Best Dog Clippers For Maltese: Quick And Easy Grooming

Maltese dogs are quite popular for a few reasons: they’re small lap dogs that don’t take up too much space, they’re fiercely intelligent and loyal, and they’re one of the few naturally hypoallergenic dog breeds.

But keeping a Maltese dog requires a lot of work, particularly when it comes to grooming them. A Maltese can require frequent haircuts depending on their hair length, which can cost a lot in groomer’s fees. That’s why some owners have decided to just cut their dog’s hair themselves with a good pair of electric dog clippers.

The best dog clippers for Maltese breeds need to be delicate enough to handle the skin, powerful enough to handle matted hair, and versatile enough to be used on the dog’s entire body. In this buyer’s guide, we’ve compiled 7 of the best Maltese grooming tools that you can find, and additional tips on which one to buy and how to use them.

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Best Clippers For Maltese Dogs – Comparison Chart

Name & Brand
Run time
Wahl Animal Bravura 
90 Minutes
5-in-1 Blade
Check Price
Oster Golden A5
120 Minutes
Detachable -X #10 Blade
Check Price
Andis UltraEdge Super
Detachable Blade
Check Price
Wahl Animal Arco 
80 Minutes
5-in-1 Blade
Check Price
Oneisall Dog Clippers
80 Minutes
Stainless Steel Fixed blade
Check Price
Andis 22340 ProClip 2
Detachable blades
Check Price
Wahl Animal BravMini+
100 Minutes
#30 Trimmer Blade
Check Price

The Top 7 Clippers For Maltese Dogs

There are a lot of different dog clippers on the market, but only a few brands have managed to produce outstanding models that can cater to Maltese dogs. Here are the top 7 on the market.

Wahl Bravura

With decades of experience in making high-tech and innovative grooming tools for people and pets alike, Wahl is THE brand of choice for many groomers and pet owners around the world. The Bravura is a powerful yet whisper-silent trimmer that’s suited for smaller dogs, with impressive cutting power and battery life.

Wahl Bravura

The proprietary 5-in-1 blade (#9, 10, 15, 30, and 40) is perfect for thick and matted hair, which can often be tricky to cut on smaller breeds. Made from high-grade steel, these can be adjusted quickly via the quick-change cutting system.

A 5,500 SPM (strokes per minute) rotary motor provides enough shearing power without being a power-hungry tool. The Bravura is uniquely designed for American households and power outlets, so you never have to worry about not being able to cut your Maltese when you need to.

The ergonomic grip and the relatively negligible weight make this perfect for Maltese pups since you have a lot of room to maneuver without frightening your dog. The motor is also quieter than other models, so you can groom even skittish or easily scared pets in relative comfort.

The Bravura is powered by a lithium-ion battery with a run time of 90 minutes, making it one of the longest-lasting electric dog clippers on the market. Not only does it last long, but it’s also quick to charge, reaching full capacity in less than an hour.

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If you own more than one Maltese, there’s also the option to use it corded. The professional cord is durable and resistant to wear and tear and provides a steady supply of power so you don’t worry about running out of juice in the middle of clipping.

A prominent feature of this model is the Constant Speed Control, which automatically compensates the speed of the rotor when you’re clipping tougher areas. This ensures an efficient and even trim all over your Maltese.

Wahl makes some of the best clipper blades on the market, but most users recommend getting a set of professional steel combs to smooth over more tangled parts of your dog’s hair for the best results. The blades also need to be cleaned thoroughly and oiled regularly to ensure that they keep their edge, but the German stainless steel requires very little sharpening.

Strong, sleek, and slender, the Wahl Bravura is a dog clipper professionals and amateurs alike can use.

Oster Golden A5 Two-Speed

Trusted by professional dog groomers, the Oster Golden A5 Two-Speed is a versatile dog clipper that can give you an efficient full-body groomer or a precise face groomer in one package. While it’s less powerful than the Wahl Bravura, the control it offers during cutting is an excellent trade-off.

Oster Golden A5 Two-Speed

The Size 10 stainless steel blade can be used on any part of the dog, regardless of coat type. It’s a durable clipper blade that’s been cryogenically treated to last longer than other brands, besides improving its cutting power.

The two-speed universal rotor can operate at a low 2,100 SPM for more delicate grooming around the ears and face, switching up to 2,700 suited for body shearing. It’s a little heavier than other models at 1.92 lbs, but the additional weight gives it a nice, hefty feel that sits comfortably in your hand while cutting.

Grooming Maltese dogs can be challenging since there’s always the danger that you’ll accidentally cut them with an electric dog clipper, but the Golden A5 drastically lowers the possibility of this happening. Even on its highest setting, the SPM rate is still lower than other dog clippers, which can be ideal for older Maltese dogs that have fine hair.

At 12 feet long, the power cord is just enough for you to maneuver around your dog without tripping or getting tangled in the wires. The casing is made of a chew-proof housing that lasts for a long time and has space for a guide comb (sold separately) for a more precise finish.

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What we like about this clipper is that the included ventilation slats prevent the blades from heating while in use, so the blade doesn’t singe your dog while you’re grooming it. The body itself gets a little hotter the longer it’s used, but the increase in temperature isn’t too much so you can still operate it without wearing gloves.

A tip from other users that you might find useful is that you should always hold the Golden A5 a little further back the handle since it’s easy to cover the ventilation slots with your fingers if you’re holding it closer to the front. Switch to the lower SPM if you feel you don’t have enough control when holding the device this way.

A professional-grade dog clipper that can still be used at home, the Oster Golden A5 is an easy-to-maintain tool that can comfortably groom your Maltese with little effort.

Andis UltraEdge

A heavy-duty dog clipper, the Andis UltraEdge has a few things in common with the Oster Golden A5, but it has a few extra features that might make it more preferable to other Maltese owners. Suitable for thick, matted, or tangled coats, it’s a grooming tool that can easily and reliably shave off fur.

Andis UltraEdge

With the industry-standard Size 10 blade, this model is suited for clipping every part of your Maltese. The blades are also detachable, so they’re easy to clean and oil. UltraEdge blades are uniquely hardened to maintain a sharp edge and durable body, while the special chrome finish reduces effects like corrosion or rust.

The rotary motor is quieter than magnetic motors and has two ultra-efficient speed settings at 3,400 and 4,400 SPM. This can reduce most grooming times for dogs from hours into 30 minutes, though total overall time spent will still depend on your skill with the clipper and the temperament of your dog.

The UltraEdge works well for Maltese dogs that have a lot of matted fur since the blades resist getting clumped with hair and other gunk during grooming. The high SPM means consistent cutting throughout their entire body and can reduce the number of visits to the groomers.

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An extra-long 14-foot cord is suitable for skittish pups that might need a lot more room to groom. The polymer casing doesn’t heat under prolonged use and also includes a locking switch that ensures the clipper won’t shut off mid-session.

This model uses the Andis Detachable Blade technology, which gives you plenty of options in blade types. In case the included Size 10 isn’t enough, you can also take your pick from CeramicEdge, EGT UltraEdge, and UltraEdge+ blades for a more precise grooming experience.

Because of the high SPM speeds, most groomers will advise that you use different blades for nervous dogs. While it still is more flexible compared to other brands, the rapid rotor operation means that you’re more likely to shave off hair by accident. For this reason, it’s not recommended for people who have no experience using electric dog clippers.

But if you’re someone who has a lot of experience with grooming your Maltese, then this is definitely the clipper for you. Not only does it cut down on the time you need to groom, but it also lasts a long time with minimal maintenance and oiling.

Wahl Professional Arco

The original 5-in-1 clipper, this model can be considered as the classic counterpart to the modern, streamlined Bravura. The Wahl Professional Arco is suitable for light body clipping and finishing on small dogs, especially for Maltese owners that like to maintain their dog’s hair.

Wahl Professional Arco

The 5-in-1 blade can adjust between #9, 10, 15, 30, and 40, which can be handy if you’re looking for a more precise trim from your dog clipper. This system also removes the need to buy multiple blades or changing configurations mid-grooming, which can save you a lot of time and money in the long run.

The first difference between the Arco and the Bravura is in the rotary motor. While it still delivers a respectable output at around 5,500 SPM, the Arco doesn’t come with the Constant Speed Control feature, which means it’s more likely to snag or clump with dense patches of fur. This won’t really be a problem if you’re using this on a Maltese that’s regularly groomed, but it can be a problem if you’re using it on a dog that hasn’t had a haircut in a while.

What makes this great for Maltese breeds is that you often have to switch between different blade sizes if you’re trying to give your dog an even trim. While most professionals can get by with the regular Size 10 blade, most homeowners don’t have the skill to pull that off. The ability to switch between different blade sizes make this a forgiving tool for first-timers to use, but flexible enough that even experienced groomers can find some benefit out of it.

Unlike the Bravura, the Arco’s battery life isn’t made from lithium-ion, so it suffers a bit with operating life. There are 2 NiMH rechargeable batteries included with your purchase but you’ll need to buy extras soon if you use these clippers often.

This limited durability is mitigated somewhat if you sync up the use of the batteries so that one is in the clipper and one is in the charging case at all times. Each battery takes 75 minutes to charge, so you’ll have a steady supply of power when you use them this way.

With the included guide combs, the Arco is a suitable alternative if the Bravura is out of your price point.

oneisall Dog Clippers

Dog clippers are useful for improving your pet’s looks and well-being, but the high price point can often make them inaccessible for a lot of owners. For people looking for an affordable dog clipper that can still perform well, a product like oneisall’s Dog Clippers is the way to go.

oneisall Dog Clippers

The blades are stainless steel and ceramic mix, delivering efficient cutting power while avoiding overheating. You have the option of changing the blade length via a rotating dial directly in the handle, so you can shift lengths in the middle of cutting without having to turn off the unit.

The rotary motor clocks at a fast 5,700 SPM, best suited for body shearing and other wide areas. Despite its speed, it still keeps a low noise level so you don’t spook your dog. This can be useful for pups or younger Maltese dogs who haven’t had a lot of experience with electric dog clippers, since they’re more likely to panic while you groom them.

Grooming a Maltese dog can fetch you a high price when you take it to a groomer, so having a dog clipper of your own can reduce the time and money you spend taking them there. On average, the oneisall Dog Clippers cost half of the price of most commercial dog clippers on the market, making them a budget-friendly option for many Maltese owners.

This model has a battery life of 80 minutes before it needs to recharge, but the included power cord allows you to continue using it while it’s charging. However, we recommend that you don’t do this often, as it diminishes battery life and performance. Any defects in the battery can mean complete breakdown since they’re non-replaceable.

The drawback to buying a low-cost model like this is that you’ll inevitably end up replacing it sooner than most models. While oneisall has done a superb job in bringing high-end features in a cheaper product such as a lithium-ion battery, the overall build quality of their Dog Clippers don’t last long compared to Andis and Wahl products.

It’s also not that powerful, even with a high SPM rating. Plenty of users report encountering jams or blockages in the blades when used on Maltese dogs that have longer hair. So use the included scissors to trim away more matted areas to avoid this issue.

Andis AGC 2 Speed

If you have a lot of skill in grooming your dog or are a professional dog groomer, the Andis AGC 2 Speed dog clipper is a premium model that you’ll absolutely love. Balanced in weight and in features, it packs everything that a dog owner might need in one product.

Andis AGC 2 Speed

Like all Andis models, the stainless steel blades have been extra-hardened and tempered for durable and long-lasting performance. The rust-resistant finish means you can use this as soon as you’ve finished bathing your dog and provides additional protection against gunk and other oils in matted fur.

The magnetic rotary motor can spin at 3,400 or 4,400 SPM, which is just enough for getting precise cutting done alongside wide swathes of body fur. This can shave off hours of grooming time, which is great for dogs that get nervous around electric dog clippers.

Maltese dogs, in particular, can get frightened by loud dog clippers, which makes them more likely to move around when being groomed. What makes this model work so well for them is its low vibration ratio. This is due to a low-voltage yet efficient motor system, which can seamlessly switch between different speeds without spooking your dog.

The extra-long 14-foot cord means that you’ll have plenty of room to move around your dog when grooming, but without worrying that you’ll tangle yourself up in the wire. The nylon shatter-proof casing resists hard knocks, scratches, and even the odd gnawing from your pup.

What’s great about this model is that it combines the heavy-duty cutting power of professional dog clippers and combines them with features that domestic dog owners can also use. It has a lockable switch on the handpiece for greater control, with a blade housing that’s easy to remove using no tools.

You can also swap out the included Size 10 blade for smaller models if the situation demands it. Most Maltese owners would recommend you use the #7 blade for working on the face and ears, though anything other than the #10 heats up if used for too long.

If you have the money to splurge on a dog clipper, few models can do it better. It’s easy to maneuver and cuts through most kinds of coats without issue. If you take frequent trips to the groomer, then the Andis AGC 2 Speed is a dog clipper that gives you a quick return on your investment.

Wahl BravMini+

Do you need a dog clipper for a Maltese that travels a lot? The Wahl BravMini+ might be the model you’re looking for. If you want to keep your dog trimmed regularly between visits to the groomer but don’t have enough time for a full grooming session, this is the product for you.

Wahl BravMini+

Unlike most Wahl models, the blade of this model is a #30 Fine Cut detachable blade. This makes it more suited for light trimming than heavy grooming since it only adjusts from a 1/32 to ¼” cutting edge. This also makes it ideal for show grooming, where a couple of last-minute cuts can make all the difference in your dog’s presentation.

It’s designed to be the companion clipper to the much larger Bravura, but it still carries the efficient cutting speed and performance that the bigger models at 5,350 SPM. A 5-position adjustable comb allows you more flexibility in shearing, besides providing extra protection to your dog while you groom them.

What makes the BravMini+ ideal for smaller dogs such as the Maltese is its small size and whisper-quiet operation. It can handle shaving more delicate areas of your dog such as the front of their eyes, paws, and private areas without injuring them.

It’s also quite portable, which is great for small dogs that are often carried around. At 4.5 ounces, this is one of the smallest dog clippers on the market right now. All the tools can fit inside a compact carrying case, so storage isn’t an issue either.

The battery lasts longer than other Wahl models at 100 minutes, with an 80 minute-recharge time. Note that a power cord or a spare battery isn’t included with your purchase, so if you’re looking for a longer-lasting dog trimmer, use something else.

The small size of this dog clipper also means that you should not use it for body shearing. Most users who disregarded this advice report the BravMini+ overheating under extended use, which can put you and your dog at risk. For the best results, stick only to light trimming and use more heavy-duty dog clippers for intense grooming.

What To Remember When Choosing A Dog Clipper For Your Maltese

So now you know the top brands to choose from, what should you keep in mind when picking out a clipper for your Maltese? Here are a few tips.

  • How Much Time You Have To Groom

A Maltese has thick and fluffy fur, so choosing an efficient clipper is essential. But remember to not get carried away by SPM ratings, since there are sensitive areas on your dog that might not handle the speed.

Here, the deciding factor is time. How much time can you allot for grooming your Maltese can help you narrow down the choices between SPM, blade type, and other features that can best work with your grooming style.

  • Blade Types

You can slot several blades into dog clippers. The higher the number is, the shorter your dog’s hair will end up.

Since Maltese are small dogs, it’s best to choose a blade type that’s on the upper edge of the sizing chart; usually around #10 or above. You can use #9 blades and below for shaving parts like their belly or back to keep more fur on, but you generally need something higher than #10 for areas like their paws and anus.

  • Battery Type

Battery type will determine how long can your clipper work before the batteries need to be replaced or recharged. As a general rule, lithium-ion batteries are faster, more efficient, and tolerate charging better. Nickel batteries are easier to find, have a lower price point, and can be bought in bulk.

If you don’t want to be limited by a battery, then go with a corded dog clipper. Some hybrid models can also work with or without a cord, but they can cost a little more than your regular models.

  • Your Grooming Experience

Some brands (such as the Oster) are tailor made for professional dog groomers, so they may skip out on some safety features or other attachments that domestic owners might need. That’s why you should check if the model you’re buying can mitigate your lack of experience.

The best candidates for you would be a model that can switch SPM and blades easily, like the Andis series. While you’ll take more time in getting your dog groomed, they’re also more forgiving for inexperienced users.

  • Heat Retention

A dog clipper’s blades and casing can get extremely hot under prolonged use, so always check if your model heats up while you use it. This prevents you from injuring yourself or your Maltese, aside from prolonging the operational life of your device.

The tricky part about this is that while most clippers can withstand a certain amount of heat, it’s a mixture of the hair, grooming habits, and overall build that can affect how well they’ll withstand heating. Monitoring the temperature while you groom your dog can help you identify and stave off this situation when it happens.

  • Ergonomics And Handling

While the best dog clippers on the market have more or less a general threshold with performance and handling, ergonomics can be another key factor in which model you choose.

Larger dog clippers can be extremely effective, but they might feel unwieldy and too heavy for your hand. Smaller clippers are less intimidating to small dog breeds like the Maltese, but they might not have the power needed to cut through all their hair. Picking the right balance between features and how it feels to handle can help you trim your dog’s hair evenly and efficiently.

  • Noise Levels

Mixing electronics and small dogs can be a little unpredictable. Some dogs will love it, while others will freak out. While a Maltese isn’t exactly the most temperamental of dogs, a loud dog clipper can traumatize them to the idea of grooming.

Using a quiet dog clipper (particularly one with a noise level of 60 decibels or below) should be enough for your dog to feel comfortable while being groomed.

How To Use Dog Clippers On Your Maltese

So now you have your clipper of choice, how do you go about grooming your dog? Here are some easy-to-follow steps and a few tips to keep in mind.

  • Do your prep work: Giving your Maltese a bath makes the clipping process easier, and a few cuts with a scissor for areas that have more growth. Always wait for them to be dry before using the clipper since very few models are waterproof.
  • Shave slowly: This helps your dog acclimatize to the clipper (if this is their first time) or gives them time to calm down (if they’re more used to it). Avoid sudden movements, as it might cause them to jerk violently.
  • Pay attention to sensitive areas: Areas like their anus, genitals, the underside of their paws, and ears can often have a surprising amount of hair on them. Be careful when you trim these areas, but always give them one or two passes to make sure you get everything.
  • Always check the temperature of the blades: Some blades (especially if used on thick or matted hair) can start heating mid-use, so keep a bottle of coolant handy. If you have extra, switch out the blade so you don’t burn your dog. Never use water to cool the blades.
  • Be generous with the brush or comb: Getting tangles or shaved hair out of the way prevents them from being tangled up in the clipper which can cause it to jam. Giving your dog a good brush before and during grooming can lessen the chances of this happening.

Aside from that, monitoring how your dog reacts and being careful to not apply too much pressure can help make the entire ordeal go smoothly. Remember to give them time to get used to the clipper. Maltese dogs can get scared easily, so they require a lot of handholding to get through the process.


Grooming your Maltese doesn’t just make it look good; it also makes them more comfortable by allowing their skin room to breathe. Even better, trimming the sensitive parts of a Maltese’s body will actually reduce the likelihood that fleas will invade them. Getting the best clippers for Maltese dogs can go a long way towards making your pup healthier and happier.

If you’re looking for the best blend of performance and functionality alike, we recommend the Wahl Bravura. The Oster Golden A5 can give you a more precise shave for your dog’s sensitive areas, while the Andis UltraEdge offers unparalleled flexibility with its interchangeable blades.

With a little practice and the right tool, you’ll find that grooming your Maltese can be a very enjoyable experience for both you and your dog.

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