Oster Classic 76 vs Model 10: Which Oster Clipper Is The Winner?

I am not a big fan of going to the hairdresser or barber and with a little bit of expert guidance, I would not mind taking care of myself at home using a good quality hair clipper. The reason is simple, there is extra hassle like waiting for long hours, waiting for the weekend, and of course the cost involved.

Today, we will be looking at a head to head comparison between 2 such clippers which are worthy of being in your possession – the Classic 76 and the Model 10, both by Oster.

We simply won’t just tell you which one we recommend for you but back it up with in-depth individual reviews, similarities, differences, pros & cons and of course then the verdict.

Both of these premium quality models are from a very well reputed manufacturer in the grooming industry – Oster! Both its Model 10 and the Classic 76 are professional-grade handheld clippers with detachable metal blades.

So, before we begin the head to head comparison between these iconic hair clippers by Oster, we want to tell you that either way you go you will have made a winning decision. They are both recommended and praised by experts and haircare professionals for their quality, durability & reliability.

Let’ get started!

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Oster Classic 76 vs Model 10 Comparison Table

FeaturesOster Classic 76Oster Model 10
Motor TypeSingle speedSingle speed
Blade000 - 1000 - 1
WeightHeavier Lighter
Cord Length9 feet10 feet
IncludesBlade GuardBlade Guard
Our rating9 out of 107 out of 10
Price Check Price Check Price

Oster Classic 76: In-Depth Review

Oster is one of the finest premium grooming tool manufacturers in the USA. They have been producing the finest hair clippers since the 1920s and have established themselves as a brand which is an industry leader. There is simply one reason you would buy an Oster hair clipper – instead of investing on poor quality cheaper products, you get a professional tool for a higher price that lasts you longer, serving you better for many years to come.

Oster Classic 76

The Classic 76 is the flagship model of Oster and like the name suggests, it has stayed true to its classic design with improvements under the hood remain a top of the class premium hair clipper for all these years. The same look but better motor and blades with every passing year.

During the unboxing, you will surely realize what a serious clipper the Classic 76 truly is. It not only looks the part, but it feels like a professional hair clipper straight out of the box – even before you turn it on. The casing of the hair clipper is not just some cheap plastic but it is made from Valox. Valox is super strength plastic which is light in weight but heavy in terms of impact protection.

The primary difference between a low- and high-quality clipper is the motor. The Classic 76 by Oster is powered by a single speed universal motor which runs at much higher speeds compared to other traditional clippers. Due to this, it cuts through even the thickest hair which is a must for professional hair stylists and barbers.

Despite the immense power & high speeds of the motor, it will not heat up to even make you slightly uncomfortable let alone cause a burn on your skin. For a powerful professional hair clipper, this is a serious advantage as clippers tend to run endlessly during the whole day.

One of the potential disadvantages of a powerful motor is the sound it makes. Now it may not be a deal-breaker for many depending on the type of sound made by the motor. This is the exact case with this Classic Oster clipper – the sound is amazingly satisfying!

The clipper is a corded clipper and if you want power and performance then generally, you cannot rely on battery-powered clippers. The clipper has a thick heavy-duty cord which is 9 feet in length giving you plenty of space to not be tangled up while cutting hair.

All Oster blades are tested using a cryogenic process which makes the blades strong, hard and allows the edgesto be sharp for much longer than usual. You will not be buying a new blade every year!

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  • Classic iconic look, design & feel which is agreed upon by all users
  • Suitable for all hair types from thick to thin, human or animal, wet or dry, cut through anything without resistance and with ease
  • Highly durable, sturdy and long lasting from the casing to the blades


  • Some users are not fans of the big chunky design due to the size and weight which makes it difficult to use for a long time
  • Some users are not fans of the loud noise but that’s made up for with its performance
  • Classic 76 by Oster is not a hair clipper for beginners, rather it is strictly for professionals

Oster Model 10: In-Depth Review

The Model 10 by Oster has followed the footsteps of the Classic 76 in terms of its vintage look, feel and design. The Model 10 is amazingly vintage while modern and 100 percent quality. The first look at the Model 10 by Oster and you will know that this is a hair clipper that is built for professional use and any traditional barber will praise its performance.

Oster Model 10

The powerful motor on the Model 10 is its centerpiece. In general, the premium line of Oster hair clippers tends to use the single speed universal motor. And why not? Universal motors are far better in performance than its competitors – the electromagnetic motors. In universal motors, you find the Oster trademark and a seal of approval from experts for the best performance.

The motor gives much more in torque than you will find in any other models of clippers by Oster. You will easily be able to cut through dry or wet hair, thick, silky or even curly hair. The power of the motor is shielded by a super strong casing made of extremely hard plastic – nothing squishy about it.

The Oster Model 10 has blades which are famed to be a masterful art made of steel. That’s right, it’s not just poetic in description but it is proven through its unique testing procedures for strength, endurance and sharpness. The same cryogenic blade processing used on the Classic 76 is used in the Model 10 by Oster.

The blades are detachable on the Model 10 similar to the Classic 76 and what’s more is that you can use the blades on both of these models interchangeably. So, if you were to switch from one to the other, you would not have to buy new blades.

The blades are truly worth their reputation and with support from the powerful motor, they cut through anything thick or thin with ease and last you many years without any trouble.

The Model 10 is a hair clipper which is mains powered as well ensuring maximum power. The corded hair clipper comes with a highly durable cord as common with all Oster clippers but the cord is 10 feet in length giving you a bit more room for haircuts.

You can expect to get a clean cut with a single pass from these clippers making haircuts more efficient without the need for multiple passes. Oster’s Model 10 is truly a professional-quality hair clipper which is built to perform.

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  • The extra foot of cord is noticeable until you get comfortable in cutting using the Model 10
  • Much lighter in comparison to the Classic 76 – approximately 25% lighter
  • Many users prefer the Model 10 because it is lighter and smaller while similar in performance
  • The Model 10 overall is highly durable and long-lasting while it is a bit more compact in design


  • Some users have noticed that the blades in the Model 10 tend to overheat a bit
  • Some users have also pointed out that the clipper takes a while to start up after turning it on
  • Other users have noticed that the Model 10 cannot endure the lengthy hours of operation in barbershops compared to other hair clippers

Oster Classic 76 & Oster Model 10: The Similarities

Both the Oster Classic 76 & Model 10 are highly appealing, premium quality hair clippers and there is no doubt about it. As a result, they are very much similar to each other. A nice analogy would be that the Classic 76 is the older brother while the Model 10 is the younger brother.

That’s right, the Model 10 is very much similar in features and design to the Classic 76. The little brother of the Classic 76 which packs the same punch in a slightly different design. There are some differences too and we will discuss them right after we uncover all the similarities of the two in a little bit more detail.

  • The Build Quality

Both of these clippers are built to be extremely durable using a strong casing of Valox material which is a super-strong plastic material. The casing of the clippers is basically break resistant. Also, the casing can endure the powerful motor for hours of operation without overheating and all the while protecting the user and the motor.

  • What’s Included in the Box?

Of course, there is the premium quality hair clipper itself by Oster but also there are other common accessories which are included by Oster for its users.

They both come with the blade guard for protecting the blades during storage, the lubricating oil for the maintenance of the motor and blades for long-lasting performance and the cleaning brush to make sure that the clipper blades do not clog up and rust from while not being used.

The maintenance, of course, needs to be done by the owner to ensure it lasts for many years.

  • Hair Clipper Motor

Both the Classic 76 and the Model by Oster are powered by its single speed universal motor. We have already discussed the superiority of the universal motor over its electromagnetic counterpart earlier. But a quick recap is that they are much faster and more powerful to cut through thick, thin, wet or dry hair effortlessly.

  • Hair Clipper Blades

The Model 10 and the Classic 76 are from the premium line of Oster clipper products and they are both using an interchangeable blade system. As is common with Oster, the blades are tested through a cryogenic process for endurance and performance. Not only are the blades interchangeable making it easy for you to try different sizes, you can even use the same blade on both clippers.

  • Other Accessories

Whether you make the decision to buy the Model 10 or the Classic 76 from Oster, you will have the choice of same attachments which are not included with the purchase but available to be purchased separately.

You can choose to buy the attachments individually or the complete set of 14 detachable blades accessories and up to 10 guide comb attachments. With these accessories, you can take your hair clipping skills to the next level if you are pursuing similar results to your barbershop experience.

Oster Model 10 vs Oster Classic 76: The Differences

Now, right off the bat you will notice the difference in appearance between the Classic 76 and the later Model 10. The Model 10 is smaller, slimmer and lighter than the Classic 76. However, it is notable that the performance of the two is very similar – exceptional!

  • The Look & Design

In terms of the physical appearance, the Oster Classic 76 of course flaunts the classic age-old design. The flagship Oster model with no real difference in its look over the years and the classic maroon color.

The Model 10, in comparison, is a model which was actually launched before the Classic 76. Surprising, isn’t it? It is not widely known but that is true. The Model 10 production was paused when the Classic 76 was introduced. Later, the Model 10 was re-introduced in the market by Oster in the stunning black color.

Because of the slimmer design of the Model 10, it is easier to maneuver compared to the Classic 76 for amateur users. However, experts and professionals barely make a notice of the size when it comes to power and performance.

  • Size & Weight

Being different in appearance immediately impacts the size and weight of both the clippers. As you would have guessed by now, the Classic 76 is heavier and chunkier while the Model 10 is slimmer and lighter. This makes the Model easier to use and less of a strain for long term use.

Essentially, the Model 10 is the same as Classic 76 just slimmer and lighter – which is a huge advantage!

The Classic 76 is actually among the biggest and heaviest clippers on the market. While many will say the extra size and weight gives more stability, others will argue that it is much more straining. So, based on personal preference, one is preferred over the other.

  • Clipper Cord Length

Another mentionable difference is a small one but which has a bigger than expected impact – the length of the cord. While the Classic 76 offers a 9 feet long cord, the Model 10 offers the same quality cord but with an extra 1 foot, so total 10 feet in length.

Now, it may not seem like a big difference to the average user, but to a professional, it is a foot of extra independence while working.

Overall Differences

Without the basic differences here and there, both Oster hair clippers are virtually the same clipper in different sizes and colors. In terms of its performance, endurance, quality and user satisfaction, both the Classic 76 and Model 10 are highly rated.

Not much to set them apart!

Regardless, a verdict must be reached…

  • Who is the better buy?
  • Who is the winner between the Oster Classic 76 vs Model 10?

Let’s now reveal who wins our vote of for being the winner among these 2 premium Oster hair clippers!

In Conclusion: Which One is the Winner?

Our winner is the Oster Classic 76!

To put you at ease, based on all our research, experience and expert advice, we would like to make it clear that no matter which one you choose –the Model 10 or the Classic 76, you will have chosen a premium quality professional hair clipper worth every penny!

Both of these Oster hair clippers are power-packed, durable and value for money.

Oster hair clippers are reputed as durable machines and do not require constant maintenance. The blades are self-sharpening and highly endurance tested. You can easily cut, clean and replace the blades as you need. Whether the cord is 9 feet or 10 feet, it is definitely long enough!

So, without much to separate between the two, we reach the verdict that the Classic 76 holds a slight edge over the Model 10. While on paper the Model 10 seems like the winner, with expert use and hair cutting experience, the Classic 76 by Oster is our recommended winning Oster hair clipper.

The iconic design, power-packed performance, size and weight make it a beast of a clipper!

Let us know if you agree with our choice of the winning hair clipper in the battle between the Oster Model 10vs 76 the Classic. Share with us your thoughts and reasoning behind why you agree or disagree with our verdict and let us know your choice.

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