Best Panasonic Electric Shavers That Deliver the Promises in 2024

They say that once you settle on a brand, you shouldn’t experiment too much when it comes to shaving. My problem is, no brand can offer you “Complete Coverage and Steller Performance” when it comes to hair grooming. Yet, there are some brands that hit the “Sweet” spot when it counts.

Panasonic, the famous Japanese brand… does the same. I belong to the band of shavers who don’t mind spending the extra dime when it comes to buying the perfect shaver for the job. Panasonic suits my taste just fine to that end. So far, it hasn’t put a foot wrong when it comes to quality electric razors.

Yes, the shavers you get from this brand belong to the “High-End” of the spectrum when it comes to price. Yet, the brand hasn’t put out one bad shaver on the market when it matters. You’ll have all the features you dream of in the machines. Just make it sync with your shaving style and you’re good.

Curious as to what this brand has to offer? This is where my article comes in, you’ll find some of the best Panasonic electric shavers here with a nifty buying guide to explain what things I kept in mind before making these purchases.

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Best Panasonic Electric Razors – Comparison

ModelMotor Number of BladesNotable FeaturePrice
Panasonic Arc5 Electric Razor14,000 Cpm5Active Shave Sensor Check Price
Panasonic Men's Shaver 514,000 Cpm5Active Shave Sensor Check Price
Panasonic Ram dash 514,000 Cpm5Cleaning Station Check Price
Panasonic Arc4 Razor13,000 Cpm4Pivoting head Check Price
Panasonic ES-LT41-K Arc313,000 Cpm3Multi-fit Blades Check Price
Panasonic ES-LA93-K Arc414,000 Cpm4Multi-Flex head Check Price
Panasonic ES-LT3N-K Arc314,000 Cpm3Active Shave Sensor Check Price

It’s Difficult for People to Find an Ideal Shaver: Here’s Why

When you’re looking to find the very best electric shaver, there’s something you’ll need to consider. “Is there actually a Best Razor?” The question even gets trickier when you narrow it down to a specific brand.

So, what are the difficulties that you’ll actually face? Maybe the top-grade premium razor that you’ve kept your eyes on has a particular set of features that you really want or need. But then again, the question comes to play is: “Is it worth the money I’m paying for it?”

Often, the reply is “No.”

Then, you think of looking at the shavers that are of lower specs. But still, there’s no guarantee that all your needs will be accurately met within the budget. So, what’s the solution?

The best way to go about this matter is to find a balance. Look for the features that matter to you the most. There’s a low probability that you’ll get all the stuff you want in the best of quality in a single shaver. Some have the best blades, some have the best motors, and some include the best trimmers.

Consider the razors that have your primary needs intact and with acceptable quality. Make sure the product has all the boxes checked even though you have to compromise one feature while considering the other four. Unless of course, you want to go extravagant and buy the one that’s overpriced.

Panasonic is a brand that you can rely on. Even if you buy that super-duper premium one, you won’t be at a total loss. Your needs will be met, just with a lot of “Added Perks” that you might not require.

Brief Panasonic Shaver Reviews to Help You Make the Choice

After months of using Panasonic shaving products and equally long research, I’ve stumbled upon a handful of machines that should satisfy grooming enthusiasts with their performance. Of course, the individual taste will vary. Still, if you want to take an unbiased look on things, these shaving tools are more than enough to get you off to a flying start each day. Here are some of my short reviews.

Panasonic Arc5 Electric Razor

Panasonic has been providing quality products that wow the users for about a century. Founded in 1918 this Japanese brand has proven itself as one of the largest and the best electronics producers of all time. That’s why even when it comes to electronic grooming tools for men, they strive to excel in quality.

Panasonic Arc5 Electric Razor

Let’s talk about one of Panasonic’s prized possessions in the lineup of electric shavers for men. Cue: This one is the most sought-after product when it comes to high-end Panasonic Shavers.

Yes, I’m talking about the Panasonic Arc5 Electric Razor. This premium grade razor is meant to offer a silky-smooth shave, along with a set of awesome features that create a strong impression.

The blades of a razor should be the primary concern of any user. The Arc5 uses five ultra-sharp precision-honed 30° Nanotech blades. Now, it might seem like a mouthful… but when it comes to performance, they simply speak for themselves.

The razor is equipped with Five Arc foils. This is crafted to capture, hold, and cut any type of facial hair. Resulting in a perfectly close shave that’s hard to achieve with the average razor. The foils are designed to stay in extremely close contact with the skin. This increases the shaving efficiency to great extents.

The blades and foil apart, the performance of a razor is greatly dependent on the shaver head. The Arc5 uses Panasonic’s multiflex Pivoting head. This allows the user to easily glide over every contour of the face. Tough areas like the jawlines and neck areas can be dealt with effortlessly.

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Plus, the built-in shaving sensor makes life a lot easier. It’s capable of monitoring the differences in beard density and adjusts the cutting power accordingly. No compromises when it comes to comfort!

When it comes to electric shavers, I’d say that the motor is the core factor for performance. Rest assured, the high-performance motor with a linear drive that Panasonic uses, won’t let you down. This is capable of delivering 14,000 cuts per minute (70,000 crosscutting actions per minute).

The performance features might sound overwhelming and some might question the impact on the battery. The razor is built to maintain peak power till the battery is drained completely. Don’t worry about that bit. Because it has a ten stage LCD indicator that shows you the remaining battery life.

Shaving isn’t always enough for all men. Some prefer a bit of trimming here and there too. This wet/dry electric shaver serves as a trimmer as well. The pop-up trimmer is great for stylizing your beard, sideburns, and mustaches.

With all that said, you should understand by now that this device was built to impress!

Panasonic konpakutoramudassyu Men’s Shaver 5

The ES-CV70-S, otherwise known as the ES-CV51-S, is a complete 5 blade shaving system. The technology that it uses is quite similar to its bibber brothers. Yes, I’m talking about the ES-LV9CX-S/ES-LV9Q, etc. The shaver comes with a box of accessories to provide a wholesome shaving experience.

Panasonic konpakutoramudassyu Men's Shaver 5

Inside the sleek looking cardboard box you’ll find A Charging cord, Plastic cap, Travel case, Cleaning brush, One small bottle of lubricant, User’s manual, and a warranty card. That’s basically it. All the stuff you could possibly need for a proper shaving session and more.

If you look into the style and design of the razor, it’s easy to see the amount of effort put in to ensure quality that’s top-notch. It was a pleasant surprise to see a silver-colored brushed aluminum body that created a sharp contrast with the other black parts.

Even the Braun series 9 razors use plastic as the exterior. So, this is indeed an addition to elevate both reliability and longevity. Kudos to Panasonic for that!

Panasonic didn’t seem to make any compromise with the motor either. The 14,000 cycles per minute motor in the ES-CV70 packs a punch. This kind of power is rare in almost any other shaver of this range. So even if you have an extra coarse beard, this shaver should get the job done regardless.

Sensing the beard density and adjusting the power accordingly has been appreciated by many. Although there are some who don’t prefer the beard density sensor feature. If you’re one of those users then you’ll be glad to know that the sensor can be disabled in the second-gen arc 5 shavers.

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This particular shaver is an awesome performer in both wet and dry situations. Dry shaving feels just as good as shaving under the shower with shaving foam or gel. Plus, the cordless operation makes it even more fun. No need to worry about a dangling wire when you’re going through grooming sessions.

This device is equipped with a rechargeable Li-Ion battery. When fully charged, this can give a total of 45 minutes of operation time. Plus, if you’re in a hurry, the quick charge feature can come in really handy. Just plug it in for three minutes and you’ll be ready for a single session of shaving.

Let’s not forget the small things that add up to make this a product of perfection. The three-level LED display and the travel lock do come in handy. The long hair trimmer is included too. No well-fashioned man can do without some finishing touches, right?

Finally, come the bottle of lubricant and the cleaning brush. These make maintenance seem as easy as pie. The leather crafted hard travel case is great too if you consider going on a trip. A little shaving here and a little trim there can be necessary even in holidays.

This is definitely one of the best Panasonic electric shavers ever built. No doubt about it! I don’t need to convince you with words, the performance should do the talking.

Panasonic Ram dash Men’s Shaver 5

I don’t know if aesthetics matter to you, but this beastly little shaver simply looks awesome. Design-wise it’s similar to most Arc5 razors. In build quality, it lives up to expectations and doesn’t fail in creating a “Solid” impression.

Panasonic Ram dash Men's Shaver 5

In the box, there are a few accessories that come of use in day to day grooming sessions. Maintenance becomes a breeze with the inclusion of a body, pouch, 1 detergent, dedicated oil, and a cleaning brush.

You might’ve guessed by now that I’m listing only the best of them here. Obviously, this shaver must have a few features that were meant to wow the users. Amongst them is the 5D active suspension technology.

With this feature, you can literally slide it back and forth, right and left, up and down, twist, front, and rear. It helps to apply a balanced pressure to the irregularities of the face as it gently glides across the skin. The balanced weight makes it almost effortless to maneuver the device.

The five dedicated blades of the razor don’t miss a strand of hair and capture the beard at once. The results are simply overwhelming with this device. Because it guarantees a clean- and close-cut shave that’s hard to beat. Leaving the skin smooth and fresh after every session.

If you consider the removal rate per glide, this wonder of a device from Panasonic has a 200% improvement ratio compared to the contenders. It deals with hard to reach areas like the neck and jawlines like a pro. It does all that with reduced friction and close to no chances of irritation.

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The product features the high-precision beard sensor like all the top tier shavers from Panasonic to offer a more powerful shaving experience. It detects beard density with accuracy and responds to it 1.8 times faster than usual razors. Darker shades of beard areas will draw more power to get the job done right.

Pretty cool, right?

This much efficiency is offered by a highly powerful motor that’s capable of offering 14,000 strokes per minute. Now that’s some serious muscle! You’ll find even the most intense shaving sessions can be dealt with speed and finesse. When it comes to saving time, the ES-LV9D-S is a pro.

It comes with a fully automated washer, multi-function display, and a 10-step battery indicator. So, there’s no way you can go wrong with this one. Also, the in-built trimmer is there to complete your daily grooming with style.

Panasonic Arc4 Electric Razor for Men

Each electric shaver has its own perks and specialities. I personally liked the cutting mechanism that Panasonic implemented in the Panasonic Arc4 Electric Razor. Equipped with ultra-sharp men’s shaver blades, this one means business in terms of delivering a clean and close shave.

Panasonic Arc4 Electric Razor for Men

Four precision-honed 30-degree nanotech blades are made to perform. These combined with the arc foil work together to follow the facial contours and make every stroke count. These features work together to offer a quick, close, and comfortable shave with each stroke.

Let me tell you this, even with ultra-sharp titanium blades some shavers out there fail to perform. That’s where shaver heads come to play. Panasonic acknowledges this and uses a flexible shaver head so that you can deal with hard to reach areas with ease.

Some of you guys might enjoy doing your shaving under the shower. While others prefer dry shaving on the sink. The Panasonic Arc4 is capable of doing both. This wet/dry waterproof shaver is ready to offer a quick shave any time.

If you want to take your beard and facial hairstyle to the edge, this electric shaver can offer more than what you can ask for. The pop-up trimmer that it has is ideal for detailing mustaches, beards, and sideburns.

This one has the shaving sensor feature too. IT’s capable of drawing power according to the beard density of a particular area. Speaking of power, the motor installed in the Panasonic Arc4 can deliver a whopping 13,000 cuts per minute. It even maintains peak power until the very end of the battery life.

As far as the battery is concerned, there’s a dedicated display to indicate the battery charge. Not only the battery status, but this also shows the shave timer, cleaning reminder, sonic vibration cleaning mode, along with the blade/foil replacement reminder. Now that’s what I call convenience!

Here’s a small tip, before you set it to charge, make sure the ambient temperature is between 15-35 degrees. The ten-stage LED will let you know when the charge is complete.

Just in case you want to take the shaver to distant places, Panasonic threw in a travel pouch just in case. All you have to do is find a proper power outlet and you’re good to go!

Panasonic ES-LT41-K Arc3 Wet Dry Electric Razor

This one her might not be considered premium grade. Just because it’s not top tier doesn’t mean it can’t be considered as one of the top Panasonic electric shavers. With great features and aesthetic design, the ES-LT41-K Arc3 is a beast of a performer.

Panasonic ES-LT41-K Arc3

So, what makes it so special from the competitors? Let’s see for ourselves!

Well, as the name suggests, this razor uses the combination of three high-efficiency blades. The ultra-sharp Nanotech blades are built to deliver a fast, close and smooth shaving experience.

Just like the last model, this one too has a built-in 13,000 CPM linear drive motor. This is just perfect to sustain and utilize the ultra-thin foil accompanied by the blades. The pivoting shaver head is a fine addition that reduces the difficulty to deal with tough to reach areas.

All your troubles with matching the contours of your face will become a thing of the past. The shaver head is designed to promise an effortless glide over the face making every stroke count. With that said, it’s pretty clear that Panasonic went to great lengths in ensuring the user’s comfort.

No grooming session can be considered complete without some stylizing. If you prefer some extra detailing on your mustaches and sideburns, the pop-up trimmer is there to serve your needs each time.

As far as maintenance is concerned, the Arc3 is super easy to clean. The wet/dry device is 100% washable. It also includes a sonic vibration mode that helps with cleaning under running water. You can enjoy both wet and dry shaving with this one. The cordless operation makes things even more fun too.

The shaver includes an AC adapter that’s dedicated to working with the device. The user can detect the charge status with the 5-stage LED indicator. With the benefits of automatic dual voltage conversion support, charging becomes more efficient. It takes typically one hour to juice it up completely.

If you take 3 minutes to complete a single shave, the device should go on for 15 shaves in total. Which is great to have as charging it each time before a shave can get annoying.

Did I mention that this comes with a travel pouch as well? These small additions can have a great impact on customer satisfaction. The more convenience a device offers the better appeal it has for the users. So, a huge round of applaud for the guys at Panasonic to keep these things in the count.

Panasonic ES-LA93-K Arc4 Electric Razor

Formerly known as the Matsushita Electric Industrial Co. Panasonic means serious business when it comes to crafting electrical components that ooze off quality. The proof of this was clearly seen in the products that we’ve gone through so far. So, let’s see what’s next on the list.

Panasonic ES-LA93-K Arc4 Electric Razor

The Panasonic Arc4 Multi-Flex ES-LA93-K is an award-winning electric razor that uses a four-blade, dual-motor setup. It offers a clean and close cut shave that’s hard to beat. Not only that, but it offers reliability and durability that the users can trust.

Let me tell you this, this razor is fast. Equipped with a powerful Hyper Performance Dual Motor that features Panasonic’s linear drive it offers performance that’s meant to create an impression. It has the capacity of 56,000 cross-cutting actions per minute across 4 blades.

But wait, that’s not it. The second motor vibrates the Arc 4 shaver head up and down making sure that hair is lifted and held for the cleanest and most efficient shave possible. This much power is achieved because the motor can actually go 14,000 RPM. Now that’s something you simply can’t overlook.

The precision-honed 30° angle Nanotech blades combined with the Panasonic Arc4 Multi-Flex (TM) pivoting head enables the device to glide smoothly over every contour of the face. Dealing with the face, chin, neck, and jawlines won’t be a problem (At least not anymore).

I almost forgot about the Multi-fit ARC foils. These gently conform to facial structure and enhances the overall comfort of the user.

Just like the previous ones this too includes the wet/dry feature. If you’re going to have a shave under the shower, the Panasonic Arc4 is ready when you are. IT won’t stop you during dry shaves in the sink either. It’ll prove to be a loyal grooming companion in any case.

The cutting mechanics apart, cleaning, and maintaining the device is really easy. The ES-LA93-K includes a Premium Automatic Cleaning & Charging Station. So, you get to clean, dry, and charge the razor at the same time. You’ll get it ready for the next shaving session with just a touch of a button.

You’ll be glad to know that this amazing little device gets charged within an hour only. Plus, checking its power status is simple. Just look at the 10-stage LCD on the machine’s handle. Apart from the charge indicator, there’s also the cleaning and replacement reminders on the display. Neat, eh?

Panasonic ES-LT3N-K Arc3 3-Blade Electric Shaver

We’re going to end this list with yet another Arc3 model. Just because it’s at the last doesn’t mean it’s a poor performer. So, what does the ES-LT3N-K Arc3 have to offer?

Panasonic ES-LT3N-K Arc3

Let’s dive in!

The build quality of the razor is pretty good. It feels sturdy and has an ergonomic shape. Holding it is pretty convenient and the solid grip makes things even easier. With the dimensions of 6.8 x 1 x 1.5 (in inches) it’s pretty handy to go about.

Unlike the Arc4 or the Arc5 range of shavers, this one uses a floating three-blade precision mechanism. It’s meant to offer an astoundingly smooth, quick, and comfortable shaving experience. That, combined with an advanced 3D Multi-Flex Pivoting Head, you won’t miss any area of your face.

The micro-thin face shaver hypoallergenic foils are built to instantly capture, hold, and cut different types of hair on your face for an outstanding close shave. The Quick-Comb Blade grabs, holds, and cuts longer hairs that often grow in opposite directions. Even extra thick hair can be dealt with easily.

The shaver head move’s to almost any needed direction to match the contours of your face. Even those who have prominent features won’t have any issues at all. Plus, the shave sensor technology acts on the beard density of a particular area. Making the shaving session far more efficient than average.

This Arc3 shaver is equipped with a high-speed motor. You can’t go wrong with a 13,000 CPM linear motor that responds to the sensor and adjusts its speed automatically. So, you get a more comfortable and efficient shave with far less effort than you’d have to put in an ordinary electric shaver.

If you’re up for some extra stylizing options, the pop-up trimmer will give you all the liberty you need. This little added tool is great to trim sideburns and mustaches. So, go ahead, get the stylish look that you’ve always wanted.

As far as the battery is concerned, the ES-LT3N-K uses a lithium-ion battery. This can offer an impressive runtime of 45 minutes. Both your shaving and trimming sessions will be free of worries as this baby won’t run out of power that easy.

I should tell you that to charge this razor you’ll need a power source of AC 100-240 Volts. Not to worry, the battery takes only an hour to get fully charged.

Oh, and one more thing, remember to replace the blades and foil when they get dull. This will keep your grooming sessions precise and effective each time.

How Panasonic Electric Shavers Got My Attention

As we all know, there are quite a number of brands out there that produce electric shavers. So why Panasonic? Well, simply put, these guys are experts at what they do and they take their craft seriously. Their electric shavers prove the immense effort they pour in for their customers. How so? Follow my lead.

  • The Solid Construction

It doesn’t have to be razors, when you consider any handheld tool, you’ll have to make sure that the product is built well. Panasonic’s Arc5 5 shavers are the best as they come in this aspect. A clean brushed Aluminum finish isn’t something you get with every razor out there.

These devices look classy and feel premium at the same time. Offering durability and reliability with adequate features has always been the brand’s specialty.

Now I might seem a bit picky, but the true fact is, you won’t get a metal body in every Panasonic razor. The Arc4 and Arc3 series of razors are made of a plastic exterior. Don’t get me wrong, just because they use plastic doesn’t mean the devices seem flimsy. They create a solid impression nevertheless.

While looking at the Panasonic razors that are available, I found that practically all of them do justice to their own specific price point. In the end, you do get a proper value for what you pay for.

  • Powerful Motors That Perform

You must’ve noticed by now that Panasonic doesn’t put average motors in the best of them. My list of razors has a motor speed of at least 13,000 CPM. Panasonic’s linear drive motors are built to deal with some heavy-duty cutting.

The top tier razors can go 14,000 cuts per minute. Just so you know the power draw isn’t always the same on these motors. Thanks to the Shave Sensor technology, the motors react to the density of beard the shaver is dealing with at certain points.

This feature is great to have. The lower end ones have it too. Even though they’re not as responsive as the Arc5 series razors. For example, the third device on my list is an Arc5 model and it can respond to the beard density 1.8 times faster than the average joe.

Not going into different modes is indeed a new innovation from the guys at Panasonic. This automated feature makes shaving a lot easier and hassles free. Not all of us want to change the motor speed each time we’re dealing with different types of beard thickness on our faces.

Things get a bit more interesting if the model has a dual motor setup. Apart from the basics, the secondary motor vibrates the shaver up and down. This act lifts and holds the hair strands before doing the cutting. This enhances the efficiency to great extents.

  • The Multidirectional Shaver Head

Panasonic electric razors are phenomenal when it comes to matching with the contours of the face. Nicks, cuts, and unnecessary tugging become a thing of the past with the three to five-dimensional Multi-Flex pivoting heads that Panasonic offers.

The 5D pivoting head in the Arc5 razors allows you to slide the head back and forth, right and left, up and down, twist, front, and rear. This results in a far smoother shave while making every stroke count. The Multi-fit ARC foils included in the good ones offer a much closer and cleaner experience as well.

Why wouldn’t these razors draw your attention? These features make grooming seem multiple times more comfortable than what you’re used to. Each of these aspects acts accordingly to fit all your grooming needs with pinpoint precision.

  • The Power Factors in As Well

Yes, indeed. The way a shaver gets powered up and how long it sustains is a fact worth considering. We did go through a list of shavers and they provided a backup of at least 45 minutes. The longevity of battery life is always a prime concern of any good brand.

In the Arc3, Arc4, and Arc5 line of products, Panasonic generally likes to go wireless. That makes it more maneuverable and handier. A dedicated charging station is provided with these wet/dry shavers. I personally found the quick charge feature really helpful.

Panasonic’s focus on less charge time and adequate battery life seemed to be the most crucial feature amongst them all. I mean, nobody likes to go high and dry while going about a grooming session under the shower.

The premium ones have extensive battery backup along with 8-10 stage LED indicators. This is also a fine addition as they let you know about the status of the battery and when you’ll need to get it charged again.

  • Additional Tools and Accessories

Panasonic doesn’t fall behind when it comes to complete customer satisfaction. The devices that include premium cutting features also include a set of tools and accessories out of the box that actually matters. Yes, I’m talking about small additions like the precision pop up trimmer that grants stylizing options.

A wired adapter and cord are commonly seen in regular shavers. But we’re not talking “Regular” here. Panasonic goes all out when it comes to their best ones. A dedicated charging station saves time by cleaning the device and charging it up for further use at the same time.

Even the tiny things like a dedicated travel case can go a long way. Keeping the shaver at a dedicated place where you can always find it is always helpful. I really like the hard leather cases that come with the premium grade razors. There really isn’t no end to getting good now is there?

My Two Cents at the End!

You’ll notice the top-tier and best Panasonic Electric Shavers are equal part comfortable as they are efficient. Shaving is nothing without comfort. All of us want to wake up in the morning feeling our best selves and shaving helps us to achieve that. Also, these shavers help to get the trim or shave you need.

If you ask me, nothing even comes close to Panasonic ARK 5 in terms of performance and comfort within the brand. Of course, frontline Braun shavers like those of series 9 prove to be a stiff competition.

That’s why I have a separate article focusing on the very best of Braun. Do check that out to widen your choices. For all you Panasonic lovers, do tell me about your experience of using these products.

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