7 Best Electric Shavers For Sensitive Skin: Path To Flawless Shaves With In-Depth Guide

Shaving on a sensitive skin is a difficulty of such practise, since most of the shavers in the market tend to leave behind some irritation, discomfort, ingrown hair and what not. Every session with barbers ends up giving rashes, and there seems to be no end to it.

I myself suffer from this personally, so seeking out shavers that are kind to sensitive skin has been a motto in the long journey of my shaving career. In my investigation, I’ve come across razors that often tugged or pulled my beard, or even left me bleeding at multiple locations.

That’s the thing about sensitive skin, even the slightest degree of roughness can see rashes or redness. Thus, finding out the best electric shaver for sensitive skin is a necessary step for everyone who suffers this way.

This article gives you that knowledge on sensitive skin shavers as well as surrounding aspects. Accumulated with experiential and expert knowledge, it’ll give you a much needed insight to give your skin the best possible treatment so that you don’t have to settle for anything less!

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What Kind Of Shaver Is Ideal For Sensitive Skins?

What Kind Of Shaver Is Ideal For Sensitive S‌kin

While there are many types of razors available for shaving purposes, only three of these categories are the most prominent worldwide. They are: rotary, foil and manual shavers. Among these three, only one tends to serve sensitive skin in the most delicate way, which is the foil shaver.

I’m not going to discuss the differences between electric and manual shavers, or even distinguishing properties of foil and rotary shavers. Rather, I’ll highlight why foil shavers come out on top for such necessities.

  • Foil shavers remove skin to blade contact completely, which is highly essential for sensitive skins and beats manual razors in this regard.
  • Rotary shavers demand some scrubbing on the face, but foil shavers moves only back and forth, thus it’s more healthy for delicate skins.
  • Also, foil shavers grab the beard strands and feed them to the blades to reduce time spent on shaving. And a shorter shaving session means a less-damaged skin.
  • Lastly, it’s easier to follow contours with a foil shaver. This makes it significantly superior for shaving on sensitive skin.

So now you have a sound understanding why you should always pick a foil shaver to shave your sensitive skin over others. Not that they won’t serve you at all, you just need to be extra-cautious with them, which is rarely the case with a foil shaver.

Best Electric Razors For Sensitive Skin: Expert Choices

In this section, we’ll check out the seven razors that I’ve personally found to be the best fit for sensitive skin shaving, to which the experts have agreed upon as well.

Braun Electric Razor for Men, Series 7

Braun’s Series 7 razor has been on the market for quite a while now and it falls into that sweet spot between price and performance. As a professional who uses razors frequently on their customers with sensitive skins, I’ve found it to be a piece of delight as it’s served me well on multiple accounts. With all the features that a standard shaver should have, the Series 7 has gone a bit extra in quite a few aspects.

Braun Electric Razor For Men, Series 7


Outstanding Features For Sensitive Skin

This is one of those go to razors I pull out of my closet when there’s a customer asking for help with his sensitive skin. With the 360 degree pivoting head and Braun’s AutoSense technology, I found cases as such very easy to handle without giving my customers any discomfort. This technology measures your beards and adjusts the power accordingly, so home users with sensitive skin will find great benefit out of it!


Also, another thing that has stood out for me about this razor is the convenience of delicate shaving. For instance, the SmartCare center takes care of my regular cleaning, charging and lubricating needs in between the shaves. There have been times I forgot to connect the dock to a power outlet for charging purposes as it was a hectic day, it didn’t cause any tugs, pulls or cause any other charging issues.

If you’re a barber like me and have customers frequently visiting you for a careful and safe shave, I recommend you to pick this one as my customers have always praised the quality of its shaving. The SensoFoil blades keep a certain distance between the blades and the skin, which enables an irritation-free, safe shaving session for every individual.

Stress-Testing Results

I’ve even taken it home to test it out thoroughly so that I can inform the home users on its benefits as well. The battery life has been gigantic and it was the first thing I noticed aside from the comfort level. It doesn’t take me much longer to shave my stubble of even a week long, and shaving every other day kept the juice running for an entire month with a full charge!

Once I learned such quality, I took it with me on a trip without the charger, and it’s been a delightful experience overall as I could pack lighter. I even dropped it inside my shower, but the body is so well-built that there was no damage at all, and the waterproof technology excelled even at a completely wet shower shave.

Scope For Improvement

One minor improvement that I think can be made is regarding the shaver head. Since it follows my contour really well, keeping a distance between blade and skin, it sometimes leaves behind stray hair particles. However, it could easily be dusted off and shaving with a foam afterwards has made this concern redundant, and it has nothing to do with a comfortable shave for delicate skin.

Overall Assessment

I consider it to be the best electric shaver for sensitive skin mainly for barbers who aren’t willing to pay the extra amount. It has served a large number of customers with sensitive skins comfortably, thus it’s a proof that it can universally cater to this specific need. With a fine design, close shave and supreme battery life, I’ll recommend it to both home users and barbers any day of the week!

1. Great price to performance ratio1. Leaves stray hair particles flying
2. Good battery life2. Replacement cartridges are somewhat expensive
3. Can shave week-long stubble
4. Optimum for shower shaves
5. Safe blades for sensitive skin

Panasonic Arc5 Electric Razor ES-LV65-S

The Panasonic Arc5 LV65 has been my personal favorite for the past few years and I can most certainly state that it’s one of the most fabulous devices I’ve ever used for daily grooming! Unlike many other shavers, this one does my sensitive skin justice and leaves behind no sense of discomfort whatsoever, making it a prime pick for ones who are looking for a sensitive skin-friendly device!

Panasonic Arc5 Electric Razor ES-LV65-S

Kind On Sensitive Skin

As I frequently work with different types of razors, I can tell you that one of the most key elements that isn’t highlighted enough is the quality of blades. Because a high quality blade that chops through bushes effortlessly doesn’t challenge your sensitive skin, which I learned after my years of experience. This LV65 unit has an outrageous blade department that I’ve found to be highly comforting.


The five ultra sharp blades guarded by fine foils have been kind to my skin and the shaver head is capable of following the details of my face effortlessly. However, I usually shave wet due to my skin’s sensitivity and prepare my stubble so that there’s no discomfort during the shaving procedures at all. The motor is powerful enough to provide relentless support to the blades, and I couldn’t have been more grateful for such delicate treatment to my sensitive skin.

Tested For Years

As I tested it out on different occasions, it withstood water easily and I’ve been frequently taking it inside my shower. The ergonomic grip has never let it slip out of my hand to cause havoc. The battery life is really great and I was able to shave everyday for two weeks with one charge. If your shaving time is longer than a few minutes, you’ll still make it through an entire week after a full charge!

Also, the LED indicator has been a life-saver for me. It told me what level of charge I’m on, whether my blades needed cleaning or if the foils required replacement. In terms of cleaning, it has never been difficult for me, all I needed to do was to drop a couple drops of soap into the blades, hold it under water and run the motors – and voila! Clean & ready for action!

When I place it next to the double or triple edge razors, the comfort it’s given to my skin is unmatchable to be honest. I never had to struggle with this device and it’s served me so well for such a long time that I didn’t have to complain about its durability as well.

Upgradable Areas

There are a few areas that can be upgraded in this device, which I think is common for any razor at this price range. For instance, the area beneath my jawline or under the neck required more than one pass since those are difficult areas to shave. However, I could pop out the built-in trimmer to shave out those areas and I never felt the need of keeping a separate trimmer for such use.

Another drawback in general has been the price of this device’s cartridge. After assessment, I still believe it’s cost-efficient because of the quality of performance it has offered to my sensitive skin. There are few tricks to sharpen the blades which can delay the cartridge replacements while generating fine, close shaves.

Overall Verdict

I reckon it sits right next to the Braun Series 7 shaver price-to-performance wise. It’s left up to the user’s preference on the looks of these two devices. But this shaver has made a fan out of me and I’ll still pick this device as my personal favorite to be the best electric shaver for sensitive skin based on my long experience with it.

1. Supreme grip1. Difficult areas need more passes
2. Pop-up trimmer is built in2. Replacements are a bit pricey
3. Faster shaving time
4. Good for traveling
5. Handy LED indicator

Braun Electric Razor for Men, Series 9 Pro

The Braun Series 9 Pro is probably the best foil shaver for sensitive skin I’ve ever used & reviewed and it goes head to head with the Panasonic Arc5 LV67 due to their resemblances in performance on the mentioned area. The 9 Pro’s functionality has been so impactful that the market as well as its consumers adore its presence till date, and that is something that sets it apart from the rest of the pack.

Braun Electric Razor for Men, Series 9 Pro

Unparalleled Comfort For Sensitive Skin Shaving

What struck me in terms of the Series 9 Pro at first sight is its design and the comfortable grip. Despite being such a powerful unit, the shaver fits right within the palm of my hand. Such grip has made my frequent shavings almost effortless and allowed me to be cautious while performing on individuals with sensitive skin.


It’s been very swift while removing stubbles and I even managed to get rid of beards grown for even 10 days without having it tug or pull. The recipients have never complained and I’ve found the experience effortless due to the AutoSense technology implemented into it. There have been instances when customers with sensitive skin asked me particularly for this shaver to use for their grooming procedure.

Personal Analysis

I tested it out at my home to understand its true potential, and I was completely mesmerized with its capabilities. The shaving felt like running a knife through butter, whether I shaved dry or used it with shaving foam or gel. I didn’t really have to do much in terms of shaving, all I did was to glide it over my face and found it to be cleaned down from the hair roots.

When it comes to the price, it does cost a significant amount of money. However, the performance I’ve seen it produce is unforgettable. Qualities like removing a beard from difficult areas with one pass, relentless battery that let me carry it on my travels or the level of close shave even for the most sensitive skins have left my jaws dropped.

The cleaning station that comes with it has made my days easier, even the busiest ones! And if you think about whether you should invest into such a pricey product, all I can say is that Braun products of such high end can last at least 8 to 10 years without running into any problems. I have kept mine lubricated and washed regularly, and it never seemed like missing a single strand of hair!

Advancement Opportunities

I think the only opportunity for improvement is its price point because not a lot of consumers would be interested in investing so much for home use. But the significant upgrades it has received compared to the Series 7 is reason enough to grab a piece of this unit. Also, some may find it to be a little louder, but for a motor so powerful and effective on sensitive skin, this is a compromise we have to make for the greater good.

A Barber’s Daydream

In my opinion, this is one of the best electric shavers for sensitive skin that barbers like myself can place in their arsenal. The cost will seem like a worthy one when you receive all the positive feedback from the customers like I have. Home consumers can purchase it if you’re looking for something that takes the best care of your sensitive skin and have you content for a good 8 to 10 years of shaving.

1. Best for sensitive skin close shave1. High price
2. Automatic cleaning & charging dock2. Slightly louder motors
3. Effortless shaving
4. Follows contour precisely
5. Fewer passes generate great results

Philips Norelco Shaver 7100

The Norelco Shaver 7100 has become a part of this list as the only rotary shaver because I, along with some experts I know, have agreed upon that it’s the best rotary shaver for sensitive skin. Although rotary shavers aren’t my preferred method for a close shave compared to a foil one, this one however manages to generate delicate results without causing any sort of irritation.

Philips Norelco Shaver 7100

Most Comfortable Rotary Shaver

With the reputation Philips has in the grooming market, the Norelco shaver 7100 has surpassed every expectation of performance, especially for the sensitive skin. I found it’s not ideal to shave without any foam in contrast to the foil shavers, and it can cause some irritation in such a case. But the shaver itself is built to cause no irritation with special ComfortGlide rings and SkinProtect blades.

Personal Experiences With Norelco 7100

Unlike many other rotary shavers, this one didn’t demand much scrubbing and I was able to remove the beard for my clients almost effortlessly. A couple of passes have been enough for a fine shave and the contour following technology actually worked perfectly on every occasion.


The ergonomic grip had been quite handy in some cases when my hand was wet from constant washes in between. It didn’t slip out to cause any discomfort and the overall shavings didn’t leave behind razor bumps or ingrown hair. The battery life has surpassed the level of all the previous Norelco shavers and my relentless shaving in the salon found its perfect companion!

Apart from shaving the face, it has been my go-to unit for shaving my clients’ heads bald following proper procedures. As there are other options to choose from for specific head shaving needs, I prefer the 7100 because of its kindness to the skin. The shaves are often gentle and leave behind no traces of blading operation. I feel jubilant that I’ve found something so extraordinary for my clients with sensitive skin!

Couple Of Things That Could Be Better

One factor of this shaver I’ve faced is that shaving over the lips or around the sideburns is very restricting due to its rotary functions. However, Philips has included a clip-on precision trimmer in this device for fine tuning a shave.

Also, it generates around 90% of close shaving if compared to a foil shaver, which is at an acceptable level. It does justice to sensitive skins however, so these aspects shouldn’t really be matters of prime concern for consumers who are prioritizing sensitivity in their shaver.

My Take On The Shaver

The reasons I think it’s one of the top choices for shaving sensitive skin are its performance that smoothly removes all the beard. Along with that, it doesn’t cause any irritation or shaving burns at all, and it can be completely blown out of question with a few post-shave activities. The biggest plus is its price point. It comes with a much cheaper cost than the expensive foil shavers that achieve similar delicate treatment for sensitive skins!

1. Good price1. Not as close shave as foil shavers
2. Gentle on the skin2. Lacks precision
3. Fine grip
4. Good for wet shaves
5. Can shave heads

Braun Electric Razor, Series 3

The Braun Series 3 is what you may call the budget killer when it comes to sensitive skins. Although it’s a very old model, you probably won’t find any other shaver to perform so smoothly at this price range, at least I didn’t! Featured with the most necessary qualities a razor should have for delicate shaving, the Series 3 has got them all without overwhelming the consumers!

Braun Electric Razor, Series 3

Minimal Features

Look, I probably wouldn’t recommend it to the barbers like myself who have to go through a large number of clients each day as it lacks all the latest features that I’m currently used to. But for what it’s worth, it is somewhat miraculous in terms of shaving sensitive skin beards! It even manages to get a really close shave if it’s used effectively with the beard grains.


I’ve tested it out on myself to witness its miracles first hand, and I must say I was quite impressed! The two SensoFoil elements kept my skin separated from the blades nicely and passing over my beard never made me feel I’m using a budget shaver. The results were smooth and irritation-free, which I can easily state as a big win!

However, I had to apply a few shaving techniques that I learned from my long experience in the field. I’ll recommend shaving wet at all costs for your sensitive skin, and due to its waterproof nature, it’ll allow you to do that effortlessly. If you can manage to avoid the basic mistakes people make while shaving, you’ll get away with a comfortable, fine shave everyday!

Basic Limitations Of A Budget Shaver

Well, I must say the Series 3 does perform much better than it’s priced at. However, it failed to closely follow my contour which is somewhat essential for my sensitive skin. I worked past it with my finesse with the shaver and wrist’s movement, and you can too if you spend some time with it.

The battery isn’t as great as the Series 9 (obviously), but mine lasted for around a week with quick shaves everyday. I’d recommend not to shave dry if you have sensitive skin as the results might cause you a little irritation. But shaving wet has never given me any discomfort, and I believe it’ll give you the same degree of convenience.

A Budget-Killer For Sensitive Skin

Before placing my final verdict, you must understand it’s a really affordable shaver that features all the basic characteristics that you’ll need in your razor. If you’re on a budget and are a home user who’s looking for a compact shaver for your sensitive skin shaving, I can vouch that you’ll receive great service from this Series 3 razor!

I wouldn’t recommend it to barbers who run a sizable business, as this shaver will require a lot of concentration while performing on sensitive skin customers. It also lacks a built-in trimmer, so you’ll require a separate unit for such purposes. You can keep it as a backup unit as I have, and bring it out if there’s a need for an alternate shaver for the mentioned purpose.

1. Beast inside budget1. Doesn’t follow contour accurately
2. Separates the skin from blades2. No built-in trimmer
3. Great as a backup device
4. Meets all home consumers’ needs

Braun Electric Razor for Men, Series 5

The Braun Series 5 razor is often compared to the Series 7 because of their similarity in features, while the former has the upperhand in the pricing, the latter flourishes with supreme performance. But the question is, based on every aspect of the Series 5 shaver, is it worth the investment for sensitive skin shaving? Or should the consumers settle for Series 3 or upgrade to the Series 7? Let’s find out!

Braun Electric Razor for Men, Series 5

Brief Feature Analysis

The Braun Series 5 is the first instance where the AutoSense technology has been implemented, and to my great relief it performed well on my sensitive skin. I didn’t feel any tugs, pulls or after shave burns which is a great plus for a shaver at this price. If you’re upgrading from something like a Remington, you’ll find the shaving experience to be drastically improved.


The EasyClean feature promises to let you clean it effortlessly, although I still feel it could have been better. It didn’t take me over a couple of minutes to get it cleaned, don’t get me wrong, but a shop filled with clients requires a much faster cleaning procedure, so this is something I’ve always had to be aware of.

Battery backup and charging time has been optimum, it charges up rapidly and lasts over a couple of weeks if dry-shaved everyday. I even got away with a quick shave with a five minute charge that caused me no irritation, so Braun actually didn’t lie about this feature. The ergonomic grip paired with water-resistant quality even let me use it inside shower without causing any discomfort.

Personal Assessment

I think it’s the best electric shaver for sensitive skin overall if I’m considering home consumers. All the necessary features are there, although I think it’s better not to press it too hard against the skin to avoid irritations. The grip level felt much better than the Series 3 as well as the closeness of shaving. It’s been kinder on the skin too and resulted in smooth, almost effortless shaves.

Rectifying Aspects

One of the development aspects I’ve felt as someone who performs professional shaving is a dock station. Considering the price however, it can be forgiven because there’s so much that Braun can offer at this cost. The quality of shaving, grabbing lying hair or dry-shaving prowess isn’t as great as the Series 7.

But in terms of sensitive skin, I still think it performs really well and above my set expectations. Since it doesn’t shave well in dry for delicate skins, so I always used some shaving lotion or other creams to tone down the harshness. The foil heats up after a while like most shavers, so starting from the difficult areas should be your go-to approach.

Overall Thoughts

I’d recommend this one too for the home consumers with sensitive skin, as it manages to take good care of the skin while shaving wet. For the effortlessness in shaving without adjusting your wrists continuously, it’s an upgrade worth the money from the Series 3 shaver. It also ensures that you won’t accidentally harm your skin at times when you aren’t concentrating enough.

I keep referring to its price because it’s really a bargain at what it can do coming in at such a low price. It has all the qualities to become a daily shaver if you have sensitive skin, and why pay more for premium devices when you can manage to get the job done at a much cheaper price?

1. Best balance between price & performance1. Needs wet shave
2. Affordable shaver that follows contour2. Lengthy cleaning time for barbers
3. Nice grip level
4. Can shave inside shower
5. Daily shaver for sensitive skin

Panasonic ARC5 Electric Razor ES-LV67-K

The Panasonic Arc5 LV67 is the champion for older people as it’s claimed as the best electric shaver for sensitive skin by them. It’s generous on even the softest of skins and the top-tier technology marks it down as ‘the shaver’ to have! Whether it’s because of the sturdy build or for the plain sailing performance, the LV67 is one of the very few razors I’ve fallen in love with!

Panasonic ARC5 Electric Razor ES-LV67-K

Technology At Its Best

This is probably the shaver I’ve tested out on numerous clients including myself apart from the Braun Series 9 Pro. The build quality as well as the fine degree of grip it provides instantaneously makes sure that I don’t overpress it on the skin which might have caused irritation after the shaving session.

The micro vibrations made by the powerful motor comes out on top in terms of shaving comfort. Putting it side by side with Gillette Mach razors that excel at offering close shave, the LV67 outperformed them every time while operating on longer stubbles. So my suggestion is, if you don’t shave frequently, this shaver gives you a free pass of an irritation-free shave for sensitive skin!


The five angular blades with a pivoting head that immediately follows contour paired to the ActiveSense technology makes my job as a barber a child’s play. I even tried shaving once with my eyes closed and got away without any harm done to my skin – such is the protective capability of this shaver!

Dry shaving shouldn’t be the usual procedure if you have sensitive skin, and wet shaves are at arm’s reach with its water-resistant technology. I took showers while shaving with it, and it showed no sign of leakage whatsoever.

A couple of passes have been enough to give me a close shave even with my delicate skin, and the best part was – it cleans out the difficult areas without leaving any beard patch behind! Docking it in the station always cleans & dries it out for me, so I never have to bother with any of that during my busy days – what more could I ask from my smart shaver?

Upgrading Opportunities Of LV67

No matter how perfect this device is, it does have a couple of areas that could be upgraded. The most apparent one is the price. I mean, you do understand how effective it is as a shaver, even more so for ones with sensitive skin since a shave with this device doesn’t even make you feel its presence. I think it’s worth the price for both a home consumer and a professional barber.

Another sector that I’ve realized is that it’s slightly bulky for shaving over the lips. This is where the attached trimmer comes into play, so you don’t have any area of your face left unshaved. You still shouldn’t shave dry and can follow the footstep of some experts with sensitive skins who use soap as a substitute for foam or gel.

My Take On The Shaver

The LV67 is really the perfect shaver for a close shave on sensitive skin. The long battery has allowed me to use it relentlessly. I even took it on a trip for a couple of weeks only to come back home with 40% charge still remaining, so forget your charger all you want while traveling!

Barbers like me should find it to be a blessing in disguise. The price range won’t feel significant at all when you see all the satisfied faces of your customers, especially the ones with sensitive skins who are afraid of shaving discomforts. Money does buy you happiness in this case, and it comes in the package of an Arc5 LV67!

1. Closest shave on sensitive skin 1. High price
2. Powerful motor with sharp blades2. Bulky design
3. Strong build
4. Gigantic battery life
5. Easy maintenance with dock station

Essential Features For Sensitive Skin Shaver

You should keep an eye out for the following feature while you assess any shaver to serve your sensitive skin in a gentle manner.

Essential Features For Sensitive Skin Shaver


Follows Contour

Your ideal sensitive skin shaver must follow your contour. Be that a 7-D pivoting head or a 16-D, having such a feature lets you shave your face without any worry of accidental cuts or even harsh burns. Most modern brands have this feature included in their shavers.

Capable Of Wet Shaving

A shaver for sensitive skin should be able to shave in wet conditions and have water-resistant properties. Shaving dry often results in irritations or rashes, so shaving with foam, gel or lotions is the best possible way to go about this affair!


Having a portable device allows you to shave in the most diverse angles. I’ve learned first hand how restricting a corded shaver can be in terms of maneuvering differently. A good battery life will go a long way while performing sensibly on your delicate skin.

Strong Motor With Sharp Blades

A strong motor means less strained the shaver will be while chopping through the thick bushes. And sharp blades ensure that the hair strands are easily removed without tugging or pulling which can surely cause certain degrees of discomfort for sensitive skins.

Good Grip Level

Good grip level comes from ergonomic designs with rubber paddings. This is essential because you’ll be shaving in the wet condition at all times for your sensitive skin. Thus, water won’t let your shaver slip out of your hand and make accidental cuts whether you’re shaving inside the shower or outside.

Sensitive Skin Shaving Tutorial

Shaving your sensitive skin isn’t so straightforward a process as doing so on regular skin. Such a vulnerable outer layer requires a methodical procedure that only experts or regular operators such as myself are aware of. A step by step technique is broken down here after so that you can achieve the most comfortable shave all by yourself!

Sensitive Skin Shaving Tutorial

Step 1: Wash The Face

You must wash your face with cold water before you even think about shaving your sensitive skin. This wash will make sure there’s no dust particle that’ll get tangled with the blades and cause any unwanted nicks or tugs throughout the process.

Step 2: Exfoliate Thoroughly

Exfoliating means applying a cream for this specific purpose on your beard and scrubbing nicely for a good 5-10 minutes. This softens down your beard strands and makes the shaving a straightforward process. It should not only be followed for sensitive skin shaving, but for all shaving in general.

Step 3: Apply Shaving Lotion

It’s essential that you shave wet to make the shaving process as gentle as possible. You have to pick a razor that’s capable of shaving wet beforehand. Now apply any shaving lotion, foam or gel of your preference to prepare your beard for a fine shave!

Step 4: Shave Away

Grab your specialized shaver and set it to a sensitive skin setting if there’s an option. If not, stick to regular settings and be delicate with your hand movement. Start from the difficult areas first. Make a couple of passes if necessary. Don’t push the shaver too hard as it might cause irritation to your sensitive skin.

Move from one area to the other after clearing out the patch completely. Use your thumb to check if the shaving is neat. If you feel there’s still little heads popping out, make another pass. Good razors excel at this because they can perform such operations with the least amount of passes.

Step 5: Wash Again

It’s important that you sprinkle some cold water on your face once you’re done shaving. This prevents your face from feeling any burning sensation or discomfort in general. Wash off the residue lotion completely and mop out your face gently with a paper towel.

Step 6: After-Shave Cream

Lastly, apply some after-shave cream or lotion to cool down your skin further. This works as an antiseptic as well and helps you out with any accidental cuts you might have had. It also assists your sensitive skin to retain the lost moisture during the shaving session.

With this, your shaving session comes to an end. Following this routine regularly should see your shavings getting less irritating and more comfort-friendly.

How To Take Care Of Sensitive Skin After A Shave?

Here, we’ll elucidate on a few important aspects you must consider after a clean shave, and the care-routine you can endorse to mitigate these concerns completely.


Hydration is very important for your skin in general, and even more so if your skin is sensitive. I usually apply aftershave lotion right after my shaving. Also, I keep my skin hydrated with proper lotions made with natural ingredients at all times. Shaving tends to suck out all the moisture from the skin, so sprinkling your face with water frequently has proven to be a healthy practice.

Apply Sun-Screen

Avoid direct contact from sunlight in general, and most certainly when you’ve just gotten a clean shave. Your beard usually protects your sensitive skin from sunlight and the harmful rays that it comes with. When it’s exposed, apply sun-screen lotions before heading out into the sun. Making it a common routine will help your skin to stay protected, and don’t forget to wash your face once you’re home!

Avoid Unnecessary Chemicals

There are tons of gurus who suggest varieties of creams based on harmful chemicals to increase your skin’s quality or whatnot. These are complete scams and will do nothing but to harm you. Stick to natural ingredients if you must, which would be a healthy moisturizing practice overall.

Use things like coconut oil, olive oil, aloe vera, honey, avocado, shea butter, cucumber etc. to help your skin hydrate and retain the moisture. Remember, dry skin is the biggest culprit for sensitive skin and following such methods will ease your difficulties to a certain level!


We hope you haven’t lost your breath scrolling down till this point. It has surely been a massive article with tons of information, but information that is necessary to keep your sensitive skin healthy at all costs.

Picking out the best electric shaver for sensitive skin is a hectic journey for sure, which will only be fruitful if you’ve managed to find out your perfect pick from the lot. I’ve personally tested all of the devices mentioned above and cross-checked with prominent experts in person and online.

There is a wide variety of shavers to choose from at every price range – all of whom have one thing in common, that is to provide your sensitive skin with a gentle, fine shave.

I recommend you to follow the shaving method and care-guide we’ve included in this article, because these are proven to have worked on people with delicate skin. You now know what to look for in your ideal shaver, so go grab your complete machine and give your skin some breathing room!

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