You take pride in your Col Conk shave brush.

You absolutely love your Merkur Heavy Duty safety razor.

You are all oh’-so-sharp about your Feather double-edged blades.

You feel like the wet-shaving warlord! And yet something seems missing.

Maybe the clue lies in your grandpa’s picture from that old family album.

See how proudly he is raising a toast with his shaving mug, like it was the only and not just the best shaving mug in the world?

What made him so proud about his shaving mug?

Why were shaving mugs so indispensable to wet shaving back then?

And why did playwright Robert E Sherwood’s shaving mug sell for $800 in an auction?

I have been digging deep into wet shaving to find a clue on all these. Mixed with some real lather answers are my reviews on some of the best shaving mugs out there.

Straight recommendation: Schone Stainless Steel Shaving Bowl

Brief history of shaving mug !

The first wooden shaving mugs have been sourced from the later Neolithic period from 2500 BCE China, while they are believed to have existed even before that!

These mugs pre-date the potter’s wheel and were unevenly shaped.

Later with the advent of the potter’s wheel, we had more shapely mugs that were built of clay.

From there, materials like ceramic and even stainless steel have been used as materials.

The variegated designs and inner ridges came in much later.

Shaving mugs, bowls and scuttles! quite similar but different in application

Let’s try and understand the basic differences among bowls, mugs and scuttles here.

A shaving bowl is the most basic lather making container you can think of.

These do not generally come with handles.

The soap puck sits at the base and you lather over it.

Here are some top shaving bowls that we reviewed in the past.

A shaving mug is larger than a shaving bowl and often comes with a handle.

Lather can be whipped inside it and it is also made of better, heat resistant material for heating soap.

Most effective shaving scuttles have two compartments, with one being a closed top with perforations.

The soap is placed ad the lather is whipped here, while additional water drains down.

The other compartment can be used to store warm water. This also doubles up as storage for the brush after shaving.

What characteristic you’ll look when buying a best shaving mug?

  • Is it secure to grip? Since most shaving mugs need to be held in the hand (at least one hand), the grip becomes important. You will notice good shaving mugs, like good cartridge razors have rubberized handles for better grip. This makes sure the mug does not slip out of hand when you are whipping lather in it.
  • How much shaving soap does it hold? The quantity of soap that individual shaving mugs hold varies a lot. Some sophisticated mugs hold very little soap and serve no real good. You should always look to go for a mug that can hold all the soap that comes in the bar.It is better if the mug comes with a lid as well.
  • Is it heat resistant? Since shaving mugs should also double up as soap heaters, you should check if they are heat resistant. If they are not heat resistant, you will not be able to melt the soap inside them. Hence, look for something that is resistant to heat. That will also indicate the material is resilient in general too.
  • Is it perfect for leathering soap? This is the most important of the lot. The shaving mug is a vital impediment that allows you to whip rich lather. Many factors work together here. The dimensions of the mug, presence of ridges and material used determine whether or not it will make rich lather. You should read into these factors very carefully before marching ahead with the purchase.
  • The craftsmanship of the mug: The way the shaving mug has been designed is another vital thing that you will need to note. Some shaving mugs are built with ceramic while others are built of stainless steel. Above and beyond that, they are crafted by different manufacturers. It is always advisable to depend on the best shaving mug manufacturers here.
  • Does it keep the shaving leather warm? Warm shaving lather is vital for wet shaving as it helps soften the beard even further. This is only possible if the shaving mug allows the lather to retain heat. Since the mugs are top open, there will always be some loss through radiation. However, going for a shaving mug with body insulation will keep the lather sufficiently warm for long.

Our top 5 recommended shaving mug review

# Crown King Victorian/Western Style 12 oz Scuttle – Durable Porcelain – Hierloom Quality

 Our impression

Crown King

The durable porcelain form Crown King is a scuttle built with heirloom quality.

The mug is really like many other shaving mugs, till you notice the vertical ‘digs’ through the inner compartment of the mug.

These acts as the ridges that actually multiply the speed and volume of lather production.

The Crown King mug has a capacity of 12 oz that allows you to make a decent volume of lather for every session.

A silicone stopper in the mug insulates it from rotting.

The design of the Crown King mug is very thoughtful in our view.

The shape is that of a regular cup, so you do not alien to the hold.

It is also one of those cup-shaped shaving mugs that can be used by placing on a table too.

It reminds you of those antiquities from the Old West.

The mix of bars – both vertical and horizontal gives this mug the teeth for baking richer lather.

Buy now >> Crown King


  • Vertical and horizontal ridges.
  • Richer lather in less time.
  • Cup-shaped hold.
  • Neat white design.
  • Small footprint; takes less counter space.


  • Could have been slightly larger.
  • Logo location should be nearer to the base.

# Shaving Bowl By Apollo Stainless Steel with Lid for Shaving Soap

Our impression

Apollo Stainless Steel

It is not often that you opt for shaving bowls made of stainless steel.

Well, Apollo may have you poised the other way with their stainless steel shaving bowl.

To start with, the company is offering a lifetime replacement guarantee – no questions asked.

That itself is a measure of the quality the company has infused into this product.

Then comes the price point, which is exceptional if you ask us. You save at least a neat $10 from those expensive porcelain or ceramic bowls that always run the risk of getting cracked.

The two major concerns with the Apollo Stainless are – how is the lather making ability and does the bowl score on aesthetics.

So it might be a stainless steel bowl. But it has the finish of rich chrome that take the aesthetics to a new league altogether.

As far as the lather making ability goes, it does lose out a little to ceramic bowls, particularly those which have ridges.

Buy now >> Apollo Stainless Steel Here!


  • Great aesthetics.
  • Cup shape, easy to hold.
  • Lifetime replacement guarantee manufacturers.
  • Impressively priced compared to other mugs.
  • Additional lid for soap storage.


  • Inferior lather making capability.
  • Not the ideal weight for lather making.

# Schone Stainless Steel Shaving Bowl with Lid

Our impression


Stainless steel shaving mugs can be reasonable prospects if they turn up sufficient lather and do not feel too flimsy.

The Schöne Stainless shaving bowl is an attractive design for a shaving bowl.

The base has been made heavier so you get that planted feel when making lather in it.

It major USP is the ability to hold any brand of soap that you like.

In fact, we would go to the extent of saying that it is the perfect companion bowl if you are fond of shaving soaps.

The size of the Schöne Stainless shaving bowl ticks all right boxes.

The bottom is 4 inches and the top measures 3.5 inches. The bowl is 2.25 inches deep and you may hold almost any shaving soap brand inside it.

If you choose to melt soap inside the bowl, you may also leave it there to dry.

Just keep the lid open for a few hours to avoid growth of mold.

Click to see current pricing on Schone Shaving Bowl


  • Best stainless steels shaving bowl around.
  • Heavy bottom for a planted feel.
  • Takes in any shaving soap.
  • Can be used to melt soap too.


  • Flimsy lid, not strong top.
  • Light gauge stainless steel.
  • Tin cup feeling.

# Edwin Jagger Porcelain Shaving Soap Bowl With Handle

Our impression

Edwin Jagger

When Edwin Jagger makes products for shaving, you never lose out on style.

Similar is the case with the porcelain shaving bowl from the company.

It is so rich on aesthetics with black porcelain and a suave handle and antique placement of the logo that you will almost be tempted to forget about the purpose.

This is when you realize that this mug is ideal for any hard soap deemed usable for shaving.

It does not matter which wet shaving routine you follow – the porcelain bowl from Edwin Jagger takes it all well into its stride.

It is a must if you love the combination of shaving brush and shaving soap.

You may simply use a good quality shaving soap and some hot water to generate enough lather.

The only visible downside is the lack of ridges in the inside of the bowl.

That could have saved you more time while working up richer lather.

Best deals >> Edwin Jagger at Amazon<<


  • Great with hard soap refills.
  • Works well with any routine of wet shaving.
  • Good for shaving brush users.
  • Can be used with hot water and quality soap.


  • No extra ridges for fast lather making.
  • Bottom size is small.

# Genuine Mango Wood Shaving Soap Bowl – Classic Style – from Parker Safety Razor 

Our impression

Genuine Mango

There is a joy of another kind in using hand crafted wooden products.

The Mango Wood shaving bowl from Parker is one such gift. It has been hand-made from rich quality mango wood.

The interior dimensions for this rather short looking wooden bowl are not too bad – it is 3 inches wide and 3.5 inches deep. You can fit any flat and large modern soap into this mug.

From the outside it measures 1.75 inches x 4 inches.

Most attempted wooden shaving bowls do not have the best lids.

Over time, the lids tend to become too stiff or too loose.

That is not the case with the Mango Wood bowl.

The lid is quite secure and fits snugly in and over the bowl.

It also prevents the growth of mold if you are leaving soap inside it.

However, you should prefer to rinse it and allow drying before use.

Buy – Mango Wood Shaving Soap Bowl from


  • Genuine quality mango-wood shaving bowl.
  • Hand crafted for better finish.
  • Snug fit secure lid.
  • Generously sized for larger soaps.
  • Great for old-fashioned shavers.


  • Has to be dried before every use.
  • Lathering is not easy.

What makes the schone stainless steel shaving bowl a better choice than the rest?

To begin with, the Schöne Stainless is a stainless steel shaving bowl that promises you thorough value for money.

The heavy bottom makes it different from other steel shaving bowls that do not have the same value.

And the high lathering ability and soap-compatibility put it in league with the best bowls everywhere. You may melt and leave soap in it.

The lid makes sure there is no growth of fungi and mold.

Bottom line

Buying a shaving mug might appear old school. But it is an important decision for wet shavers nonetheless. Go for one that matches your style.

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