How Long Do Electric Shavers Last? Tips To Prolong Your Shaver’s Life

Electric shaver use is on the rise. While I enjoy using a razor to get some fine shaving done or when I don’t have a lot of stubble, few things can beat the versatility and ease of using an electric shaver.

But I know there are more than a few men out there that might not be aware of the best way to take care of their electric shavers. And as tools we have to use almost every day, electric shavers deserve a lot better.

So if you’re interested in learning more about your electric shaver, how long they last, and tips on how to keep them working in excellent shape, this is the article for you.

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How Long Do Electric Shavers Last?

On average, an electric shaver can last from three to ten years, depending on the brand. That’s primarily because the brand controls a lot of factors that decide how well your electric shaver can stand up to daily use. That’s why I always do my research before buying an electric shaver, and I encourage you to do yours as well.

But aside from the brand, another thing that controls how well your electric shaver lasts is how you use it and how you maintain it. The best-made electric shaver on the market won’t last more than a month or two if you keep dropping it all over your bathroom or submerge it in water. Neither will it give you the shave you want.

Electric shavers are durable and are usually built to last, but the key to making sure that they last for a long time all comes down to the relationship you have with your tool. The more attention and care you pay to it, the better it’ll perform.

So what are the things every man should do to take care of their electric shaver?

The 3 Top Things Men Should Do To Maintain Their Electric Shaver

After years of using an electric shaver, I’ve come up with some useful tips and things to keep in mind to make your electric shaver last. While a lot of tips are just common sense (like replacing the razor when it dulls) more subtle things can spell the difference between a well-functioning shaver and frequent trips for replacements.

Clean Your Blades After Use

Clean your blades after use

I can’t stress this enough: always clean your shaver blades after use. So many men just leave bits of their hair or shaving cream on the blades after use! Accumulated gunk on a blade is bad for ordinary razors, but it’s far worse for electric shavers.

One immediate side effect of not cleaning your blades immediately after use is that any hair and shaving cream will stick to the blades and seep into the mechanism of the rotor. Not only does this dull your blades over time, but it can cause your shaver to break down if the concentration of junk is too much. It doesn’t matter how expensive or well-built your electric shaver is – gunk is the best way to shut it down.

You can easily avoid this problem by popping off the blades and rinsing them thoroughly with warm water, or maybe some liquid soap if you have that around. For those who really want to keep their blades looking pristine, some companies offer special sprays that can easily break down shaving cream and other detritus for an easy rinse.

Lubricate Your Shaver Regularly

Lubricate your shaver regularly

Remember that your electric shaver is made of a lot of moving parts. These parts need to be cleaned and maintained just as much as the blades! Without proper care and attention, you could have a busted shaver in a few months.

So if you find that your shaver is overheating, you may need to apply more lubricant. That’s why lubricant is an essential part of shaver maintenance, and it’s something that admittedly took even me a long time to get the hang of. The best way method I discovered was this:

  • Make sure your blades are always dry before applying oil
  • Only use pre-approved lubricating oil on the shaver
  • Place a few drops on the blades, soaking up any excess with a tissue
  • Turn on the shaver for a few seconds to allow the oil to spread

And that’s it! Pretty easy, right? For the best results, I recommend lubricating once or twice a week if you don’t use soap to clean the blades after you shave. If you do, you might have to reapply the oil before or after you shave.

Avoid Too Much Contact With Water

A lot of guys (especially those who move to electric shavers from using manual razors) dunk the blades in water to clean it, handle and all. And to that I say: stop.

Under no circumstances should you expose your electric shaver to water. If you have to clean it, take out the blades, clean those in water, then slot them back in. If you really want to get to all the nooks and crannies, use a brush or a small, handheld vacuum.

I understand the temptation to just swish the head of your shaver in water and rinse it a few times but remember that there are electronics inside it. And while shavers are supposed to be water-resistant to some degree, they can’t take repeated water exposure.

Not only are you shortening the lifespan of your shaver, but you could also literally fry yourself the next time you turn it on.


Maintaining an electric shaver isn’t rocket science, but it requires a lot of practice to get right. Most of the time, the things I see men miss out on taking care of their shaver just boils down to a lack of consistent attention.

Using an electric shaver is extremely easy, and that can put you in a state of complacency about taking care of it. But it takes more than a regular recharge and a changing of the blades and foils to make sure that your shaver lasts for a long time.

If you’re ever in doubt, you can always consult the manufacturer’s guidelines, either in the packaging of your shaver or on their website. Those are usually the best ways to make sure that your electric shaver lasts for years. Though like me, you can pick up a few tricks the more you use your shaver.

With the proper care and the right brand, you can expect to have a stubble-free face to enjoy every time you look into your mirror.

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