Braun Series 9 Models: The Ultimate Review & Comparison

If you want the best out of life, then your appearance matters! If you want to succeed in sex, relationships, and business, then you need to look your best 24/7! For a lot of men, that means keeping their beard either completely shaven or adequately trimmed, so it’s imperative that you have the right tools by your side.

But what is the right tool? Straight razors are too sharp, safety razors are too finicky, and disposable razors will give you ingrown hairs.  Enter The Braun Series 9. Recently, the Braun went through a discreet overhaul and there is now a difference between the devices from the original Series 9 and the devices from the new and improved; updated Series 9.

Braun sets the standard for incredible razors as it delivers specialty products that excel in very specific circumstances. As you read on, you’ll discover how some devices may be better for wet shaving than others or how some original Series 9 devices continue to keep up with the updated models despite being slowly phased out.

I’ve spent hours and hours shaving and comparing just so I can present you with this comprehensive guide to the topic. So let’s not wait any longer! Here is my definitive guide on the Braun Series 9 razors:

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Braun Series 9 Comparison Table

The Top 7 Braun Shavers From Series 9

Braun Series 9 9290cc

Braun has touted the 9290cc as its best shaver, and for good reason. This model is truly today’s gold standard in shaving for multiple reasons. Let’s start with its equipment.

The 9290cc has five shaving elements. Four of these are designed to cut through different lengths and densities of hair, and the fifth is a guard that works solely to protect your skin from the razors. I found that this setup contributed significantly to its performance and as a result, this razor mowed through my beard seamlessly and was extremely gentle on my skin.Braun Series 9 9290cc

There are two specialized trimmers in the middle with a distinctive golden sheen. These are coated in titanium, which works to keep the blade sharp and durable.

In terms of technology, the 9290cc is equipped with SyncroSonic Tech. This means that it releases over 10,000 micro vibrations as you shave. This gently stimulates your skin and makes your hair prick up, which allows the razor to catch every single hair! As I was using this razor, I actually really quite liked the feeling of the vibrations; kind of like getting a mini-massage for your face. And while it did tickle in some cases, the end results were more than enough to convert me.

This product’s razor head is equipped with 10-D contour adaptation. Both the razor head and the shaving elements can flex and pivot in multiple directions, which allow the device to adapt extensively over your skin and capture hair in even the most difficult areas.

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Working in tandem with the device’s 10-D contour adaptation is its AutoSensing motor. This technology is built to help the razor detect subtle changes in hair length and density, which then signals the device to change its approach entirely. As a result, you get a smooth and consistent shave with less effort—even with dense beards.

For cleaning, the Braun 9290cc comes with a Clean and Charge Station. All the updated Braun Series 9 cleaning stations are equipped to give your razor a full five-step cleaning process. It’s broken down into general cleaning, sanitizing, lubricating, drying, and charging. If you take advantage of the cleaning station, your razor is going to last a lifetime!

At full charge, the 9290cc can churn out fifty minutes of cordless shaving. For safety reasons, it can’t be used while it is being charged. However, you won’t have to worry about running out of battery because it has a clear display to help you keep track of your battery. This is displayed in five bars and will begin counting down on its last nine minutes of shaving time.

One aspect of this device that I had difficulties with was its unusually large razor head. It threw off my shaving flow for a bit and I had to give myself time to learn how to handle it right. Beyond this small setback, this is definitely one of the top razors out there. Nobody does it better than Braun!

Braun Series 9 9293s

The 9293s is a short and stocky model. It’s a solid fit in the palm of your hand.

If you take a closer look at the razor head, you will see that it has several similarities to the previous model. The 9293s is still equipped with five shaving elements, four of which are used to cut, and the last is reserved exclusively for guarding your skin. It also has two specialized trimmers with a sleek titanium coating that will maintain the sharpness of the blade much longer than stainless steel.

Braun Series 9 9293s

In terms of build, the razor head is equipped with the 10-D contour adaptation feature. This means that both the head and the shaving elements can move independently in several directions. This is super helpful when you need to get an even shave across certain angles on your face; like around the chin, or on the neck.

This model is also equipped with intelligent sonic and AutoSense Technology. The intelligent sonic is a feature that releases over 10,000 micro vibrations as you shave, which helps pick off hair for a cleaner shave every time! The AutoSense Technology can detect small changes in hair length and density, and adjusts its razor’s motor accordingly.

The 9293s is built to be completely waterproof. This means that you are free to shave under the shower and rinse your device under running water anytime. If you’re the kind of person who forgets to keep your gadgets charged, you don’t need to worry—this device tracks your battery life in five different statuses and begins counting down the last nine minutes of shaving time so you’ll always be aware of your razor’s battery status.

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Some razors start getting weak when they’re on less than 50% battery; they’ll start snagging your hairs and nicking you. However this model is equipped with a Li-ion battery, and I found that it’s capable of giving a really strong performance even when it’s low on power.

I also appreciated how this model was quieter than other razors and had a less annoying pitch. It’s definitely one of the more comfortable electric razors to use when shaving near your ears.

If there is one thing I could change about this model, it would be the self-cleaning cycle on its charging station. It can be a bit loud for people who are sensitive to noise, and this may outweigh the convenience of having it done in your spare time or overnight. However, it’s still one of the best electric razors on the market today.

Braun Series 9 9291cc

The 9291cc is unique in its efficiency. Compared to other razors, it’s capable of gently and efficiently removing hair in fewer strokes.

This model is equipped with the signature five shaving elements and titanium trimmer, so you can rest assured that it keeps up with its siblings in terms of (literal) cutting-edge performance. I found that this model was perfect for everyday shaves because of its utterly superior shaving quality. The titanium-coated trimmer was effective in capturing a lot of my flat-lying hair strands.

Braun Series 9 9291cc

If you’re more inclined towards styling your facial hair, then that’s no problem. The 9291cc comes with a slide-out precision trimmer so you can follow up immediately after getting the basics done. This is particularly helpful in shaping your beard, if you prefer to trim instead of shaving completely.

In terms of technology, the 9291cc comes with sonic capabilities that can generate over 10,000 micro vibrations per second. This is to reduce the amount of friction it encounters as you shave, so you can go gentler on your skin.

Its Responsive Intelligence Technology works by detecting the contours of your face as you are moving through it and adjusting accordingly, allowing you to move from your cheeks to your jawline and neck with minimal effort.

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I feel that the 9291cc is a particularly good option for wet shaves. This is where it really shines because of its unique rubberized grip and waterproof capabilities. You can use it in the shower, with gel or foam, and then just rinse it off under running water when you’re done. And all throughout, you can rest assured that you’ll keep a tight grip on the device, this thing won’t go clattering on the floor anytime soon!

One great thing about this model, is that it’s just so much faster than your average razor, it felt like I was shaving on 2x speed. However, there are a couple flaws; the manual and its cleaning cartridges. The manual is a bit difficult to understand and it may make the learning curve difficult for first-timers, and the cleaning station goes through cleaning cartridges pretty fast, and the costs can really pile up!

Braun Series 9 9295cc

The 9295cc is a sleek and shiny electric razor that can certainly pack a punch. Its wide shaver head is built with five specialized shaving elements, each one optimized to get more hair in one pass. In addition, its titanium nitride trimmer has anti-corrosion and edge-retaining properties so you can keep your razor on point for much longer.

BRAUN Series 9 9295cc

This product comes with a Clean & Charge five-action station, alcohol cleaning cartridge, cleaning brush, travel pouch, and an intelligent auto-voltage adjustment socket. I appreciated the auto-voltage adjustment because I got to keep the razor on a full charge while traveling.

Its SyncroSonic Technology works to analyze your beard as you are working and adjust your razor’s power accordingly. Clocking in at over 160 waves per second, this powerful feature allows you to seamlessly mow through rough patches and dense beards in just one swipe. This SyncroSonic Technology can also be useful for shaving other parts of your body, such as your head, arms, and legs.

I would recommend this razor for people who are constantly traveling because it’s basically made specifically for people who need a razor on the go. It has a travel pouch, a cleaning station, and an intelligent socket. The 9295cc is capable of adapting to you and your environment, wherever you go.

In my experience, this device works especially well for head shaves and dry shaves. I appreciate how it runs with less noise compared to other electric razors and how smooth it operates. And it feels well-weighted in the sense that it’s heavy enough to prove its durability, but not so heavy as to tire your arm out while you are using it.

One small downside to this model is that it does not come with a rubberized grip. This may make it a little bit slippery when wet. Regardless, the 9295cc’s redeeming qualities far outweigh any flaws. It is still a solid option for travelers, head shavers, and people who prefer a sleek and quiet device for their grooming needs.

Braun Series 9 9090cc

The 9090cc is all decked out with a state-of-the-art SyncroSonic shaver head, which is made up of four shaving elements that work together to deliver one stellar performance.

Braun Series 9 9090cc

The first is built inside the shaver head—the intelligent sonic technology that works with the blades to deliver over 40,000 cross-cutting actions that are powered by sonic micro-vibrations. These vibrations help stimulate the hair and reduce friction, effectively removing more hair in fewer strokes.

The second notable shaving element is the Direct and Cut Trimmer, which works solely to align hair strands that are growing in different directions so that they can be chopped off cleaner. This is especially useful because you won’t find yourself adjusting constantly to get an even cut.

Third is the Hyper-Lift and Cut Trimmer, which works by lifting flat-lying hairs from difficult areas such as the chin and the neck.

Lastly, the double OptiFoil gives you the perfect finish to your session, guaranteeing that you get a close, safe shave every single time.

Beyond the shaving elements, the razor head can fully pivot and has a Micro and Macro Motion system that helps the razor maintain closer skin contact to give a more thorough shave. Once you’ve got all that unnecessary hair out of the way, you can seamlessly switch to using the model’s slide-out precision trimmer to shape your beard and sideburns.

Overall, the 9090cc is a good choice if you want to go old-school and invest in a model from the previous set of Series 9 products.

Braun Series 9 9095cc

The 9095cc is a standard Series 9 razor. It is a part of the original set of Series 9 razors. However, it still makes the list because it’s managed to provide the same amazing level of performance as that of the updated series 9 models.

Braun Series 9-9095cc

Unlike some of its siblings, the 9095cc is fully waterproof. It can be used in the shower and submerged in water for up to five meters. This makes it completely washable and capable of providing a seamless wet shave.

On that note, this model is not just limited to use in the shower. It is also built to withstand the use of shaving foams or gels without any compromise in performance.

While it does not come with the 10-D contour adaptation capabilities of the updated Series 9 models, the 9095 does have a fully flexible shaver head with MicroMotion and MacroMotion technology. These work together to maintain closer contact to the skin so that your shaving session truly adapts to your face for the best results.

Once you’re done with your session, the integrated skin-friendly precision trimmer found at the back of the shaver can be slid up and into place for shaping your beard and sideburns.

A couple downsides to this model are that its cleaning station is not as well-calibrated as the updated models, and it does not have any indicators to show what’s going on with your razor.

Braun Series 9 9260PS

The 9260PS are a line of glossy silver Braun devices that really excel at efficient shaving.

Braun Series 9 9260PS

First, the blades host Braun’s proprietary titanium coating, which is great for blade durability, and sustained sharpness.

Next, the 9260PS has a SyncroSync Technology and AutoSense motor. The SyncroSync Technology, which goes at 40,000 micro vibrations per minute, helps detect more hair strands in fewer strokes. The AutoSense motor, on the other hand, works by detecting subtle changes in your hair’s length and density. It then adjusts the power of the razor accordingly.

This device has five shaving elements. Four are cutting elements with different specialties, and the fifth is a skin guard to help keep the blades a respectable distance away from your skin. Certain cutting elements to note are the Hyper-Lift and Cut Trimmer, which cuts flat-lying hairs in difficult areas; and the Direct and Cut Trimmer, which aligns hair growing in several directions before cutting them off.

Braun Series 9’s Secret To Advanced Electric Shavers

Braun is one of a select handful of companies that have dominated the grooming industry for decades. This is because they work tirelessly to develop and release amazing new devices in accordance with the latest trends and needs of the consumer. Here are some of the top reasons as to how they’ve managed to cement their status in the industry.

Braun Series 9’s Secret To Advanced Electric Shavers

  • Introducing Innovative Technologies

Braun does not shy away from new technology. They are always working to develop new features and designs that will set the bar for premium electric razors. Examples of their more recent innovations include the SyncroSonic, the AutoSense Motor, and the five-step deep cleaning and charging station. The R&D department behind the brand is clearly passionate about what they do because they are hitting it out of the park!

  • Ergonomically Designed For A Solid Grip

Aside from their work in developing technologies, Braun is also tirelessly working to provide better shell-designs for the electric razor. If you take a look at their devices, you’ll notice these small but impactful differences. The devices are curved to fit instinctively into your hand. They are covered with a rubber exterior to help you keep a steady grip if you plan on using it in the shower. And they are also well-weighted and highly durable.

  • 10-D Contour Adaptation For Multi-Plane Shaving

The previous Series 9 models had Micro and Macro Motion Technologies to guide the shaver heads around the contours of your face. With the updated Series 9, this has been changed drastically in several aspects—the most important of which would be the 10-D Contour Adaptation. Both the shaver head and the shaving elements can flex independently of one another, working to cover more surface area in a more efficient manner.

  • Accessories That Complement The Razor’s Prowess

There are a wide variety of accessories that can come with your razor depending on the model you get. The more consistent accessories with the updated Braun Series 9 models are the precision trimmer and the cleaning station. The precision trimmer helps you trim your beard and keep things tidy, while the cleaning station helps keep your razor in top shape for years to come.

  • Amphibious With Wet And Dry Capabilities

The Braun line of shavers prides themselves on being durable and adaptable. If you take a look at the updated Series 9 models, they are all fully ready for both wet and dry use. Please note that this does not necessarily mean that the razor and its accompanying cleaning station have been optimized for use with shaving creams and gels. It only means that the razor can be submerged in water or used in the shower.

You may be able to use shaving foams or gels on your razor, but it may clog up the interior as well as the cleaning station. This will lead to difficulties in cleaning and maintaining your grooming toolkit.

  • Multi Head Lock For A Closer Shave

While a flexible and adaptable shaver head is definitely a plus, there are times when you may need them to stay in place so you can get much closer to your skin. The updated Braun Series 9 models have a Multi-Head Lock function which makes this possible. It locks the shaver’s foil and head into place so you can get that super close shave that only a straight razor can provide.

  • Skin Guard To Keep Close Shaves Safe

One common complaint with electric razors isn’t that they don’t shave well. Rather, it’s that they shave a bit too well, to the point where you may get a few nicks and cuts.

Luckily, the Braun series 9 doesn’t compromise on the safety of its performance. It still manages to deliver a close shave and protect your skin at the same time!

Shaving can be daunting for those who are just starting out because one wrong move could drastically injure your face. With a Braun electric razor, you’re sure to be in safe hands.

  • Clean And Charge Station To Keep Your Razor Brand New

While this was briefly mentioned in the innovative technologies, it deserves a slot of its own. If you’re a seasoned razor user, you’ll know how difficult it is to clean your razor regularly. The Clean and Charge Station does so much of the work for you at the flip of a switch. It does its job in five steps: general cleaning, sanitizing, lubricating, drying, and charging. The station shares the burden of cleaning and maintaining your device, leaving more time for you to focus on your hair.

  • Titanium Trimmer For Better Hair Removal

The most notable upgrade in the new Series 9 models is the titanium trimmer. If you take a closer look at the trimmer heads, you will notice that there is a gold strip in the middle. This is the trimmer that’s been coated with Titanium Nitride, which is a really strong material. It is known to help prevent corrosion and retain sharp edges.

This is an important upgrade because the original Series 9 models were receiving complaints on longevity and design flaws. The titanium trimmer is an important step forward in making sure that the razors are durable and can withstand years of service.

A Head-To-Head Comparison Of Braun Series 9 Razors

While all Series 9 razors have been calibrated to deliver the same performance, there are certain nuances to each model that may be a welcome addition to your personal grooming. Here are some quick comparisons to help clarify any doubts you may have regarding their differences.

Braun 9290cc vs 9293s

The 9290cc is Braun’s modern pride and joy. It’s equipped with all the latest technologies, like the AutoSense motor, SyncroSonic, 10-D contouring, and quick charging. This model also has five shaving elements that work cohesively to get the job done gently and efficiently. In terms of convenience, this is the razor that you should go for.

In terms of performance, the 9293s does not differ significantly from the flagship. Both are built to be completely waterproof and both are equipped with titanium coating. This model’s charm lies in its trimmer design. While it has the improved Hyper-Lift and Cut Trimmer for flat-lying hair, it also has a Direct Cut Trimmer to catch hair strands that are growing in different directions.

Braun 9290cc vs 9291cc

The flagship 9290cc is the brand’s all-in-one. If you have a bigger budget for your razor, this is definitely the model to go for because it is equipped with all the latest developments in the electric razor industry in terms of build, design, and technology.

The 9291cc is a powerhouse in its own right. It shares some qualities with the flagship. For example, it comes with a cleaning station, is equipped with the five shaving elements, and can be for either wet or dry use. This model does an especially good job of wet shaving; it’s not just for shower use or rinsing—it can also be used with shaving gels and creams, something that most Series 9 razors cannot do because this would clog the cleaning station.

Both models are identical in performance, features, and even down to their aesthetic. They are both silver, with a slight curve to their bodies before it widens out for the razor head. If you don’t have the budget for the flagship model but would still like to enjoy its features, then the 9291cc is definitely the model to go for.

Braun 9290cc vs 9295cc

The 9290cc is what the brand would definitely have you go for because it’s their current flagship model. It is packed with all their latest innovations and is expected to last at least seven years.

The 9295cc may not be the flagship model, but it still has several notable qualities that set it apart. It has a great LED display, a user-friendly precision trimmer, and a slightly better-rubberized grip. Both razors also come with cleaning stations and a titanium coating on their trimmer blade.

These two razors act and feel identical. There is not much difference between the two models and the deciding factor lies in the color finish as well as the aesthetic you’re most comfortable with. The 9290cc is silver, with a slight curve to its body before it widens out for the razor head. The 9295cc is the same build, but with a chrome finish.

Braun 9293s vs 9295cc

The 9293s comes with 10-D contouring, which means that each of the shaving elements, as well as the head, are capable of moving independently from one another. This is a plus because it gets you a closer shave. In addition, this model is equipped with Sonic and AutoSense Technologies that work by churning out 10,000 micro vibrations for detecting your hair and then adapting to its perceived hair length.

On the other hand, the 9295cc has a standard flexible shaving head, with a combined Micro and Macro Motion to help keep the foil in close contact with the skin. It has a similar build to the 9293s on contouring because it has four cutting elements which can perform separate yet interconnected functions.

One advantage that the 9295cc has over the 9293s is that it comes with a cleaning station of its own. If you’re the meticulous type who has the budget to maintain a cleaning station, then the 9295cc is definitely the superior choice here. Otherwise, the 9293s is also a viable choice—you can just choose to rinse it off under running water.

Braun 9295cc vs 9095cc

The 9295cc has a flexible shaving head, enhanced by a Macro and Micro Motion technology that works to keep the foil in contact with the skin for a close shave. It has four cutting elements which work to efficiently grab and slice off every single strand of hair.

The 9095cc, in comparison, has a SyncroSync Technology. This is a cross-cutting blade design that performs over 10,000 sonic movements per element, which helps with detecting stray hairs. This works in tandem with the HyperLift build, to help guide hair in the same direction and lift it for precise cuts. It also has an informative LED display and a precision trimmer.

The 9295cc is a direct update of the 9095cc. I personally recommend going for the 9295cc, due to the new titanium coating as well as the stability that the company has with manufacturers for the new Series 9 devices.

Braun 9095cc vs 9260s

The 9095cc has four cutting elements which are powered by a SyncroSync Technology. These are cross-cutting blades that churn out more than 10,000 sonic movements per second to help detect and remove more stray hairs. Once you’re done, a built-in precision trimmer can be flipped up so you can go straight to shaping your beard and sideburns. This razor also has an informative LED display so you can keep track of your razor’s health.

In contrast, the 9260s has a Multi-Head Lock function, which locks the foil and head in place. This is especially useful if you’re shaving areas where you need to keep the foil in close contact with your skin, such as your jawline or under your chin and nose. It also has an AutoSense motor that can adjust the power of the razor, which is made possible by analyzing your hair at least 13 times per second.

The 9095cc is a part of the older Series 9 shavers, while the 9260s is an updated Series 9 razor. The former comes in a chrome finish, while the 9260s is silver. Both these models are built for wet and dry use.

Braun 9090cc vs 9095cc

The 9090cc has a Sonic Technology that can deliver 40,000 cross-cutting actions per minute. It also has four shaving elements working together for quick and efficient shaving. In fact, this model is considered one of the fastest razors in the industry.

The 9095cc measures up to the 9090cc with four shaving elements which are also powered by Sonic Technology. The informative LED display is a definite plus, as well as its built-in precision trimmer and its HyperLift system. Where the 9095cc wins over the 9090cc is in its wet and dry capabilities. The 9090cc can only be used while dry, so it’s not as versatile as the 9095cc.

The 9090cc has the same accessories as the 9095cc. Given that they are both from the original Series 9, they also have the distinct blue trimmer on the razor head.

Original And Updated Models of the Braun Series 9 Razors

What exactly are the differences between the original and the updated models of Braun’s Series 9 razors? First, let’s take a look at their labels. The models in the older series use a “90xx” template to keep track. These include the 9090cc, the 9093s, and the 9095cc. The newer Series 9 shavers, on the other hand, now begin with “92xx”. These are the products that are coded 9290cc, 9295cc, and 9293s, among others.

In terms of performance, both the original and the updated series are identical. The differences mostly lie in aesthetics such as the new series’ color, design, and accessories.

One salient difference between the two series is the trimmer. In the previous series, the razors were equipped with a blue Hyper-Lift and Cut trimmer. On the newer models, it now has a distinctive gold coat. This is because it has been coated with Titanium Nitride, which has strong anti-corrosive and edge retention properties.

In terms of color, the original series kept a stricter and more uniform tone to their razors. They opted to keep their devices coated in either black or silver. In the updated series, there are more colors available—there’s even a gold edition, which includes a gold charging stand as well as a leather case.

The next difference between the two series is in wet and dry use. All the updated Series 9 variations are fully equipped for both wet and dry use. This is different from the original series, which had some wet and dry razors and some dry use only razors.

One quick way to tell the difference between the two is to check their code type. Type 5790 is for dry use only, while type 5791 is for both wet and dry use. A word of caution, though: in Braun’s view, wet and dry use means that it can deliver both in the shower and for dry shaving. It does not mean that it is optimized for use with shaving cream or gel.

Are The New Series 9 Razors Worth Buying?

Yes, they are. This is mostly because the new Series 9 razors can promise better longevity, durability, and support. There were a few reports coming in from various users regarding the original Series 9 razor heads. They found that the Hyper-Lift and Cut Trimmer on these devices were fragile. This led to them breaking after just a few months of use.

There was also a shortage of replacement heads for the older Series 9 models. Overall, while the original Series 9 was capable of performing well, it did not last long and many people felt that they were robbed of their investment.

These problems are remedied in the newer Series 9. First, the titanium nitride trimmer is better built to withstand regular wear and tear. Second, the company has a new manufacturer for the new Series 9 shaver heads, so it is expected that they will be more consistent in manufacturing replacement parts for the new series. The problem they had with razors breaking down under a few months was solved and replaced with razors that are expected to last well over seven years with their owner.

To conclude, the new Series 9 razors solve longevity, durability, and supply issues that the original Series 9 issues faced.

What Model Should You Go For?

Make no mistake, all the updated Series 9 models are strong contenders. With titanium nitride coating, a series of shaving elements, cleaning stations, and wet and dry capabilities, any model on this list will surely be a good choice. However, my personal favorite is the 9290cc.

This was a tough decision to make because of the competition, but I eventually settled on this razor because it has the best price out of all the models in the new Series 9. It’s also packed with the best technologies, such as the SyncroSonic, AutoSense motor, 10-D contouring, and the Clean and Charge station.

If you’re going to invest in an electric razor, why not go all out and invest in one that’s got it all? The new Series 9 shavers are expected to last at least seven years.


I hope this article has answered all of your questions on the Series 9 razors! In my opinion, the craftsmanship and engineering of these razors are truly a work of art in the modern grooming industry.

Beyond being a source of information, I also hope that this guide has been a source of inspiration for you to buy a Series 9 razor of your own. While there are bound to be more developments in this part of the industry, the updated Series 9 models are built to last! You can expect to get use out of one of these razors for the better part of a decade.

The sum of the company’s hard work is manifested in these products, so if you want to find out why Braun is so highly regarded in the razor industry, try out a Series 9, you won’t regret it!

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