The 8 Best Laser Hair Growth Devices to Buy in 2024

Hair loss can be brutal blow to anyone’s self esteem! It doesn’t matter if you’re a man or a woman, or you’re 18 years old or 80 years old—hair is always important. If you’re shedding all over the place, the sooner you take action the better!

Laser hair growth devices won’t take you from Vin Diesel to Fabio, but they can do ALOT to thicken and protect the hair that you already have. While it’s still a relatively new technology, the results have been overwhelming and it is quickly becoming one of the most popular methods for boosting hair growth and improving hairlines.

I’ve suffered from hair loss for about 20 years now, and since then I’ve actually managed to protect and improve my hair with laser devices. It took me a while to sort the wheat from the chaff, but I’ve finally found what I believe to be the best lasers on the market.

If you want to revitalize your hair, read on to find the best lasers for hair growth!

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Best Laser Hair Growth Device – Comparison

ModelTreatment TimeSatisfactory ResultFDA Approved?Price
Capillus 82 Ultra6 minutes12 monthYes Check Price
iRestore Laser Hair System25 minutes 3 to 6 monthYes Check Price
Theradome PRO LH 8020 minutes6 monthYes Check Price
HairMax Laser Band 8290 minutes6-12 monthYes Check Price
Illumiflow Laser Cap30 minutes3-6 monthYes Check Price
iGrow Hair Growth Helmet25 minutes3-6 monthYes Check Price
HairMax Prima 911 minutes6-12 monthYes Check Price
NutraStim Laser Comb8 minutes4-6 monthYes Check Price

What Are These Laser Hair Growth Devices And How Do They Work?

Contrary to popular belief, your hair isn’t always growing. Occasionally, it goes through periods of rest. The scientific term for this phenomenon is the telogen phase and it lasts for over a hundred days.

What Are These Laser Hair Growth Devices

However, sometimes this cycle can get disrupted. This could be due to a number of reasons: aging, high testosterone, a skin condition, or extreme bouts of stress. This results in massive and seemingly irreversible amounts of hair fall.

Thankfully, there is now a solution to these problems. Laser hair growth devices have been carefully designed and optimized to deliver infrared pulses without causing any undue damage to your present hair and skin.

Laser hair growth machines are popular because they are a safe and noninvasive way to treat hair loss. However, keep in mind that these machines work best when they are used in tandem with other hair treatment options, such as supplements and shampoos, to bring out the full effect of the treatment.

A laser hair growth device works by shooting rays of infrared light into the scalp. These rays penetrate a few millimeters into the skin, enough to reach weak hair follicles and stimulate them to start re-growing. Research shows that the best stimulant for hair growth can be found in red light with a wavelength between 630 to 670 nanometers.

Top 8 Laser Hair Growth Devices Review

So now we’ve established how laser hair growth machines work, the real question is how you go about choosing a quality model. We scoured the market and ended up with 8 models that we thoroughly reviewed, tested and compared. Regain both your hair and your confidence with these revolutionary devices.

Capillus 82 Ultra

Would you be interested in investing in a laser hair growth machine that is discreet enough to wear while you are on the go? Then consider the Capillus 82 Ultra. This is a great travel companion because for all intents and purposes, it just looks like a denim cap.

Capillus 82 Ultra

The interior of the Capillus 82 Ultra is fitted with over eighty-two laser diodes, and all you need to do for the laser treatment is wear it for six minutes every day. I believe that this makes it easier to incorporate the use of this Laser cap in your routine, because it needs to be a daily activity.

Here’s a glimpse of what you can expect when it comes to getting treated with the Capillus 82 Ultra.

In the first three months, you will experience an increase in shedding. This indicates that the new hairs are pushing out the older ones. You may also experience a little itching, as the treatment may cause some muscle contraction in the small arrector pili muscles that are linked to your follicles.

In the next three to six months, there will be a decreased rate in hair loss. After the twelfth month, you should already have a fuller head of hair. I would recommend taking before and after pictures so that you can see the difference at this point in time.

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It is only after the twenty-fourth month or the second year with the Capillus 82 Ultra that you will be able to fully reap the benefits of using this device.

This is a longer time frame than other laser hair growth devices that you can choose from. Some can promise the revitalization of hair in just six months. However, I believe that the convenience of owning this device as well as the ease of use makes the extra wait worth it.

This machine has been clinically tested and cleared by the FDA. Take note that this laser hair growth device does its best work on hair loss that is caused by heredity.

The Capillus 82 is already capable of targeting my entire scalp. However, if you want an upgrade in terms of the surface covered as well as the number of laser diodes, then the brand also offers the Capillus 202 and the Capillus Pro. These models work at the same time frame as the Capillus 82 and are just as powerful. The difference is that the Capillus 202 offers over twice as much coverage, and the Capillus Pro can cover three times as much head area. I appreciated this feature because it is considerate of how there are different head sizes.

Overall, the Capillus 82 Ultra is stylish, effective, and part of a line of laser hair growth machines that come in different sizes. I loved its versatility and I would recommend it to anybody who is conscious about the aesthetics of their machinery.

iRestore Laser Hair System

Most laser hair growth devices are not capable of treating people with dark pigmentation. This is where the iRestore is different; it is much more capable of administering laser light treatment on darker skin tones, especially compared to other devices that are currently available.

iRestore Laser Hair Growth System

I got the most out of this machine by using it every two days for 25 minutes, and noticed that the most significant hair growth happened around the six month mark. However, this timeline is not a hard and fast rule, as some users have reported getting maximum hair regrowth in less time.

The iRestore Laser Hair System is built with over fifty-one medical lasers and LEDs mounted into the inner area of the machine. In case you are unfamiliar with the process of regrowing your hair, here is what it will look like with this machine.

In the first two months, you may experience some shedding. This is normal, because thicker and stronger hair strands are taking the places of the weaker and thinner ones. During the third and fourth month, hair loss is expected to slow down significantly or stop completely. You will also begin sprouting baby hairs, though they may not be visible to the naked eye just yet.

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The fifth and sixth months are dedicated to more visible and fuller hair growth. And finally, beyond the sixth month, you should be experiencing optimal hair growth patterns. From this point onward, all you need to do is maintain your routine for the best results.

This product can work on both men and women. In terms of design, I had no problems with this machine; it was a comfortable fit on my head, and I did not feel the strain of wearing it throughout my treatments.

One limitation of the iRestore Laser Hair System is that it cannot work on people that have been bald for years. Take note that the infrared used is only meant to stimulate living follicles. If you have not experienced hair growth in beyond two to three years, this could be an indication that your hair follicles are already dead.

This product is also known as the iRestore Essential ID 500. It has been approved by the FDA as a hair loss treatment device as well as a medical option for treating a receding hairline, alopecia, balding, and hair thinning. It is also covered by a one year warranty against any defects.

Overall, the iRestore Laser Hair System is a great mid-range hair growth device that fits snugly on my head and did an amazing job of revitalizing hair growth.

Theradome PRO LH 80

Eager to move immediately from ordering your helmet to testing it out? Perhaps the Theradome PRO LH 80 would be the ideal fit for you; this device does not need any further setup. All you have to do once the package is delivered to you is to unwrap it and then place it on your head.

Theradome PRO LH80

The Theradome PRO LH 80’s lasers are designed to provide laser treatment for twenty minutes, two times a week.

In terms of comfort, this helmet is lined with soft rubber pegs and foam pads at the sides. While I definitely felt the weight of the machine on my head (it is heavier than most machines), these extra measures went a long way in making the helmet comfortable.

One feature I appreciated about the Theradome PRO LH 80 is that it has more than enough power to go around. This is the ideal purchase if you need to share a laser hair growth device with another person or a group of people, as the model can clock in around 6,000 hours of laser power.

Theradome medical lasers are meant to reach the very base of the hair follicle, unlike alternative methods which use LED lights only.

Get Theradome PRO LH 80 at Amazon

Keep in mind that this unit cannot be used while it is charging. In a fully charged state, it should be able to cover between seven to nine twenty-minute sessions before it needs to be recharged. The recharging itself takes around one and a half hours.

Like with all healthcare purchases, you will naturally want to make sure that you are putting your money on a reliable product. In this aspect, you have nothing to worry about; the Theradome PRO LH 80 is fully cleared by the FDA and even offers a money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with its work within six months of your purchase.

To wrap this up—if you are looking for a reliable and durable laser hair growth device that is more than capable of administering treatment to multiple people, then the Theradome PRO LH 80 is the answer.

HairMax Laser Band 82

Here is another reputed name in the laser hair growth industry. The HairMax Laser Band 82, as foreshadowed in the name, is a band-type laser device. In order to use this device, you will need to manually push it down your hair thrice, in thirty-second intervals. This means that your laser light treatment will take as little as ninety seconds, and you only need to administer it three days a week.

HairMax LaserBand 82

This laser headband has been cleared by the FDA for use. It is outfitted with eighty-two medical-grade lasers (hence the name), with the teeth designed to part the hair for maximum penetration.

HairMax is the device that has been studied the most extensively. It has clinical study results published in six peer reviewed medical journals. Around the world, HairMax has been granted seven clearances from the FDA and fourteen medical device licenses. This is a testimony to the craftsmanship of the product.

As with all laser treatment devices, it is important that you avoid letting the laser light shine onto your eyes. Refrain from looking directly at the laser light or its reflection in the mirror.

I feel that a lot of thought was put into the design of this laser band. The teeth are strategically situated on both ends of the laser diode strip and this arrangement makes it easier for the lasers to focus on a certain part of your scalp at any given time.

Overall, I loved using the HairMax Laser Band 82. I would recommend this device to women in particular because it is easy to use, convenient, and somewhat stylish.

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Illumiflow Laser Cap

Here’s a product from one of the thought leaders behind the laser hair growth device industry. The illumiflow Laser Cap was one of the first to have perfect and offered low laser light treatments.

illumiflow 272 Diodes, FDA Cleared Laser Cap

The laser diodes built into the inside of the illumiflow Laser Caps are set to fire at 650 nm. This offers the most penetration for the scalp without damaging your hair or skin.

Rest assured that as an industry leader, all illumiflow Laser Cap models are approved by the FDA.

One of the strongest selling points of this particular laser hair growth device is its capacity to provide up to 20,000 treatment sessions. This is more than enough for one person and as such, it is a device that can be shared by several people.

The ideal treatment window for this helmet is twenty to thirty minutes, three to four times a week. However, as an extra safety measure to ensure that the helmet does not administer the treatment beyond the given limit, it is set to shut off automatically after half an hour.

One downside I see with this helmet is that the treatment time might be too long for some people. Depending on your schedule and tolerance for this treatment, setting aside the time just to don the illumiflow might be a hassle. Furthermore, it is a bit heavier than the other helmets on this list. In my opinion, I would still be willing to buy and recommend the illumiflow because it is the first machine that mastered the science of regrowing hair. Their efficiency and assurance of quality more than make up for some slight shortcomings in design.

Finally, this device also knows how to take care of itself. It is outfitted with an advanced cooling technology that preserves the performance of the lasers by speeding up the cooldown process after every treatment.

To conclude this review, any purchase from the illumiflow brand is bound to be worthwhile; after all, they have been unbelievably consistent in their work towards quality laser hair growth devices. The illumiflow Laser Cap stands out because of its capacity to administer treatment to multiple people, which makes it a good investment for people who are willing to share this machine.

iGrow Laser Hair Growth Helmet

Here’s a new design to the laser hair growth devices. In addition to the helmet itself, this machine is also equipped with headphones so that you can listen to music or your favorite podcasts while you are in a session.

The iGrow Helmet has been clinically tested and reviewed in two different published peer-reviewed clinical studies.

It’s proven to be effective on a variety of hair types, regardless of your gender, ethnicity, or reason for hair loss. As concluded in its clinical studies and reflected in my personal experience, it takes a little over 16 weeks before you begin to notice an increased hair count.

This device has to be plugged into an outlet for power, which I found a bit cumbersome because it limited my movements. However, I did enjoy not having to worry about replacing or recharging any batteries. It was just a bit more difficult to maneuver myself with this helmet, considering that I also had to think of the wires that would connect to the headphone jack.

One feature I appreciate about the iGrow Helmet is that the weight is evenly distributed across the entire device. This way, it is not particularly heavy on any part of your head… I even found my time with the iGrow Helmet relaxing, given the quality of its headphones.

In case you run into any issues, the iGrow Helmet comes with a six-month money back guarantee as well as a one year manufacturer’s warranty. If you want to regain a full head of hair using a non-painful and relaxing method, this model is perfect for you.

HairMax Prima 9 Laser Comb

Here is another slot for a HairMax product. The HairMax Prima 9 Laser Comb is a simple and minimalist product; it is a blue and white device, equipped with nine medical-grade lasers arranged side by side for combing through your scalp.

HairMax Prima 9 LaserComb

Hairmax is a reputed brand in the laser hair growth industry. As a testament to the quality of their work, they have garnered fourteen international medical device licenses, eight FDA clearances, seven clinical studies, and six published medical journals.

The length of time for each treatment with the HairMax Prima 9 Laser Comb is eleven minutes, which you can monitor using the timer display situated at the handle. At the end of the session, the comb will beep and vibrate to signify the end of its work. When you are done using this machine, you can easily stow it away on its charging stand.

I feel that for a manual device, eleven minutes is a lot of time you have to dedicate towards combing your hair. However, the HairMax Prima 9 Laser Comb is lightweight and easy to grip, so as long as you have the patience for this activity then you should still consider it because of its superior laser light treatments. It does feel therapeutic to dedicate a certain portion of your day towards combing through your scalp—especially when you know that you’ll be getting great results in a few months time!

I recommend this device to anyone who wants an easy convenient and portable addition to their hair maintenance routine.

NutraStim Laser Comb

The NutraStim Laser Comb is an interesting device. It does not come equipped with the traditional teeth structures that you would find on a comb; instead, it allows you to control the exact distance and penetration of the laser.

You will need to use this comb three times a week for eight minutes. In my experience, the results of the treatment started showing in as early as four months. However, the full effect of my routine rolled in after the sixth month mark; I had thicker and longer hair strands all over my hairline. This is actually a relatively faster time frame than what other laser light therapy devices are capable of.

In addition to the machine, you will also receive its charging base, a universal AC adapter, a warranty card, and an instruction manual.

One challenge that I faced while using the NutraStim was that it was difficult to cover a wide area at an equal penetration because the comb does not curve to accommodate the shape of one’s head. When using this machine, make sure that you avoid staring at the laser’s light or its reflection in the mirror. Furthermore, I would recommend washing and drying your hair prior to every session so that the laser lights will not be blocked by oil build-up or blockage.

The Four Different Types Of Laser Hair Growth Devices

The Four Different Types Of Laser Hair Growth Devices

Low level light therapy devices are all similar in how they work; laser light or LEDs of a specific wavelength are geared to penetrate your scalp. However, there are a variety of designs that you can choose from to switch things up every once in a while. Take a look at the pros and cons of each build to find out which model would be the best laser hair growth device for you.
  • Helmets

Helmets are the oldest and most standard design for laser hair growth devices. These are often white, with simple highlights of bright color on the side or on the bottom. You do not need to manually move the helmet at all, since it is designed to be big enough for your entire head. Helmets usually have between fifty-one to 282 diodes—far more than combs or bands and more than enough for your whole scalp.

One small drawback of this type of laser hair growth device is not best for people who still have a lot of hair. Because helmets only rest on the top of your head, the laser light may not be able to reach the scalp with all the hair in the way.

  • Caps

Laser caps are built with the same design and function as helmets, except that they are more aesthetically pleasing. A lot more goes into the external design of these machines. LLLT caps remain on your hand for any time between six minutes to thirty minutes, depending on how the laser treatment has been wired. The advantage of caps is that they can be worn anywhere and it can be disguised as an accessory, especially if you need to do your treatment while you are out and about.

Laser caps have a similar disadvantage to helmets, in that they may be unable to penetrate or even reach the scalp if you still wear it with a full head of hair.

  • Combs

LLLT combs are more affordable compared to the other types of laser hair growth devices. However, you need to manually operate them.

Combs may be the preferred type of model for people who also need to treat itching or those who want to massage their scalp. The bristles can have a soothing effect on your scalp as you are going through the treatment, which is an experience that cannot be provided by the other alternatives.

  • Bands

Laser bands are shaped liked toothed headbands. They are meant to cover more area in one motion compared to an LLLT comb. One advantage to laser bands is that they are equipped with a lot more laser diodes than the usual combs. These diodes are more effective at penetrating the scalp because they come close enough to part the hair strands and rest at the very skin of your head. However, you will still need to push them through your hair manually.

Things To Consider Before You Buy A Laser Hair Growth Device

Things To Consider Before You Buy A Laser Hair Growth Device
Are you already looking forward to getting your own device? Knowing that you have tons of options to choose from can make this an exciting yet overwhelming endeavour. To help you narrow down your search, here are some important aspects that you should keep in mind while you go shopping for a new laser hair growth device.

  • Type Of Laser Hair Removal Device

As discussed above, there are four different types of laser hair removal devices: you can choose between helmets, bands, caps, and combs. If you are only just starting to experience hair fall, then it may be best to go with bands and combs. This is to ensure that the treatment reaches and penetrates the scalp.

However, if you have been experiencing hair fall for an extended period of time and are starting to get bald patches, then laser helmets and caps may be the superior option. All you need to do is mount them on your head, turn them on, and wait for the device to finish administering the treatment.

  • Severity Of Your Hair Loss

There is a limit to the amount of hair loss that all laser hair growth devices can treat. Remember that these machines are meant to stimulate hair follicles that are still alive. It cannot bring follicles back from the dead or put new hair follicles in your head. Low laser light therapy cannot reverse permanent baldness, which is why it is important that you stay alert about the state of your hair. This way, you are likelier to detect signs of hair loss sooner and find the appropriate course of action for it.

  • Whether It Has Been Cleared By The FDA

One big tip to increase the likelihood of a successful treatment with any laser hair growth device is to make sure that the machine you bought has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration of the United States (FDA). A stamp of approval from the FDA shows that the product has been proven to be effective, and does not have any harmful side effects.

  • Whether It Has Any Side Effects

As with most treatments, you may experience some minor side effects during or after the treatment. However, this should be manageable and it is not expected to have a long-term impact on your day to day living. If it does not list down any side effects, double check with the manufacturer and do some research online—as with all medical treatments, it never hurts to put in the extra effort to be informed.

  • The Reputation Surrounding Laser Hair Growth Devices

One common myth about laser hair growth devices is that they are not capable of providing perceptible benefit. However, there have already been a series of clinical studies as well as reviews from buyers around the world proving that the use of these devices can alleviate and reverse hair loss to some extent. If you are interested in owning one of these machines, you have to be wary of other products on the market that are just trying to cash in on the demand. Always look for approval from the FDA.

  • Your Financial Capacity For This Device

Laser hair growth devices do not come cheap. Due to the time and expertise that developers need to invest in this relatively new technology, most of the machines that can guarantee the best results cost at least two hundred to three hundred dollars. Luckily, unlike other machinery such as electric razors, there is no need to buy replacements or keep any sort of maintenance. As long as you know how to take care of your laser hair growth device, all you need to worry about is the initial payout.

How To Safely And Effectively Use A Laser Hair Growth Device

Now that we’ve discussed all the benefits of using laser treatment devices, it’s important that we touch on how to use these machines safely. Even though they’ve been designed for home and personal use, it’s always best to follow the guidelines carefully to ensure you stay safe.

Step 1: Find A Good Location

Step 1- Find A Good Location


The shortest time for a treatment is six minutes, stretched across several days a week. In contrast, the longest for one sitting would be thirty minutes, two or three times a week. Regardless of how long you need to take, it is always easier to do this if you have set out a certain spot or a certain part in your routine for this activity. That way, when it is time for another session, you are more likely to commit to doing it and it is less of a hassle for you.

Step 2: Read The Instruction Manual

Step 2- Read The Instruction Manual


There is so much that we have yet to learn about laser hair growth devices. To ensure that you are using the device safely and properly, do not forget to at least leaf through the instruction guide. It will contain important information on the build of your model, the amount of effort you need to put into maintenance, and the kind of treatments you can expect from it.

Step 3: Understand The Nuances Of Your Device

Step 3- Understand The Nuances Of Your Device

The laser hair growth device market is expanding rapidly. This means that there is always something new to look forward to, and no two machines are built to be alike. Given that you have a variety of types to choose from, it is crucial that you take the time to comprehend how your device works and why. This way, you know what to expect along with the intricacies of maintaining your machine.

Step 4: Keep Your Machine In A Cool And Dry Place

Step 4- Keep Your Machine In A Cool And Dry Place

When you are not using your laser hair growth device, store it away properly. Do not keep it in the bathroom, because it could get wet and the moisture could damage its internal circuitry. Avoid storing it away in high places as well, because one big fall is all it could take to irreversibly damage your device.

Step 5: Prepare Your Hair Before Every Session

Step 5- Prepare Your Hair Before Every Session

Brush your hair beforehand and make sure that it is clean. This is to allow maximum penetration for your laser hair growth device. Wash it thoroughly with a revitalizing shampoo and conditioned, and let it dry before you begin.

Step 6: Turn On Your Machine

Step 6- Turn On Your Machine

Power on the machine and get to work! If you have invested in a helmet or a cap, take this time to relax or engage in some other activity while the laser therapy is administering its treatment.

Step 7: Begin At The Front Of Your Hairline

Step 7- Begin At The Front Of Your Hairline

If you are working with a laser hair growth device that needs to be moved manually, such as a comb or a band, then I would recommend making the job easier on your part by just starting at the front of your hairline. Slowly comb through the rest of your hair, as if it is just a normal grooming session.

Once you have reached the very end of your scalp, then go back the way you came. You will have finished the treatment after you have gone through your entire scalp twice.

Step 8: Do Not Go Beyond The Stipulated Time

Step 8- Do Not Go Beyond The Stipulated Time

To get the best results from every treatment, always stay within the stipulated time frame. This ensures that your hair follicles get the most stimulation from the laser therapy before the infrared starts affecting your skin and remaining hair. You will have to stick to the routine to make the most out of your purchase, as there is no shortcut to getting your hair back.

Is Laser Hair Treatment Safe?

The kind of laser hair growth treatment that you will be undergoing is generated by low-level infrared rays targeting your scalp tissue. According to a study conducted back in 2014, this treatment was proven to be both safe and effective for men and women alike.

Compared to other alternatives on the market, laser hair growth treatments are the most natural option. This treatment is noninvasive, painless, and works on stimulating existing living hair follicles. It is only designed to deliver a wake-up call to your hair strands, so to speak.

In addition, it can be more cost-efficient than high-level medical treatments. Some devices can be shared with other people, while other entry-level machines are less than five hundred dollars. Ultimately, laser hair growth treatment is definitely something you should try if you are beginning to experience unusual hair fall.

A Happy Hairy Ending With Laser Hair Growth Devices

That’s everything you need to know about regrowing your hair. If you take advantage of laser hair growth machines, baldness can be completely optional—especially if you catch it early!

A Happy Hairy Ending With Laser Hair Growth Devices

When venturing into the wild world of laser hair growth, understand that these machines aren’t all created equal. Certain machines are optimal for different stages of hair loss, and certain machines are just blatant rip-offs! I hope this guide has helped you wrap your head around the science behind laser hair removal, and given you a decent overview of the industry as a whole.

Regardless of whether you choose to use a cap, a helmet, a band, or a comb, you will definitely experience hair regrowth if you use any of the devices listed above and follow the standard industry practices that I have detailed in the mini-guides after. Remember to be critical and think carefully about your personal needs and preferences before making a final decision on this big investment.

So what are you waiting for? Get ready to get those luscious locks back!

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