How To Grow A Handlebar Mustache: The Complete Mustache Styling Guide

Nowadays, facial hair is one of the boldest moves you can take to make a fashion statement. Mustache is without a doubt a very key fashionable aspect of facial hair for men of all ages.

We will cover one of the world’s most fashionable mustache styles today – how to grow a handlebar mustache.

Handlebar mustache has been around for centuries and in its many variations has remained an integral part and parcel of men’s fashion. It has successfully dominated the test of time with its never-ending appeal & demand.

The mustache derives its name from resembling the handlebars of a bicycle or motorcycle. It is also known as spaghetti mustache because of its stereotypical association with Italian men.

In addition to this, handlebar mustache is part of a large family group of mustaches where each style has its own unique characteristics and followers.

We will cover some interesting facts about the origin of the handlebar mustache to understand the huge impact it has on attracting people, the know-how of growing it right with techniques, tips & tricks.

Let’s start growing that mustache now!

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Interest Facts About Handlebar Mustache

Will It Suit You

Will It Suit You?

The only way to really find out is for you to grow one!

Let’s get started with this guide so you can decide how ready you are for this challenge and whether or not it will suit you.

Introducing The Handlebar Mustache!

A handlebar mustache is thought highly of as a unique style for a man that reflects personal style.

So, as we know, the mustache is the growth of hair from the upper lip and within (or around) the smile lines. The handlebar is a mustache that is specifically lengthy and has an upwardly curve. The extremities of the curves make it an easily recognized facial hairstyle across the world.

The actual style is visible when a mustache will have extended hair on either side and is considered more and more dominant depending on how much longer it extends out to the sides.

It could be curved either upward or downward, could be fairly straight in shape, twisted using products, or naturally curled. Sometimes it is curled with the help of heat or grooming aids such as wax, glue, balms, gels, etc.

Some feel keeping such a mustache makes you look odd or strange. But in the fashion world, it is very exceptional these days. Those who wear them like the individuality or nostalgia of the historical trend or style.

The Simple Steps: How To Grow A Handlebar Mustache

When you grow a mustache, it is not just about letting it grow without limit (although that will give you a very good starting point).

There are certain steps that need to be applied – these are very simple steps or techniques that will help you in getting the desired look if followed properly.

The Simple Steps- How To Grow A Handlebar Mustache

Here are the Steps to Grow It Right

  • Let the mustache grow and don’t worry about the need to trim it during the early stages. You need to have enough hair to work with for the later stages.
  • Get in the habit of combingyour growing mustache at least once in a day. When mustache is longenough, you will have to comb it by parting it. Create the partings while combing the hair out on both sides – from under the nose to the left and to the right accordingly.
  • Waxing is also very important, especially when you come out of the shower. You want to leave your mustache damp and start in the middle of your lip by dabbing lightly. You can apply a small dab of mustache wax with the index finger and thumb to the upper edge and use a comb to spread it down through the hair.
  • Twisting& shaping is another major part of styling a mustache. You apply some wax to the ends and twist the hairs together with the fingers and curl the twisted hair up and in. you may also get a curl by winding the ends as tightly as possible around a writing pen.
  • Maintenance is an essential and final part to get your desired mustache style. Bear in mind, it is a commitment when you want to own a handlebar mustache. You need to wash it, comb it, wax it, and curl it regularly.
  • Timing is not only an important part of the growing process but it is also necessary depending on the desired style required. You could get a trim every now and again or put the trimmer down & “Let It Growww!”.

The Most Prominent Handlebar Mustache Styles

Before growing a mustache, your concern should be whether the mustache you are about to grow will suit your face shape.

Don’t worry, there is not just ONE way of getting a handlebar mustache!

We are going to mention a little bit about the few popular types of handlebar mustaches and you can choose one (or try them all) which suits your face shape the best.

  • Classic Handlebar Mustache

Classic Handlebar Mustache

The classic handlebar can be dated as far back as the Iron Age. Where the Celts used to carry it. It is simply the bushy, lengthy, raw, and natural way which is of course mostly seen on movie characters. It is not too common as an average Joe style.

  • Imperial Handlebar Mustache

Imperial Handlebar Mustache

The imperial mustache is from the turn of the 20th century and was sported most famously by US President Theodore Roosevelt. In this style, anything below the corners of the lips are shaved and anything above the lips are simply pushed up or twisted.

  • English Handlebar Mustache

English Handlebar Mustache

The English mustache is very similar to the imperial mustache by dividing at the center when the hair is beyond the corners of the mouth and is shaved clean all around. Instead of the twisting up of the mustache, it is twisted into a straight line towards the sides. It is a bit more moderate version of the magnificence of the imperial style.

  • Chevron Handlebar Mustache

Chevron Handlebar Mustache

The chevron mustache can be defined as a fundamental mustache. This extends up to 1.5cm beyond the lip. The core feature of this mustache is a mass of volume that grows naturally and can be trimmed short. There is no significant twist, just the trim of the edges to give it its shape.

  • Hungarian Handlebar Mustache

Hungarian Handlebar Mustache

In so many ways, Hungarian mustache is the forefather of the imperial mustache. Magyar who were the founding natives of Hungary, make it a style of the mustache with a whole lot of history rooted in the national symbolism. They are much longer yet neater and feature a slight arch instead of a complete twist at the ends.

  • Walrus Handlebar Mustache

Walrus Handlebar Mustache

The walrus mustache is known as the behemoth of mustaches. This mustache is modeled after the sea animal of the same name. nothing neat or tidy about it, simply let it grow big, thick, and downward consuming your lips.

  • Petite Handlebar Mustache

Petite Handlebar Mustache

The petite handlebar mustache is the modern-day reincarnation of the handlebar mustache. It is cleaner, neater, and featured by models in fashion to represent or reminisce the audacity of the handlebar mustaches of the early days.

Do People Like Mustaches or Are They Considered Attractive?

In the current trends and fashion world, handlebar mustaches are a very attention-grabbing style. Women are attracted to men with a mustache and an awesome beard.

However, no guarantee can be given for attraction for any type of mustache!

According to the survey conducted on women about men with mustaches and their maturity, the following are the results:

  • 9 percent of women believe that mustaches make a man look more mature
  • 3 percent are of the opinion that a mustache makes a guy look masculine
  • 4 percent simply think that mustache makes men look sexy

Are There Any Benefits In Growing Handlebar Mustaches?

Growing a handlebar mustache is not only a part of fashion but there are actually quite a few benefits of growing handlebar mustaches such as the following:

  • Protection

Mustaches and beards are all essentially facial hair and they are an excellent natural protection for our skin. They protect the skin from being attacked by bacteria and dirt.

Even in general, shaving is hard on the skin. So, the less you shave, the less torture your skin has to go through.

  • Reduce Cancer Risks

A handlebar mustache is thick which also works as a beard to protect the skin from detrimental ultraviolet rays which reduces the risk level of suffering from cancer.

Today, with diminishing ozone layers, increasing heat, skin cancer is on a rise. This is a very broad and long-term benefit, which cannot be proven but it is a minor advantage for a potentially deadly disease.

  • Affordable Maintenance

Since you will not be shaving, especially if you couple your mustache with a full beard, the money you spend on razors or at the barbershop reduces. Of course, you will incur additional costs for maintenance by waxing when mustaches are fully grown. But regardless, they are not a major cost.

  • Attractive Look

Women are always attracted to men who keep themselves well-groomed. If you have a fully grown and well-groomed handlebar mustache, you will no doubt experience the same.

But most importantly, it will make yourself more attractive to yourself by increasing your confidence when interacting with people.

This is what true attraction is!

In Conclusion: Are You Ready For The Handlebar Mustache?

The handlebar mustache style is a very effective one for men who are following the current trends.

No matter what style or fashion you follow, when you represent yourself nicely to people you show a good reflection ofyour own personality and boost your own confidence.

So, when you consider yourself ready to grow a handlebar mustache, remember that it is not just a trend you are following but it is a passion of your own.

We hope our instructions to grow a handlebar mustache will help you choose the exact style best suited to your unique face shape. Also, it will make your maintenance and styling process much easier.

Let us know which style is your favorite!

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