Best Dog Clippers for Shih Tzu You Can Buy in 2024 and Beyond!

Shih Tzu is one of the most adorable dogs found in our homes, won’t you agree?

This highly celebrated dog breed is very popular as toys for our kids as well. One of the reasons for this popularity is a coat full of dense fur. That’s exactly why these guys need regular grooming, combing and brushing to keep them in top shape.

However, there’s a problem. Grooming them at home can be a tough task. Add to that the regular bathing and brushing of their coat and paws. To be frank with you, I used to run away from tasks like these. Well, that’s until I found out that you need specialized trimmers for the job.

That’s where this little article will come in handy for you guys. As a dog owner, I’ve put years of experience of mine in selecting the best dog trimmers for Shih Tzu and putting out the list in this article. Along with the list, you’ll have a buying guide giving you an insight into my research.

Oh… I’ll also be doing a short guide on How to Groom a Shih Tzu with Clippers just for good measure. Stay tuned and enjoy reading the article.

Table Of Contents

Best Dog Clippers for Shih Tzu – Comparison Table

Name & Brand
Run time
Andis UltraEdge Super Corded
Detachable blade
Check Price
Wahl Professional Animal Arco80 Minutes
5-in-1 Blade
Check Price
Oneisall Dog Shaver Clippers80 Minutes
Stainless steel fixed blade
Check Price
Oster A5 Two Speed Clipper120 Minutes
Detachable -X #10 Blade
Check Price
Andis 22340 ProClip ClipperCorded
Detachable blade
Check Price
Wahl Animal Bravura Pet Kit90 Minutes
5-in-1 Blade
Check Price
Sminiker Professional Dogs Clippers70 Minutes
titanium blade
Check Price

Top-Rated Dog Clippers for Shih Tzu

As promised, this section holds the key for us dog groomers. Here, I’ll be going over some of the best in the business of dog clipping to help people shave off the extra fur from their dog’s coat. These machines will surely keep our friends in top shape day and night through “On Demand” grooming.

Andis UltraEdge Super 2-Speed Detachable Blade Clipper

I really don’t need to tell you about the importance of grooming if you already own a Shih Tzu. But grooming doesn’t always mean just brushing and keeping the fur smooth. Adequate and timely trimming is a must. That’s where the Andis UltraEdge Super comes into play.

Andis UltraEdge Super 2-Speed Detachable Blade Clipper AGC2

Before getting into how this little device performs let’s discuss a bit on how it’s built. The UltraEdge super is certainly one of the most durable ones out there. The device is crafted to last long. Even the special hardening process has been applied to the blades to make them last.

I must add that the chrome finish indeed makes it corrosion free and very much dependable. Even the cutting elements like the ceramic blades run cooler than steel. All these small details take the clipper to the edge of perfection. Let’s face it, your Shih Tzu won’t settle for anything less.

Just like the majestic breed, the clipper itself requires some maintenance too. Since this one has a detachable blade feature, it’s pretty obvious that you’ll need some replacements. The blades can be maintained with the Andis Cool Care Plus and Oil. This thing here works like a charm.

The best part about this clipper is, it runs pretty cool and quiet. I mean no one wants to deal with overheating and constant buzzing noise, right?  With the frequency of 60 Hz, this here is a dream machine for professionals who want to work on various Shih Tzu coats.

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Now let’s talk “Functionality”. This product from Andis makes sure you get the job done. A bit of variety is offered with the 5-speed, 2-speed, and single speed options. Choose the best option according to your personal preference.

Kiss the power issues goodbye because this device can run both corded and cordlessly. Just plug it in for all day long usage and go cordless if you need to do some grooming outdoors. The 14 ‘heavy-duty cord makes it easy to move around while trimming several parts of the pup.

A clipper is only as good as the motor. This one houses a powerful brushless motor that’s great for handling a variety of coats. The long-lasting motor decreases dragging and makes the best out of every trim.

You just might be glad to know that the detachable blade clippers used with this one are also compatible with all Andis CeramicEdge” and UltraEdge” clippers. These are the things I learned to appreciate over time. This grants compatibility for 20 blade sizes that are crafted in the USA.

Things I Liked about the Product

  • Andis offers great performance while dealing with thick coats which are problems for many.
  • This little product has a strong motor that offers variable speeds and cutting lengths.
  • You’ll get a quiet operation and there’s no chances of scaring the dog while hair clipping.
  • This little product from Andis is well-built and durable in general.
  • The power cord we get is long enough for greater maneuverability and flexibility in general.

Things I Didn’t Like about the Product

  • This little thing might seem a bit heavy for some users.
  • It heats up fast and takes a while to cool down. It’s dangerous to operate on your dog then.

Wahl Professional Animal Arco Cordless Clipper Kit

A list of top rated dog clippers for Shih Tzu would be simply incomplete without a product from Wahl. These guys have produced some quality components and devices over the years. The reputation they’ve built among the pet owners throughout the world is nothing to shrug off.

Wahl Professional Animal Arco Cordless Clipper Kit

The first impression a device creates is usually through the unboxing experience. When Wahl says a complete grooming kit, they mean a “Complete grooming kit.” Let’s check out what comes up with the box.

Apart from the clipper itself, you’ll find a 5-in-1 fine blade set, adjustable to sizes #9, #10, #15, #30, and #40, 2 drop-in NiMH rechargeable battery packs, a soft storage case, a charging stand, and charger, 4 plastic attachment guide combs, a cleaning brush, blade oil, and of course an Instruction book.

As for the size and weight ratio, the product is 6.75 inches long and weighs about 7.9 ounces. It doesn’t feel heavy at all while running its courses on the thick coat of the pup. Plus, the slim and ergonomic design fits perfectly in the hands. This contributes to reducing wrist fatigue to a great extent.

The Wahl Professional Animal Arco clipper kit is best suited for cordless usages. There’s no need to worry about a dangling wire while you’re grooming your Shih Tzu. The device takes only about 45 minutes to get fully charged and offers 80 whole minutes of runtime. So, feel free and clip away!

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With the awesome performance of the NiMH battery, the Wahl Professional Animal Arco clipper offers longevity beyond expectation. Even the no-maintenance motor offers a lot of promise. User-friendliness is prioritized as you’ll find that it’s quite easy to clean.

Versatility is something that’s great to have in a clipper kit. The product is well equipped to handle basically all small and medium-size pooches. Bichons, Shih Tzus, Terriers, and Spaniels, as well as cats, can be dealt with ease. If you want a bit more, use it as a horse clipper. It’ll still work like a charm.

Trimming and touchups have never been so easy and clean. Working on muzzle, face, ears, legs, fetlocks, and bridle paths is simply a breeze.

As I said before, the 5-in-1 fine blade adjusts between sizes 9, 10, 15, 30, and 40. So there’s plenty of options to choose from when cutting length comes to mind. Oh, and do remember to keep your blades lubricated. This will offer a longer life by avoiding unwanted friction.

Things I Liked about the Product

  • The machine is quiet, this is what you need when shaving your dog to avoid startling him.
  • The ergonomic design fits in the hands of the users quite well.
  • Wahl comes with an impressive battery life. You can clip your dogs’ hairs for hours without a stop.
  • This little clipper doesn’t heat up much and stays wonderfully cool. It won’t burn your Shih Tzu.
  • The combs that come along are very much useful. Feel free to cut the hair down to all shapes and sizes.

Things I Didn’t Like about the Product

  • Some users report performance issues after a number of sessions.
  • The batteries aren’t going to last you for very long in terms of years.

Oneisall Dog Shaver Clippers

I don’t know if looks count for you when you choose to buy a grooming tool. But Oneisall Dog Shaver Clipper simply looks classy. Its sleek design and rose gold colored finish make it an eyecatcher for those who seek elegance.

oneisall Dog Shaver Clippers

Apart from the clipper itself, there were a few accessories that made it into a complete grooming set. The package of contents had a stainless-steel scissor, a stainless-steel comb, an oil bottle, and 6 guide guards (3mm, 6mm, 9mm, 12mm,15mm, and 18mm). Now that’s a mouthful, isn’t it?

I noticed that this one has a built-in Li-ion Battery. This offers great flexibility when it comes to grooming. I mean you just can’t go wrong with both corded and corded operation at your disposal. Never run out of power as the device gets charged as long as the adapter is plugged in.

A half-groomed dog? Not a chance!

The guys at Oneisall even went as far as putting in a notification light. When the light goes green, you’ll know that the device is fully charged and you can go cordless whenever you please. But take note that while charging the LED indicator will show red.

The Oneisall Dog Shaver Clipper offers an operation that’s as silent as it gets. Only 50db while running. Now that’s something great to have. No chances of your Shih Tzu getting spooked or uncomfortable during grooming sessions.

Get oneisall Dog Clippers at Amazon

A clipper is only as good as the blades and this one is equipped with a set of great ones. The upgraded stainless-steel blades won’t let you down. These offer a smooth and comfortable cutting experience. The design and the low vibration mechanism help to enhance the user experience even further.

The device’s blades are detachable and easy to clean up. These are undoubtedly sharp enough to last long, but they still require some maintenance. There’s a blade oil included with the package to offer aid against unwanted friction and damage.

While dealing with the Shih Tzu, it might be best to shorten the hair with scissors (Provided the hair strands are too long). Otherwise, the clipper might jam up and cause issues. Just a quick trim is pretty much enough to avoid technical difficulties.

The device has six different guard combs to choose from and each has its unique length. This is great when it comes to dealing with hair of different lengths. The combs are detachable and are pretty easy to swap anytime.

A really efficient device that gets the job done with finesse. Oneisall has come up with a product that hits all the checkboxes and offers reliability that builds trust. This one is hands down a great value clipper without a shred of doubt.

Things I Liked about the Product

  • The fixed stainless-steel blades work like a charm. They are sharp and cut the fur like butter.
  • The design is very aesthetically pleasing. Not too minimalistic or overbearing I must add.
  • OneIsAll dog clipper offers a quiet operation. It won’t startle your cute dogs or neighbors.
  • Stainless-steel scissors are included with the package to deal with thick coats.
  • The guard combs allow to choose from different clipping lengths. You’re never left hanging.

Things I Didn’t Like about the Product

  • This thing can’t deal with thick hair on its own without the help of scissors.
  • The combs can prove to be hard to remove from the coat’s hairs.

Oster A5 Two Speed Animal Grooming Clipper

The Oster A5 Two Speed Animal Grooming Clipper definitely looks and feels like it means business. Equipped with a powerful universal motor it can take on some heavy-duty clipping. Plus, there are two speeds to choose from, 3,000 SPM and 4,000 SPM. Just take your pick and start clipping.

Oster Pet Clippers A5 2-Speed Animal Grooming Clipper

As for the packaging, the unboxing experience is nothing less than wholesome. The box includes detachable #10 CryogenX blade, blade oil, clipper grease, cleaning brush, and replacement carbon brushes.

Let’s talk about the dimensions a bit, shall we?

This baby here has the measurements of 1.9-inch H x 2.1-inch W x 8.2-inch L. Considering the size, it’s not heavy at all. With the minimal weight of 1.7 pounds, it’s rather easy to hold and maneuver. With an ideal power consumption of 45 Watts only it certainly won’t break the bank.

Not to mention the cord length is a whopping 12 feet.  This makes it easy to connect to power outlets in any corner of the room.

I have no complaints about this one when it comes to compatibility. The device is compatible with all Oster A5 detachable blades. Now that’s just awesome! Even swapping the blades are super quick and easy.

Speaking of the blades, Oster’s cryogenically treated blades have been trusted by users for years. The implemented cryogenic technology increases the hardness of the blades and makes them well equipped to last long. And let me tell you, this extended durability offers superior performance out of the box.

Remember the speed options I spoke of? Each of them has its own utility. The lower speeds are great for a quieter operation which is suitable for sensitive areas of the pup. Whereas the higher speeds are best suited for faster trims and full body shave downs.

Just good trimming really doesn’t cut it. There has to be a perfect finish. That’s where the universal guide combs come in. These assure better control and added safety for longer cutting lengths. These combs slide into the clipper to deliver that perfect finish each session.

Before you get yourself ready to groom your Shih Tzu with the Oster A5, make sure it has been bathed, dried, and cleaned of mats properly. It’s always a good idea to do it on a pet stand or a towel for easier cleanup. Pull the skin to create flat surfaces and make every stroke count.

Here’s a friendly reminder: The clipper does get a bit hot after using for a while. So, it’s better not to deal with sensitive areas while the device is hot. But as long as you’re dealing with other flat body parts, you should be A-Okay.

Things I Liked about the Product

  • This thing offers a great cutting experience. I dare say, the maintenance of the coat is a breeze.
  • The device is built to run quietly. You don’t expect otherwise from my list now, I get it.
  • The body doesn’t heat up much. As a result, it’s pretty easy on our hands when we hold it.
  • Oster A5 dog hair trimmer is great for working through thick hair in less amount of time.
  • Blade oil is included with the package. You won’t feel it tough to maintain Oster A5 by any means.

Things I Didn’t Like about the Product

  • Performance may decrease over time. But this is one thing we expect from all the dog trimmers.
  • There’s room for improvement in the construction or build quality of this object.

Andis 22340 ProClip 2-Speed Detachable Blade Clipper

Here we go with yet another awesome product from Andis. You might be asking yourself “Why Another One?” Well, you’ll find out soon enough. But the Andis 22340 ProClip 2-Speed Detachable Blade Clipper is nevertheless a worthy contender in my list of dog clippers for Shih Tzu. No doubts about it!

Andis 22340 ProClip 2-Speed Detachable Blade Clipper

The best thing about the Andis 22340 ProClip 2 seemed to be the subtle operation. The device is practically silent while running. Not just that, but it stays cool within a minimum of 120 Volts. I just loved the brushless motor of the Endurance Clipper!

Secondly, I have to mention the detachable blades. These ceramic bad boys run cooler than steel. This also enhances the longevity of the blades compared to the contemporaries. The increased durability makes it perfect for professionals who deal with high-volume cutting.

As for the build quality of the blades, I found that these go through a special hardening process which keeps the blades sharp for longer periods of time. Worried about corrosion? The chrome finish saves you from that and adds to the durability.

Maintenance might be a key issue with this product. Since the blades are detachable, it’s pretty obvious that users have to invest in multiple blades. Maintaining them with Andis Cool Care Plus and oil makes things a lot easier. This is great to prevent unwanted damage to the blades.

The detaching procedure is easy and quick. Changing out the blades takes no time at all. A smooth cut is guaranteed with each set.

Not only for Shih Tzu, but this clipper here is also suitable for all coats and breeds. It’s good to have some versatility when it comes to operation. Speaking of which, the two-speed rotary motor is there to provide optimal performance in every situation which is demanded by professionals.

The device comes with a removable drive cap. This is actually a nice addition to keeping safety in mind. The clipper has a shatterproof housing that makes it sturdier and more durable than many others.

As for electrical operation, there’s a 14′ heavy-duty cord for ease of movement. This makes it very simple to move around the dog and other equipment. All these tiny features sum up to complete a great product that’s hard to overlook.

Things I Liked about the Product

  • This Andis model offers a fairly quiet operation. Not as quiet as some of the other options on list.
  • This Andis product runs relatively cool enough in high speeds as well. No chance of accidents.
  • The cutting experience for me and my dog was pretty smooth and clean.
  • I must mention the fact that the device is beginner-friendly and quite easy to handle.
  • Andis 22340 is well built with a superior design. It’s fall damage resistant as well.

Things I Didn’t Like about the Product

  • It doesn’t come with comb attachments. This is one of the major drawbacks that will plague you.
  • Size 10 blades don’t work with the clipper. Be very careful about which size you want your dog’s hairs to be for an easy trimming.

Wahl Professional Animal Bravura Pet, Dog, Cat, and Horse Corded/Cordless Clipper Kit

Wahl Professional Animal Bravura Clipper Kit is built to perform. But such is to be expected from the well renowned American company. If you are into some serious grooming to have that perfect finish, then this clipper her might be just the one for you.

Wahl Professional Animal Bravura Clipper Kit

The box itself came with one Bravura clipper, 5-in-1 fine blade set, 6 plastic attachment guide combs, cleaning brush, blade oil, instruction book, charge stand and charger, and a soft storage case. By the list of the accessories it’s really obvious by now that this is a “Complete” grooming kit.

The comfort factor is often overlooked by many. There are a lot of clippers out there that are simply punishing for the palm and the wrist. But the Bravura is a different case entirely. This one is ergonomically designed to fit perfectly into the palm and reduce wrist fatigue.

So, there’s no need to be reluctant about prolonged grooming sessions. And I bet you know how much time and effort it takes to keep your Shih Tzu well groomed.

As for functionality, the device can work both corded and cordlessly. The lithium ion battery performs superbly and delivers 90 whole minutes of cordless runtime. Not only that, bit it runs cool and quiet with minimal vibration. Just plug it in for an hour and it’ll get fully charged.

The constant speed control feature is great to have. The clipper automatically delivers more power and torque in tough areas. This is made possible due to the powerful motor that’s inbuilt. I noticed no power or performance flux during cordless operation. The experience was as smooth as silk.

The device is 7 inches long and weighs about 8.8 ounces. The clipper itself is crafted in Hungary and the blades are built in Germany. So, there’s no question when it comes to durability and reliability. The craftsmanship speaks for itself.

The 5-in-1 blade fits between the sizes #9, 10, 15, 30, and 40. A large variety of cutting lengths are offered. It really doesn’t matter whether you’re clipping the Shi Tzu’s feet, face or other sensitive areas. You’ll get a smooth and clean trimming experience in any case.

A common question might be, “Can I use it on other breeds or animals?” Yes, you most certainly can! The clipper can be used to groom all breeds of dogs. Including cats, horses and cattle.

If you’re not happy with the color scheme, you have other options to choose from. Berry, Gunmetal, Pink, Purple, and Turquoise are also there to choose from. It seems Wahl has primarily focused on customer satisfaction. Every aspect of the Bravura speaks for it.

Things I Liked about the Product

  • This has a high-speed system with a good enough motor. Dog hair clipping won’t consume time.
  • The variable blade options are very much appreciated as sharpness won’t be any problem.
  • Wahl’s professional kit offers great finish on any part of the dog’s body. Thanks again to sharpness.
  • This universal dog/cat hair clipper doesn’t go too hot to handle at any point during hair clipping.
  • Wahl’s universal animal trimmer offers a quiet operation that won’t spook the Shih Tzu pup.

Things I Didn’t Like about the Product

  • Wahl’s universal animal hair trimmer runs on one speed only. This is a problem when you shave tricky areas that need speed variations.
  • The device could have been better built.

Sminiker Professional Rechargeable Cordless Dogs Cats Horse Grooming Clippers

This golden powerhouse right here is called the Sminiker Professional Grooming Clippers. It promises a powerful cut that comes with accurate control and stability. Apart from the Shih Tzu, it can be used to groom cats and horses too.

So, what makes it so special? Let’s find out!

Sminiker Professional Rechargeable Cordless Dogs Cats Horse Grooming Clippers

The box comes with 1 x Sminiker Pet clipper, 1 x US AC Power Adapter, 1 x Rechargeable Battery, 1 x Cleaning Brush for Clipper, 1 x Stainless Flat scissors, 4 x Limiting Combs, 1 x Manual, 1 × Nail Clipper Kit, and 1 × Nail File. I found this accessory set to be more than enough.

The device allows cordless operation and runs for 70 minutes straight. Don’t worry about getting a proper adapter for it. The kit comes with a dedicated charger for the device. But do keep note, the clipper takes five hours to get fully charged. Make sure it’s done so you don’t run out of juice.

I mean no one wants to have a semi groomed dog, right?

The Li-ion battery has no battery memory effect. This means you won’t have any negative outcomes if you charge the battery halfway. The charging indicator lets the user know whether the clipper is fully charged or not. No possibilities of getting misled at all.

If you’re concerned about safety, then have no fear. The product comes with a set of 3-6-9-12mm level limiting combs. And these do come with the package. There’s zero possibility of nicks or cuts even if you haven’t used an animal clipper before.

Even the mobile titanium blades are customizable. They can be adjusted within the range of 2mm- 0.9mm. These work great if you want that tiny bit of adjustment option in the hair length.

The titanium blades are as good as they come. These acute-angled ones combined with the ceramic movable blades make for a smooth and efficient cut.

The motor equipped with the device is pretty powerful. This precision motor offers minimal vibration and an ultra-quiet design. There are puppies who get really disturbed and scared by the buzzing noise of clippers. The working noise of this one goes lower than 60 DB. So, no chance for a scare there.

With the dimensions of 45*175mm and a minimalistic weight of 650g only, this won’t fall heavy on your wrist. Even the charging cord length is adequate, 175cm to be exact. You won’t be done wrong with an input power of 100V-240V 50/60Hz. Now these spec details seem more than promising.

Things I Liked about the Product

  • The device is efficient and offers a clean haircut for dogs big or small in size.
  • Sminiker is great when it comes to dealing with thick or long hairs in general.
  • The machine is very quiet. The noise reduction is potent and it won’t scare the dog the slightest.
  • If you want some variety and versatility, this thing works great when you want to shave the cats too.
  • Sminiker is very competitively priced for a dog hair trimmer. It goes with the performance level.

Things I Didn’t Like about the Product

  • Sminiker leaves a lot to be desired when it comes to the build quality of this thing to be honest.
  • Users can have hair tugging or pulling issues with this thing. It’s better to be careful with this object.

My Very Own Buying Guide for Shih Tzu Hair Clippers

The list we discussed above is anything but a simple assortment of products. Shih Tzu breed is delicate. So is its hair. We cannot trim or shave them with just any shaver. That’s why it took me hours of research to find the top-tier trimmers for the job. In this section, I’d be going over the points that helped in my research.

My Very Own Buying Guide for Shih Tzu Hair Trimmers

  • I’d Take A Look at the Motor

Motors are at the very center of performance when it comes to dog clippers. Before you select a clipper for your Shih Tzu, it’s best to look at the motor and coat type. These are interconnected.

Well, let me explain

Whether you need a magnetic, universal, pivot, or rotary motor, depends on the dog that you’re planning to groom. For heavy coats like the Shih Tzu, motor power is a big fact. Rotary motors are best for these cases. As far as matting is concerned, you’ll need to look at the SPM (Strokes per minute).

Without high SPM, there’s a high possibility of tangling. Especially when you’re dealing with long and thick-coated Shih Tzu.

There can also be exceptions. Suppose if your pup has medium coats then it’s probably best to go for pivot motors. For thin coats, electromagnetic motors work just fine.

One last bit, check whether the clipper has multiple speeds or turbo modes. These are great when you’re grooming one particular type of dog. Just keep in mind that faster speeds tend to heat up the device much more than slower speeds.

  • The Blades Come Second in My Priority List

Your first concern about the blades should be about what material they are built from. There can be combinations that include steel, ceramic, titanium, carbon, chrome, or silver, as well as finishing treatments. But mostly the manufacturers use steel and ceramic.

Steel is great for durability, but ceramic is much cooler. Carbon adds a harder edge into the game and chrome wards off the rust. If you’re worried about bacterial and fungal infections then silver is the way to go.

Now let’s talk a bit about edging variety. UltraEdge steel basically refers to steel that’s infused with carbon. This offers a harder and long-lasting edge. A fan of smooth and sleek finishes? Then, ShowEdge is probably the best choice for you. Lastly, CeramicEdge offers a cooler experience than the others.

There are of course different blade sizes and some clippers come with detachable blades. Now, this is an option that depends a lot on your personal preference and the type of fur you’re dealing with. Guide combs help a lot in this area too.

  • Role of The Battery

It’s wise to check up what kind of battery is used inside a clipper. Not all batteries are the same, nor do they offer similar charge capacity. The clear difference can be seen in between Nickel Cadmium (NiCd), Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH), and Lithium-ion batteries.

For instance, NiCd batteries have a long life of 800 cycles. But the runtime is considerably shorter than NiMh batteries. The down part about this battery is that it loses runtime if the charge is not dried off before recharging. This memory effect can be a bummer for many.

Whereas the NiMH batteries don’t come with the memory effect issue. At least not as much as NiCd batteries. But these have a shorter lifespan of 400-600 cycles. On the other hand, Lithium-ion batteries have the longest runtime of them all. And the life cycle is roughly 400 cycles.

What kind of battery powers your clipper? I laid out the details, now the choice is totally up to you.

  • Make the Choice Between Corded and/or Cordless Operation

This is mostly a matter of personal preference. Some prefer corded operation as this saves them from the hassle of recharging the device from time to time. But in these cases, I would highly recommend a long cord. Otherwise, it might get a bit tough to get to the hard to reach areas of your Shih Tzu.

Cordless operation isn’t all that bad either. In fact, many prefer it over the corded ones. Not everyone wants to deal with a dangling wire all the time. But if you’re going to go cordless then it’ll be best to choose the one that has the minimum charge time and maximum run time.

  • The Design and Heft Do Matter

Light and small clippers are easy on our wrists. These ones are the ones that are meant to be worked with on longer sessions. But the professional-grade products are usually larger and heavier. They tend to be more powerful. But still, it’s quite possible to find the perfect balance between power and weight.

The grip is an important factor while using any handheld device. Clippers are not by far an exception. Look for an ergonomic design that will fit into your palms nicely. Unwanted slipping can end up in an uneven cut. So, make sure the grip is solid as well. I would suggest a well-constructed case as well.

A sturdy, ergonomic, and light clipper is the best way to go.

  • Heat Can be an Issue

Heat can be produced by the device for two common reasons. If the motor runs on high speed for quite some time, the clipper is bound to get hot. Another reason is the friction of blades with fur and dirt. Be extra cautious about heating issues. You obviously don’t want to burn your pet during the sessions.

Proper cleaning and maintenance do reduce the heating up process. Take extra measures like testing the heat with the back of your hands to know when to let the trimmer cool off. Use a cooling lubricated spray if you need to.

I would suggest you check for heating issues before you make your purchase. This may vary from product to product.

  • Say No to Noise

There are a lot of heavy-duty clippers that make a significant amount of noise if used at high speeds. This can be a huge negative! It’s just not worth it to get your Shih Tzu spooked while grooming it. Many models do give up to expectations and run with lower sounds.

Check for the sound that the device causes before you make your purchase, low noises, and minimal vibrations are the best way to go in this case. Rest assured, some do live up to expectations and offer a very quiet operation.

  • Check for Additional Complementary Accessories

It’s ideal to look at the set of accessories before you place your order. There are a lot of products out there that just come with the device and a set of blades. This might not be enough to fulfil all your grooming needs.

Each accessory that’s included has its own particular usage. For example, a carrying case can be helpful if you’re willing to do some grooming outdoors. Check for the box of contents as each tool matters. Some clippers come with extra accessories that help in overall maintenance as well.

How to Groom a Shih Tzu With Clippers?

Even the best dog trainer or owner among us can handle a trimmer or two wrong. This is a blunder we simply can’t afford to make when shaving long, uneven hair strands from a dense coat like that of a Shih Tzu. That’s why you need to have a precise idea about what you’re doing and how. This section will teach you just that.

How to Groom a Shih Tzu With Clippers

  • I always bathe and dry my Shih Tzu properly before the trimming of his coat. This will help the process in going smooth. It will also reveal lumps and cuts before you trim your dog(s) and help you in taking appropriate measures.
  • Once you’re absolutely certain that the dog has no skin conditions, move along by prepping your trimmer for the job. I’d suggest lubricating the blade before you move on to shaving. This helps in sharpening the blades. They cut faster. The lubrication enhances the longevity of it as well.
  • Dogs’ skins are different than that of us humans. You can’t run the clipping machines over uneven skin. Rather, stretch the skin to create an even surface and shave the furs off with the grain. This will prevent scratches, red marks, nicks, and cuts on the skin.
  • You’ll notice some of the dog grooming kits come with guide combs. I’ll advise you to take full advantage of them. Sometimes, they might come with regulator-style combs. Use them wisely. The guide combs allow you to cut the furs in specific lengths. Use specific blades to your dog.
  • Accidents ARE normal. They can happen even when you’re carefully shaving Shih Tzu’s coat. You’ll do well to keep an antiseptic close by. Whenever there’s a nick or a cut, make sure to apply the medicine on the wound right away.
  • It’s an absolute must to clean the device properly after you’re done grooming. Wash the nooks and crannies of the machines you use. Majority of these machines come with cleaning brush(es). Put them to good use. Disinfect the blades. Buy waterproof Shih Tzu Clippers for easy cleaning.
  • Congrats! You’re done with the difficult task of grooming or hair trimming. It’s the time when you dry the machine and store it in a convenient place. It shouldn’t be too hot. Take my advice, hang it by the wall. Most trimmers for Shih Tzu come with a “Hook and Loop” system for that.

Let’s End This Article Here

If you’ve made it to the end of my article on Best Dog Clippers for Shih Tzu, congratulations. I understand taking all the information in and processing might be a bit difficult for first timers. That’s why I have my top 3 picks for trimmers. My first pick is the ones from Wahl Clipper Kit.

Well, that’s if you have money to spare and don’t mind spending a few bucks in favor of quality. However, if you don’t have a fancy budget, go for OneIsAll trimmer as it’s a perfect tool to get started with at a small budget. The control panel is what I like about the item in question.

If you want a good balance between price and performance, I’d tell you to go for Oster A5. This little trimmer is not very expensive. Yet, it delivers on the promise of superlative performance without the hassle of a hefty maintenance to go with it.

Do you have something original in mind? Perhaps an entirely new brand? My buying guide on the topic is full of factors that’ll aid you on your research. Feel free to go through them and find the best possible match for your dog’s grooming needs.

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