Best Single Blade Razors You Can Buy in 2024

I’d like to start my day in a good mood, well-dressed, and looking suave. I’m sure you and I are on the same page here. But the question is, “Where to start?”

People might have their own ways of starting their day. For me, the process starts from a perfect shave each day, early in the morning.

This is a confidence builder for me. I like to enter my office with a clean-shaven look and all the positivity in the world when it comes to attending meetings.

I know guys who use electric shaving machines. Many of us use goatee trimmers as well. For me, I’ve used some of the best single blade razors over the years. Call me a “Purist” when it comes to shaving, I’d happily oblige.

The best products in the business should shave your beards clean without leaving residue on your face or body. Once we’ve set that criteria, it’s time to find said products. Let me tell you, researching for the items is tedious.

Thankfully, you won’t have to take on the task. I went ahead and selected 7 of the top single blade razors money can buy for you. Along with the list, you’ll have a buying guide that explains my selection process as well. Let’s kick things off with my recommendations.

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Best Single Blade Razor – Comparison

ModelNumber of Pieces
Handle Length
MERKUR Classic MK-34C2
2.72 oz
 3.04 "
Check Price
VIKINGS BLADE The Chieftain3
3.2 ounces
Check Price
MERKUR Futur2128 g
Check Price
Merkur Futur MK 23C22.4 ounces
Check Price
VIKINGS BLADE The Godfather37.2 ounces
Check Price
Bevel Safety Razor28 ounces
Check Price
VIKINGS BLADE The Chieftain ODIN3 6.4 ounces
Check Price

Top 7 Single Blade Razors I Recommend

When it comes to picking the best for the job, it gets tough. There’s stiff competition. And, it’s justified. You’ll find some of the single blade razor reviews documented as a part of my list below. Obviously, I had to leave some of the top brands out of the list but for good reasons!

MERKUR Classic MK-34C

MERKUR Classic is a double edge razor that people trust and for good reasons. The company is going strong for almost a hundred years without faltering in quality. What you get in the package is a 2-piece razor with a durable build. No gimmicks. Merkur Classic is aesthetically simple yet functional.

MERKUR Classic 2-Piece Double Edge Safety Razor

The heavy-duty nature of this thing protects it from accidental fall damages. Yes, it contributes to the weight of this thing but when your father and grandpa use the product for years (like mine do), you know it’s built to last for years without any scratches.

So, what makes it so heavy? Well, it’s the head of the razor. The head is where all the weight is concentrated. When it was my turn to use this, I noticed that I could shave beard quickly (in one stroke) than I could with other single-blade razors thanks to the weight coming down on my face.

I could save myself time and the labor of going through one spot multiple times. Thanks to this, I had to suffer fewer nicks, cuts, and bruises at first as a beginner with this thing.

When it comes to brands like Merkur, Edwin Jagger, Vikings, Bevel, etc. you notice a certain kind of majesty in the design. That’s largely because of the handles these products have. This thing is not an exception. You have textured handles that help you in gripping even when your hands are slippery.

The textured grip also makes it easy to hold your razor at a 30-degree angle to provide the most effective shaving.

Feel free to use the razor with shaving cream, foam or gel of any kind. It won’t make a difference as long as the blade is just right. To save us some hassle, Merkur’s 34C (as it is alternatively known) works with any blade you pair it with. Yes, even inexpensive ones.

Yes, people can pair this piece of art with any and every shaving blade. This brings down the maintenance cost for this tool several notches down. Yet, let me tell you this: The razor shines its brightest with Merkur’s own lineup of blades.

Did I mention the fact that Merkur comes with an “Open Comb” design? No? Well, it does! The guiding comb of this tool helps to keep your 2 – 3-day-old stubble in place when cutting. It helps to masterfully discard the stubble. Just rinse the razor head underwater and your device is ready.

Get MERKUR Classic MK-34C at Amazon

What I Like about This Razor

  • This is what you call a medium-aggressive razor. It’s great for beginners and experts.
  • This thing is a heavy razor. You don’t need to apply too much pressure to get the job done.
  • Merkur MK 34C has a knurled grip. It prevents our hands from slipping and causing accidents.
  • Unlike so many single-blade razors, Merkur 34C doesn’t cause people razor burns or rashes.
  • Overall, it comes with a nice design. You don’t get the feel of a cheap razor at work.

What I Don’t Like about This Single Razor

  • This razor is not that aggressive on your face. You’d need two to three passes to do the job.
  • You get polished chrome on the outside and not the inside. But that hardly matters.
  • Merkur MK 34C resides rather high when it comes to the “Price” spectrum.


One thing I like about VIKINGS products is that they follow a strict notion when it comes to shaving. These guys don’t believe in dishing out “Cheap” products in quality as well as in price. Having said that, you get a “Double-Edge” shaver with Swedish stainless-steel blades.

VIKINGS BLADE The Chieftain Double Edge Safety Razor

Particularly speaking, I loved the Alcantra mirror and the handy case that came along my product. It makes for a perfect shaving experience. I ended up gifting one to my neighbor as well for the coming Christmas. The best part is, Chieftain Single Blade Razor is equal parts functional as it is stylish.

For example, you’ll have a “Heavy” razor in your hands when you order it. The extra weight helps Chieftain to cut facial hair better and more effectively than its competitors out there. I tested this piece and just the one stroke was enough to get rid of my 3-day-old facial furniture.

When researching for the best single blade razors out there, I came across many lookalikes of this ‘VIKINGS’ product. But one shave with the original and you’ll notice the difference. The Chieftain comes with 20% more weight than the fakes. It grants you a 150% smoother shave than cheap razors.

People get to have an “Easy to Operate” razor as well. It’s what you call a classic “3-piece” product.

One can prep this one within 5 minutes. Slip the blades on the comb and fix the razor head in place with the hand. Don’t forget to twist the handle when doing so. The razor head will nicely lock into place.

With that being said, don’t twist the handle and the head too much. It’ll damage the razor.

I must mention the “Swedish” blades that you get at this point. These blades claim to be mild in nature. That means, people who shave with it won’t face abrasion, nicks, cuts, and bruises while the shaving. Not to mention, users won’t develop rashes or itchiness after each shave.

However, my experience is a bit different. I’d say, these are “Medium-Aggressive” and not completely mild. Changing each blade for a new one is bliss. It will take you just 5 seconds!

Compared to the Merkur product that I spoke of earlier, this one has bigger handles. Yes, you have your textured pattern but you can adjust the handle slightly as well. If you’re a person with large hands, I guess this one will be more suitable for you compared to the previous product.

Get VIKINGS BLADE The Chieftain at Amazon

What I Like about This Razor

  • This safety razor is well-equipped to deal with sensitive skins of various users out there.
  • This “Three-piece” razor is easy to pick apart and re-attach thanks to the “Butterfly” design.
  • You’ll find the blades to be “Medium-Aggressive.” Perfect for beginners or experts.
  • VIKINGS Chieftain is a heavy razor. Unlike the fakes, you’ll find it to be 20% heavier.
  • You’ll have textured handle to prevent slip-ups and unwanted accidents in the process.

What I Don’t Like about This Single Razor

  • Yes, this thing has a bigger handle than Merkur does. But it’s still small when compared to the VIKINGS counterparts.


As far as adjustable razors go, Futur from Merkur hits the mark with the design, overall feel, and tweaks that it offers to the users. Yes, the price is a concern if you’re walking tight ropes. Yet, when it comes to functionality, Merkur never shies away from dishing out a proper shaving product.

MERKUR Futur Adjustable Double Edge Safety Razor

Futur comes with a Matte body with chrome polishing to elevate the look. And it works! People get an “Aesthetically Pleasing” razor that functions well and does so without troubling their skins.

This razor shines best with shaving cream or a gel. Wet your beard, lather up, and get to work.

“Why is it this simple,” you ask? Well, that’s because Futur boasts a unique “Snap-on Cap” design that permits people to start using the razor in moments after they set the blade up. The secret is a magnet that puts the bottom and top pieces together without people breaking any sweat.

Just put the blade in place and put the top half of the razor on as a cover. You’re all set for your shaving adventures. Then, there’s the extra weight that these razors put on their heads. As a result, people can cut through fairly grown beards in one pass or stroke. No, I’m not kidding with this one.

Just be sure not to apply any unnecessary pressure. Let the razor glide over your face. “Why,” you ask? Well, these blades can be aggressive unlike other contenders on my list.

But when Futur is in “Experienced” hands, the sharpness of the blade takes a backseat in favor of finesse and quality work.

Furthermore, you can twist the cap and the blade with it. There’s a dial-in place that can control the gap between the blade and the bottom half of the razor. It does wonders when you need the perfect shave without nicks and cuts. These guys focused on comfort and fine-tuning while designing Futur.

So, how does it benefit an electric shaver user or people who’re habituated with multi-blade razors?

Well, as it turns out, the adjustable blade gap is a blessing when you’re holding the product at a 30-degree angle. You won’t feel tugging or pulling when shaving against the grain. Your hands will remain correctly aligned as well.

Speaking of the hands, Futur features textured engraving on the part to help users with wet and soggy hands in gripping the razor better. Otherwise, such a heavy razor would’ve caused accidental cuts on your faces and get damaged due to falling from a considerable height.

Just to add the cherry on top of an already tasty cake, Merkur Futur features a “Closed Comb” design. This will guide the blades better when shaving. Also, it doesn’t let beards in when people use it for a long time. It’s a perfect fit for barbershops that usually do 50 – 60 rounds of shaving each day.

For me, cleaning took only ten or so minutes as I had to rinse the razor and blade under running water. It’s not a big fuss.

I liked the fact that the makers made it optional to buy a full-fledged set that comes with razor stand and all the additional shebang for your comfort.

Get MERKUR Futur at Amazon

What I Like about This Razor

  • This is perhaps the best adjustable razor. You get to adjust the height & Sharpness of blades.
  • I like the weight balance this thing offers. All I needed were a few gentle glides while shaving.
  • Merkur Futur is the perfect razor for beginners and experienced users alike.
  • Engraving on the handle of Merkur Futur allows users to grip it perfectly without slipping at all.
  • The “Closed Comb” design prevents hair strands from getting into the razor.

What I Don’t Like about This Single Razor

  • Personally, I prefer the knurled design when working with Merkur products.
  • The head snaps into place nicely but it’s not the best design work from Merkur.

Merkur Futur MK 23C

I can see people getting annoyed and a few eyebrows rising with my recommendations thus far. I’ve been suggesting products that are fit for shavers with “Moderate” height thus far. What happens if your hands are longer? Well, you have MK-23C from Merkur to resort to.

Merkur Futur MK 23C Long-Handled Traditional Double Edge Safety Razor

Well, let’s get the obvious thing out of the way first. The handle of MK 23C is long. I mean, really long. As the makers put it, this is designed for people with “Man Hands.” The quality doesn’t disappoint. The grip is textured and safe. This allows people to shave in the shower as well.

Yes, just like any other double-edge razor, you can use it for wet shaving. Feel free to go wild while taking a shower as well. This thing won’t rust even if you forget it in the shower or dip it underwater for months. Dramatics aside, the 4.2-inch handle serves people well when tackling thick stubble.

Thanks to the handle, I enjoyed superior control while shaving. Also, the glides were perfect. I have people using Merkur at my house for a long time now. I’m a bit experienced myself. Case and Point: I could use it without fearing nicks, cuts, rashes, and bruises.

However, I’d not advise beginners to try the aggressive blades this thing uses. You’re supposed to glide over your face with gentle motion and not apply pressure at all. This sense comes with experience. Fool around and you’ll have cuts and bruises that’ll have their own story to tell.

My recommendation? Use Astra Platinum Double-Edge Blades to extract optimum performance from this beast. You’ll not regret it.

It’s easy to be confused between 23C (this one) and 25C razors from Merkur. They are “Almost” identical at first glance. The handle length is the same as well. But the 23C features the “Closed Comb” design while in 25C, the comb remains open-ended.

I wouldn’t worry about longevity for this product if I were you. I know people who were treated well by this model for almost 8 years. This is long considering it’s a product well-suited for wet shaving.

Having said that, this thing is NOT (I can’t emphasize this enough) made for shaving your heads. Make sure to get a skull shaver for the job instead of this tiny product.

What I Like about This Razor

  • This thing features a “Closed Comb” design. It doesn’t let hair strands or debris get in.
  • Maintenance of the 23C is super-easy. People can keep it in top shape without tedious work.
  • As usual, most of the weight in this razor goes in the “Head” part. It makes shaving easy.
  • You have aggressive set of blades to work with. However, mild blades can fit with it just fine.
  • Thanks to the design and the coatings, it won’t succumb to rust even after prolonged use in the shower.

What I Don’t Like about This Single Razor

  • Adjusting the blades can be troublesome if you decide to do it with wet hands.
  • The price might be something to frown upon for many potential buyers.


Yes, this is the second “VIKINGS” product on my list. Don’t get offed by the name. This thing truly is the “Godfather” of the razors considering the benefits it offers people. As usual, it comes with the complete package that you expect from VIKINGS. However, the main thing here is the 3-piece razor.

VIKINGS BLADE The Godfather Double Edge Safety Razor

With VIKINGS “Godfather”, I got my hands on a classic. The top of this 3-piece razor is heavy as usual. This gives you an extra edge while shaving. One thing good about having a heavy razor is the fact that you don’t have to apply any pressure while getting rid of your facial furniture.

Gently glide over your face at a 30-degree angle and you’ll be just fine. The blades will do the trick and shave the beard off without nicks, cuts, and bruises. Apply pressure and it’s a different story. You’ll suffer nicks and cuts, unlike electric shavers that we all use.

Just to clear the air, it has a stainless-steel build with chrome finish. It shines when you shave it while saving the environment. Why? Because this thing doesn’t have any plastic in it that could harm the surroundings we belong to. That’s a huge positive if you ask me.

In fact, the stuff we get here is Swedish premium-grade stainless-steel. Now, I get the concerns of people while using a vintage razor. I do. Most of the time, the blades here are aggressive and can nick or cut your face with the slightest of a misstep. Well, not VIKINGS Godfather.

I found the Swedish blades to be mild. The guys used 13C26 blades to complement this vintage piece. They are mild enough (on their own) not to put a scratch on you. BUT if you’re as careless as I was during my first-time shaving, no mild blade will save you, my friend! So, be careful nevertheless.

Don’t get the wrong idea here. If you’re experienced enough, you can even pair an aggressive blade with this piece as well. It solely depends on how you feel and go about the shaving part of your day.

As I come down to the complimentary stuff, people will enjoy the Alcantra mirror they get with this thing. Set it up and you won’t have to spend an extra 15 bucks on mirrors. It does the job just fine.

Oh, I almost forgot about the nifty travel case that’ll be tagging along with the package. Thanks to this, the package remains well-cushioned while you put it away in your backpack and travel. It’s the ultimate “Vacation Shaving Kit” if you ask me. All you need is a shaving cream or gel to round it up.

What I Like about This Razor

  • I like the protective system that guards the razor from hair strands, debris, and oil.
  • The blades you’ll find with it are surprisingly mild for beginners with sensitive skins.
  • Alcantra mirror helps you in getting a good look at your face while shaving. It’s compact.
  • The trademark “Butterfly” system makes it easy to get the blades in and out of the razor.
  • There’s a travel case with it in case people decide to take this along for vacation trips.

What I Don’t Like about This Single Razor

  • Removing and setting up new blades can be quite a task for some of the users.

Bevel Safety Razor

Unlike most of the best single blade razor contenders up until now, Bevel comes with the full package. That’s to say the makers included the razor (duh), a shaving stand, blades, and shaving cream that pairs well with this entire package. It’s a good bargain under $50 if you ask me.

Bevel Safety Razor, Double Edge Safety Razor for Men

Ah, silly me… I forgot to include the priming oil that you get here and a well-made badger brush to lather the cream up just before your daily shaving routine.

Bevel works on par with some of the best single edge safety razors out there. With Bevel blades, it is designed to shave at skin level, unlike multi-blade razors. They go beneath the skin’s layer and shave the beards off entirely. No matter how fancy it sounds, this causes razor bumps, rashes, and itches.

This double-edged razor prevents skin bumps, nicks, and scratches thanks to the even weight of it. The distribution of said weight is perfect and helps you shave every strand of hair off without pulling down on your skin or tugging it. People won’t have to apply too much pressure to get the job done.

I can see people voicing strong opinions out there. But the thing is, Bevel recently redesigned the whole thing to overcome minor design flaws and suit the modern breed of shavers.

People can pick apart this tool for easy cleaning when they are done. Bevel gives you a Brass build with Chrome plating to round it up. This prevents rust or corrosion from setting in. Thus, people can clean the razor by running it underwater without worrying about longevity.

I’d say the Bevel blades are medium-aggressive. They help you in familiarizing yourself with the razor and get the perfect shave you need to kickstart your day. At the same time, it’s not so mild that you’ll need two or three passes over a spot and shave off the beard.

Everything turns to a gimmick if you can’t grip the razor properly and glide it along your grains or against the grain. Bevel addresses this with a 4-inch long handle. If you have small to medium-sized hands, this little shaving tool is a match made in heaven for you.

Don’t think that the makers only intended for good shaving sessions only. The priming oil you see in the package does wonders while preparing and damping your beard for easier navigation as well.

When you’re done, the compact shaving case will hold the razor off until you decide to use it again.

I found the tool to be competitively priced and on an even keel with the reputed brands. So much so that after using it for three weeks I found my face to be cleaner and rejuvenated than it was before.

What I Like about This Razor

  • Bevel razor is meant for the entire body of yours unlike other beard shavers.
  • The 4-inch textured handle works well for people with long hands as it offers a nice grip.
  • This thing shaves on par with the top layer of your skin reducing razor burns and irritations.
  • Medium-Aggressive blades are perfect match for people looking for intensity and care.
  • Bevel razor comes with an entire package designed to provide perfect grooming.

What I Don’t Like about This Single Razor

  • Naysayers will tell you that this razor needs better weight balancing.


Before you get dazed and confused, this product of VIKINGS BLADE Chieftain is the “Rose Gold” version of the razor which gives you the option to purchase it with or without the shaving case.

VIKINGS BLADE The Chieftain ODIN Double Edge Safety Razor

People might frown upon the Chinese razor. But the blades are made in the USA. That’s where the additional punch in quality lies. With these things together, people will get the kind of shaving they want without sacrificing the quality one bit. Even when it comes to “Whole-Body” grooming.

Yes, this is a razor fit for all-around shaving duties. Yes, this is tailor-made for the “Hard-to-Reach” private parts as well. That’s why the guys at VIKINGS opted for medium-aggressive blades that retain the edge but not the rashness while you shave.

Normally, you’d have 13C26 Swedish blades included in the package along with Alcantra mirror and a travel case to round it up. Of course, people can opt for aggressive or mild blades as well. But that’s up to their level of skill and preference. Yes, blades from other reputed brands will do as well.

“Why,” you ask?

That’s because of the 3-piece design of this tool with a subtle difference. Yes, it’s the same rant at this point where I tell you about how great the thing is with three removable parts. You unscrew these three parts (the head, blades, and the handle) for easier cleaning when you need to.

The weight is well-balanced and works to your advantage when shaving with or against the grain. You don’t have to apply much pressure to get the job done. No nicks, no cuts, and no bruises.

Even if you try to cut yourselves intentionally, the razor’s not going to let you. The blades won’t align and fit together if you mismatch them with the side of the razor. You have no choice but to set them up correctly. This feature reduces the chances of unwanted accidents.

Thanks to the mirror, you won’t have to spend extra money on getting your shaving counter set up. Just unbox this thing, prime your face, get it laced with a shaving cream/gel, and you’re all set.

This thing offers you a long handle, unlike Merkur HD34C. Hence, people will be more comfortable using it than it’s Merkur counterpart. Also, I found the “Butterfly” opening system rather handy. All you need to do is “Twist” the head and it opens up. Swap the blades if you need to and you’re good.

What I Like about This Razor

  • VIKINGS ODIN comes with a butterfly opening system to help you put and replace blades.
  • The Chinese design and American blades in tandem provide the quality shaving we need.
  • Like Bevel, VIKINGS ODIN provides quality grooming for the entire body if needed.
  • Head of the single blade razor is heavy. It works well when you’re shaving with and against the grain.
  • Pair it up with a shaving stand and you’ll not need much of a storage space on your shaving counter.

What I Don’t Like about This Single Razor

  • The “Rose Gold” edition features the entire package at a high price. It’s too high for me.

The Way I Picked My Favorite Single Blade Razors

I must tell you: Experience was the secret sauce for two or three tools. For others, I resorted to intense research on the internet. Nevertheless, I made a list of priorities and chose products that complemented said priorities. Let me lay out the entire list of factors to aid you in your research.

The Way I Picked My Favorite Single Blade Razors

  • Have A Look at How the Razor is Built

When shopping for a product, you must first go for the looks and feel of the item. Yes, in case of razors as well. Despite how simple these things look, there are subtle variations. Namely, you’ll have different types of materials that go in the making to deal with.

Most common (and cheapest of the lot) material you’ll find is stainless-steel. These things make your razors lightweight while giving them an aesthetic boost. Rust is never a problem, believe me. Also, stainless-steel products are easier to wash and maintain even after weeks of use.

Chrome is the next thing that comes to mind. Safety razors made with Chrome finish are shiny objects. You’ll have a good piece at hand which gives knurled or textured grip. There won’t be any slip-ups, nicks, and cuts. I like the fact that Chrome products sit in the middle when the price is an issue.

Want to “High-Quality” on these products? Get ones that use Brass in the making. These are prestigious, heavy, and effective when it counts. You’ll find them easy to shave with. I didn’t have to apply too much pressure to cut my 3-day-old stubble and that says something.

No, there won’t be multiple passes as well. Do choose a suitable item that reflects your personality and suits the way you like your beard (or hair from any other body part) to be handled.

  • How Experienced Are You with Shaving?

Not many of us talk about this but when it comes to handling razors with disposable blades, experience counts. Beginners often scratch, nick, cut, or bruise themselves no matter how good of a brand they are using. People should find their comfort zone and shaving style before choosing a tool.

For example, beginners don’t usually have control over hand movements and pressure while shaving. They should opt for lightweight, stainless-steel razors. Call them hollow razors if you wish. These things are much more forgiving even with an aggressive blade.

Experts should go with heavy razors. These razors put the majority of their weight in the head. We don’t usually have to put in much of an effort while gliding through our faces with these babies. Razor’s weight does it all.

Obviously, there’s a tiny risk of cutting your face (or other body parts) if you’re not careful. But experts can negate the said risk.

If you want to get the best of both worlds while playing safe, get razors that balance their weights and have “Medium Aggressive” blades that are much more forgiving than the extreme ones.

  • Checking for the Hollow Blade Inside

At this point, I’m nitpicking a bit. Truth to be told, beginners go for hollow-blade razors, to begin with. But, if you’re really that much into it and want to distinguish further, you can actually go for different degrees of a hollow blade that can work best when paired with your razor.

Take the blade in hand and see if both sides have the “Concave” shape or not. Concave blades make razors lighter and easier to handle. Translation: these things will glide better on your body than most products. The result? You’ll have a shaven-look in a quick time.

Remember, I mentioned varied degrees of Hollow blades? Vendors actually make blades with concave edges to give them different sharpness levels. Choose a razor that comes with the ideal sharp blade that you’re looking for.

I’d go for a “Personalized” and fine-tuned experience over a set benchmark any day of the week. Wide blades are a “No Go” I’d choose a blade with 5/8-inch width just to be safe.

  • Measure the Temper of the Blade Too

Aggressive or mild-tempered blades determine the level of stress (pressure) you need to put on your razor to get the job done. Now, how’d you tell if the blade is too aggressive for the razor or not?

Truth be told, there’s a way of measuring that as well. When shopping for these shaving razors, make sure to check for the “Temper” of the blades. This is rather easy.

Just hold the razor head with your thumb and slide the blade in. If the thing forms a well-defined ring on your thumb, it’s gonna cut well. If it doesn’t, you need a change of blades or the product entirely.

I’d check for the blade’s point (when working with complementary packs) as well. My way of doing things is having a “Sharp” point blade than a “Round Point” one. The earlier version cuts better and quicker than the latter. Do this if you want to go the extra mile when judging for the quality.

  • I Checked the Handles for Comfortability

You won’t benefit from the single blade razors much if they’re not comfortable in your hands. Now, to be comfortable means you need to have complete control over the tools while moving them over your body. For that, you need razors with a good gripping system (cue: long, textured handles).

Engraved handles are more than aesthetic boosts. They keep these shaving tools from slipping and causing you accidents. These shaving tools on my list are pretty easy to handle. They grant you superior control and grip even when grooming in the shower.

Pay attention to the length of your handle. People with “Man Hands” (AKA large hands) should go for 4.5-inch handles. Go for Merkur’s Large Handle Razor if you want to choose. This should provide superior control. However, guys with smaller hands should go for tools with 3.5-inch handles.

Don’t play blind when choosing these things. Consider your shaving style as well. If you’re one of the guys who likes to apply a bit of pressure when shaving, go for grooming tools with larger handles. If you want to be intricate and mind the grains, go for shavers with smaller handles.

  • Opening and Closing Mechanisms of the Razor Were Important to Me

A big part of the comfort lies in how easily you can switch the blades, set up your tool, and clean it. Thus, how it opens up is important as well. There are three ways makers handle razor pieces.

You’ll find products that have their handles screwed with the head.

Twist the handle and the product will come apart piece by piece. This type of razors take time in putting together and dismantling. They are a nuisance to me when you consider the time it takes to clean them.

You have the “Open Comb” and “Closed Comb” designs as well. These two types of razors are easier to clean and maintain. I prefer the second type when working with blades.

If someone asks me about my favorite type, I’d say razors with “Butterfly” opening system. With these, you simply twist the bottom of the razor. Then, the top half is exposed. Users just have to take the blades out and close the hatch.

How Would You Use the Razors?

Let me be honest with you, buying the top single-blade razors won’t do you any good if you’re not adept at handling the tiny vintage shavers. While I can’t go in detail about my tips in an already 5000-word article, I can give you short pointers. Let’s get to it then.

How Would You Use the Razors

  • What you need before shaving is the skin to be prepared for the routine. It needs to be soft. The beards need to be moisturized so that the blades can move swiftly and without too much pressure. Most razors come with the entire kit in tow. You’ll find priming oil in the package as well. Give your face or body a good wash and then apply the oil on parts that need shaving.
  • If you don’t have a “Priming Oil,” make sure to apply warm water on your face or use a damp cloth to make the beard susceptive to shaving creams or gels. Take the shaving cream/gel in a bowl and lather it up with a good badger brush.
  • After you’re done lathering, apply it on your face. Put a fresh blade in the razor and close it. Make sure the blade is sharp but not at the point where you’d face some problems in controlling it while navigating on your face and body.
  • When you’re cutting your facial or body hair, make sure not to apply too much pressure. Sharp blades will cut your face or body if you’re not careful enough. Gentle gliding of the grooming tools should do the trick.
  • While shaving, I’d advise you to go along with the grain. This way, users can minimize the risks of nicking or cutting their face or private parts. Sharp blades won’t tug on your skins. Go against the grain only if you’ve got the hang of the skins and are good with the tool.
  • I’d advise you to maintain proper cleanliness of the razors. Most razors can be dissected in three parts. Clean all parts of these tools. Rinsing them underwater should do the trick. When done, wipe them with a soft cloth. This will prevent rust from setting in.

My Two Cents at the End

The sheer varieties in razors are enough to confuse you when shopping. Cartridge razors might seem better than single-blade vintage ones, but they aren’t. Even when choosing the best single blade razors, I’ve been had multiple times until I came upon the grooming tools you see on my list today.

With these brands and their products on my list, it’s hard for me to pick sides. If you absolutely compel me to, I’d say Merkur Futur or VIKINGS Godfather are at the top of the tree.

However, after doing intense research (which I retraced in my buying guide), picking the ideal one should be like Eenie, Meanie, Miny, Moe for people.

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