Best Cordless Hair Clippers & Trimmers: Portable Grooming Whenever You Need It

This 2017 study from Towards Data Science shows that the average man spends about $154 a year on haircuts, while the average woman spends approximately $257. With these costs, it’s no wonder people are turning to home solutions.

If you can learn to give yourself a haircut, you can save time and money, and you can look the way you want! Best of all, modern hair clippers are nothing like your dad’s old wired behemoth. More and more clippers are going cordless now, making your self care routine that much easier.

There are tons of hair clippers out there with a wide array of features. If you’re a cautious shopper and you want to make sure that your hair clipper will stand the test of time, then we’re here to narrow down the choices for you.

We’ve listed 10 of the best cordless hair clippers from the most reputable brands. Read on to find the best hair clipper for you!

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Best Cordless Hair Clipper & Trimmer Comparison Table

ModelRunning TimeIncludesNotable FeaturePrice
Wahl Pro 5-Star Magic Clip90 Minutes8 CombsHeavy duty motor Check Price
Wahl Lithium Ion Hair Clippers2 Hours10 Combs5 Years warranty Check Price
Panasonic ER-GB80-S Trimmer50 Minutes3 Combs39 Precision settings Check Price
Hatteker Cordless Hair clipper2.5 Hours6 CombsPowerful motor Check Price
Wahl 5 Star Series clipper #841260 Minutes3 GuidesClose trimming Check Price
Remington HC6550 Haircut Kit60 Minutes9 CombsXXL Vacuum Bin Check Price
Remington HC4250 Shortcut Pro40 Minutes9 LengthExtra wide blade Check Price
Wahl Color Pro Clipper 964960 Minutes12 GuardsColor coded combs
Check Price
Andis Cordless T-Outliner Clipper100 Minutes4 CombsClose cutting blade Check Price
Panasonic ER1611 Hair Clipper50 Minutes3 CombsTwin voltage clipper Check Price

Top 10 Cordless Hair Clippers & Trimmers Review

Sometimes you want to groom on the go. Other times you just don’t want to deal with the headache of a cord. Whichever the reason; here are our carefully curated picks for the top ten cordless hair clippers and trimmers on the market:

Wahl Professional 5-Star Cordless Magic Clip

Wahl’s lineup of cordless clippers has always been the top choice among professionals, and for good reason. Wahl’s clippers are always sturdily built, designed with a sharp appearance, powerful performance, and a degree of freedom that only a Wahl cordless clipper can provide.

Wahl Professional 5-Star Cordless Magic Clip

Style and function meld seamlessly in this one of a kind cordless clipper. Under its hood, it features Wahl’s high-precision #2161 stagger-tooth crunch blades that offer easy and quick trimming. The blades are built with no overlaps with each other, which means that they operate with almost zero friction to minimize wear and tear.

Its best feature is the rotary motor. Coupled with the blades, this means that the Magic Clip can cut through any type of hair it’ll encounter. And since it doesn’t run hot, it’ll stay comfortable in your hand for the entirety of your haircut.

The clipper also has a taper lever which allows easy fading and blending, making it a perfect tool for barbers whenever they need to do some detailed trimming and styling. A lithium-ion battery allows it to run for at least 90 minutes in one 2-hour charge, and if all else fails, it can still run corded if your haircut takes longer than 90 minutes.

Get Wahl Magic Clip at Amazon

It’s made in the standard Wahl clipper shape, measuring 6.25 inches and weighing only 10 ounces. Its weight offers good balance while keeping it mobile with the absence of a cord.

The full package comes with the clipper, 8 attachment combs, and a red blade guard for added versatility. The shortest comb is 1/16th inch, the longest is 1 inch. It also comes with a charger as well as lubricating oil and a blade brush for maintenance.

There aren’t really many downsides to the Magic Clip. The biggest one is the lack of a battery indicator, so you may want to charge it in between uses. The blades are very sharp, almost too sharp, so be careful when using it without a guard.

Overall, the Magic Clip is just about the best cordless hair clipper you can get on the market.

Wahl Lithium Ion Cordless Hair Clippers #79600-2101

Another masterpiece from Wahl is their Lithium Ion Cordless Hair Clipper. One thing that sets this clipper apart from the rest is its cordless operation of up to 2 hours, one of the longest cordless runtimes ever among other cordless clippers. Now, that long battery life needs 3 hours to charge to full, but if you’re a traveler or if you simply need a quick shave before you get out for work in the morning, there’s an option of a 10-minute quick charge, which can save you a lot of time.

Wahl Lithium Ion Cordless Hair Clippers #79600-2101

The blades are powered by a rotary motor, just like the Magic Clip, so it’s got enough power to cut through whatever hair you’re dealing with.

It doesn’t just come with the clipper. It also includes a battery-powered trimmer, letting you do fine details when the clipper’s too large to get into some spaces.

It ships with 10 guide combs in multiple sizes from 1/16th inch to 1 inch, making it easy and worry-free for anyone to do their own haircuts and trimming using this device. You also get two ear taper combs, making it much easier to cut the hair around the ears.

Maintenance is a breeze with its self-sharpening precision blades, which means that they stay sharp longer compared to other blades. The result is snag-free hair cuts done at a faster rate of 40% compared to other hair clippers.

Get Wahl Lithium Ion at Amazon

The box also comes with a whole set of accessories beyond just the clipper and the guide combs. The blade guards, cleaning brush, blade oil, and charger are all expected parts, but there’s also styling scissors and a comb, an organizer for the guide combs, and a soft storage case to put everything into.

The downsides are mainly about the batteries on both the clipper and the trimmer. The trimmer doesn’t last long on its two AA batteries, so you’ll need to keep yourself supplied with these. The clipper’s battery life of two hours isn’t bad, but its three-hour charge time can get in the way, and the Lithium Ion Pro isn’t capable of corded operation.

The Panasonic ER-GB80-S

The Panasonic line of cordless clippers showcases their 45-degree precision blades, ultra-sharp stainless steel blades angled at 45 degrees to efficiently cut and cleanly trim facial and body hair. The blades are made with hypoallergenic steel so that even if they cut closely at 45 degrees, they are guaranteed not to cause any skin irritation or burns.

The Panasonic ER-GB80-S

The Panasonic ER-GB80-S uses an adjustable clipper dial to adjust the cut length. It adjusts the blade through 39 precision settings, from 0.5mm to 20mm, clearly marked on the dial. In addition, the Panasonic ER-GB80-S also has 3 comb attachments to further enhance the precision settings and increase the hair clipper’s versatility on different types of hair.

There’s also a pop-up clipper right above the dial, which lets you take care of the small things like stray hairs, or add detail to your sideburns or facial hair.

An ergonomic, rubberized grip provides total comfort and control. Operating cordless, it can last up to 50 minutes after a full hour of charging. You also get the choice of operating it with a cord through an AC adapter that runs at universal voltage settings. You can take it anywhere in the world and charge on any outlet. An LED display beneath the power button shows you how much charge you have left or how charging progress, if you’re plugged in.

Get Panasonic ER-GB80-S at Amazon

Cleaning is easy, since it’s waterproof, just rinse it under the tap and dry it with a towel. This also means that you can use it for both wet or dry shaving. Don’t forget to give the blades a clean with the included brush.

Just about the only downside we can think of for the Panasonic ER-GB80-S is the battery life; 50 minutes generally suffices, but it could come up short during long grooming sessions. Even then, that’s easily fixed by just plugging it in after each use; the charge time isn’t long.

The ER-GB80-S is perfect when you want just one clipper for your entire body. It can trim wherever you need it to trim.

The Hatteker Cordless Hair clipper

I’ve got three words for you: Ceramic Titanium Blades. Yes, it’s rare to come across a cordless hair clipper that uses both ceramic and titanium blades. Unsurprisingly, it comes with a hefty price tag. However, this little baby guarantees that you’ll have self-sharpening blades that stay sharp longer than most ordinary stainless blades and cuts through all types of hair. Even better, the ceramic part means that they won’t overheat as much, making for a more comfortable cutting experience.

The Hatteker Cordless Hair clipper

As much as titanium ceramic blades sound fancy and delicate, maintaining them is a breeze. The blades are completely detachable for easy and thorough cleaning, making sure that the Hatteker can last you a lifetime if properly cared for.

To help you get just the right length, you’ve got two options. It comes with six guard combs from 3mm to 24mm. There’s also a Fine Adjustment Button that lets you tune the blades to cut from 0.5mm to 2.5mm. Combining these two lets you get the precise length you want.

It has a powerful and durable motor that can maximize power while keeping noise and heat to a minimum. Rechargeable batteries provide substantial power to the motor and it can run for at least 2.5 hours in one 2-hour charge. That long, cordless operation allows the Hatteker to be used virtually anywhere, making it ideal for travelers and backpackers.

Aside from the detachable blades, cleaning also becomes a breeze because of its 100% waterproof construction. Do you need to clean it fast? Then just rinse the blades under running tap water and you’re good to go. And to add to the futuristic touch, the Hatteker LCD display that shows you the running battery time, charging state, and lock symbol if in case you need to lock your clipper for safety purposes.

When you want a powerful, quality clipper, Hatteker has your back.

Wahl Professional 5 Star Series Cordless clipper #8412

Wahl’s 5-star series is all about precision cutting meant for professional hairstylists. Every product of the 5-star series is built for professional use and engineered to deliver sharp performance in every situation, and the Cordless Retro T-Cut clipper is no exception.

Wahl Professional 5 Star Series Cordless clipper #8412

As the name states, this model uses the Retro T-Cut design for unparalleled accuracy when it comes to extremely close trims. If you’re a barber who needs to pull-off those crisp, clean trim lines, then the Retro T-Cut is the perfect clipper for you. This is the product of choice among professionals who want to create detailed facial hair designs that no other product in the market can do.

However, there’s nothing retro about its technology. All that power comes in a body that measures 6 inches long and weighs 5 ounces, much lighter than the Wahl Cordless Magic Clip. Of course, the real magic happens with its rotary motor and Ni-MH batteries. The rotary motor makes sure that the Retro T-Cut can take on any hair without slowing down or pulling. The batteries provide 60 minutes of efficient, cordless run time.

The motor and battery drive the T-blade that the Retro T-Cut is named for. The #2215 blade is adjustable, letting you blend and detail with efficient accuracy. The longer blade covers more area, getting you faster results. There’s no better blade for detail work.

All you need to maintain your Retro T-Cut is right inside the package. It comes with a clipper, 3 trimming guides from 1/16th inch to 3/16th inch, a red blade guard, and a charging stand. You also get a bottle of lubricating oil and some cleaning brushes to keep your Retro T-Cut running smoothly for years to come.

If you need a tool that can perform detailing and perform artistry with hair, the Wahl Cordless Retro T-Cut is for you.

Remington HC6550 Cordless Vacuum Haircut Kit

You know what people hate whenever they get a haircut? Those tiny clippings of hair that fall into the crevices between your neck and your collar. Those tiny hair clippings itch against your skin and cause slight discomfort in a formerly relaxing haircut session. That’s why Remington has come up with the vacuum clipper: a hair clipper with a vacuum kit that sucks up all the loose hair before they nudge themselves into your neckline and collar.

Remington HC6550 Cordless Vacuum Haircut Kit

The Remington HC6550 is their latest model of vacuum clipper, created to make grooming and haircuts less of a hassle.

Its real power is within its titanium-coated blades. These blades, grounded with expert craftsmanship, can cut through the thickest hair with ease and provide the smoothest trim imaginable. The blades are easy to clean with just a slight brush and a quick douse under running tap water.

Cutting lengths can be adjusted through 9 fixed combs, all ranging between 1.5mm to 2.5mm in length. It also comes with 2 taper combs, making it easier to cut the hair around the ears.

All of these are powered by a lithium-ion battery that can provide a 1-hour cordless running time after a full 4-hour charge. If necessary, you can also use it while plugged in. This battery also powers the internal vacuum, catching all the hairs into an expanded bin for easy disposal.

The box is an 18-piece kit that has all the tools for a professional haircut: the clipper itself, the combs we’ve mentioned, a pair of scissors, two sectioning clips, blade oil and a cleaning brush for maintenance, and a travel pouch.

Worried about creating a mess of shaved hair around you? Never fear. The Remington HC6550 has you covered.

Remington HC4250 Shortcut Pro Self-Haircut Kit

The Remington HC4250 fits in the palm of your hand, and I mean that literally. Compared to other cordless hair clippers that come with elongated, hand-grip designs, the Remington HC4250 comes in an almost semi-ball design. It’s designed to fit in your hand so that you can reach behind your head, neckline, and ears while using it.

Remington HC4250 Shortcut Pro Self-Haircut Kit

The Remington HC4250 is equipped with precision-ground stainless steel blades that can cut through thick tufts of hair with ease while reducing instances of pulls and snags along the way. Compared to standard models, the blade is shaped with a wide curve to conform to your head and achieve maximum coverage and even length. You also get 9 length combs in the package, all measuring between 1.5mm to 15mm.

The entire kit is 13 pieces, which includes the clippers and the charger, the combs, a cleaning brush, a bottle of lubricating oil, and a travel pouch. Just like the other cordless hair clippers, you can take the Remington anywhere with its 40 minutes of cordless running time. While it does take four hours to charge, you can always use it plugged in.

It’s also washable, which makes it easy to travel with. Just run it under a tap for a minute, clean out the blades with the cleaning brush, then put it on a towel to dry off.

The HC4250’s main downside is that it has difficulty doing anything that isn’t a variation on a buzzcut. The combs aren’t long enough to provide many other options beyond that. The motor is also a little underpowered, so a thorough brushing before you begin is highly recommended. The short battery life can get in the way, but most of the time you won’t need more than forty minutes with it.

When you need a compact travel clipper that can give you a good short cut very quickly, there’s no option better than the HC4250.

Wahl Color Pro Cordless Hair Clipper Model 9649

The Wahl Color Pro Cordless works just as well as the other cordless clippers in the Wahl product line, albeit not as efficient as the 5-Star line which is built for professionals. What sets the Color Pro apart from the others is its practical aesthetics; most notably its color-coded combs.

Wahl Color Pro Cordless Hair Clipper Model 9649

Now, why would a cordless hair clipper come with color coded combs? Well, the Wahl Color Pro is meant to be a hair clipper that can be used by the entire family. The color coding on the combs is so that everyone can remember their favorite hair length and make it easier to find the right comb to use.

Wahl places hygiene at the forefront, as the blades are removable and easy to clean under running tap water. The clipper also comes with a color key that matches the colors on the combs. Once you’ve chosen a length, you then attach the comb of the color that matches with the hair length setting. This color-coding feature makes this hair clipper safe and convenient for children and teenagers to use.

Of course, if you’re just buying the machine for yourself, the colors still work to quickly distinguish hair lengths, and this makes blending and fading much quicker.

As a cordless hair clipper, the Wahl Color Pro is great for travel and vacation as it can run for 60 minutes while detached from the cord. It has worldwide voltage settings which means that you can use it in any country, either in 220 or dual voltage.

It’s a good place to start your haircutting journey, as it’s a complete 21-piece kit. It comes with the clipper, the charger, a blade cover, 12 color-coded combs, 2 hair combs, a pair of scissors, a cleaning brush and blade oil for maintenance, and a travel case.

When you want a clipper that’s as versatile as it is innovative, the Wahl Color Pro has you covered.

The Andis Cordless T-Outliner clipper

The Andis Cordless T-Outliner is classic. No fuss, no frills, just detail and precision. It doesn’t even have a fancy interface, just a dial that turns the unit on and off as well as an LED light that indicates battery power levels.

The Andis Cordless T-Outliner clipper

That simple exterior hides a powerful interior. Its high-speed rotary motor is nothing to laugh at. Running at 7200 RPM, the constant speed technology doesn’t drag or stall the blades. A powerful motor means a smoother and faster cut. You won’t have to go over the same spot twice! Even better, it’s cool-running and quiet. You won’t be burning your hand on this baby.

Couple that excellent power with a carbon-steel T-blade, and what you get is a close and efficient trim that doesn’t pull or tangle the hair. When it comes to detail work on the hair that T-blade delivers as close a shave as you can ask for. When you need a blade that can safely be zero-gapped without risking any cuts, the Cordless T-Outliner is just the thing.

To top off the simple design, it carries a lithium-ion battery that can run the cordless clipper for 100 minutes non-stop. And once the juice has run out, you can charge it for an hour and it’s ready to go again.

The whole package comes with the clipper itself, the charger, four combs from 1/16th inch to 3/8ths inch, and blade oil for maintenance.

If you want a solid, reliable tool for detail work get the Andis T-Outliner.

Panasonic ER1611 Cordless Hair Clipper

Much like its brethren in the ER line, the Panasonic ER1611 also uses the 45-degree precision blade technology. However, this Panasonic ER uses the new X Taper blade shape that cuts surfaces at larger areas while maintaining the same cutting speed. The X Taper means that it can catch hair at any angle and cuts them without letting go.

Panasonic ER1611

What contributes to the ER1611’s amazing blade speed? It’s all because of its motor. This cordless hair clipper has a magnetic motor that operates at 10000 RPM, even faster than most rotary motor models that run at only 7200 RPM. This means that every trim is quick, smooth, and efficient.

Cutting length can be adjusted by a dial just above the power button, and with the blade alone, you can go from 0.8mm to 2.0mm, in 0.3mm increments. For longer hair lengths, it comes with three combs. These combs are double-sided, so you get six more possible lengths, from 3mm at the shortest all the way to 15mm at the longest.

In terms of portability, the Panasonic ER1611 can be used for 50 minutes without the cord after a full hour charge. Not as long as others, but quite good enough for most purposes. The included recharging stand also has storage for the combs, so there’s no more rooting around a drawer; just take them off the stand.

While the charging stand’s plug is made for an Asian socket, there’s an included plug converter so that it’s compatible with US sockets. Beyond the clipper and combs and charger we’ve already mentioned, the package also comes with a cleaning brush and blade oil.

Panasonic might not yet have much brand recognition with their clippers in the US, but if you want a high-quality machine at a fair price, the ER1611 won’t let you down.

Things to Consider when Choosing the Right Cordless Hair Clipper

If you’re still on the fence on what cordless hair clipper to buy, then you need to think about your own preferences and use that to narrow down your choices. Here are several things that you need to consider when buying a cordless hair clipper.

Things to Consider when Choosing the Right Cordless Hair Clipper

  • Battery: Viability And Charging Time

The first thing you need to look out for is a sturdy and powerful battery. You need to pay attention to the battery life if you don’t want a clipper that suddenly dies on you in the middle of a trim.

A cordless hair clipper with a good battery should last at least 30 minutes to 1 hour without needing a recharge. When buying look for one that has the longest battery life possible.

Likewise, you might also need to consider the charging time’s length, especially if it’s a unit that you will take with you when traveling. Make sure to read the labels on the unit’s battery life and find a good balance between the two.

  • Motor: Power Or Speed

You might think that the blade does all the work, but the real MVP in a cordless hair clipper is undeniably the motor. It’s the motor that sustains the most wear and tear and does the work of moving the blades.

When choosing the right hair clipper, you have the choice between three types of motors: pivot motors, magnetic motors, and rotary motors. Each one differs in terms of speed, power, and price. The best type of motor also varies depending on the type of hair that you have.

  • Pivot Motors: Balance

Pivot motors are the most common type of motors in cordless hair clippers. In terms of performance, they run right in the middle between magnetic and rotary motors. Pivot motors are the perfect choice for trimming thick hair because of their increased force and lesser friction that prevents overheating. They are slightly lighter than magnetic motors, and therefore clippers with pivot motors are much more comfortable to use.

  • Magnetic Motors: Speed

If you don’t mind spending a little more money, then you can purchase a cordless clipper with magnetic motors. Compared to pivot motors, magnetic motors can turn faster with lesser force. Thus, cordless hair clippers with magnetic motors are perfect for smooth hair and can provide a much closer shaving experience. A downside is that magnetic motors produce a lot of friction, thus, these clippers can get hot real quick. They’re also noisier, since magnetic motors tend to vibrate erratically.

  • Rotary Motors: Power

Hair clippers with rotary motors are the most expensive of the bunch and are often used by professional hairdressers and barbers. They run slower compared to the first two varieties, but run at greater force, making them perfect for cutting thick and wet hair. If money is no object for you and you would like to get your hands on a clipper that can last you years of use and abuse, then get a clipper with a rotary motor.

  • Blades: The Sharp End

It’s the combination of blade and motor that makes a clipper run. When it comes to blades, you’ve got a lot of options. Stainless steel blades are the most common ones you’ll find these days. They’re cheap, easy to find, and most high-end stainless steel blades are self-sharpening, which makes for easier maintenance. However, they tend to overheat during long cutting sessions.

Less common are titanium and ceramic blades. Titanium blades are largely similar in performance to stainless steel, but require much less maintenance. Ceramic blades are radically different: they conduct much less heat, and therefore give a more comfortable cut. They also require almost no sharpening. However, ceramic blades are more expensive and are more brittle.

  • Adjustable Settings For Length Control

Hair comes in different lengths and texture that you’ll need a unit that can be adjusted to precise lengths. Most units come with blades that can be adjusted in length via two ways: by using guard combs or with adjustable blades.

Most clippers will come with combs, but some will also have adjustable blades for smaller, finer adjustments. Remember that it all depends on your preferences and the more options that you have, the better.

  • Ergonomic Design And Easy Handling

If you cut and style hair professionally, or use electric clippers for extensive hours per day, then you need a clipper that has an ergonomic design. A unit that is light enough to hold and fits well in your hand will be much more comfortable to hold after long hours of use.

  • Accessories: Oil, Guards, Brushes

They may not sound as important as the unit itself, but the accessories that come with the unit you purchase will affect its versatility. That is why it is very rare to purchase a cordless hair clipper with just the unit itself. Packages usually come with a handful of items such as comb guards, brushes, oils, and much more.

  • Warranty Coverage And Length

Like any electronic appliance, you need to consider buying a unit that has good warranty options. As a consumer, you have the right to protect yourself from a unit that has factory defects and be compensated properly when these defects surface.

As much as possible, purchase the unit that has the longest and most extensive warranty coverage. With a good warranty coverage, you wouldn’t have to shell out additional money if in case your unit breaks down suddenly or an accessory breaks off. A warranty becomes useful in the long run, especially if you need to replace some parts or the accessories that came with it.

  • Value For Money

Price becomes a major factor among consumers when it comes to purchasing anything. However, focusing only on price may prove detrimental in the long run.

Don’t be deceived by price tags when looking for a reliable hair clipper. Expensive doesn’t always equate to quality. In the end, it boils down to choosing the unit that can cater to your frequency of use and your maintenance habits. Strike the right balance between affordability and quality by doing your own research and reading reviews.

The Benefits Of Using a Cordless Hair Clipper

If you’re still second-guessing whether to go cordless or not, then here are some points that might help you with your decision:

The Benefits Of Using a Cordless Hair Clipper

  • Great performance – These days, a cordless hair clipper can cut through the thickest hair while still being battery-powered. Some are just as good as classic clippers!
  • Usable anywhere – That’s why you go cordless! You can carry your clipper anywhere you need to go, and cut and style your hair as you need to, whether you’re at home or on the road.
  • Better safety – No cord means nothing to trip over, and nothing to twist around furniture, either. There’s also nothing to put away after use.
  • Flexible – Cordless hair clippers come with all the accessories you’d have on a typical hair clipper. The professional ones also have extra features for blending and tapering.
  • You spend less – Once you’ve got your technique down, you can do your own haircuts. Save money on all those barbershop visits!

How to Maintain your Cordless Hair Clipper

Now that you have one, it’s time to learn how to maintain your cordless hair clipper. It will not only improve the longevity of your product, it will also enhance its performance and save you from costly repairs in the future.

How to Maintain your Cordless Hair Clipper

  • Oil your clippers – Clipper blades need to be well-lubricated, so use the oil that comes with the package. Just two or three drops on the blades will do, and wipe off any excess.
  • Clean your combs – Hair will accumulate in the combs, so brush them regularly. Also, wash them with soap and water every so often for a thorough clean.
  • Check blade alignment – The blades should be parallel to each other. If not, take a screwdriver and loosen the blade. The leftmost tooth of the top blade should be parallel to the first small tooth on the left of the bottom blade.
  • Tune your clippers – Noisy clippers usually mean they’re out of tune. There’s a screw on the side that keeps them in tune. Just turn it clockwise until you hear a loud clattering, then give it half a turn counter-clockwise until the clattering stops.


These 10 products are without a doubt the absolute best clippers & trimmers on the market today. Each is made by a reputable manufacturer and employs state-of-the-art features that will improve your shaving experience. No matter your age group, lifestyle, and grooming preferences, you’re bound to find the perfect cordless hair clipper in this list.

As much as it was our pleasure to help you narrow down your choices, the final choice is still up to you. The quest to become an informed consumer should not stop here. We encourage you to do your own research, ask the right questions, and continuously weigh your options against your needs.

Good luck!

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