My hunt for the best cartridge razor began since the day I got my first job. My office had a strict no-beard policy back then. I always had a medium stubble before that and used a hair clipper to groom it. I was never a big fan of clean shaving as the blade always hurt my skin. Straight cut-throat razors or even safety razors weren’t an option for me either. I simply lacked the skill required to use them.

After a lot of trials and errors, I finally found the right cartridge razor for my skin and beard type. Since the process involved me trying a lot of brands, I developed a sound knowledge of these razor systems. I am confident that I know exactly what to look for while buying a cartridge razor. If you too are as clueless as I was about which razor to purchase, let me help you find the best razor for your shaving needs.

I have narrowed down the choices to 5 cartridge razors I consider worthy of recommendation. I’ve also tried reviewing them in as much detail as possible to make the decision easier for you.

Straight recommendation:  Gillette Fusion Proshield

Best Cartridge Razor Comparison Table

Our top 5 recommended cartridge razor reviews

Gillette Fusion5 ProGlide Men’s Razor

Gillette Fusion has been a mass favorite since the product line was first launched into the market. I myself owned two Fusion models in the past.

Gillette Fusion5 ProGlide Men’s Razor

When the brand launched Fusion5 ProGlide, I was obviously eager to check it out. Did it live up to the hype? Well, yes. Actually, it exceeded my expectations in many ways.

The Fusion5 razor features a pivoting cartridge blade to aid a smooth and effortless shave. ProGlide is better, faster and smoother than many of its previous versions. The shaving head features 5 thin and incredibly sharp blades placed parallel to each other.

The blades can capture and cut a thick bunch of hair without tugging or pulling. I could shave my 3-weeks-old scruffy beard without clogging up the blades. I think the reason behind this is the seamless construction of the blades.

However, the feature that stands out the most is the FlexBall handle technology. It is nothing but a moving ball on top of the handle, enabling the blades to move is all directions. The motion range allows the blade to come close to the hair follicles, resulting in the closest possible shave one can expect from a cartridge razor.

The Fusion5 ProGlide’s lubrication strips (called LubraStrip) are also much more effective. The strips are wider and release a lot more gel to prevent skin irritation of all sorts. It also features a built-in trimmer to add neat detailing to your mustache, sideburns, eyebrows, and goatee.

What I love about this razor

I can safely recommend this razor to all the guys out there who are afraid to clean shave because of sensitive skin problems. This is the kind of solution you are looking for, mate. The improved lubricant strips really do their job well. No bumps or rashes noticed so far.

Also, you don’t have to work too hard to shave those tricky spots the area under your nose. The blades contour nicely, thanks to the FlexBall handle. The design of the handle itself is quite impressive. It is rubberized with lots of grooves and curves on it to ensure a firm grip in the shower.

The built-in trimmer also works just fine. The quality is not great but it will still help you give a nice finishing touch to your sideburns, goatee, and mustache. Not just facial hair, you can also keep your body hair in check with this cartridge razor.

Important Concern

The only thing that bothered me a little in the beginning was the steep learning curve. The art of clean shaving with this razor can take you a few days to master, or maybe longer, depending on your skill set.

Dorco Pace 6 Plus- Six Blade Razor System with Trimmer

Dorco Pace 6 Plus razors are proof that you don’t always have to buy an expensive cartridge razor to get a quality shave. Dorco has integrated six sharp blades to minimize the irritation and enhance the closeness of shave. In fact, Dorco was the first brand to introduce the world to six-blade razors for ultimate precision shaving.

Dorco Pace 6 Plus

The shaving head of the razor is an angulated blade platform. It is the unique design of the blades that allows users to get accurate shaves with just one, clean stroke. The rubberized handle also plays an important part in this. It doesn’t slip. Instead, it smoothly glides along the changing contours of your face. The weight of the handle is perfect, giving a good balance while wet shaving in the shower.

To prevent skin irritation and post-shaving razor burns and rashes, each blade has glide strips on it, enriched with Vit-E, lavender, and aloe. The strips stay intact after almost 20 shaves and keep the skin soft and moisturized.

There are 10 cartridges included in the pack. Each blade should easily last for 20-25 shaves. Or even more, depending on your beard type. Take good care of the blades regularly by holding it under running tap water to wash away all the gunk. With proper care, this bad boy can last for a pretty long time.

Dorco Pace 6 Plus also offers a precision trimmer blade at the backside for touching up the tight spots e.g the upper lip.

What I love about this razor

Dorco Pace 6 Plus provides a premium shaving experience without drilling a hole in your pocket. Once you learn how to maneuver the razor properly, you can get an incredibly close shave with minimal passes. The shaving lasts for a long time too.

The handle is compatible with all Dorco cartridge blades to make your life easier. The blades lock into the position without any fuss. The handle is a bit heftier than Fusion razors and I like it. It allows for a good balance.

The lubricant strips are extremely well-made. The gel formula is skin-friendly and doesn’t fade after a couple of shaves. To further reduce the irritation and improve your shaving experienced, it includes a specially designed angled blade platform.

It easily adapts to the curves of your face and snaps of maximum hair in one pass. Therefore, you don’t have to make repeated strokes in one area to get the perfect clean-shaven look.

The blades don’t get clogged up if you rinse them under tap water. Just make sure that the water pressure is high enough to flush out the foam and hair accumulation.

Important Concern

The shaving quality at the beginning might not feel very impressive. This is probably because it takes a while for the blades to adjust to your beard type. Like Fusion5, this razor also has a bit of a learning curve.

Schick Hydro 5 Sensitive Razors for Men

Schick Hydro cartridges are known for their superior lubrication to minimize nicking and rashes. The Hydro 5 Sensitive Razors is no exception. In fact, in many ways, it is one of the best multipurpose razors made by Schick right now.

Schick Hydro 5

The cutting surface has a large and enhanced GuardBar that stretches your skin while shaving, aiding a smooth and clean shave. You can even shave against the grain on your neck without worrying about ingrown hair or itching.

Instead of regular gliding strips, Schick Hydro 5 has incorporated a hydrating gel reservoir. The moisturizing gel releases from the blade once you dip it in water, preventing you from accidentally nicking your face or body.

There are 5 blades neatly fitted on to the cutting surface. The blades are sharp yet quite gentle on the face. They contour easily, which is why you won’t need more than one stroke to get a clean cut shave. It also offers trimming function to help you touch up the tricky corners.

The durability of the blades is noteworthy too. Even if you shave almost regularly, each cartridge should last you for 2.5-3 weeks. There are 17 cartridges already included in the pack, thus significantly cutting your yearly shaving cost.

What I love about this razor

The soul of this razor is Hydro 5 blade with re-designed GuardBar and moisturizing gel reservoir. The smoothness with which it glides over the skin is unbelievable. This is the reason why I can safely recommend this to women as well for shaving their body hair.

It is way sharper yet far gentler than regular women’s razors. The shaving quality is unmatchable too. The Ultra-Glide Razor blades are a class of their own and provide clean-cut shave with minimum passes. It leaves the skin silky smooth, bumps and burn-free.

The gel reservoir delivers what it promises. Even if you have no shaving gel or soap or are too lazy to wet shave, you can easily dry shave your beard to perfection with this. The gel formula is lubricating enough by itself.

It is also light on the pocket. There are 17 blade refills included in the pack which should easily last for a year. The regular cartridge blades are highly rust-resistant. Unfortunately, I can’t say the same for the trimmer blade. Its quality isn’t up to the mark.

Important Concern

There’s another minor problem I noticed in this razor. If you have really long and thick hair, the blades might cause tugging at times. So make sure to trim the length of the hair before shaving for a pain-free shave.

Micro Touch Triple-Blade Razor

Made in Germany, this razor integrates 3 angled German stainless steel blade to give you a quick, close and comfortable shave. With 12 refills in the package, you should be able to shave for a whole year without purchasing extra cartridges.

Micro Touch Triple-Blade Razor

The shaving quality is almost as good as the other razors featured in this article, that too for a lot less money.

The triple blade shaves maximum hair in one go using the lift and cut method. One blade lifts and the other two snap the hair. It is the most effective way of shaving as far as I know. The blades will cut right above the skin surface, resulting in a clean shave without triggering razor burn, itching or painful ingrown hair.

The overall design is ergonomically sound and very user-friendly. You can definitely go for this if you are a shaving newbie. The handle has a non-slip grip to ensure a firm hold.

The blades are coated with a non-stick solution to extend longevity. I also noticed that the space between the blades are wide enough to let the water flow easily. To flush away all the gunk and leftover hair pieces, all you have to do is rinse it under tap water at high pressure.

What I love about this razor

These specialized triple blades are extremely durable. It does take a long time before the blades begin to lose its edge. The seamless construction of the blade and its ability to pivot in any angle makes it a great choice for people with sensitive skin.

The perfect weight and design of the handle also have a key role to play in this. The non-slip handle literally works like an extension of your hand. The transition from the jawbone to the neck area is as smooth as it can get.

However, if you are going to compare the closeness of shave to that of Gillette and Schick blades, you might be a little disappointed. The brutal truth is, you can’t check baby-butt-smooth shave with this.

If you have really thick and coarse beard, it will leave your skin with a slightly rough, sandpaper feeling. However, this is less likely to happen if you have thin and short stubble. The bottom line is that the quality of shave totally depends on your beard type and how often you use the blades.

Important Concern

If you wish to purchase additional refills, you will have to buy the handle too. That’s the ultimate drawback of disposable cartridge razors. Having said that, depending on how often you shave, the kit should last you for almost a year. Plus, the entire kit is well within an affordable price range. Can’t complain much about that.

Gillette Venus Extra Smooth Green Women’s Razor

It is hard to find a women’s razor that is both sharp and durable. Well, Gillette Venus is one of those few women’s razors that perfectly combine smoothness and efficiency.

Gillette Venus

The cartridge razor’s pivoting head is specifically designed to glide along the curves of a woman’s body. It features 5 diamond-like coated blades that provide a super close shave, even in the toughest spots, without hurting your tender skin. Five blades mean you need fewer strokes to get rid of all that stubborn body hair.

The moisture ribbon on the blade doesn’t get in the way at all, unlike those giant lubrication strips found on most blades. Instead, it keeps the target area sufficiently lubricated, allowing the blades to glide smoothly for maximum effect.

Another striking feature of Venus is the soft-grip handle. It actually lets you adjust the grip depending on which part of the body you are shaving.

What I love about this razor

It is indeed a very cost-effective way to keep your legs, hands, and armpits smooth and glowing. To get the same effect, you might have to spend tons on laser hair removal. It’s not just the affordability, the superior safety aspect is also a bonus.

Although there’s no moisturizing bar, there’s a unique Ribbon of Moisture which activates when you dip the blade in water. Due to this, you can shave with your regular body soap as well. You don’t need to invest in expensive shaving gel or cream to fulfill your shaving goals.

The wide head of the shaver and the perfect weight of the handle make the razor easy to maneuver on different body parts. It can be easily used in the shower and you don’t even have to press the blades too hard get an ultra-smooth shave.

One clean stroke is all you need for smooth and soft skin, that’s the beauty of it. Last but not the least, the blades are interchangeable and the handle is compatible with every Venus cartridge blade.

Important Concern

The only thing that concerns me is the absence of a moisturizing bar. Most cartridge razors use such lubrication strips to shield the skin against razor burns and bumps. So if you have extremely sensitive skin, you should do a patch test first before using the razor on your whole body.

Features to Consider While Choosing the Best Cartridge Razor

  • Number of Blades

The more the number of blades, the smoother and more efficient the shave will be. You will need fewer strokes to get the closest shave you can dream of. Greater number of blades also means less skin irritation. Look for a razor that utilizes more than 3 blades. It will not only dramatically reduce your shaving time but will also be easier to rinse.

  • Handle Size and Weight

A very overlooked aspect while buying a razor. My years of experience says that the weight and size of the handle can totally make or break the deal. If the handle is too light, you will have to press it hard against your skin. If you do that, be ready to say “hi” to razor bumps, redness, and nasty injuries. The handle should be slightly on the bulkier side to provide a good balance and a smooth shave.

  • Safety Aspect

Lubricant strips enriched with mineral oils and hydration gel on cartridge razor blades are a common thing now. I guess that’s one of the key features that makes this type of razors stand out.

The ease of shaving and skin protection these moisturizing bars provide is unmatchable. If you see a razor system that doesn’t incorporate any skin protection feature like this, run away from it. And never look back!

  • Gap between the Blades

Most cartridge razor blades have a fixed gap. However, some high-end models also let you adjust the gap distance between every two blades to customize the shave. Blade designs with fixed gaps are my personal favorite as I’m way too lazy to adjust the gaps.

However, I always check if the gaps are wide or not. Wider gaps are better as it will capture more hair with each stroke. This is exactly what you need to mow down a thick and coarse stubble.

  • Design

Cartridge razors don’t have to necessarily look great. Who is really going to watch you shaving in your shower, anyway? What matters is the ergonomics. Check out whether the blades are perfectly angled or not, look for a handle that spots a ribbed rubberized grip. The handle should fit snugly in your palm and allow you to maneuver it in all possible directions.

  • Beard Type

The face contours of every individual are different. Even the beard growth pattern varies from person to person. While some razors work amazingly way on long, thick and coarse beard, some can’t handle so much pressure. Since it is not always practical for everyone to observe what way their hair grows (who has so much time anyway?), you should just buy a razor that nicely adapts to the curves your face and body. Razors models with a pivoting cutting surface is an ideal and safe choice for everyone.

But that’s not all; I know many of you are confused as to what kind of razor to choose. Cartridge razor is cool, but is it really as good as safety and straight razors. Let’s find out, shall we?

Straight vs Safety vs Cartridge razor- Choosing the Right Razor Type

Shaving geeks have been fighting over which razor type is the best for decades. No wonder you are confused too. Here, let me help you clear your doubts.

Straight Razors

These fixed-blade or cut-throat razors are definitely not for the faint-hearted. Your dad probably used it, your grandfather was a fan of it and he was taught how to use it by your great grandpa. What makes it so irresistible despite having no safety features?

The closeness of shave! There’s practically no obstacle between your face and the sharp blade, even the friction is minimal. That’s how cut-throat blades can mow down the finest of hairs with optimal precision.


  • Closeness and smoothness of shaving are unparalleled.
  • If you maintain the cutting edge well, one razor can last for a lifetime. So the lifetime cost of shaving is very less compared to the more fancier razor versions.
  • Suitable for all skin types.
  • Admit it; old-school shaving razor has a charm of its own.


  • High upfront cost.
  • Takes a lot of time and effort to maintain the blades.
  • Leads to ingrown hair, nicking, and irritation, especially if you have sensitive skin.

Safety Razors

Safety razors, also known as double edge razors are classic shaving razors loved by those who value precision over everything else. The shaving handle is hefty for a great balance and it has just one disposable razor blade. You will need only one light and clean stroke to clean up the thickest of beard.


  • Helps you get nice detailing on your beard, mustache, and sideburns.
  • Blade replacements are cheap and easily available.
  • Shaving closeness and efficiency is almost as good as that of straight razors.
  • The handle provides an excellent weight to balance ratio.


  • Has a steep learning curve. Only recommended if you are confident about your shaving techniques.
  • The blades require a lot of care to last for a long time.
  • You will have to shell out a lot of dollars upfront to buy such razors.

Cartridge Razors

Cartridge razors have a disposable cartridge placed on top of a handle. These cartridges generally have multiple blades placed in a parallel position to reduce shaving time and skin irritation. The cartridges are replaceable, although the refills are not exactly cheap. This type of razors is best for those who want a decent shave in minutes. These are very convenient to use and much safer than straight and safety razors.


  • Gives you a quick and fuss-free shave anytime, anywhere.
  • Safe to use on sensitive, bump-prone skin.
  • Doesn’t cause nicks and cuts unless you are too careless.
  • Travel-friendly.
  • Models that use high-quality hydration gel technology can be used for dry shaving as well.
  • Minimal maintenance. Just wash it under running tap water after shaving, that’s all!


  • It can’t shave quite as close as cut-throats and safety razors.
  • Is not designed to last for a lifetime.

So Which One Is the Best?

If you are new into wet shaving, don’t have a ton of time to lubricate the blades and concerned about safety, cartridge razors are your best bet. These razors don’t make direct contact with your skin, therefore, the chances of razor bumps breakouts are significantly less.

Most of all, the other two razor type can’t beat cartridge razors when it comes to convenience. Just lather some shaving cream, make a few strokes, clean the blade under running tap water and toss it in your cabinet. Easy-peasy!

Summing up

Finding the best cartridge razor is only half the battle won. How it will perform in the long run depends on how often you use and maintain it. Also, make sure you are using the right shaving technique too. Shaving with a sharp cartridge razor requires some skill. If you are not paying enough attention, injuries are bound to happen.

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