Best Safety Razor for Beginners: Top 7 Choices in 2024

Choosing any tool for beginners is a hefty task by itself. Beginners don’t really know how to use a particular device to its fullest and are prone to making mistakes. This is true when it comes to grooming tools as well. Single or Double-Edge razors can prove to be challenging when used the first time.

That’s why people need the best safety razor for beginners to minimize the risks of nicks, cuts, and bruises. Beginner-friendly razors are very forgiving and are made for untrained hands. There’s room for mistakes as we all go through a learning curve when starting out.

You’ll find hundreds of brands offering the best beginner safety razors. That’s where personal preference and expert guidance comes into play. I’ve sifted through a number of razors which I used and found some of the top contenders in the business. This article represents 7 of those.

Move further down and you’ll find a segment where I explained my reasons for choosing these products as well. Let’s get to the meat of the article where I talk about my recommendations and reasons for choosing them, shall we?

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Best Safety Razor for Beginners – Comparison

Name & BrandHead TypeLengthAggressionPrice
Vikings Blade The ChieftainAdjustable3.75"Medium Check Price
Merkur Classic 2 PieceFixed3.28"Medium Check Price
Edwin Jagger Safety RazorFixed3.7"Medium Check Price
Merkur Classic 3-PieceFixed4.16"Medium Check Price
Vikings Blade The GodfatherAdjustable4.53"Mild Check Price
Merkur Futur MK 23CFixed4.2"Medium Check Price
Shaving Revolution RazorAdjustable4"Mild Check Price

Top 7 Beginner Safety Razors – My Recommendations

Many of the current brands and franchises claim to dish out entry-level safety razors and serve beginners in the process. But not all of them put enough emphasis on our safety and the actual shaving process. Let’s take a look at a few brands and their products which subsequently do what they claim.

VIKINGS BLADE The Chieftain Double Edge Safety Razor

If you’re a fan of a more “Hands-On” manual experience then safety razors might just be the thing for you. While picking out the best beginner-friendly safety razors, The Chieftain Double Edge Razor from VIKINGS BLADE was the first thing that caught my eye.

VIKINGS BLADE The Chieftain Double Edge Safety Razor

Take it from a guy who has used a lot of grooming tools in his time (And I mean a lot!). So, it’s to be expected that just another everyday razor won’t make an impression. But this little product here proved to be otherwise. Calling it an all-rounder with medium aggression won’t be an overstatement.

It does have a lot of lookalikes. But as I said, it has more than meets the eye. This one is 20% heavier than the pretenders. Thus, it offers a better maneuvering experience.

Plus, when smoothness comes to the question it can go about 150% more than the average ones. This is ensured by the high-end materials used in the construction.

If you’re opting to buy a safety razor that offers a raw classy feel then this one won’t disappoint. This will offer that premium feel even if you’re an old player in the game. If you fancy that BBS smooth feeling on your skin then you don’t need to look any further than this.

Wet shaving can never be this much fun with cartridge and electric shavers. The Chieftain is in a totally different league when the nostalgic gentle mid-profile stroke comes to question. This is ensured by the metal handle and the three-piece construction.

This type of assembly is great for beginners. Particularly for its versatile options, you can pull off. The adjustable dual head and hefty handle make shaving possible on any type of facial hair. Thickness and density simply won’t matter. There “Will” be perfection in every stroke.

All the goodness needs to be maintained (Just like all things). Proper cleaning of VIKINGS Chieftain after every shave is advised. Plus, there is a common issue with all three-piece razors. Forceful tightening will lead to damage to the components. We certainly wouldn’t want that now, would we?

Besides these tiny tips on maintenance, the razor itself has no flaws in performance. I literally didn’t have to go through any sort of difficulties. But be advised manual shaving can be tricky. Beginner-friendly features are indeed present. That doesn’t mean you can literally go wild with this sexy little tool.

Keep in mind that perfection comes best with a delicate touch.

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What I Like about this Razor

  • The design itself is undoubtedly top notch. I could expect nothing less from a Vikings shaving tool.
  • The package comes with a premium travel case. Making portability an actual option.
  • I’d call the blades to be “Moderately” aggressive. They’re not too soft or rough on your face.
  • The blade replacement system is pretty convenient. Can be done in no time.
  • The build quality is superb as high-end materials are used in the construction. And it shows!

What I Don’t Like about this Razor

  • Durability aside, the butterfly mechanism can be susceptible to breaking apart if you’re not careful.
  • The handle aesthetics could have been a bit better in my opinion but this isn’t a complaint.

MERKUR Classic 2-Piece Double Edge Safety Razor

If you haven’t heard of the MERKUR Brand, then you really are new to the shaving gig. Nothing to worry about, that’s precisely why you need to know about it. Few razors have been able to slice their way to the top of my safety razor list and the MERKUR Classic 2-Piece is undoubtedly one of them.

MERKUR Classic 2-Piece Double Edge Safety Razor

With more than a century worth of flawless reputation, this brand doesn’t mess around. I got a flawless performance that’s on par even with cutting edge technology. The usage of double edge blades seems to have seen it’s best with this one.

The closest of shaving experiences will be delivered with zero possibilities of multi-blade skin irritation. This uses the inexpensive double edge blades too. But that’s to be expected from the guys who know that quality can be offered without putting a toll on the wallet.

Speaking of proper utilization of resources, MERKUR has yet again shown excellence by increasing the thickness of the handle. This offers a better overall grip. And to balance things out the head is well constructed and heavy too. It offered far better control than the typical razors we are used to.

This one here is also well known as the Merkur 34C. If compared with others like the 38C or the 43C of the same brand, it has its own unique features. For example, the heavy Duty 34C HD is designed with a thick built-for-comfort non-slip knurled grip. This one is best for those who are getting started.

As for the others, they are best suited for more experienced hands.

As far as two-piece razors go, this one here delivered an astoundingly clean and close cut. The closed comb combined with the fixed head makes sure that I get the smoothest experience each time. But do remember to keep the razor in a 30-degree angle to get the best out of your shave.

The best bit about is, after putting on the lather, the weight of the razor practically did the rest. All I had to do is maneuver it the right way and the heft took care of the rest.

One last point I’d tell you to note is, this product is not meant for those with large hands. Those with medium and small hands are good to go. Otherwise, you might want to consider the 43C.

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What I Like about this Razor

  • I found the blade to be moderately aggressive. This is the prime demand of most men like me.
  • The weight distribution is just perfect and the balance makes it easy to control around my face.
  • The grip is superb and there is no chance of slipping. The unique texture on it deserves an applaud.
  • The makers used top class manufacturing and construction materials to ensure longevity.
  • Multiple gripping options are there for people who want a bit of intimate shaving experience.

What I Don’t Like about this Razor

  • The handle isn’t too long and this honestly can be an issue for people with larger hands.
  • The pricing is not something I’m too fond of. There are better options at lower prices.

Edwin Jagger Double Edge Safety Razor

No matter how you put it, this brand does carry a bit of “Swagger.” From the original makers of the DE8 Edwin Jagger Double Edge Safety Razor ranger, yet another worthy contender comes to the fray. With low-cost blades replacements, this one here excels at what it promises and more.

Edwin Jagger Double Edge Safety Razor

Coming from a perfectionist brand that was established in 1988, this safety razor outperforms most when it comes to a close and comfortable shave. This baby here is great for new hands in the craft. That being said, its simplicity is more than enough to be in the list of best safety razors for beginners.

The highly polished chrome-plated solid brass tubular handle with the Edwin Jagger name embossed around the collar really does speak for itself. This chrome handle is just perfect for a wet grip. I had no issues with using it under moist conditions. I would rather say it improved the fine wet shaving feel.

The two-part DE razor head is compatible with all standard Double Edge Safety Razor Blades and includes a FREE 5 blade pack of blades. This is a great thing to have. I always find replacements great when they’re included in the pack. Of course, people can use it with other brands of blades out there.

As for the shaving head, it too is a perfect fit with the handle. It’s easy to become a fan of this product if you like balanced weight distribution. Plus, this brings forth the experience of optimum control while shaving. A grooming tool simply doesn’t get any better.

The classic “Closed Comb” head and expertly engineered caps make wet shaving even more fun. These additions make the results comparable to the original straight cut-throat razor. The shave turns out to be that accurate. One more thing it does is trap facial hairs so that the cleaning is easier as well.

Quite impressive, right?

English craftsmanship intertwines with state-of-the-art design. This much is pretty obvious to see in the razor itself. It actually added to the sleek aesthetic metallic look I carefully maintained in my grooming shelf. You’ll love this one if you are into the sort of appearance that makes a “Solid” appearance.

To keep the shave ready feeling intact each DE razor is supplied with 5 Derby safety blades. There’re also instructions, traditional wet shaving advice and product registration info included in the package. Every aspect of comfort is covered along with ease of use. Now that’s what I call a top-notch product.

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What I Like about this Razor

  • You’ll find that the design prioritizes durability & longevity even though the razor is a bit heavy.
  • The blades are moderately aggressive. They aren’t too dull or too sharp for sensitive skins.
  • The handle length is just right for people with long AND short hands. It doesn’t complicate gripping.
  • A balanced weight is what impressed me about the razor. You don’t have to put too much pressure to get the job done.
  • The design offers a sharp and premium appearance going with the price range.

What I Don’t Like about this Razor

  • There is room for improvement in the grip of the handle. They could’ve gone for a bit traction.
  • The brass build with chrome plating might not be to everyone’s liking or preference.

MERKUR Classic 3-Piece Razor Double Edge Safety Razor

I guess a beginner level safety razor list would feel rather incomplete with just one product from MERKUR. This brand specializes in crafting razors for the grooming needs of all. May it be for beginners or more experienced folk. Merkur has a repertoire of products when it comes to catering to beginners.

MERKUR Classic 3-Piece Razor Double Edge Safety Razor

Don’t believe me? Well, here’s MERKUR Classic 3-Piece DE Safety Razor to prove my point.

The primary feature of the MERKUR Classic 3 is that its lightweight. Just because it’s not heavy, doesn’t mean its flimsy. The sleek chrome finish and extended handle length make it extremely easy to maneuver. You don’t get cut or bruised when taking care of the difficult parts of your faces.

The non-slip grip further enhances the shaving experience to quite some extent. It literally transcends the average wet shaving norm and delivers something far and beyond. Just use it for yourself. The very essence of a close-cut shave will be redefined. I didn’t come across itchiness when rubbing my hands against the grains when using this thing for the first time.

Apart from providing more than what traditional wet shaving offers, this razor is friendly towards the skin as well. I was able to say goodbye to multi-blade skin irritation (Trust me you don’t want to deal with that). Comfort and safety have been prioritized. Which I was glad to see.

Speaking of that, you do need to ensure the safety bit for yourself. The glide of the blades will be as perfect as you make them be. The heft is minimal so letting the razor do most of the work is a smart move. You don’t want to put in too much pressure.

Being a 3-piece tool, this is very much easy to assemble, pick apart, and reassemble. The twist open functionality still stands here. Oh, and before I forget, the product does come with a sample blade. You can use inexpensive replacement blades and still have the same flawless shaving experience.

Perfection doesn’t come cheap? Well… think again!

No one does “Close and Easy” better than MERKUR. At least, not in my book. Nothing less is to be expected from the guys who have dedicated themselves to the craft for more than a hundred years. The example of master craftsmanship can be clearly seen in solid construction and flawless design.

The closed comb straight cut system is nothing complex. But no one ever said simplicity can’t bear excellence. It protects the blade inside and makes cleaning the razor easy as you all know by now.

There are other similar models that come with their own specialties. Feature-wise, they do differ from one another. If you want a knurled grip for some extra control then the 33C is great. If you want to deal with heavy beards the open comb of the 25C would be just perfect.

Other variants apart, Merkur classic 3 is best suited for starters that are looking for a rather balanced experience. A good buy without a doubt!

What I Like about this Razor

  • The shaving experience is top tier and offers great control as you expect from Merkur.
  • Extremely close shave offers a cleaner result thanks to the close comb design it features.
  • Minimal possibilities of nicks and cuts as the blades are mildly aggressive & don’t harm the skin.
  • The razor saves time with a smoother glide in general adapting to each and every contour.
  • This thing is well-built and very sturdy. It Gives off an impressive premium feel when using.

What I Don’t Like about this Razor

  • The movable part of the razor might prove to be vulnerable for people who’re not into Merkur.
  • The grip requires a good amount of pressure when shaving as the blades are not that aggressive.

VIKINGS BLADE The Godfather Double Edge Safety Razor

The grandeur of the name does live up to expectations with “VIKINGS BLADE The Godfather Double Edge Safety Razor.” This one surpasses many contemporaries and brings to the table an aggressive look. On top of that, it blends with an optimum performance that’s hard to beat with the current competition.

VIKINGS BLADE The Godfather Double Edge Safety Razor

You might not be in the shaving game as long as me (considering you’re a beginner). But let me tell you this, after using this I will have a really hard time reverting back to the traditional safety razor. The Godfather provides a Pure Raw Classic wet shaving experience that’s easy to get addicted to.

It does hit on the nostalgic 3-piece feature pretty well. This razor here is simple yet oh so very elegant. A “Twist Open” adjustable feature makes things a lot easier. You can literally pop in any type of blade you prefer. After that’s done, you’re all set and ready to go!

The Godfather Razor comes with a design that has been irreplaceable so far. The unique aesthetic features and unmatched construction have been attempted to be copied. But all of them only met failure as the secret of quality lies in The Godfather’s age-old finesse in craftsmanship.

Extremely strict-in-house quality control gives this device one of the lowest defect rates in the industry. As for the shaving experience, three words would depict it perfectly. Mild, accurate, and forgiving. As for the “Durability” aspect, it hits home. This razor can last a lifetime (Provided you know how to use it).

The razor’s hefty yet well-built head is constructed in a way to minimize the possibilities of cuts. But be advised that applying too much pressure can be hazardous for both your skin and the razor itself. The same goes to say when tightening the head. “Do not” put too much muscle into it.

Even the packaging of the product has got you covered in all aspects. A leatherette & Alcantara mirror case comes with the box. You can keep it nicely tucked away when not using it. Also, the mirror helps you to see tricky spots better than before. I found these two to be more helpful than I imagined at first.

Don’t forget a pack of complimentary Swedish 13C26 steel mild blades as well. These will go a long way. Both literally and figuratively. The Godfather Razor goes well with any set of blades. But Swedish 13C26 is known to be smooth when operating on your facial hairs. This is a worthy set to have to start out.

Now… this is what I call a perfect all-rounder in every sense of the word. All VIKINGS BLADE razors are basically eco-friendly as well. It helps in reducing plastic waste to protect the environment in turn. Just in case you want some peace of mind in that aspect.

What I Like about this Razor

  • The travel case comes in really handy when you’re thinking of a much-needed getaway.
  • The construction and build quality are undoubtedly superior to many competitors.
  • Blade replacements are readily available. Switching is fast and easy for the beginners.
  • Moderate aggression of the blades you get hits the sweet spot of the shaving needs for most.
  • The design is as good as it gets. It won’t feel poorly crafted or dated on your bathroom shelf.

What I Don’t Like about this Razor

  • The butterfly design can be tough for beginners to operate with. It’s a bit complex.
  • I could go complain about the medium-aggressive blades for beginners and their drawbacks as well.

Merkur Futur MK 23C Double Edge Safety Razor

Don’t blame me for putting yet another MERKUR product in this list of best safety razor for beginners. No matter what you say, this little (pun intended) brand is actually “That” good. Putting just one or two won’t justify their efforts to provide quality above all else in manual shaving.

Merkur Futur MK 23C

The Merkur Futur 23C has a rather long handle. This actually makes it easier to maneuver and control. That being said, it has no limitations when it comes to hand size. When it comes to large palms, it fits in just fine. For guys with smaller hands, the grip is textured and comfortable as well.

The four-inch-long handle is comfortable to hold and is easy on the soft skin of the palm. No pressure marks even after a long shaving session. That’s something I have learned to appreciate. The grip was firm too and I never found it to be slippery even when my palm was wet.

Being a double edge featured razor the 23C gives a close and comfortable shave. Even the accuracy is spot on. Every stroke felt just perfect and it left no beard behind. So, if you’re a fan of a clean and thorough shave then this baby here won’t disappoint.

A perfect shave with a perfect blade… what else? Yes, you guessed it the looks. I like metallic objects and especially the ones with a chrome finish. And this one offers just that. MERKUR elevated the 23C’s aesthetic appeal to quite some extent with the elegant design.

As far as double edge safety razors are concerned, this one here is far more aggressive than the competitors. Whether you judge it by looks or performance, it’s a different beast entirely. While crafting this work of excellence, the guys at MERKUR surely meant business.

Its compatibility with various types of blades is a plus for everyone in general. I could go with feather blades as well as with the Swiss mild steel ones. For beginners, cheap solutions become an option too.

Just because it isn’t heavy on the wallet doesn’t mean it can’t have a heavy consequence. Push it too much and it WILL cut you. To counter it, all you have to do is make sure you go easy while applying pressure. Avoiding unnecessary cuts require a smooth glide.

This, of course, depends on a bit of practice.

That issue aside, the balanced weight is very much suitable for beginners. Unless you want to deliberately push the razor against your skin, you won’t end up with unnecessary damage.

This can actually elevate the standards of wet shaving to a whole new level. Electric shavers may have their bells and whistles, but this safety razor has class, aesthetics, and performance in its favor.

What I Like about this Razor

  • With Merkur MK23C, optimum shaving experience is guaranteed for beginners.
  • A big enough handle offers me great maneuvering and no problems when it comes to controlling this beast of a product.
  • Merkur M23C is durable and will keep on serving for three or four years from the time you buy it.
  • The weight distribution is great. A well-balanced heft is always nice to have when I’m shaving.
  • Works great on underarms and legs if you decide to shave them with this piece of a tool.

What I Don’t Like about this Razor

  • I didn’t find any flaw whatsoever during my time with this safety razor.

Shaving Revolution Double Edge Safety Razor

This one here is from VIKING REVOLUTION. Not to be confused with the other VIKINGS brand. When I first started with this piece, I was skeptical. But as it turns out, these guys really know their components.

shaving revolution long handle double edge safety razor

Even with the case of an entry-level safety razor, they made use of the highest quality materials. This ensures strong, safe and long-lasting usage. By long-lasting, I do mean just about a lifetime.

VIKING REVOLUTION believes you deserve the very best and so does your beard. Its materials are carefully selected to keep things on the lighter side without being overwhelming.

For example, this double-edge safety razor is based on a stainless-steel construction. So, this product’s weight is well distributed and is corrosion-free. Plus, the double-edged razor blades offer a close and smooth shave each time. And as I mentioned earlier, the shaving experience is absolutely irritation-free.

Sounds too good to be true, right? I’m not done yet!

The grip of the handle is simply superb. I know, I’ve pretty much said this for all my recommendations. Yet, it’s true. The design might be simplistic but it’s easy to hold even when it’s wet. It doesn’t put too much pressure on the palms. What users get is an “Anti-Slip” grip fit for all sizes of hands.

The handle being a bit long, it offers better control over the average safety razor. The makers designed it for Man-Sized hands after all. I could maneuver it smoothly on my skin easily. Even the hard to reach areas like the jawlines and neck areas were easily dealt with (No cuts whatsoever).

As far as our safety is concerned, this even suits the gripping style of a novice shaver. With this DE razor, a proper 30-degree angle is maintained with the right amount of pressure, the experience should be as smooth as silk. This product is safe by all means and causes minimal damage to the skin.

In the hands of an expert, the razor can be a tool to achieve perfection. What I’m implying is, this little tool is a good fit for the beginners as well as the experts.

For those of you who favor electric shavers and cartridge razors over the manual ones, I would highly recommend a manual experience from this amazing tool right here. A classy feeling can surpass modern luxuries any day.

What I Like about this Razor

  • The handle is well built and the grip is great as well. It’s perfect for users starting with DE razors.
  • The design is very elegant and offers a classic look along with spot-on performance.
  • Corrosion-resistant materials ensure that this DE razor stays relevant and usable for a long time.
  • Skin safety has been given great importance by the makers. The long handle doesn’t warrant that much pressure when shaving.
  • Great for expert hands as well as the beginners. If there ever was a bang for your buck, here it is.

What I Don’t Like about this Razor

  • The price can be a bit lower considering it’s made for beginners and entry-level users.

How Did I Come Across These Safety Razors?

This is the most logical question one can ask me since I’ve been going on about beginner-friendly and entry-level razors so far. Selecting the ideal one for the job takes some doing since there are many available. I’d not be lying when I say, I took my time and made a checklist of things I want in my product. Let’s discuss the factors I kept in mind when recommending you these personal hygiene tools.

  • Measuring Aggressiveness Comes First

While choosing the best beginner-friendly safety razor for yourself, you might come across the term “Aggressiveness.” Now, let’s take it as a way to measure the efficiency of a razor. Or… how easy or difficult will it be to cut yourselves with it.

Don’t panic, I’m here to explain it all!

Various factors reduce or increase the aggressiveness of a razor. These include The angle of the blade, the gap in between the blade and the guard, and the amount of the blade that’s exposed.

While exploring the market for good entry-level razors, you’ll find that fixed blades are the norm.

This basically means that the amount of the blade that will remain exposed will be pre-determined. However, adjustable angles have become a thing nowadays. As they have been introduced by renowned brands.

Whether you get the tuning option for it or not, it’s for the best to recheck the aggressive measure of your razor before buying it. Not all types will do you justice.

  • I’d Keep the Blade Types in Mind as Well

Since we’re talking about the aggression of the razor, I thought I should include the blades as well. It’s mighty important to pair up the right blades with the razor of your choice. Normally, each brand prescribes the type of razor you should use with it. So, you have it sorted there.

But there are brands that make it universal for people as well. Meaning, one can use whatever brand of blades he/she chooses with the razor. Herein lies a potential problem.

We get three types of blades. The round tip ones, the square tip ones, and the ones with the oval shape. The square tip blades are the most aggressive. I’d not advise beginners to go with these tools. They will most certainly end up cutting their faces with these.

I’d go with round blades for the beginners. These are the least aggressive when compared to the other two. You’ll not face any tugs or pulls on your faces while shaving. Such blades are perfect when you want to apply a bit of pressure to get shaving done. These are for people who’re just starting out.

If you’re going for an “Oval-Shaped” blade, know that not all razors go hand in hand with these objects. But these are mildly aggressive when used on your faces. These blades are perfect for people who’re at the intermediate level when it comes to shaving with manual tools.

  • Head Type of the Razor Counts

The next thing you should keep in mind is the head type of the razor. Generally, there are three types of heads for safety razors. Whether you want a closed bar, slant bar or an open comb safety razor is totally up to your personal preference.

Let’s go over each type one by one.

A closed comb can be categorized by the continuous straight bar along the head’s edge. The benefit of having this type of head is that there’ll be minimal chances of nicks and cuts. The bar offers superior stability and guidance that leads to a more stable and controlled shave.

The best way to identify an open comb head is that the bar will look like… well, a comb. With less protection between the beard and the face, this type of head is more aggressive. With this one, the hairs are well lifted from the skin and properly placed on the blade.

As for the slanted one, obviously, the bar will be slanted. But keep in mind that the closed comb razor is better suited for beginners than the other two.

  • Handle Length is a Big Deal as Well

The handle length is the part where personal preference comes into play. A longer handle might not be everyone’s favorite thing to go with. But long handles deliver better control and maneuvering perks. Plus, the added heft is actually beneficial for shaving as you don’t have to apply that much pressure.

As I said, it’s a matter of personal choice. Some actually feel more comfortable with shorter handles. Be it a large or small pair of hands. You might actually feel that the additional heft of the long handle is more distracting than helpful.

In the end, you’ll have to make the decision yourself. Just keep in mind the metallic texture on the handle. Nonslip grips ate the best way to go. As all safety razors are built for offering a superior wet shaving experience.

  • Weight Has an Impact When it Comes to Shaving

I’ve already discussed a bit about the weight on the handle section. Now, let’s get into the nitty-gritty of this thing a bit more. You’ll find two basic weight categories. When it comes to safety razors.

The “Classic” or conventional weight and the “Heavy-duty” weight. Now, the choice can be of personal preference. But there are some points to consider still.

If you lift a safety razor for yourself, you’ll understand that it carries more weight than the usual plastic one-time razors. Now comes the interesting part. You can actually feel the balance of weight between the head and the handle. Good brands try to keep it in balance for the best shaving experience.

Whether you feel that extra weight does most of the shaving for you or you feel that the lighter ones offer more control is totally up to you. Choose the light, medium or heavyweight razor depending on your needs. You’re a free bird (at least in this case).

  • The Number of Pieces Should be Considered

When it comes to safety razors, you’ll find particularly three varieties based on how many individual pieces it takes to make them. Even though this doesn’t affect the performance in any way. You might still want to consider the option.

First of all, comes the “Single Piece” or the “Butterfly Razor.” All you have to do is twist open the blade compartment. Then place the blade accordingly and you’re all set. This is the simplest among all designs. Blade replacement gets extremely easy but as for the moving parts, longevity comes to the question.

The head can be unscrewed from the base in the two-piece design. It promises a better lifespan but in turn, makes blade placement a bit more tedious. But not as much as the three-piece design. In this one, the base, head, and the handle can be separated individually.

These babies can last a lifetime (or two, you never know).

Let’s End This Article on a High

At this point of my article on Best Beginner Friendly Safety Razors, you should be able to understand why the top contenders are the best. Also, you’ll be able to follow through on some of the factors that I mentioned in the article. In other words, shopping for these razors is a piece of cake for you.

However, keep in mind that “Double Edge Blades” that you see in these shaving tools aren’t alike. Be very weary about the level of sharpness of your blades. This determines how much pressure is to be applied on the razor while shaving. Also, make sure to use a good shaving cream and an aftershave.

These things will make grooming beards risk and irritation-free. Trust me, no amount of caution is too much when you’re learning the ropes of manual shaving.

If you like what you’ve read just now, please share it among your friends and family.

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