Do You Use Shaving Cream with an Electric Razor: All Your Questions Answered

Well, you don’t necessarily have to use shaving cream with an electric razor but you most certainly can.

Most people buy electric razors for a quick and easy dry shave or trim.

However, if you own a wet and dry electric shaver, you can safely use shaving cream, foam, or gel to get a clean and close shave.

Mind you that “dry only” corded electric shavers shouldn’t be used for wet shaving unless you fancy getting an electric shock first thing in the morning.

That said, a top-quality wet & dry electric shaver like Philips Norelco 6800 can do wonders when used with shaving cream or gel.

It wonderfully combines the efficiency and effortlessness of an electric shaver with the shaving precision and closeness of a manual razor.

Choosing a suitable electric shaver is the first and most important criteria to factor into if you are a wet-shave purist.

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3 Things to Keep in Mind While Choosing an Electric Razor for Wet Shaving

A good wet and dry electric razor isn’t very easy to come by if you don’t know what to look for. So here’s some more detail on what kind of electric razors are ideal for wet shaving:

Choosing an electric razor for wet shaving

For a proper clean shave with an electric razor, opt for a device equipped with multiple shaving heads. These heads will move in different directions to neatly capture all the hair with minimal strokes. Minimal passes mean lesser skin-scraping which equals a reduced risk of skin irritation and ingrown hair.

  • Need for Speed

Revolutions per minute or RPM signifies the speed of an electric shaver motor.

If you have a very thick growth and you often end up not shaving for 10-15 days straight, get yourself a shaver armed with a 13,0000-14,000 RPM motor.

For thinner beard or stubble, a high-velocity 7000-10,000 motor should deliver a uniform and consistent shave with each stroke.

  • Power Source

While corded, electricity-powered electric razors pack a more powerful punch, they are not meant for wet shaving due to the risk of electric shock.

A lot of modern electric shavers allow both corded and cordless operation for extra convenience.

Since you will be solely relying on the strength of the battery for a wet shave, pick a model with decent battery life so that you never run out of power mid-shaving.

  • Clean up

You need to be able to rinse off all the gunk trapped inside the shaving head, i.e. the foam and trimmed hair bits, from the shaving head after each use.

Failing to do so can significantly affect the performance and longevity of your shaver. Therefore, find yourself a model that lets you easily pop off the head for a thorough cleaning and sanitizing.

Why Use Shaving Cream with an Electric Razor

Now, let’s talk about why you should bother spending more time and effort on wet shaving with an electric razor when you could just dry shave and move on.

Why use shaving cream with an electric razor

  • The Extra Comfort

Pre-shave rituals like washing the face with lukewarm water or applying pre-shave oil soften up the beard which makes it easy to prune off in just a couple of strokes. When followed up by a generous slather of a shaving cream/gel/foam, the lubrication helps the blade to move around effortlessly which minimizes bruising and inflammation.

If your skin is extremely prone to razor bumps or burns, it will thank you for the added layer of protection shaving cream provides against the blade.

  • The Shaving Closeness

For those endowed with super thick and dense facial and body hair, dry shaving won’t simply be able to cover the entire growth. As a result, you will be left with patchy beard at certain spots which doesn’t sound very appealing, does it?

Not to mention dry shaving such a thick growth can lead to severe skin irritation. If a clean, baby-butt smooth skin is your goal, soften up the hair with a quality shaving cream for a smooth shaving experience.

It will be much easier to cut very close to the skin when the hair is wet and well-lubricated, resulting in a proper clean shave.

  • The Hydration

Shaving cream also hydrates and replenishes the follicles underneath the whiskers. Ever heard of beard dandruff? It shows up when the skin in and around your beard gets extremely dry and flaky due to lack of hydration.

Dry shaving could only make it worse. So if dry skin issues have troubled you all your life, play smart and choose wet shaving.

Tips on How to Get a Great Shave with an Electric Razor and Shaving Cream

Below I have explained my tried and tested method to get the closest possible shave with an electric razor and some shaving cream.

Step 1: Trim It Off

This step is important if you haven’t shaved for ages and that just dawned on you.

Take a scissor or trimmer to shorten the length of your beard before shaving. Electric razors, especially foil shaver heads tend to trap the long hair strands which causes snagging.

Trimming would help avoid the issue. Some electric razors come with pop-up trimmers to make the job easier.

Step 2: Never Skip the Pre-Shave Routine

Washing the face with warm water (not hot) will open up the pores and soften up a rough beard. This can considerably reduce the risk of skin irritation and scraping when you move a multi-head electric shaver on your face.

For the extra rough and dense beard, you can also include a pre-shave oil in your regime. It’s not an alternative to shaving cream, though. It simply provides extra lubrication to the skin underneath which reduces the risk of nicking and razor burns.

Step 3: Lather the Shaving Cream

Take a small amount of a good quality shaving cream, foam, or gel and lather up. Always use a shaving brush to spread the cream to ensure a good coverage.

Step 4: Shave ’em off

Pull your skin tight your fingers to create an even surface for the blade to glide on. On the first pass, shave with the grain (downward strokes). If it doesn’t give desired closeness, follow it up with upward strokes (against the grain).

While shaving against the grain undoubtedly delivers a closer shave, it can trigger inflammation and rashes on sensitive skin. So don’t overdo it.

A quality razor will cut a large amount of hair in a single pass. This means you will only need just a couple of long strokes to get a clean-shaven look.

Step 5: Aftercare

Sharp razor blades act as a great exfoliant too. While it’s great for removing dead cells off the surface, it can also dry out your skin.

That’s exactly why you should finish off your clean-shaven look with an aftershave lotion. It not only smells amazing but also rehydrates the surface, leaving your skin shiny and supple (women love it).

Concluding Thoughts

The bottom line is – going clean-shaven with an electric razor and shaving cream is easier than you think. Moreover, it doesn’t come at the cost of razor-induced issues like bumps, redness, and itching.

The market is flooded with dry wet shaving electric razors fitted with multiple shaving heads that capture around 20% more hair in one pass than cartridge razors. Therefore, it’s faster and highly beginner-friendly too.

Most importantly, lathering up shaving cream creates a perfect surface for the razor blade to unleash its true potential. So if you are thinking about jazzing up your electric shaving game, don’t hesitate.

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