7 Best Oster Clippers for All Hair Types

It’s no trade secret that Oster has been a leading brand in the professional hair clipper market since before Word War 2. That’s a long time, longer than anyone reading this article can remember. And with that breadth of time, Oster has crafted the industry-standard clipper.

So when you’re on the lookout for a new bulk clipper or everyday workhorse, the question isn’t what brand to choose, it’s which Oster clipper is best for your needs.

That’s not an easy question to answer. But I’m here to help. I’ve spent decades in salons and barbershops and know my way around the Oster lineup. I can spot the differences between the Classic 76 and the Model 10 just by the sound the switch makes when you turn it on.

Below, you’ll find my top picks for the best Oster clippers, focusing on both professional and consumer needs. You’ll also find a slew of information to help you narrow down your pick to one lucky product.

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Best Oster Clippers – Comparison

ModelTypes BladesOur RatingPrice
OSTER Classic 76CordedDetachable blades4.8 Check Price
OSTER Fast FeedCordedSteel blades4.6 Check Price
Oster Model 10CordedDetachable blades4.3 Check Price
Oster Pet ClippersCordedDetachable A5 blade4.6 Check Price
Oster OctaneCordlessDetachable blade4.2 Check Price
Oster TitanCorded Durable blades4.2 Check Price
Oster OutlawCordedDetachable blades4.1 Check Price

The Top 7 Oster Clippers Review

OSTER Classic 76

We begin with the bread and butter of the barbershop, the Oster Classic 76. This clipper is synonymous in the minds of professionals from Los Angeles to Miami. That’s because it’s been touted as the ideal bulk cutter for all hair types since before most brands selling inferior machines were invented.

OSTER Classic 76

This is a single speed machine intended for heavy use. You could turn it on at eight in the morning and run it until midnight and the motor wouldn’t run hot or die out.

The 76 sports Oster’s ultra-durable housing that’s made of a mix of industrial polymer and metal. I’ve seen barbers hand down their 76 to their grandchildren and the thing still keeps running, day in and day out.

With this machine you get a long 9-foot cord with a chemical- and tear-resistant coating. This doesn’t mean so much to your average consumer, but a hair salon’s perm treatments and hair sprays can slowly erode a power cord.

Easily the best thing about the Classic 76 is its strong motor which can handle any hair type. So if you’re in the market for a universal bulk clipper that won’t snag on your hair or your client’s hair, then this is the ideal pick.

Get Oster Classic 76 at Amazon

The clipper ships with two blades, sized 000 and 01. The 000 can be zero-gapped for edging and hairline trims. But one downside of the 76 is its size. You’ll have a hard time maneuvering this beast around your ears or hitting tight curves on someone’s neck. It’s possible, but you may need to practice.

With the Oster Classic 76 you also get a blade guard, clipper grease, clipper oil, and a maintenance brush. The grease you won’t use often, maybe twice a year. But the clipper oil should be used daily, same goes with the blade guard. I admit the Oster is light on extras. That’s because Oster aims the Classic 76 at barber shops, and they’re in no need of extra comb guards.

It may not seem ergonomic, but the 76 feels great in the hand. The striations in the handle offer grip, and you can reach the power switch with your clipper hand.

As for negatives, this is a heavy clipper. If you plan to do your own hair and have weak shoulders, be prepared to bulk up or look at lighter options on my list. Otherwise, you can’t go wrong with the Classic 76. I highly recommend it.

OSTER Fast Feed

If the weight or price of the Classic 76 had you reeling, then welcome to the Oster Fast Feed.

Oster designed the Fast Feed as a hybrid, a reliable device slung on a barbershop hook or under your sink at home. You can use it on wet or dry hair because of its sharp blades and strong motor.

OSTER Fast Feed

One of the primary features of the Fast Feed is its Whisper Quiet motor. Unlike other clippers on this list, the pivot motor in this device doesn’t churn out the gruff, mechanical sounds of its beefier brethren. A secondary benefit of the quiet motor is less vibrations running through your hands and wrists.

The Fast Feed sports a taper lever on the same side as the on and off switch. Tapering allows you to clip fades into your hair style or pull the lever right down for close-cropped hair lines. Just know that to attain skin-close edging you must manually zero-gap the clipper.

The Oster Fast Feed is more versatile than the Classic 76. As I mentioned earlier, it’s also smaller and lighter. Weighing around one pound, you won’t have any trouble holding this clipper for hours at a time or raising it above your head during personal hair cuts at home.

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This reduction in weight doesn’t mean the Fast Feed shirked durability. The exterior sports the same crack-resistant shell as other high-end Oster clippers. The ergonomics are stellar. It’s a sleek clipper that fits in your hand comfortably. Like most Oster devices, reaching the power button and taper lever feels natural.

I recommend the Fast Feed to most consumers looking for a rugged clipper without the industrial exterior of the Model 10 or Classic 76. The eight-foot power cord contains more than enough slack, and the handy hook on the bottom of the device means you can attach it inside your bathroom cabinet door.

Best of all, this clipper cuts clean, precise lines without missing hairs. If you keep the blade oiled, expect years of money savings at home or praise from clients at the shop.

I recommend the Oster Fast Feed for consumers that need a quiet clipper that can taper and perform at a high level. I also think it’s a worthy option for barbers and stylists that need a well-rounded clipper for clients that can’t stand the noise or vibration of other Oster clippers.

Oster Model 10

The Oster Model 10 slides into my third position because of its durable design reminiscent of the Classic 76, and lighter weight, like the Fast Feed.

Oster Model 10 Heavy Duty Clipper

This is a taper-less clipper. That means whatever size blade you have on the clipper is how long it’ll cut. You can still taper with this device, but you’ll need an assortment of blades. Which brings me to the next feature of the Model 10: it’s a detachable blade clipper.

You can swap in any Oster, Andis, or Wahl blades with this device, but Oster recommends using their brand. This gives you the option for many sized blades, from the ultra-close 000 to the toothy 6 or 8. I doubt at-home users will need more than the stock blade and some guard attachments. But a barber on a budget relies on the versatility of detachable clippers like the Model 10.

The biggest advantage you’ll have with this clipper over the Classic 76 is its size and weight. It’s about 3/4 the length, shedding most of its bulk on the bottom half. For anyone with small hands or weak arms, this is a revelation. Cutting with the Model 10 is a treat.

Get Oster Model 10 at Amazon

Some barbers argue the Model 10 traded performance for shorter size and lighter body, but I disagree. I have noticed no loss of power with this device. It’s also quiet, although not as quiet as the Fast Feed.

Holding the Model 10 feels a lot like other traditional Oster hair clippers, such as the Classic 76. It shares the same barrel design with a metal body and grooves cut into the housing for added grip. The head of the Model 10 sits on the scalp nicely, affording clear sight lines of what you’re cutting.

This is a well designed and robust clipper. And I know I mentioned it’s lighter than other Oster clippers, but it still feels durable. Oster made this product with metal and thick plastic parts. It sports the traditional universal motor made famous by Oster and installed in their products since the 1930s.

With the Model 10 you get an extra-long 10-foot cord, a 000 blade, and a tube of clipper oil. My only gripe with the Model 10 is that Oster installed the power switch on the bottom of the device. It’s hard to reach without using two hands. So when you have a comb or scissors in your other hand, it’s a nuisance.

I recommend the Model 10 for professionals looking for a lighter alternative to the Classic 76. Consumers that want a robust device should also consider this clipper, but you must buy guards separately.

Oster A5 2-Speed Animal Grooming Clipper

Oster’s clipper lineup has been lauded not just by barbers and hair stylists but also pet groomers. And of the robust list of pet grooming tools, the Oster A5 Turbo 2-Speed perfectly combines stellar features with a reasonable price point.

Oster Pet Clippers A5 2-Speed Animal Grooming Clipper

This is a powerful, heavy-duty device that Oster designed for the rough and tumble pet grooming environment. The universal motor outputs at 3,000 strokes per minute (SPM) on low and 4,000 SPM on high. This gives you the extra horsepower required for tough breeds like poodles and collies, or other animals like sheep and horses.

As with the Classic 76, this is a detachable blade clipper. Installed on the A5 you’ll find a #10 CryogenX blade. The Cryogen series of blades are annealed in a deep freeze to harden the steel for exceptional durability. I find them to be versatile blades and fit most guard comb kits.

Professionals consider the #10 as the primary blade in a groomer’s arsenal. You can attach any CryogenX or Oster blade to the A5, providing a level of customization rarely seen in the industry.

Oster designed the clipper’s housing to be shatter-proof and rugged. The metal handle fits in your hand naturally and the product feels balanced. That means your wrist and shoulder won’t ache after long days of grooming.

The Oster A5 Turbo 2-Speed Clipper ships with blade oil, clipper grease, cleaning brush, and replacement carbon brushes. The electrical cord is 10 feet long, tear resistant, and made from professional-grade materials.

I recommend the A5 to professional groomers looking to trade in their old clippers. It’s also a solid pick for at-home dog owners who dream of saving money on pet grooming. You’ll make back the cost of the A5 within six months to a year of cutting your dog’s hair in the bathroom or garage.

Oster Octane Cordless Clipper

Oster may pride itself on its humble beginnings, but the company hasn’t stayed fixated on the past. So if you revel on the cutting edge of technology and innovation, then the Oster Octane Cordless Clipper is you next purchase.

Oster Octane Cordless Clipper

The Octane’s powerful rotary motor runs off a Lithium-Ion battery. Li-ion batteries sport the newest cell technology. Their power doesn’t trail off as the battery nears the 50% and 25% depletion marks. Instead, you get sustain, reliable power from the moment you take the clipper off the charging dock to the final few minutes prior to the flashing low battery indicator.

That’s big news for professional barbers and hair stylists that rely on their clippers to pay the bills. Until the Octane, most battery-powered clippers were a liability. This clipper can run for six to eight hours before requiring a charge. Even better, charging the Octane at half power doesn’t reduce its battery life like with older battery technology.

The Octane is a detachable clipper and ships with a 000 blade. But any detachable blade in the Oster family, as well as most Andis and Wahl blades, snap into the top of this product. This eases the transition from your old clipper to the Octane.

With this cordless Li-ion clipper, you also get a size 01 detachable blade, a single 7.4v battery, charging dock with molds for two batteries, clipper oil, blade guard, and cleaning brush.

I love the feel and svelte styling of the Octane. But while I dig the reinforced carbon fiber housing, the Octane can seem a little slippery as it has no striations or rubber grip. It’s also a little long and bumps the inside of my wrist.

These are minor issues with what I consider a best-in-class cordless clipper. I recommend the Octane for professionals looking to upgrade their toolset. At-home consumers may want to look elsewhere, as the price of the Octane is a little steep. But if you can afford it, you won’t be disappointed.

Oster Titan Clipper

The pro-level clipper brands all have a heavyweight device. The one that will mow through anything you put it its path. For Oster, that’s the Titan.

Oster 76076-310 Titan Clipper

The Oster Titan boasts the biggest universal motor the manufacture, which can push out 220 volts. If you need to take a lot of hair off or have clients with thick and coarse hair, then this is the clipper you need.

That doesn’t mean the Titan can’t be your new go-to device. It sports a two-speed toggle on the butt, near the power cord. So you can switch to low speed for thin or average hair, then switch over to high speed when the 4c clients come in.

I like the all-black aesthetic, carried over to the two blades you get with the clipper, a 000 and a 01. Like the Model 10 or Classic 76, this is a detachable clipper, so you can easily switch blades. You don’t have to turn the power off or anything, just pop off the blade and add a new one.

The downsize to the power output and tank-like build is the weight. This is easily the heaviest product on my list, coming in at almost 2 pounds. That’s double the heft of a Model 10. You get a lot of quality for the trade-off, but some hair stylists may find the weight not worth the extra performance granted with the Titan.

I’m hesitant to recommend the Titan to most consumers. This is a specialized product. It’s the ideal clipper for professionals that feel the Classic 76 lacks power. The only at-home hair cutter I would suggest buy the Titan has thick hair and finds most clippers snag and pull on their strands.

Oster Outlaw 2-Speed Clipper

Just like the name suggests, the Oster Outlaw stands to the side of the renown clippers, such as the Classic 76 or Model 10. Many barbers I know haven’t even heard of it. But I’ll let you in on a little secret: The Outlaw is amazing.

Oster Outlaw 2-Speed Turbo Boost Clipper

This is a 2-Speed clipper, sporting a regular speed and turbo setting for quick cuts or thick hair. The Outlaw is a detachable clipper. It uses all the Oster blades that fit onto your Classic 76. The coolest thing about the Outlaw, however, is the performance compared to the price.

By tossing away the bulky housing of the traditional Oster clippers and introducing a plastic shell and rubber grip, the company produced a stylish device with a professional-level output at a consumer price.

Like all professional-level Oster clippers, inside the Outlaw you’ll find the universal motor. It’s a powerful clipper that can take down large swaths of hair without snagging or running hot. And with the 000 blade attached, you’ll have the control to hit clean lines and master complex fades.

With the Outlaw you get a 000 blade, 10-foot power cable, clipper oil, and a cleaning brush. The model I purchased didn’t come with a carrying case, but some consumers mention they got one.

I see the Outlaw as a unique blend of versatility and comfort found in adjustable clippers. It also sports the power of the Classic 76 or other detachable. That’s why I recommend the Oster Outlaw for student barbers or stylists that need a product that performs like a 76 but at half the price.

It’s fantastic as a pet grooming tool for anyone that can’t afford an A5. And last, consumers that desire Oster quality but cannot shell out the bones for higher-end clippers could do a lot worse than buy the Outlaw.

What Makes Oster Clippers a Better Choice Than Other Clippers?

One quick search on Amazon for “best hair clippers” reveals thousands of hits from at least fifteen brands. So it begs the question, why choose an Oster clipper? Below, I dive into my top 7 reasons to buy an Oster over any other electric clipper brand.

What Makes Oster Clippers a Better Choice Than Other Clippers

  • Industry Standard Clipper

No other brand of clippers has been chosen by more hair style professionals. We’re talking barbers, hair stylists, and dog groomers. To have such a devoted following of professionals means Oster tools work all day, every day, and with few hiccups. Time is money to a professional. You want that same level of consumer respect when you’re at home trimming your sides or bulk cutting man’s best friend.

  • Popularity Means Easy to Find Parts

With hundreds of thousands of Oster clippers being used by consumers and professionals across the country, your new Oster clipper can be repaired without expensive parts shipped overseas. Just about any clipper repair shop can swap out new blades, cords, and motors into an Oster the same day you hand them in.

That means you don’t have to pay a surcharge or duty fees. It also means when something finally dies on your Oster, you don’t have to buy a whole new clipper, saving you money.

  • Quick, No-Nonsense Maintenance

To keep them running in peak form, the thick and durable blades on Oster products require just a few minutes maintenance a week. Same goes for the rest of the clipper. Oster blades screw off easily and require no fiddling to match back up and reinstalling. This means you spend less time doting over your clipper and spend more time doing whatever it is you like to do!

  • Fast and Durable Motor

Oster has been in the electric motor business since 1924. That’s nearly 100 years of Research and Development, sales, and consumer feedback. These motors don’t overheat and can withstand long work hours without faulting or burning out.

New companies may vaunt their clever gimmicks and innovations, but Oster is over here manufacturing workhorse motors that will last you long after the ersatz competition has vanished into barber-oblivion.

  • Great for All Hair Types

Because Oster clippers espouse long-lasting performance with precise blades, you can use them with any hair type. That’s great for households with a 4c mother and a 2a daughter, or where you may have light hair and your poodle thick tufts of fur. Buying one Oster does the work of two or three lesser machines. The price may seem high, butthink of how long you’ll have the machine and that it’s useful for everyone you know.

  • 100 Years of Innovation

Oster’s electrical motors, blades, and attachments have gone through dozens if not hundreds of iterations since their launch in the 1920s. You can’t mimic that sort of innovation in a downtown boardroom or computer program.

You’ll experience that time and effort in every Oster purchase. The components of these clippers work simply and with little effort on your end. While the competition offers you useless extras, Oster offers you solid craftsmanship.

  • Great Customer Service

All the innovation and quality a company can muster isn’t worth anything if there’s a rude agent at the other end of the line. No matter the tool, something can go wrong. And when it does, Oster’s customer service is friendly and easy to reach.

Whether you need a part number, tips on how to best clean or store your device, or you want to return your purchase, Oster is there to help. They offer a 24-hour hotline, and their email response is less than three days.

A Brief History of the Oster Clipper

Although the Oster brand manufactures an array of small home appliances, the company began with hair clippers. In 1924, John Oster heard of Wahl’s electric hair clipper patent and saw an opportunity to enter the market. Their first design was a riff off Wahls, but four years later, they patented a unique motor capable of running cooler than Wahls.

A Brief History of the Oster Clipper

The original Oster clipper wasn’t much different from their durable and well-designed Classic 76 used today by hair stylists and barbers around the world. Sure, it’s lost a few pounds and runs on less energy, but that proves how foundational that early technology was to Oster.

During World War 2, Oster pivoted and manufactured electric motors that ran sensitive equipment in military aircraft, like bombers and spy planes. The company capitalized on its lucrative wartime profits and purchased Steven’s Electric, rebranding that company’s blender into the famous Osterizer.

Today, their products still opt for metal, steel, and drop resistant polymer materials. They refuse to lower the quality of their clippers to gorge on profits. That’s why, when you sit down in a barber’s chair, you’re more likely to see an Oster clipper hanging from their table than a Wahl or Andis.

My Verdict

When you’re searching for a new clipper and refuse to settle for an inferior device, then Oster must be at the top of your list. But they’re so good that I can’t just list one or two; I had to list seven. This is a good problem to have.

These seven clippers were hard to pull out of the extensive pool of Oster products. They represent the wide array of choices you have when you adopt the Oster brand. I seriously doubt you’ll dislike whichever product you end up choosing.

If you want my professional opinion on the best Oster clippers, I’d invest in an Oster Classic 76. You’ll never need to buy another clipper again. That’s because it mows through all hair types, has the strongest motor in the Oster wheelhouse, and sports a break-resistant metal housing. Try it today!

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