pro offers 14 different length settings which range from 0.4 mm to 10 mm. Also, it does not have 14 different accessories to offer these sizes, but only a quick dial to control the lengths.

How Are the Two Philips Razors Similar?

  • They both offer dual shaving capabilities – dry shave & wet shave
  • The design of both of these razors are made to be fully waterproof so, water damage will not be a concern while using them
  • They are both very simple & easy to clean; the maintenance is very easy
  • Both razors are extremely light in weight and minimalistic in design
  • Both Philips razors use the same blade technology, system & quality and offer easily replaceable blades which are reliable & affordable
  • The razor head of both models are flexible & support dual-directional cutting

How You Can Differentiate Between These Two Philips’ Razors?

  • The OneBlade uses NiMH battery while the Pro uses Li-Ion battery, this is one of the most notable differences and can be the decision maker for most users
  • Due to the difference in battery technology, the OneBlade takes 8 hours of charging for reaching full charge, but the Pro takes only 1 hour
  • Also, a full charge from the OneBlade offers only 45 minutes of runtime, while the Pro offers double of that, 90 minutes
  • The OneBlade Pro has a LED powered display but the OneBlade has no display or indicator
  • The OneBlade offers only 3 different length settings while the Pro offers 14 different sizes

Conclusion & Recommendation

While rounding up the detailed reviews of both of these Philips razors, the similarities and the crucial differences, you will already have an idea of which is the better shaving tool.

Let’s now look at which one is recommended to be the better buy for your hard-earned cash.

Versatility is a great feature to have in any tool, and the Philips OneBlade Pro gets our highest recommendations for its truly versatile features and enhancements to the first generation OneBlade.

You may not consider it to be perfect in all aspects, but it is a highly specialized tool for all of men’s grooming needs and personal care. The thoughtful design and build make it superior to the OneBlade.

For the everyday man, the Philips OneBlade Pro is a solid investment of your cash!

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  1. Dennis,
    Thanks so much for your thoughtful review comparing the 2 One Blade options from Philips. I’ve had the One Blade for over 2 years, but I’m convinced now that the One Blade Pro is worth stepping up to. I do like the improved charging capability and display, but the biggest selling point for me is the 14 different length settings. I hope it works well/looking forward to giving it try. All the best in 2021!

    Vincent Ford
    Roswell, Georgia


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