2200 A.D.

Philips is working on the 20th adaptation of the rapid action cut system

Braun is integrating Bluetooth and Netflix right into your beard

And an electric shaver with 18 oscillating heads disguised like a minivan just won the small sci-fi gadget of the year award.

3500 B.C.

A cave-painter is etching the figures of a barber shaving his client.

And that is how simple it was. Luckily, it still is.

And when Braun and Philips rotate the clock anticlockwise in search of alien technology, the best straight razor for barbers will still be there. I can tell you with confidence

Today, I shed my bias for technology (I love electric razors) for once and fall back upon the original hominum and their equipment nonpareil. This is going to be historic.

Straight recommendation: Straight Edge

Why traditional barber shop still use straight razor?

We will be honest with this one – straight razors are less expensive and immensely convenient.

These are basically the two things that make straight razors such hits for barbershops.

Unlike electric razors, there is no hassle of cleaning and charging. All that you need for professional straight razors are the top straight razor blades and you are on your way to professional grade shaving.

These reasons combine to make the straight razor a popular choice among traditional barbershops.

What characteristics will you look when buying a straight razor for barber? 

  • Is it designed for barbershop? Since straight razors have made a decent comeback in homes as well, it is important to check if a particular design has been meant for the barbershop. Designs that have been custom developed for barbershops display greater rigidity and enhanced resistance to wear. On most occasions, the product description is enough to tell you about it.
  • Does it offer professional quality? There is little meaning in investing in a razor that does not offer feel professional. There is also a great impetus on technique. You first need to know how to shave with straight razors.Now people visit professional barbers so that they do not have to face the hassles of shaving. The straight razor is often a preferred choice for orthodox barbers owing to its top-notch professionalism. Check if the finish is consistent with off-grain shaving as well.
  • Does it have lock blade holder? The most consistent problem with cheaper straight razors is the loose blade storage compartments. A barbershop grade straight razor must offer water-tight blade placement. This is where the snap-lock or simply the lock blade holder proves effective. It makes sure the blade sits tightly inside the compartment and exhibits minimum movement when stroking either side of the grain.
  • Does it comply with sanitary regulations? While not very strict, there are a few sanitary regulations for straight razors. There are vital regulations that cannot be breached for health and safety concerns. Different razors fall under precise sanitary regulations. Check which ones apply for the models you are vetting. You may always write to the manufacturer if there is some doubt over compliance.
  • Cost effectiveness: Mind how long the razor will last and whether it will provide the same quality of shaves throughout its life. Only then, you will be able to say it serves the value for the money. Alternatively, you may check reviews by people who have used these razors for long. Only then you will have an idea on the cost-effectiveness of the razor.

Our top 5 recommended straight razor reviews

# Straight-Edge-Barber-Razor 100 Derby Blades

Our impression


The Straight-Edge with 100 blades from derby is pretty much the deal you want if you run a professional barber shop.

The chrome plated brass body of the razor does away with any trace of rust.

And you will like how the blade keeps shining with minimum effort all along.

The closeness of shaves will leave your customers with a velvet finish without any irritation. Since the blades are replaceable, you will keep saving on them with time.

The 100 blades by derby last through several shaves.

However, it is highly recommended that you change blades for customers with every shave.

Every blade has been wrapped in wax paper so you will not face a problem when changing blades.

The blade changing mechanism of the Straight-Edge fits very well with the contemporary minimalist design.

You will also appreciate the safety grip on the handle and the blade compartment.

The money back guarantee only tells you how serious the company is about their product.

Buy now >> Straight edge barber


  • Classic style straight razor.
  • Safety grip for added protection.
  • Comes with 100 replaceable derby blades.
  • 30-day money back guarantee.
  • Compatible with other blades.


  • Derby blades probe to damage.
  • Noticeable blade movement even after ‘locking’.

# Classic Samurai CS-102 Stainless Steel Professional Barber

Our impression

Samurai CS-102

You know that the Samurai CS-102 is a con-temporarily designed straight razor with just the first look.

The modernity quotient in the straight razor will definitely encourage you and your customers.

The hollow-cut designs just below the logo also double up as grip for the lower fingers.

This teams up neatly with the surgical grade steel used in the razor.

This actually justifies it as a fit razor both for the barbershop and your personal use.

You will find the smooth handle on the razor very comfortable to grip.

It also gives you the right alignment to minimize nicks and cuts.

The total bonus feature is in the 100 Derby blades that come included with it. These blades are quite durable and last you a great while.

We have received mixed responses on their sharpness and shaving closeness.

But you may always choose to upgrade to a Feather SS if you are looking for added sharpness.

Best deal I found on the Classic Samurai CS-102


  • Includes 100 derby blades.
  • Great build quality and alignment.
  • Good grip on stainless steel handle.
  • Works 2 shaves with a single blade.


  • No instructions inside unit.
  • Weight concentration shifted to the rear.

# Parker SRX Heavy Duty / Professional 100% Stainless Steel 

Our impression

Parker SRX

The Parker SRX has been designed end-to-end for professional barbers.

The blade arm is heavy weight and you get an ideally weighed 2.3 ounces of scales.

To minimize cuts and nicks while shaving, you will find apt use of the rounded frame of exposure.

You also get a blade holder that makes sure blade insertion is all that secure.

It can be paired with both single and double edge razors.

You will have to be slightly careful when dealing with single blades.

You will like the Parker SRX even more if you have grown tired of the endless sharpening and stropping.

The blade arm is made of great quality stainless steel.

This works well with the shavette design to lend it a professional feel.

While youerally find the snap-lock feature on high-end straight razors only, the Parker SRX has the feature working well for it.

All this is neatly wrapped into the 25 years of experience of Parker.

Best deals >> Parker SRX at Amazon<< 


  • Snap lock for tight blade positioning.
  • Works with single and double edge razors.
  • Preferred for professional use.
  • Great ergonomics.
  • Inseparable design, high quality material.


  • Not for first-time straight razor users.
  • Problematic for smaller hands.

# Parker SR1 Stainless Steel Straight Edge Barber Razor

Our impression

Parker SR1

You expect nothing less than the best straight razor designs from Parker.

And the Parker SR1 holds up to the promise like none other.

Unlike many other straight razors that have aluminum, this one is made of professional grade stainless steel.

You will notice how the rounded exterior bulge of the blade compartment prevents cuts and nicks by giving the blade lesser room to function.

There is a snap-lock holder that clings on to the blade once it is placed inside.

You will never have the problem of the blade not fitting well inside the Parker SR1.

There is seldom such an issue and you will understand it better once into the second week of use.

You can use either single edge or double edge blades with the razor.

The choice should be made in accordance to your preference.

But changing double-edge blades should be easier. While there are plenty of knockoffs of the Parker SR1, this one beats all hands down.

Check current price – Parker SR1 at Amazon.com


  • Compatible with double and single edge blades.
  • Blades don’t move while locked inside.
  • Exterior bulge prevents nicks and cuts.
  • Stainless steel body throughout.


  • Does not include many extra blades.
  • Blade security problems.
  • Wet handle can be slippery.

# Parker SRW Stainless Steel Straight Edge Barber Razor

Our impression

Parker SRW

You can’t expect a lax performance from a Parke straight razor and the Parker SRW does not disappoint either.

The blade arm is made of stainless steel and you cannot eve deliberately locate a scrap of aluminum there.

The round exposure just outside the blade compartment saves you from unwanted nicks and cuts.

There are inserts in the snap-lock feature of the blade compartment.

These make sure the blade does not slip while you are at it.

On a feature-scale, the Parker SRW is actually the same as the Parker SR.

only difference is that it has stainless steel scales unlike the plastic on the SR1. It is just 5.5” long when closed completely, making it easy to carry around in your bag.

It is really heartening to note that all these features have been boxed inside an impressive price point.

However, it does not match up to the finesse of some of the higher priced models from Parker.

Buy Parker SRW from Amazon


  • Great for beginners and experienced shavers.
  • Stainless steel blade arm.
  • No aluminum used in the body.
  • Sufficiently tight snap-lock feature.
  • Compact size for travel and storage.


  • Not the best finish on a Parker.
  • Has a typical cleaning issue.

What makes the straight edge barber razor a better choice than the rest?

It takes a lot to beat the best brands in any razor category. The Straight Edge does well to pack a lot within a good price.

For a first, it comes with 100 included Derby blades, which is a quite a big deal considering the value.

You may change the blade later is you wish, but the included blades last a real deal.

The safety grip gives you added protection on the blade.

Bottom line

Straight razors for barbers cannot compromise on professionalism. There is no reason you should not be able to get the best with just a little research.

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