Flowbee vs Robocut Haircutting System: Review & Comparison

It seems very hectic to cut your own hair at home because of all the cleaning you have to do after the haircut. But all that changed with the innovative idea of vacuum hair clippers!

Yes… amazingly enough, these are clippers which can be attached to your vacuum cleaner for a no-mess solution to using hair clippers at home.

When we talk about vacuum hair clippers, the Flowbee and the Robocut are the two names that instantly pops-up in our brain. Both of them have been in the market for a long time and have seen their fair share of popularity.

Although these two, unique hair cutting tools are quite similar in nature, but there are some features which can differentiate between the two. Sometimes these features help you to make the decision to choose one over another.

We will take on a head to head review of the Flowbee vs Robocut hair clippers to help you choose the one which is best for you.

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In Depth Comparison Table

FeaturesThe FlowbeeThe Robocut
Universal Vacuum HoseYesNo
Hair Cutting Length½" to 6"¼" to 24"
Vacuum Power3 HP or moreAny Household Vacuum
Voltage120v110v to 120v
Pet FriendlyNoYes
Hose Length4 Feet4 Feet
Price Check price Check price

Flowbee Haircutting System Review

The Flowbee Haircutting System is the ultimate combination of efficiency and convenience put together. You can get the perfect haircut every time without the hassle of cleaning afterwards. Because it cuts and cleans the mess, all at the same time. It can be attached with the vacuum cleaner of your regular use for sucking the cut down hair which will be laying all around you after cutting your hair. The vacuum cleaner needs to be at least 3 HP or 8 Amps in power to be able to suck the hairs through the blades.

Flowbee Haircutting System

The Flowbee haircutting system comes with a universal vacuum adapter which helps to attach itself with any kind of vacuum cleaners very easily. You need to plug in the Flowbee trimmer and vacuum separately. The vacuum pulls the hairs towards the blades as well as sucking them into the cleaner at the same time. It is very easy to operate and suitable for all the members of the family. You can cut the hair in 10 various lengths between a short ½ inches to as long as 6 inches.

The Flowbee haircutting system can be an ideal clipper for users with sensitive skin. Some people’s skin reacts to various metals such as aluminum and creates irritation, among other skin reactions. The Flowbee haircutting system’s blades do not touch your skin. It pulls the hairs off your skin and cuts them. Also, it is extremely clean and tidy. You don’t even have to take a shower after cutting your hair with this unique haircutting tool.

This haircutting tool is suitable for people with straight and smooth hair. You can cut your hair in various ways with this clipper such as short layered, wedged, tapered and single length cuts. It may not perform as desired on thick or curly hairs. The Flowbee comes with a trimming head with hose, AC 120V transformer, 10 spacers for cutting the hairs in various lengths. It also comes with blade oil, universal vacuum adapter and a handy user manual.

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My Impression

One of the major reasons that I don’t want to cut my hair at home is because of the hassle of cleaning up after the haircut. But I have changed my mind after learning about the Flowbee haircutting system. It helped reducing the hassle of cleaning up after cutting the hair, dramatically. In fact, sometimes I don’t even have to clean up at all and can even go without showering after having the haircut.

The Flowbee is a highly recommended vacuum hair clipper for those who want to have a nice haircut without worrying about creating a mess. The best part of Flowbee haircutting system is, it can be attached with any standard vacuum cleaner, thanks to its universal vacuum adapter.

The added benefit of instant cleaning feature does not compromise with the quality of your hair cutting experience. So, rest assured you will get the desired look with the Flowbee hair cutting system in various lengths and designs.

Mild Concern

Flowbee vacuum clipper is specifically designed for cutting straight hairs. Therefore, you might not get the best performance out of it with thick, frizzy or curly hairs. It is not recommended to use this trimmer for your pet grooming needs.

Robocut Automatic Vacuum Hair Cutting System Review

The Robocut Automatic Haircutting System is one of the best performing vacuum hair clippers available in the market, today. It is an extremely user-friendly vacuum hair cutting system. It has been one of the most popular variations of this sort of hair cutting systems in the recent times. Like other vacuum hair trimmers, it is also attachable to any kind of vacuum cleaner. But unlike other competitors, it can cut hairs of all types from straight, frizzy to even tight curls. Also, it is suitable for cutting hair of men, women and children of all ages.

Robocut Automatic Vacuum Hair Cutting System

The Robocut Automatic Haircutting System’s suction hose can be fitted very easily to the vacuum cleaner that you use daily to clean your home. The haircutting component of this clipper is fitted with Laser Blades that cuts the hair effortlessly. Then the vacuum sucks the cut hair into the bag without making any mess. It runs on 110 volts. The clipper and the vacuum require separate power connections to operate.

It has a compact design compared to other options available in the market. It is more travel friendly and easily portable. So, you can pack it up and carry it around with you wherever you go or store it in a small place. It makes less sound than other haircutters in the market and it is very easy to maintain. Its laser blade does not require lubrication and the flexible hose is comfortable to handle and easy to maneuver.

You can use the Robocut Automatic Haircutting tool to cut you hair in various lengths between 1/4 inch to 24 inches. It is very user friendly; basically, you do not need any experience to use it. You can just set the dial according to your hair-length preference and find yourself getting the perfect haircutting experience every time. This vacuum haircutter comes with a specifically designed flat or pet adapter for trimming short hair and for grooming your pets.

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My Impression

The best thing I like about the Robocut Automatic Haircutter is that it is extremely user friendly. I had no trouble using it for the very first time. Therefore, I recommend this for the first time vacuum haircutter users. Also, I like its compact and travel friendly size which is easy to store, as well as carry, when you are travelling.

You will have the option of cutting the hair in various lengths from a larger range of lengths – which is not available in other vacuum haircutting tools. I also find it much quieter and friction free. It can cut the hairs with less pull, delivering a much satisfying trimming experience.

The Robocut will deliver flawless trimming experience with zero hassle of cleaning up to take care of after the haircut. From regular haircuts with conventional trimmers and clippers, you will get hairs all over you head, neck and body. But with Robocut, you will get a haircut clean enough that you might not even need a shower after the haircut.

Mild Concern

The Robocut Automatic Haircutter does not come with universal hose adapter for vacuum cleaners. Therefore, sometimes it can be troublesome to fit it with just any standard vacuum cleaners.

Flowbee vs Robocut – Head to Head Feature Comparison

Both the Flowbee and the Robocut are best among quality vacuum haircutting systems available in the market. They are both designed to serve the same specific purpose. For enhancing the hair cutting experience and offer a range of features which are pretty much the same. But they still have some distinctive features which separates them from each other and make one stand out.

Here are some features comparison of Flowbee vs Robocut.

  • Vacuum Cleaner

Both the Flowbee and the Robocut can be attached to almost any kind of standard vacuum cleaners. But the Flowbee requires a more powerful vacuum cleaner to get the best performance out of it. It requires a vacuum cleaner that has a minimum of 3 HP or 8 Amps power to suck hair through the cutting blades and into the vacuum bag. It is worth mentioning that none of these vacuum haircutting systems come with the vacuum cleaner. You must already own or buy a vacuum cleaner separately.

  • Attachable Hose

These vacuum haircutting systems come with attachable hose. Both the hose of the Flowbee and the Robocut are flexible and can be attached with standard vacuum cleaners. But as an added benefit, the Flowbee comes with a universal vacuum hose which is compatible with all kinds of vacuum cleaners. On the other hand, sometimes users have to face difficulties if the hose of the Robocut does not fit the particular vacuum cleaner. Then, the users have to either buy a universal vacuum hose or attach the hose with a duct tape or other DIY solution.

  • Design Advantages

Both of these vacuum haircutting tools are designed to be as user friendly as possible. Both of them are suitable for first time users. But the Robocut has a more compact design and it is much smaller in size compared to the Flowbee. Thus, making it more suitable for storage as well as more travel friendly. On the other hand, the Flowbee haircutting system’s design is more durable, making it last longer compared to most of its competitors in the market.

  • Usability

These vacuum haircutting systems are quite versatile when it comes to their usability. They are suitable for cutting hair of men, women as well as children. You would be able to use them even on those with sensitive skin. Also, you can cut hairs in various lengths. Although, the Robocut allows you cut hairs in much wider length range from 1/4 inch to 24 inches. Whereas, with the Flowbee you can cut hairs from 1/2 inch till 6 inches. Regardless, in terms of usability both are quite remarkable in what they offer.

  • Supported Hair Types

The Robocut is suitable for cutting any type of hair from straight & silky to tight & curly hairs. Its precision dial and laser blades allow you to cut any type of hair effortlessly in various lengths. Styles such as short layered, wedged, tapered and single-length cuts can all be done without making any mess. It is also suitable for cutting or grooming your pet’s hair. On the other hand, The Flowbee is not suitable for curly hairs and the manufacturer does not recommend to use it on pets.

Similarities Between These Two Products

The Flowbee and the Robocut are two major brands available in the market of vacuum haircutting systems. The following are some of the similarities between them as they serve the same purpose for users:

  • Both of them are attachable to all types of standard vacuum cleaners; but they do not come with the clippers.
  • Both require you to separately buy a compatible vacuum cleaner or use a universal hose to attach it to your vacuum cleaner to benefit from using the vacuum haircutting system.
  • They both clean quiet efficiently. Very few hairs will fall on your body or on the floor, creating almost zero mess after the haircut.
  • They are user friendly and anyone can operate them without any previous experience.
  • You can have flawless haircutting experience with them in various lengths from very short to extra-long styles.
  • They both need separate power connections for the haircutting components and the vacuum cleaners.

What Sets Them Apart?

Given the number of similarities between the two, there are quite a few functional differences between the Flowbee and the Robocut, as well. The following are their differences:

  • The Flowbee is not recommended by the manufacturer for use on animals, such as for grooming your pet hair. But, the Robocut is suitable for pet grooming & trimming needs.
  • The Robocut has a more compact and travel friendly design than the Flowbee.
  • The Flowbee comes with a universal hose adapter allowing it to work with any vacuum cleaner. But the Robocut does not, so it has limited options.
  • The Flowbee is not suitable for tight or curly hair types. but the Robocut is suitable and effective to cut all types of hair.

Conclusion & Recommendation

Cutting hair at home is messy and requires extensive cleaning after the haircut.

Just this weekend, I spent less than 10 minutes trimming my hair and beard but had to spend more than 30 minutes to clean up after myself.

But with a vacuum haircutting system, you can have a nice haircut at the comfort of your home without the hassles of the lengthy & time-consuming cleaning-up process.

The Flowbee and the Robocut vacuum hair cutting system are the top two best options in the market for this category. They are almost similar in features and usability, but both of them have some unique features that set them apart from one another.

The Robocut was the popular choice and a most recommended vacuum trimmer in the past but in the recent years, it has declined in popularity. On the other hand, the Flowbee has gained great popularity due to it’s easy and unique way to keep your hair short easily, without the mess of using a set of clippers.

We hope this review of the Flowbee vs Robocut has helped you look at the advantages and disadvantages of both head to head. Now you can easily choose the right vacuum haircutting system when you are browsing in the market to buy one.

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  1. I’ve used both over the years, being a military reservist, I often needed a haircut on Sunday evening. The Flowbee was handier in that the fittings were consolidated as opposed to the Robocut’s separate attachments, other than that, I prefer the Robocut. As to cleanup issues, I don’t understand the fuss; when finished with the haircut, you have a vacuum cleaner right at hand. My fairly short, straight hair may not provide a common experience to all. T J

  2. Thanks for this detailed review, Dennis. I am about to purchase a used Flowbee tomorrow. I have cut my hair since I was 12 because I do not like the lopsided mess caused by stylists, beauticians, etc. I have wanted a Flowbee, but never had the money. Found one someone was selling “just because.” I’m looking forward to using it. I’m getting where I can’t reach the top back so easily, and my husband hates it. My son cuts his kids’ hair after learning from me. This will make everyone’s cuts so much easier. NOISIER, but easier.

  3. Recently, I purchased a RoboCut machine, read the instructions, and tried it twice. Both times, my hair got sucked in and wound around a turning rod in the machine such that I had to cut my hair out of the machine. Both times, this happened even though I read instructions on how to avoid it happening. Has Robocut solved this problem? If so, I will give it another shot. I had Both Robocut and Flobee before and preferred the Robocut.

    • Thanks for your comment 🙂

      We never heard or faced any such kind of problem while using Robocut. Your particular machine might have technical issues.


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