Meet Our Team

Among many staff members who enrich our project and add value to the vision each day, four of them must be brought forward as an appreciation for their contribution to our cause over the span of many years.

Dennis Floyd

Professional GroomerDennis Walsh

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Dennis Floyd is a professional barber anchored in McKinney Ave, Dallas, TX 75204, USA. The oldest of four children, Dennis belongs to the third generation to carry on the beacon of professional grooming business that dates back to the 1960s when his grandfather roots the inception of their family business.

With seven barber-shop outlets of the same chain all over the country, Dennis was exposed to the mastery of hair grooming from an early age. With an experience of 20 years and first-hand lessons from his father, Dennis has displayed remarkable prowess in the arena that makes his clients come back for more.

With expertise over a wide array of grooming devices, Dennis offers expert opinion and analysis on products to his customers and his take on certain grooming products are reflected throughout our articles.

Jabed Hasan

Cheif EditorJabed Hasan

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If Dennis and Ryan are technical geniuses of this project, Jabed is the brain behind every operation that goes on. After spending much time of his career in UK to complete his academic degrees, Jabed’s expertise on managing this project as well as ensuring the clarity of the written pieces have certainly been major elements behind the success story.

A good command over effective communication and management expertise holds Jabed as the central figure to the article generation procedure.

Ryan Sombers

Product TesterRyan Sombers

Ryan has been a key part of our project for almost 10 years and running. He is our prime product tester and performs cross-referencing between the company advertisement and Dennis’ opinion to confirm each of the feature’s credibility.

Ryan carries a great talent to stress-test each of the products to ensure that our final verdict on each product is authentic so that the consumers aren’t introduced with false-data to succumb to disappointment in the end.

Other than testing out products, Ryan is a professional fashion advisor for men, thus his acquaintance with grooming products is of utmost importance to single out the best possible devices for his customers.

Nafiur Ahmed

Content WriterNafiur Ahmed

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For every expert out on the world, there needs to be a writer who articulates the notion precisely using fitting words and Nafiur fills in those shoes for the team. Having an MA degree in English Literature, his skills with the keyboard makes room for the experts to form their analysis and opinions into a comprehensive outcome.

As he works closely with the experts to understand their take accurately, Nafiur composes the articles as a process of giving voice to the intended messages to the consumers.