7 Best Quiet Dog Clippers To Keep Your Dog Calm

There’s a good reason the pet grooming industry is so large, they have a lot of clients. 38.4% of all US households own dogs – that’s 48 million households.

Being such a large industry, there’s a grooming product out there for every type of dog. In particular, some dogs are skittish and nervous and can be a lot harder to groom. To soothe their nerves, you’ll want to invest in a quiet set of dog clippers. The less noise your clipper makes, the less panicked your sensitive pup will be.

The trouble is, how do you find a good pair of quiet dog clippers? In this complete guide, we’re going to look at the best quiet dog clippers on the market and discover why they might be a good choice for your dog. Read on to find a product that’s perfect for your anxious pet.

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Best Silent Dog Clippers – Comparison

Name & BrandRun timeBladeNotable FeaturesPrice
Wahl Animal Bravura 
90 Minutes
5-in-1 Blade
Constant Speed Control 
Check Price
Oster Golden A5
120 Minutes
Detachable -X #10 Blade
Two Speed motor
Check Price
Andis UltraEdge Super
Detachable Blade
Two Speed Rotary Motor
Check Price
Wahl Lithium Ion Pro 
120 Minutes
Self Sharpening Precision Blades15 Minute Quick Charge Check Price
Wahl Animal KM10 80 Minutes
10 Ultimate Competition Blade
Speed 3,000 & 3,700 SPM
Check Price
Oneisall Dog Clippers
80 Minutes
Stainless Steel Fixed blade
6 Guard Combs
Check Price
Ceenwes Dog Clippers
70 min
Titanium acute-angle blade
Come with 10 tools
Check Price

The Top Seven Quiet Dog Clippers

There may be a lot of clippers on the market, but we’ve sorted through almost all of them, testing for noise and other criteria. These seven are the ones that survived our testing process.

Wahl Professional Animal Bravura Corded/Cordless Clipper Kit

First on our list is a clipper from Wahl. They’ve been in the clipper business for a long time, with a lot of devices for a lot of needs. Their Professional Animal line includes the Bravura, our top selection on this list.

It packs a lot of power in such a compact package. Its exterior is an uncluttered plastic case, contoured for good grip. At 8.8 ounces, it’s very light for a clipper.

Wahl Professional Animal Bravura Clipper

Inside the plastic case is a rotary motor running 5,500 strokes per minute. This is its only speed setting, and it’s quite fast for a clipper of the Bravura’s size. The motor drives a Wahl adjustable 5-in-1 blade. That blade coupled with the motor’s high speed lets the Bravura cut through any coat without slowing down.

In terms of noise, it’s one of the quietest clippers Wahl has ever made. Cordless operation usually makes for a quiet clipper, but the Bravura takes it to the next level. It’s the quietest clipper on this list, period. Very few dogs will grow nervous while being trimmed with the Bravura.

You have a few options available to you for length control. On the fly, you can use the switch on the back of the adjustable blade to switch between five different blade sizes. If you need a longer cut or if you’re covering a large area, the Bravura comes with six attachment combs, ranging from 1/8-inch to 1-inch.

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It’s powered by a lithium-ion battery. That battery provides 90 minutes of cutting time and needs 60 minutes plugged in for a full recharge. You can also use it corded, so as long as you’re close enough to an electrical outlet, you can keep grooming. There’s an LED indicator on the tail for battery status and also a charging stand for easier storage.

The Bravura comes packaged with a clipper care kit, this being blade oil, and a cleaning brush. You’ll need the blade oil since a well-lubricated clipper is a quiet clipper. It also includes a soft travel case, if you need to carry the Bravura and its assorted attachments.

However, no product is perfect, and the Bravura has some issues. Build quality is the biggest of these. The plastic fixtures that hold the blade in place have received some complaints from customers on grounds of breaking too easily. It also doesn’t take dropping very well.

The Wahl Bravura is the best of all worlds, combining good power, lightweight portability, and whisper quietness. That’s why it’s at the very top of our list of silent dog clippers.

Oster Golden A5 Two-Speed Animal Grooming Clippers

Sometimes, you don’t need to change a winning formula. Oster has been in the clipper industry for a long time, supplying all hair clipping needs, and the Golden A5 2 Speed is one more quality product.

Oster Golden A5 Two-Speed Animal Grooming Clippers

The Golden A5 is very similar to the Oster Classic 76 with just a little modification. It’s a shock-resistant cylinder with ribs for better grip. It weighs 1.7 pounds, so not too heavy, but with just enough weight to be reassuring.

Most of that weight goes to the rotary motor inside. It can run at two speeds, with low speed being 2,100 strokes per minute, and high being 2,700 strokes per minute. While this is slow compared to other clippers, each stroke is delivered at high torque. This means that every stroke will cut through whatever hair is in the way.

The blade also isn’t a slouch, as it’s an Oster CryogenX blade made for toughness. Even better, the blade is on a detachable mount, so you can take it off and replace it with another as necessary. It’s compatible with all Oster A5 detachable blades.

The motor is quiet and vibrates quite gently, especially for a corded clipper. It packs a fair bit of power, so it’s not completely silent and we still recommend familiarizing your pet with the clipper before starting on grooming.

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The detachable blade mount is your primary means of length control. By removing the mounted blade and putting on a new one, you can alter how much hair you’re cutting. The included #10 blade cuts hair down to 1/16”. For longer or shorter, you can purchase additional blades or combs, as you only get one blade with the box.

The Golden A5 has a 12’ heavy-duty cord to supply power. It’s long enough to give you some distance and tough enough that it can survive a pet chewing on it, though we still recommend not leaving it lying around. Better to be safe.

One downside is rather typical of Oster. The box contains the clipper and nothing else, so you’ll have to pay out of pocket to expand your styling options and for maintenance items. Not crippling, but quite inconvenient. Another issue is the case shape. Sure, it’s a very classic Oster appearance, but it’s rather outdated and it suffers in ergonomics. An updated case for better grip would serve this device much better.

Still, no other clipper combines low noise with good cutting power the way the Oster Golden A5 does. If you’ve got a dog with a thick coat and want a clipper that will cut through it, Oster has you covered.

Andis UltraEdge Super 2-Speed Detachable Blade Clipper

Our third clipper comes from the third big name in hair clippers. Andis provides high quality in all its products, and the UltraEdge is no exception.

In appearance, it’s unremarkable. The body is cylindrical and made of plastic, the wire on one end, the blade on the other. It weighs 1.1 pounds, which is just a bit of heft, but not all that heavy. The case has a bit of texture, so you can get a good grip on the UltraEdge.

Andis UltraEdge Super 2-Speed Detachable Blade Clipper

Inside that case is a two-speed rotary motor. The low speed runs at 3,400 strokes per minute, while high speed is 4,400 strokes per minute. This is in the middle of blade speeds for a clipper, but each stroke puts excellent power into the blade. Speaking of the blade, it’s a size #10 UltraEdge on a detachable mount. You can take it off and switch in another blade as the need arises, and the mount is compatible with all Andis UltraEdge and CeramicEdge blades.

Despite the powerful motor and the cord, it’s very quiet. You get a little vibration and a bit of humming, but it’s just about the minimum possible noise for the power that it brings.

Length control is achieved mainly by switching out blades. The included #10 blade cuts hair down to 1/16”, which will suffice for most needs. Other blades will cut down to different lengths, and you can always purchase guide combs if you need something even longer than what you can manage with a blade.

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It’s powered by a 14-foot heavy-duty cord. That will let you go some distance from the outlet if it becomes necessary. There isn’t anything else in the box except for a vial of blade oil for maintenance. Also remember to keep your clipper oiled since a well-lubricated blade is a quiet blade.

The UltraEdge has two notable downsides you need to know about. First is the lack of extras. If you want to get the most out of your UltraEdge, you’ll have to pay out of pocket for other blades and combs. Another is that the UltraEdge overheats fairly quickly. After about 20 minutes, the blade starts getting uncomfortably hot. Fortunately, since Andis also sells clipper spray, you can toss some into your shopping cart while you’re in their store.

Yet beyond those downsides, the UltraEdge is still a competent and quiet clipper. We especially recommend it for nervous dogs with thick coats, as it combines both power and low noise.

Wahl Lithium Ion Pro Series Cordless Animal Clippers

While it has its Professional Animal line, Wahl is also confident enough in its standard clippers to redesign one for animal use. The Lithium Ion Pro results from that process.

Wahl Lithium Ion Pro Series Cordless Animal Clippers

If you’ve seen a standard Wahl hair clipper like your barber might use, the Lithium Ion Pro will look familiar to you, just updated to a modern look. Along with that update, the case has also been redesigned for better ergonomics. There’s enough curve in the body that you can get a natural grip around it and it’s a pretty light device at a handy 1.6 pounds.

The rotary motor inside the Lithium Ion Pro runs at only one speed, which is 6,000 strokes per minute. That motor is coupled with a classic Wahl self-sharpening blade, the same as you’d find on their standard clippers. This combination of blade and motor lets the Lithium Ion cut through any coat without a problem.

It’s quieter than usual for clippers, but it’s not whisper-quiet. Most dogs will be calmer than with typical dog clippers, but if you have a nervous pet, you’ll need to get them used to the Lithium Ion Pro first before you start grooming.

Changing cut length is quite easy, and you have two options. For quick changes while working, you can adjust the blade into three different positions with the lever on the left. There are also four guide combs included, ranging from 1/8” to 1/2”.

It runs off a lithium-ion battery with a working life of 2 hours and a charging time of 1 hour. It’s cordless only, so you can move around as you need. If you run out in the middle of grooming, a quick-charge lets you plug it in for 15 minutes to get 8 minutes of cutting time.

The Lithium Ion Pro also comes with a bunch of extras to make grooming easier. A maintenance kit of blade oil, cleaning brush, and blade guard all help keep the business end in working order. You also get a pair of styling scissors and a comb, plus a hard storage case to carry everything in.

However, there are some downsides to the Lithium Ion Pro. The blade overheats badly in long grooming sessions, so you’ll have to cool the blade to use that 2-hour battery life. The cheap price also seems to have affected build quality since the case feels cheap and fragile.

Still, there’s no denying the utility and convenience of the Wahl Lithium Ion Pro. When you want a good clipper with a range of options that’s also quieter than usual, this is the one for you.

Andis 22340 ProClip 2-Speed Detachable Blade Clipper

Andis has earned its place among the top three names in hair clipping thanks to a focus on quality and performance. The Andis ProClip 2-Speed is one more such clipper from their product line.

The exterior is a rather basic cylinder made of textured plastic, flattening out towards the blade. It weighs 1.1 pounds, so you’ve got some weight in your hand, and the shape and the textured exterior both let you hold on to the clipper quite well.

Andis 22340 ProClip 2-Speed Detachable Blade Clipper

The ProClip is equipped with a rotary motor that can run at two speeds. Low speed is 2,700 strokes per minute, while high speed is 3,400 strokes per minute. This is on the slow end for dog clippers, but the motor couples this with high torque to let it cut through thick dog coats. Overall noise is surprisingly low, despite the power that the motor packs. There’s a buzz, which can’t be avoided with a motor of this power, but it’s much quieter than other clippers with as much cutting power as the ProClip.

The ProClip has a detachable blade mount, which is one way you can control cut length. It comes with a #10 blade as standard, with a cut length of 1/16”. With other blade sizes, you can vary how much hair you’re leaving. If you need a longer length, you can also buy combs that’ll fit the ProClip. Andis sells their own combs for just that purpose.

It runs corded only, fed by a 14-foot heavy-duty cord. While you’re still limited by the need for an outlet, 14 feet is a lot of room to move in. Beyond the clipper itself, there isn’t anything more in the box except a vial of blade oil. Keep your blade well oiled, because a lubricated blade not only cuts better, it’s also quieter.

The ProClip has some downsides, though they’re minor. First is the inherent inconvenience and chunkiness of a corded clipper. You get good cutting power, but you still have to deal with the cord, and it’s not as compact as a cordless clipper of the same type. Another is a downside typical of Andis: despite the detachable blade mount, you get no extra blades or combs, and you’ll have to pay a bit more to expand your options. Not crippling, but definitely irritating.

If you’ve got a dog with a thick coat and you need a clipper that won’t make your pet nervous, then the Andis ProClip is the one for you. It’s got a good bit of power without being noisy.

oneisall Low Noise Rechargeable Cordless Hair Clippers

While the ‘big names’ in hair clippers fill out most of our list, that’s no reason to overlook newer names. Oneisall is a Chinese company and their dog clippers fit the bill as well as any other.

Externally, it’s a cylinder that flattens out on one end towards the blade. The shape and the rubberized segments allow for a solid grip around the unit. It’s got just a little heft to it at 1.28 pounds.

oneisall Low Noise Rechargeable Cordless Hair Clippers

It’s equipped with a rotary motor running at 5,500 RPM. That’s on the high side, as clippers go, and you can reasonably expect the oneisall to cut through most dog coats. The blade is more interesting than the motor because its two parts are different materials. The fixed blade is stainless steel, while the moving cutter is ceramic. This makes the cutter a bit sharper, as ceramic blades hold a much better edge, and the entire blade doesn’t overheat as much.

Noise level is quite low, as the motor barely produces any buzz. It’s not completely silent, but it’s about as quiet as you can get. Only the most nervous dogs will object to the oneisall.

The adjustable blade and included combs mean that you get excellent length control. To adjust the blade, all you need to do is twist the dial on the case, letting you go from 1/32” to 1/16”. The six guide combs handle the longer lengths of 1/8” to 3/4”. Even the longest comb is still on the short side, but it’s a reasonably good range.

A lithium-ion battery powers the oneisall for 80 minutes of working time. Charge time is also 80 minutes. If you run short mid-grooming session, it also works corded.

You also get a few nice extras. There’s oil and a brush to keep the blade in order, and for extra grooming options, you also get a pair of scissors and a stainless steel comb.

Performance-wise, the oneisall can’t cut long hair. If your dog’s coat has grown out long, you’ll need to pre-trim it first with scissors before clipping with the oneisall. The included combs also tend to the short end. If you want a short clip, this is fine, but you may want to look elsewhere if you want a longer style.

If you need something with the complete package of multiple options, decent price, and low noise, the oneisall is the clipper for you.

Ceenwes Low Noise Pet Clippers

It’s not just the big names that dominate the dog clipping scene. In recent years, new companies have stepped up their clipping game. This clipper from Ceenwes of Colorado is a good representative of these new up-and-comers.

It’s a cylindrical clipper, weighing 1.43 pounds. The black segments on most of the case are rubberized, letting you get a good grip on the device.

Ceenwes Low Noise Pet Clippers

Inside the clipper is a rotary motor running at a single speed. It drives a two-material blade, with a fixed blade made of titanium and a ceramic cutting blade. This means maximum sharpness for minimum heat, so that the Ceenwes can cut through any coat it encounters.

It’s also on the quieter end of this list. The motor barely produces a hum. There’s some vibration, but the overall noise level is so low that only the most nervous of pets will find the Ceenwes unsettling.

There are two ways to change cut length. For quick adjustments, you can use the dial on the clipper body to go from a cut length of 1/32” to 1/16”. For longer cuts, you also get four combs, from 1/8” to 1/2”. This is still fairly short, but it’s still a decent range of options in that spectrum.

It’s powered by a lithium-ion battery with a working time of 70 minutes. That’s fairly good, but there’s a caveat in the charging time, which is 5 hours. Fortunately, the Ceenwes can also run while plugged in, so the recharge time is not as painful as it could be.

It also comes bundled with extras. You get a cleaning brush, a nail clipper, a nail file, a pair of stainless steel scissors, and a stainless steel comb. You’ve got a lot of options to work with, and you can even trim your pet’s nails while you’re grooming.

The most painful downside is the recharge time. 5 hours may have been acceptable ten years ago, but that’s just too long for a clipper these days. Sure, it’s usable while plugged in, but all that really means is that the Ceenwes is a corded clipper with a temporary cordless capability. Another minus is the cut length since all the options are on the short side. You’ll have to get creative if you want to leave a coat longer than half an inch.

Yet even with those flaws, it’s still a very good clipper. It’s one of the quietest clippers on this list, so if you want something truly whisper-quiet, the Ceenwes has your back.

A Buyer’s Guide To Quiet Dog Clippers

Now that we’ve gone over the best quiet dog clippers, it’s time to consider why we chose them. In this section, we’re going to consider what qualities go into a quiet dog clipper and why they’re important.

  • Noise-Power Balance

You need to find the right mix of the two. On the one hand, a quieter clipper means a less nervous dog, and therefore an easier clipping. On the other hand, any machine with moving parts will have noise, and more powerful clippers will be louder. Let’s be clear: no electric clippers are 100% free of noise and vibration. But there are some models that are much quieter than others.

If you go for minimum noise, you may end up with a clipper that isn’t powerful enough to cut through your dog’s coat. But you also don’t want to go too powerful, because you might end up with a clipper that’s unnecessarily loud and powerful.

Ultimately, the ‘sweet spot’ will depend on the breed, and especially on your dog’s coat quality. If you’ve got a dog with a lot of hair or a particularly thick coat, you may not be able to go as quiet as you’d like.

  • Blade Concerns

Clipper blades can take up an entire article by themselves, so we’ll just hit the high points here. The blade is tied with the motor for being the most important part of the clipper, as it’s the business end of things. You want a good, sharp blade that can cut through your dog’s coat without slowing down, and without being too loud.

However, blade type doesn’t make much of a difference when it comes to noise. The most you can do about blades to keep them quiet is to keep them lubricated. Smooth-running blades are quieter, and you should always keep your blades oiled, not just to keep them quiet, but to keep their cutting performance optimal.

  • Power Supply

Is the device corded or cordless? This matters not just for the benefits that both provide, but also because it matters for noise. Generally, corded clippers are noisier because they pack a more powerful motor. However, this isn’t always the case; it’s possible these days to make a quiet but powerful corded clipper. Cordless clippers tend to have weaker motors but also less noise.

Beyond the noise concerns, there are the typical advantages of corded versus cordless. Corded clippers will never run out of power and tend to be stronger, but the cord only stretches as long. Cordless clippers tend to be lighter and are a lot more portable, but you’re limited by battery life and generally have weaker motors. Which type is better depends on your needs, so consider your circumstances carefully.

  • Ergonomics And Ease Of Use

How easy is it to grip the clipper? How easy is it to keep your grip? Is it well-balanced? If the blades are detachable, how hard is it to remove them? Do guide combs pop on and off easily? Ergonomics covers a lot of territory, but it’s all about making a device easy to use. This doesn’t do much for noise, but you already have enough to worry about without having to fight your own equipment.

  • Blade Heat

Just like machines make noise, they also gain heat. Two things rubbing together generate heat from friction, and that’s exactly what clipper blades do. There’s also the motor inside that powers the blades contributing to heat gain. A blade that’s running hot may discomfort your dog, or even cause burns if it’s hot enough. While blade heat is not something you can test for, you can check reviews and ask anyone who’s used a particular model about how the blades do with heat.

  • Length Control

You may want to style a dog in a way that isn’t ‘close shave’. You can do that by holding the clipper a bit further from the body, but it’s so much easier if the clipper itself includes a means to set the length it cuts. Generally, there’s two ways to do it: either with the blade or with combs.

Whichever means the manufacturer prefers, a good range of length control options gives you more choices to style your dog with.

  • Extras And Accessories

What else does the clipper come with? Some clippers might come with a box that holds just the clipper, but other manufacturers like including extras. These won’t affect performance, but they do make grooming easier. You’ll usually find a maintenance kit bundled with most clippers, usually blade oil and a cleaning brush. Other common extras include styling tools like scissors and a comb, and storage cases that make carrying the clipper a lot easier. These little conveniences can be helpful, so consider what else you’re getting out of your purchase to see if a clipper really is worth it.

Why Should I Use Quiet Dog Clippers?

So, why do you want to go quiet in the first place? There are a lot of reasons to use silent pet clippers to groom your dog and we’ll cover the big ones below.

  • A Calmer Dog

We all know psychology isn’t just for humans. Dogs can get spooked, turn fearful, or otherwise be affected by nervousness. A clipper is a sudden loud noise that a dog likely hasn’t encountered before, and it’ll transmit its vibrations onto your dog’s skin once you start grooming. A quiet clipper means that there’s less noise for your dog to fear. A quiet clipper is less likely to set off your dog’s nerves and that’s a worthy goal on its own.

  • A Smoother Grooming Experience

A calm dog means less trouble, less fussing, less acting out. It’s much easier to groom a dog who’s quiet and lying down, compared to a dog who’s nervous and hopping from foot to foot looking for a way out. And it also saves you mental effort. You don’t have to worry about keeping your dog steady, so you can focus all your attention on clipping and your dog’s look. You can’t put a price on peace of mind, and that’s exactly what a quiet clipper gives you.

  • You Save Time

A calm dog also means you’re not spending as much time soothing and comforting. It also means you’re not trying to work around your dog’s signs of nervousness. This cuts down on the time needed to clip your dog’s coat, since you’ve taken one step out entirely. Also, the faster you’re done with grooming, the less time there is for your dog to stress out. Since you finish up a lot quicker, your dog’s stress levels won’t be as high.

  • Fewer Mistakes

Quiet clippers are a lot less likely to startle your dog. A calm dog also won’t move as much. This means much fewer unexpected movements and therefore fewer mistakes caused by such unexpected movements. This saves time and mental effort, since you’re not worrying as much about your dog, and you don’t have to correct any bad cuts along the way. When your dog is calm, it’s a stress-free grooming experience for all concerned.


It might seem difficult to groom a nervous dog, but it all starts with the right equipment. Quiet dog clippers are a godsend in keeping skittish dogs calm while they’re being groomed. Best of all, whatever breed your anxious pup is, there’s a clipper out there that can handle the job.

If you need a good starter clipper that makes a minimum of noise, the oneisall clippers have you covered. Do you have a dog with a thick coat who needs a clipper with a lot of power? The Oster Golden A5 gives you that in a quiet corded package. And when you need the absolute minimum of noise that a clipper can provide, that’s when you go for our top choice, the Wahl Bravura.

There’s no more reason for your dog to be nervous when you’re equipped with the best quiet dog clippers on the market.

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