The Braun Series 9 9090cc is easily the most sophisticated electric shaver from Barun we have seen in a while.

And we do not make that statement in thin air.

For a start, not every brand claims to be the number one in foil shavers.

And then, the Series 9 9090cc has almost every feature in the book, and many on which they are yet to write.

This review will typically focus on the features and efficiency of the device as a product for daily grooming.

We will also update you on how individual features actually help the 9090cc step up the performance.


Product dimension6.2 x 6.2 x 10 inches
Shaving technologyIntelligent SyncroSonic technology
Corded or cordless shavingBoth
Shower shaveNo
Precision trimmerYes
DisplayLED display
Full charging time60 min
Running time50 min
Quick charge5 min
Fully washableYes
Made byGermany
Warranty2 year

Our impression

Let’s start by telling you that the Series 9 9090cc is the official electric shaver used in all of NFL.

While Barun has typical standards for itself, the 9090cc still seems a breakaway.

Even from the maker, it is the most comfortable shaver for 3-day beards ever built.

As expected, the product comes bundled up with the Intelligent Sonic technology.

It magnificently synergizes four bespoke cutting elements with the intelli-sonic to generate near about 40, 000 criss-cross cut actions in a minute.

This way, the device is able to capture different types, lengths and positions of hairs.

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The 9090cc Series 9 scores particularly well when it comes to adapting to facial contours when shaving.

The blades apply a quadruple cutting mechanism which provides enhanced facial adaptability.

Now this is something almost every electric foil shaver maker claims.

But with Barun, the case is a little different as you really get a feel of the shaver shape-shift as it glides down the jawline and moves in the area between the chin and the neck.

That tells why the Series is a telling success in facial adaptability. The results are simpler, more effective shaves per stroke.

There are four different cutting elements in the head of the Series 9 9090cc, each of them with a special purpose.

The first one executes the Intelligent Sonic technology, which produces 40, 000 vibrations every minute to reach to more hair.

The sonic micro-vibrations power the device to remove more hair than any other shaver.

The direction trimmer takes a hold of hair growing haphazardly in different directions, aligns them and cuts them neatly.

There is also a hyper ‘Lift and Cut’ mechanism in the trimmer.

This allows the shaver to raise the plane of hair in difficult areas like the chin and the neck. It then goes on to cut them evenly.

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Braun Series 9 9090cc

For the finish, the Series 9 9090cc depends on a 2x OptiFoil, which facilities the famed silky smooth finish of the shaver.

The head on which the shaving system is mounted is totally flexible and makes use of a pivoting motion.

It uses a delicate combination of MicroMotion and MacroMotion to keep the shaver glued to the skin and make sure there is contact between the blades and the skin even when gliding down with little force.

This is basically what powers the adaptability of the shaver. You get the most thorough results vis-à-vis the closeness of shave is concerned.

The shaver is completely functional in water.

You may take a hit and submerge in under 5 meters of water.

This makes the shaver totally washable.

And even beyond that, this is a product which can be used in the shower.

Now with a model that already has a ton of features, this is a clear win.

You may just use it on an off the shower like some of the custom built dual purpose shavers.

And combine that with the advanced cleaning of the shaver, which comes with a 5-step charge station.

The only downside to the Series 9 9090cc is that the cleaning station is alcohol based and not water based. Competitors have already started using models that do not require alcohol for cleaning.

Apart from that, the cleaning station is very hygienic and the same station can be used to clean and charge the device, shaving you lots of space, especially when you travel.

The drying is even simpler and you will achieve that just by the touch of a button.

There is an obvious inclusion of a precision trimmer that takes mustaches and sideburns in its stride just like that.

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  • Great flexibility in the head, best in-class adaptability.
  • Completely waterproof, can be used in shower.
  • Precision trimmer for sideburns and mustaches.
  • Single unit clean and charge station.
  • Intelligent sonic technology.


  • Manual touch-ups may be needed.
  • Cleaning station is alcohol-based.
  • Better results could take more than expected time when switching systems.
  • Not the best cleaning system for foil shavers.

Faq (frequently asked questions)

Braun Series 9

  • How is it different from the Barun Series 7 790cc?

The shaving quality on both the shavers is very similar. The Series 9 9090cc feels stronger and offers closer shaves.

  • Is this model noisy like some of the earlier Barun models?

No, Barun has managed to cut down on the noise with almost every new models available in the market.

  • Does the shaver work well on a week-old beard?

The shaver works best on 3-day old beards. You can use it effectively on a week old beard too. But it is better advised to shorten the length with a trimmer for optimum results.

Wrap up

TheBarun Series 9 9090cc is the closest to perfection an electric foil shaver can get.

You get arguably the closest shave and the best finish available for the grab.

An extended list of features works tirelessly to make the shaving experience even better.

You might be a little disappointed with the cleaning, but that is extensively made up with a bucket of other attributes.

Bottom line

The Barun Series 9 9090cc allows you to be different in the crowd. It gives you the closest shave possible at almost half the effort. The included cleaning center makes it almost effortless to clean.

Braun Series 9 9090cc Electric Shaver review
Battery life86%
Value for money80%
83%Overall Score
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