Manscaped vs Meridian: What’s the Ideal Choice for Every Body Grooming Need?

In my search for the perfect trimmer to satisfy my every body grooming needs, I’ve stumbled upon the two brands that have stood out over the rest – Manscaped vs Meridian.

The features of their top of the line trimmers might look very similar in hindsight. But after prolonged use of either in the most dynamic ways possible, I’ve realized that they are completely unique with independent differences.

So I’ve decided to draw a comparison between their best trimmers – Manscaped 4 vs Meridian to factor out the aspects that I’ve come to love and things I believe could be improved for a better outcome.

With a brief stroll through both of their key features, I’ve placed my judgment for the most necessary aspects that I believe the perfect body trimmer should have in contrast to regular beard trimmers.

I’ll invite you to go through all of it to fully realize the depth of my verdict that I’ve shared at the very end of this article.

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Manscaped vs Meridian : Comparison Chart

Gentler BladesNoYes
Motors7,000 RPM6,000 RPM
Charging DockYesNo
Battery600 mAh800 mAh
LED IndicatorYesYes
My Rating4.6 (out of 5)4.5 (out of 5)
Price Check Price Check Price

Manscaped 4 & Meridian: Their Highlight Products

The Manscaped 4 & Meridian trimmers are not only great for body trimming, but also are regarded as two of the very best ball trimmers men could ever find. Before diving into their battle, I’ll briefly discuss their key features so that you can understand them under a brighter light.

Manscaped Lawn Mower™ 4.0

Manscaped lawn Mower 4.0

The Manscaped Lawn Mower 4.0 is very similar to the Manscaped 3.0 as it contains every necessary feature to be the premium body grooming device. It comes with SkinSafe blades, powerful motors with 7,000 cuts per second, 1-4 setting trimmer guards, IPX7 waterproof certification, 600 mAh battery with a charging dock.

Also, it has a light on the head paired with LED charge level indicators, which is a major difference with the 3.0 as the Manscaped 3 has only one light which doesn’t tell you the amount of charge left in the device. The travel-lock feature is very useful in such a device and the overall packaging leaves very little to be desired!

Meridian Electric Body & Pubic Hair Trimmer

Meridian Body And Pubic Hair Trimmer

The Meridian Electric Body trimmer shares a lot of the Manscaped 4 features, like it comes with 2 trimmer guard attachments with 4 length settings, waterproof certification, 6,000 cuts per minute motor and ceramic blades covered by anti-knick protectors.

As an addition, the Meridian device too displays an LED charge level indicator and a strong 800 mAh battery to last even the longest of shaving sessions.

Manscaped 4 vs Meridian: Who’s The Real Winner?

The two unique trimmers that serve body grooming, ball shaving and pubic hair cleaning needs are great for both frequent users and also for ones who are young & thinking of getting into this process.

With all of these considerations in mind, I’ll share my personal experience with these two devices that I’ve identified over numerous uses. With it, you’ll understand the full potentials of these true brands and where the lines are drawn between them.


When I use a product with the intention of reviewing them in the far future, I tend to go the maximum distance to stress the trimmer out. In the case of both Manscaped 4 & Meridian devices, I tried them out without the trimmer guards at multiple locations of my body to see how things pan out.

Trimmer Blades

Both these trimmers feature ceramic blades, which is supposed to be the safest choice for direct skin contact. However, I’ve had different outcomes with these two, as the Manscaped 4 cut me at a couple of locations that needed healing while the Meridian only scratched my skin but never drew any blood.

Come on, everyone knows that the SkinSafe technology is a gimmick and I’ll never ask anyone to use any trimmer without the guards. Yes, it’ll leave behind a stubble, but I’d rather have a little hair than cutting myself all over my body.

With great courage, I tried both of them out on my balls without the guard. I followed the proper ball shaving methods and yet managed to get myself cut with the Manscaped 4. The Meridian device wasn’t heavenly either, but at least it didn’t leave me bleeding down there.

From what I’ve heard from my friends, these blades treat everyone differently as they manage to get away without any cuts using both of them raw. So your outcome might be different than mine. Still, my advice would be to use a trimmer guard for body shaving & ball trimming duties.


I’ll have to highlight their motors because this is the key factor that differentiates between trims without any guard attached to them and highlights the good sides of manscaping from the bad. The Manscaped 4 comes with a 7,000 RPM motor which is great to use with a guard but not so comfortable without it.


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The Meridian’s motor has 6,000 RPM, and because of the lower intensity it has never managed to cut me even without the motors. While I’ll always discourage trimming without a guard, but if you must, the motor in the Meridian device will benefit you largely over the Manscaped 4.


The Manscaped 4 vs Meridian battle gained clarity when I started using them with trimmer guards on. Both of them came with detachable trimmer guards with different sizes and Manscaped 4 has the upperhand here. Its lowest setting could trim with 0.2mm length while the Meridian’s shortest length setting was 0.3.


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It’s not much of a difference to be honest, but if you’re someone like me who doesn’t want to shave off the stubble with a manual razor, it somewhat matters. The trimmer guards ensure maximum safety and I’ve never felt any tugs or pulls or pubic hair pain with either of them, let alone any sort of accidental cuts.

Other trimmer guard factors that set apart these two were the guard size and nature of attachments. The Manscaped 4 guard is significantly small, easy to plug in and alters between two sizes with a snap of the fingers. But the Meridian guard exhibits a large head, quite difficult to attach and needs to be re-attached for a change in length.

This has been a hassle for me from the start and I’d give my full marks to the Manscaped trimmer guards and the Meridian shortly behind. However, both of them had been very kind to my man-jewels so no complaints there.


There’s a significant difference in charging methods between the Manscaped 4 vs Meridian trimmers and it might help you make up your mind to prefer either. From the box, I’ve had a wireless charging dock, cable and adapter with the Manscaped 4. And for the Meridian device, there’s been nothing but a cable.

I’ve had to use my phone adapter for the Meridian trimmer to charge which I don’t appreciate at all. The Manscaped 4 nicely sits on the dock and I never had to bother about charging it ever since. I use it as my current body trimmer and always keep it docked & literally forget about it until my next shave, and the overcharge protector spares any sort of electrical damage.

So the Meridian 4 in my opinion comes out on top here because of this facility. I’ll definitely pick a trimmer that I use frequently with a charging dock over anything else.


From the technical specifications, the Meridian trimmer has an advantage of battery over the Manscaped 4. Meridian’s battery unit is 800 mAh while the Manscaped 4 has a 600 mAh battery. Meridian holds its juice for around an hour and a half with a couple hour’s full charge.

But this difference doesn’t render the Manscaped 4 incapable in any way as I’ve had its charge last for over an hour of continuous running. Charging doesn’t take long either and the dock has been of significant help in this regard. Such battery life has allowed me to carry both of these trimmers for short trips without having to carry any charger!


One of the features that I’ve fallen in love with among these trimmers is the light at the head of the Manscaped 4 device. It has helped me to avoid accidents and make clean passes at the most different angles.

I prefer shaving my body & balls in the toilet and the lighting isn’t always great there. So the Manscaped 4 unit’s light has been a significantly welcome aspect that the Meridian trimmer lacks. Then again, if having a light isn’t a deal-breaker for you, then this shouldn’t be of any concern for you.


The Manscaped 4 and Meridian both contain great housing with superior grip. As they’re waterproof, I’ve tried taking them inside the shower and none of them ever showed any hint of slipping out of my hand at every bodygrooming occasion.

Housing Feature

Although the grips are ergonomic, I’ve found preferable comfort with the shape of the Manscaped 4 and the way it fits in the palm of my hand. Don’t get me wrong, the Meridian device is as concise as the Manscaped 4, but there’s a matter of preference & feel when it comes to shaving my delicate parts.

I’ll recommend you to visit a physical store to hold each of them firmly to see which one feels right. Because your perfect & regular manscaping device depends on your sense of comfort and no one else can make that decision for you.


Apart from certain upsides & downsides of manscaping, there are certain features I always look for when I decide to carry a body trimmer during my travels. Battery life is something I check out first so that I can carry light without the charger, and both of them have excelled in this department.

Travel Friendly

But I’ve had to draw the lines in terms of the travel-lock feature. It’s been very handy to throw in the Manscaped 4 into the luggage with the lock turned on but in the Meridican device, this feature is absent and I had to be extra-careful while packing it.

Both of their concise shapes take up very little space, I won’t lie. But the extruded trimmer heads of the Meridian device has always been a matter of concern for me while stashing it with my clothes. The Manscaped 4 surely outruns the Meridian in the case of traveling, and I’ve been seeking refuge in it during all of my recent trips.


With similar operations, these products however come at slightly different price points on Amazon. While the Manscaped 4 is priced around $85, the Meridian device can be purchased with around $70, so it beats Manscaped in the pricing.

note: You must remember that Amazon constantly changes their pricings and the aforementioned prices may not remain the same in the future. But the difference that exists right now might be the key aspect to aid you in committing to either of these brands.

Info on Manscaped & Meridian Brands


Manscaped has always been the brand to care about men’s sensitive parts and their R&D team is in constant development of products to ease the pain of grooming. They sell a wide variety of products that are focused on body grooming duties and from the few things I’ve used on myself, I must say that they’re spot on!

Some of the most popular Manscaped products include: Manscaped 4.0 & 3.0, nose trimmer, manual razor, different kinds of wash solutions, ball deodorants & exfoliator, oils, foot duster etc.


Meridian is in many ways similar to Manscaped in their company’s vision to assist men who perform grooming on a regular basis. They’ve enhanced the quality of their products and services over the years and aim at becoming the number one brand for producing man grooming products.

The list of Meridian grooming products is slightly wider than of Manscaped as they contain nose & ear trimmers, nail kit, groin spray, underwear, facial wipe, different types of travel cases etc.


My verdict for Manscaped vs Meridian is very simple – if you don’t mind leaving behind a little stubble or someone who cleans up after with a manual razor anyway – Manscaped 4 would be the clear winner. Close trim, a charging dock, easy to use trimmer guards and a travel lock are things that I hugely admire about this device.

But if you’re someone who wants an all-rounder body trimmer that can perform trimming without the guards, doesn’t require a manual shaving afterward, somewhat cheaper, gentle blades that actually need replacement every six months – then I’ll recommend you to go for the Meridian device.

If you think my verdict is placed inside a gray area, then just think of what you actually need out of your body trimmer and how you operate it. The winner is always subjective and depends on how it’s treating YOU, so let no one else choose the victor for your unique requirements.

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