Best Butt Shavers You Can Buy in 2024: Your Guide to Awesome Gadgets

People often tell me that shaving is an art by itself.

Frankly, I don’t agree with them. I dread the thought of shaving every day. Even then, we need to stay clean and shave our private parts for our convenience. Yes, shaving our asses is important too.

In fact, 95% of men prefer to groom their private parts to perfection.

This has become so big of a trend that franchises and companies came up with specially designed butt shavers for the task. In this article, I’ll be going in-depth about some of the best butt shavers you can buy in 2024 and how you can use them to good effect.

In my reviews, I’ll be shedding light on the positives and the negatives of these machines.

Of course, I’ll be explaining the need for a specialized shaver for your butt cheeks as well. The buying guide section of the article deals with factors that I found useful and took into account while selecting these products. Let’s get on with the article then.

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Best Butt Shaving Tools – Comparison

ModelCharging TimeSpecial FeaturesPrice
Manscaped Lawn Mower 490 MinutesSkinSafe Technology Check Price
Olov Groin Hair Trimmer90 MinutesBlack Ceramic Blades Check Price
Meridian Body Trimmer 20 Minutes6000 RPM Check Price
Cleancut - ES412Powered By 1 C BatteriesStainless Steel Body Check Price
Philips Norelco 1100Powered By AA BatterySkin Protector Guards Check Price
Philips Norelco 3100 50 Minutes3 Body Guards Check Price
Philips Norelco Oneblade90 Minutes12 Length Settings Check Price
Philips Norelco BG2040/4950 MinutesVoltage : 110-220V Check Price
Panasonic ER-GK60-S40 Minutes AC Wall Adapter Check Price
Manscaped Lawn Mower 360 MinutesCharging USB Dock Check Price

Should I Use a Normal Shaver for My Ass?

There’s a simple answer to this question albeit with another question. That is, “Do you use your kitchen knife to cut electric wires?” I’m sure the answer would be a resounding, “No.”

Should I Use a Normal Shaver for My Ass

That’s how it goes with butt shavers too. Every shaver has a specific way of doing this and is designed for a specific area as well. Some are great for your faces; others take good care of your private areas.

These ass shavers have special blades that inhibit curved and flexible shaving heads to account for your butt cheeks and crack. You won’t feel itches due to nicks and cuts or scratches in sensitive areas. Yes, this is true even for sensitive skin types as well.

Everything from the shape and the handle to the blade of the item is perfect to trim the pelvic region and other private parts. Yes, technically you can use other types of shavers for the job but for me, a specific shaver designed for my private parts seems more alluring.

Top-Rated Ass Shaver Models That I Recommend

When choosing the ideal ass shaver, you need to focus on so many aspects that the research eats up your valuable time. I’m here to help you with my valuable insights. Here’s a list of shavers that I found useful while shaving my butt cheeks and cracks.

MANSCAPED The Lawn Mower™ 4.0

I’m assuming you’re someone like me who doesn’t want to be reminded every time you sit down that you’ve run a botched operation while shaving your butt. Because it’s been the case for me with a lot of trimmers, and I’ve literally developed some sort of PTSD in this regard.

MANSCAPED The Lawn Mower 4.0At such a dire time, I laid my hands on this Lawn Mower 4.0 from Manscaped, and it literally changed my life! Gone are the days of itchy butt due to grown out hair or bunch of nicks causing every sort of discomfort known to humankind.

And to top it off, it’s not only one of the best butt shavers in town at the moment, this caters to every body grooming needs, even trimming pubes effortlessly! This all-rounder trimmer guarantees maximum comfort to your buttcheeks and removes every bit of hair without letting you feel a thing!

The first thing I’ve found pleasant is the ceramic blades that are kindest to the skin, even at the most sensitive parts and cracks. To enhance its effect, great ergonomics confirm that it never gets slipped out of my hand during delicate tasks.

I discovered its proof during my shower when I ran it in full wet mode to test out the water-resistant capability – both the grip and wet-protection were top notch without a hitch!

These SkinSafe blades are protected by a superior comb guard, adjustable to 4 height settings. So the flexibility of how much hair you want to keep on your butt is left up to you and you won’t have to be a slave to whatever your device allows.

Get Manscaped 4.0 at Amazon

The motor is very quiet and works well with the blades at an optimum RPM set by Manscaped. Because insufficient RPM has often led me to tugs or ingrown hair, and you don’t want things like this to happen on your soft cheeks.

In terms of the button placements and LED indicator, a giant on/off switch is placed on the lower-middle part down the center. So it’s always out of the way from accidental presses with the firmest grip.

The LED indicator is handy in my opinion. It shows the level of charge while mounted on the dock or once you get it running. As it has run for over an hour and a half with a full charge for me, I’d say battery life isn’t a matter of concern on this device.

There’s a light attached at the top of the head to show you around the dark corners, but it won’t be very useful if you’re planning on using it on your butt.

What I Like about this Shaver

  • Highly comforting blades that are skin friendly and don’t rust with water exposure.
  • Powerful motor to support through the toughest cracks.
  • Great ergonomics to ensure maximum grip at delicate spots.
  • Battery life is up to standard and allows traveling without charger.
  • LED indicator is a life-saver to tell you how much juice you’ve got left.

What I Don’t Like about this Shaver

  • The LED light at front isn’t bright enough to fall in love with.
  • Going in without comb guard can cut your balls, but should be fine on your butt.

OLOV Electric Groin Hair Trimmer

Olov is a new and upcoming brand who are currently making their name heard in the grooming community with their smartly designed hygiene shavers. This electric unit landed on my doorstep for a review and I dared enough to remove my butt hair for the sake of this article.

OLOV Electric Male Hygiene RazorI wasn’t expecting much out of a trimmer priced under $50. But boy was I wrong! As it comes with a few different guard sizes, I went raw with the blades and they adapted to my butt contour perfectly! No cuts or razor burns of any sort!

In most of the cases, such trimmers are meant for flat areas, but Olov has done a great job with the architecture that allows the users to push at such extents. The black, ceramic blades live up to the standards of utmost comfort and earns a big plus on the looks department as well.

The housing on this trimmer is a dark knight black, accented with a golden ring and a same toned power button. It’s satisfying to look at, makes it look like a collectible, increasing the value of your possessions.

It’s also waterproof and retains grip when the device is dripping with water. So that’s a concern gone if you were planning on taking it inside your shower to clean out your butt region.

In terms of quality, I’d like to call it a budget edition of the Lawn Mower 4.0. It has a similar approach with motor power and blade’s gliding comfort. The battery life is also similar, lasting me for over an hour delivering top-tier performance.

Get Olov Trimmer at Amazon

There’s a charging dock included at this price range, which is quite astounding in my opinion. As the size is very compact, storing is never a problem as I’ve preserved mine for future uses.

One thing you must note down is that, this trimmer won’t leave behind a smooth butt surface and you’ll be able to sense some sharp hair heads if you rub across with your fingers. If that doesn’t bother you, nothing else will.

Noise level is very low with this shaver. It won’t tell all the neighbors that you’re up and running with body shaving. I’d call it the best butt shaver within a limited budget.

Also, the LED light embedded upfront does a great job at exposing your tight corners. So set your mirrors accordingly to get a better view of what those blades are doing!

What I Like about this Shaver

  • Ideal grip level with a suave design in black, accented with golden.
  • Comes in very cheap, almost unreal for such a premium butt shaver.
  • Battery level holds well and a charging dock is included in the package.
  • Doesn’t tug or pull and delivers a very close shave to your butt.
  • Completely waterproof to allow for shower shaving.

What I Don’t Like about this Shaver

  • Sharp hair heads can be sensed upon touching, but it’s not a deal breaker for me.
  • Housing is made with plastic, so I’d recommend not dropping it.

Meridian Body Hair Trimmer for Men

The Meridian body hair trimmer is one of the most popular and highly rated butt shavers on the market. This company was able to achieve such a feat due to their unique & advanced design keeping manscaping needs in mind based on consumer feedback.

Meridian Body Hair Trimmer for MenThis is one of the trimmers I always turn to when my butt hair grows out of proportion. The ceramic blades with a 6,000 RPM motor is something I can’t wrap my head around. Comfort matched with quality – I’d advertise this product this way as it ticks both of these boxes.

I’ll have to concede that it puts a mile between regular trimmers and butt shavers due to the experience I’ve had with this. It doesn’t cause ingrown hair and delivers a baby smooth butt skin upon completion.

There are two shaver heads that can be rotated and plugged in to generate 4 length settings, and removing it completely hands out a 5th length down to zero. However, it’s not going to produce a manual shaver length trim, but that’s the case for almost every body grooming unit.

If you’re someone like me, you’ll most certainly fall in love with the design! It’s a very tidy and neat housing which can fit perfectly inside your palms. The looks department is actually top-tier and I must say kudos to the design team for doing a great job!

Like advertised, it can literally chop through the coarsest of hair on your butt. It’s ideal for shaving inside the shower and the waterproof technology supports this action.

Get Meridian Trimmer at Amazon

There’s a learning curve to it, like taking time and holding the blades at the perfect angle to squeeze the best result out of it. So patience is the virtue that you need to practice when you clean your butt portion with this.

With the build quality of the housing, grip level is very fine as well. The battery lasts for a decade in the groomer dictionary and three LED lights indicate your charge levels at all times.

For its price, it does what such butt shavers are supposed to do. Although the advertisement regards it for men’s use, females can receive the equally comfortable treatment utilizing this unit.

Even for the ones with sensitive butt skin, it stands out as one of the best butt shavers you could find at your arm’s reach. Meridian’s warranty policy is something I highly appreciate, so you’re free to make a purchase without any second thoughts!

What I Like about this Shaver

  • Minimal design with a solid grip – nothing much can be asked from ergonomics side.
  • Optimum for wet shaving and supported by water-resistant technology.
  • Skin-friendly blades don’t cause tug, pull, nick or ingrown hair even on sensitive parts.
  • Easy to use and superfast to master for the best outcome.
  • Can deal with any length of butt hair with every possible hair thickness.

What I Don’t Like about this Shaver

  • Shaving without the comb guards goes as close to a minimal stubble.
  • No charging dock or a wall adapter is included, only comes with a USB cable for charging.

Cleancut – ES412 – Intimate and Sensitive Area Shaver

I personally am very picky when it comes to grooming products that are concerned with my sensitive part. Nicks and cuts can be very annoying and not to mention painful when proper grooming of vulnerable skin is concerned.

That’s exactly why I tried out the Cleancut – ES412. I am glad to say that it lived up to my expectations. Let’s find out a bit more shall we?

Cleancut - ES412 - Intimate and Sensitive Area Shaver

This one claims to be the best personal shaver out there and they indeed live up to the expectations.

The business end of this shaver has a slotted foil which is great as it has an interior rotating blade assembly. And the impressive Japanese build of the device along with the fine craftsmanship of the blades offers great efficiency while combined with the powerful integrated motor.

The motor has the right amount of torque and it is powerful nevertheless. I found just the proper balance between the raw power of the machine and its focus on the health of the skin as it is strong enough to cut but certainly won’t grab hair and rip it off.

This part is something I appreciate much at least.

The product itself is indeed aesthetically pleasing and has a classy look that will go great with your other grooming accessories. I found the stainless-steel finish to be just superb.

Get Cleancut – ES412 at Amazon

Skin pulling or tugging, pinching, and nicks became a thing of the past for me as the blades come close to the skin and do the job just right without any hazardous outcome.

Even if you want to stylize things your own personal way, it is very much doable. Being designed as a body shaver it is just great for bikini lines, underarms and the pubic area.

With the dimensions of 3.5 x 1.8 x 6.2 inches this thing is easy to carry anywhere you want and use it accordingly. This is what I simply love about Japanese craftsmanship. They make everything so very precise and offer unmatched efficiency at the same time.

I had to go through no pain or unwanted hassle while cleaning up my private parts with the ES412. It’s ergonomic design and well-functioning features made personal grooming a lot easier for me. I would definitely recommend this one to anyone who wants to have great value in their purchase.

What I Like about this Shaver

  • The grip is very much to my liking and I found it rather easy to use.
  • Cleaning this thing is not an issue at all. You can use it in shower and clean it under water too.
  • This is a private area shaver. It’s easy to navigate within hard-to-reach areas with the machine.
  • With this, you’ll have an extended battery life to enjoy just like some of the more popular brands.
  • The shaving experience is very clean and precise. You don’t have to tweak the shaver too much.

What I Don’t Like about this Shaver

  • This one is not a dry shaver. So, if you’re hunting a specific kind of device (dry), this is not it.
  • It’s not actually suitable for loose skin. Elderly people won’t be benefited by this product.

Philips Norelco Bodygroom Series 1100

Philips has often outdone themselves when it came to the shaving department of personal grooming. I have personally tried out the Philips Norelco Bodygroom Series 1100 and I must say that I am quite impressed.

Philips Norelco Bodygroom Series 1100

The Bodygroomer 1100 is ideal for private places like underarms, pubic area, butt, chest, and other sensitive areas. I really loved the fact that they gave skincare a high priority and gave safety a lot of importance. Dual directional trimming can be done to 1/64 inches and not to mention it includes a 1/8-inch comb for more options.

It does recommend dry hair for optimal performance but I really enjoy doing my shaving and trimming while under the shower. And I must say that I was not disappointed at all. It served me great while I enjoy my bath and keep the shower on full force.

Even when growth is different in different places, the Philips Norelco Bodygroom Series 1100 does not falter when taking things up close and personal.

It offers a close cut on highly sensitive areas with very little irritation and almost close to no nicks or cuts. It does not miss any hair as it is able to move both backward and forwards with ease.

Get Philips Norelco 1100 at Amazon

The razer itself is maintenance-free and very easy to clean. Some trimmers and razors are very difficult to maintain and clean due to structural flaws. But I found it to be very much easy to use and comfortable to clean.

The final cherry on top of the deal is that it is battery powered. Tangled cords became a thing of the past for me and don’t even get me started on how annoying it can become when you try to shave your sensitive parts while a cord comes between and messes things up. It can be a total nightmare.

Aside from all the handy features that this baby has, it is very small in size. Which makes it easy to place and easy to carry. Just put it in a pouch and go on a tour. Just in case you need to stay clean and clear on the beachside. I found just about no remarkable flaws in this one and was impressed to quite some extent.

This is hands down one of the best butt shavers I have used so far and I bet you will be a satisfied customer if you choose this one for yourself as well.

What I Like about this Shaver

  • People can shave any part of their body with this piece of shaver or razor easily.
  • You can adjust the guiding combs of this trimmer according to the lengths you prefer.
  • Phillips BodyGroom 1100 does not cause skin irritations at all. The blades are super effective.
  • For me maintenance is super easy and less time consuming. You can do it in five to ten minutes.
  • Performance is top notch and offers great value. Trust me, the price is more than justified.

What I Don’t Like about this Shaver

  • Reaching areas on the back can get difficult with this product. It’s very small.
  • Placing the razer on the charger can get a bit tricky if people are not careful enough.

Philips Norelco Oneblade QP6520/70 Pro

Yes, you guessed right! I am going to go about yet another razer from Philips. Just like the previous ones it also has some unique features that make it stand out from the rest. Efficiency blended with comfort made this shaver one of the best butt shavers that I have used so far.

Philips Norelco Oneblade QP6520/70 Pro

I wouldn’t call it a shaver nor a trimmer, this one is something hybrid and truly one of a kind. One tool is enough for the Oneblade Pro to do it all.

Whether it be, trimming edging or accurate shaving, you’ll have it all at your disposal. The dual protection system combined with a fast-moving cutter, 200x per second to be exact, provides a good and clean shave even with longer hair.

We all think about the longevity of a product before we actually buy it. I was very much pleased to see that a single cartridge can easily last up to four months, provided I do the shaving twice a week.

Very gentle pressure is required to do the shaving and trimming alike. All I have to do is hold it flat against my skin and just move against the grain. That’s all there is to it.

Stylish trimming has never been easier with the adjustable comb length that allows you to go for either a 5 o’clock shadow or even a longer beard style. The choice is entirely yours. Yes, it can be used on the face as well, provided you want to.

Get Philips Norelco Oneblade at Amazon

The dual-sided blade makes edging more comfortable and easier to go by. The skin stays safe as the OneBlade does not come too close.  It is quite capable of shaving off any length of hair so grooming after longer periods of time won’t have any issues at all.

A few fancy features come along with the product too. The contour follower makes it easy to go around the edges of the hard to reach places. The lithium-ion battery is a very good addition as it provides 90 minutes of constant shaving and stylizing through and through.

Durability is indeed impressive and the blades are very easy to replace. This thing is made to last. Oh, and did I mention that it has an LED indicator? This will be a lifesaver when you are working with minimal charge.

Fully capable of carrying out the shaving in both wet and dry situations make this one of my favorites when it comes to clean my private parts.

What I Like about this Shaver

  • Phillips Norelco OneBlade is very stylishly designed and is aesthetically pleasing.
  • I found the battery life to be very impressive. I mean, 90 minutes of cordless runtime is great!
  • The LED light is very handy. You are constantly on top of what’s happening with your trimmer.
  • This trimmer is multifaceted and comes with a lot of options. It’s good to have options at hand.
  • The charging dock is very compact. All you need to do is to place it on top of the dock to use.

What I Don’t Like about this Shaver

  • Replacement blades are highly priced. This prompts people to use it sparingly.
  • Not suitable for every kind of user. I’d not advise any beginner to use this machine.

Philips Norelco Bodygroomer BG2040/49

This fantastic little shaver from Philips is capable of grooming the entire body starting from below the neck. No wonder they call it the body groomer.

I like to keep my body and private parts while excluding the additional hassle that comes with it. Which is why I found the Philips Norelco Bodygroomer 7100 to be an ideal choice for me.

Philips Norelco Bodygroomer BG2040/49

This one made my shaving and trimming experience very easy and comfortable. Fully equipped with advanced features and high-tech functionalities this gives private grooming a cutting edge over the competition.

Just a single tip for the beginners, before you start using it, it would be best to charge it for about 24 hours beforehand and after that, you are ready to go.

The shaving head is a three-dimensional pivoting one so it makes it a lot more efficient in following the contours of your body. Covering the curves of your butt won’t be an issue at all. Trust me when I say this, it will feel as smooth as silk when you are done with your work.

As far as trimming goes this one has rounded blades and combs that prevent it from causing damage or irritation to the skin. There are five length settings to choose from so that you can stylize your body hair just the way you want. This is especially loved by those who lean on the artistic and crafty side.

If you are thinking, “Which body parts it will cover?” I would say almost every place below the neck. This is built and designed to shave and trim chest and abs, underarms, legs, groin area and back and shoulders. Basically, this one here is an all in one package that can do it all.

It only takes an hour to charge fully which is very impressive and the cordless design saved me from a lot of hassle as I prefer to shave and trim while I am under the shower. Yes, you guessed it, it has a waterproof body as well. This is something I really learned to appreciate.

The package comes with a store and charge stand which actually comes in handy. If you don’t feel impressed, you can use it for yourself, I doubt that you will be disappointed in any way.

What I Like about this Shaver

  • The dual end design is very effective. You can trim with either side of the machine effortlessly.
  • You’ll find it very efficient when shaving sensitive areas. I mean, no rashes, irritations or cuts.
  • The pivoting head makes shaving curvy areas very easy. Yes, ladies, you’ve found your product!
  • There’s absolutely no possibility of scratching the skin. It’s great when you consider sensitive skin.
  • BG2040/49 is a complete whole-body shaver. Besides trimming your goatee, you can shave with it as well.

What I Don’t Like about this Shaver

  • The battery has memory effects. The cordless duration decreases over time as it gets dull.
  • This Phillips trimmer can’t be used while charging. This is one of the rare breeds.

Philips Norelco Bodygroom Series 3100

Grooming goes to a whole new level when you go premium with your products. And I must say that the Philips Norelco Bodygroom Series 3100 is one of the best products for butt shaving and private area grooming there is.

It’s “A-Grade” features blow away the competition and make it stand out like the king that it is.

Philips Norelco Bodygroom Series 3100

I rarely praise a product this much, but I have been using this for quite some time now and I must say I am beyond satisfied with it. It can literally power through hair keeping the skin intact and irritation-free.

Some often find it difficult to reach back areas and clean hair properly. But this one has a dedicated back attachment that makes things a lot easier.

Even long strands of hair that have not been tended to for a long period will vanish with a single stroke, just like that. The package even includes three combs of different sizes. 3, 5 and 7mm body hair lengths to provide personalization in stylizing your private areas.

I just have to mention that Philips went all the way when it came to taking care of the user’s skin. This baby here is a hypoallergic shaver and it offers a completely irritation-free shave with the pearl tips that are included.

As far as charging goes this butt shaver is one hell of a performer. It can go for 50 minutes of cordless use after a full charge is complete. How cool is that? There is even a battery indicator included to let you know how much longer you can go before you run out of juice.

This is totally safe and comfortable for underarms, chest, and abs, back, and shoulders, groin area and legs. Reliable and smooth body grooming was never this much comfortable.

Did I mention that this one is waterproof too? It can keep going even when you are under the shower enjoying a bath after a long and tiring day and cause no issue whatsoever. This is indeed the best part of razers that have a cordless design.

An all-rounder in the true sense! Philips has produced something that all men will crave if they want top-notch quality in their private grooming sessions. Satisfaction is almost guaranteed, take it from a very satisfied customer.

What I Like about this Shaver

  • The handle is very ergonomic and easy to hold. While trimming, your hands won’t slip.
  • The self-sharpening blades are great. They keep the effectiveness of the blades intact.
  • The cleaning brush can be very useful. It helps when you don’t want to dirty your hands.
  • Battery support lasts a whole hour before the trimmer needs charging for another round.
  • Trimming options are plentiful due to comb sizes. You can do a host of style patterns with goatee.

What I Don’t Like about this Shaver

  • The motor is rather noisy. Once you turn it on, your neighbors will surely know you’re trimming.
  • The cleaning procedure is not very easy. The steps are rather complicated for a beginner.

Panasonic Electric Body Groomer & Trimmer for Men ER-GK60-S

As far as butt shavers go, Panasonic’s ER-GK60-S is nothing to overlook. It has some awesome features that make grooming a lot more fun and easier for men.

No matter what kind of trimming you want to do or what the length of your hair is, this one is bound to impress with optimal performance in both dry and wet situations.

Panasonic Electric Body Groomer Trimmer for Men ER-GK60-S

This thing works both ways simultaneously. The V-shaped trimmer head does smooth maneuvering while a precision blade system does the exquisitely smooth trimming not only on your butt but all over the body as well.

This trimmer is very gentle on the skin which I liked very much. The wide-edge, skin-protective blade system ensures that no harm is done to the skin and that it is kept from any kind of irritation.

The hypo-allergenic blades capture and cut unwanted hair from any part of the body like a charm. Even to avoid pulling and tugging the fixed blades are tightly placed.

The prowess of design is definitely praiseworthy in this shaver because it is crafted to provide the utmost efficiency without extracting the comfort from the whole experience. Without any attachments, the trimmer provides an extremely close trim, a trim that goes 0.1-millimeter to be exact.

The grip of the trimmer is very ergonomic and it makes the experience almost effortless. Holding it feels great and shaving seems like a total breeze.

It can be maneuvered in any direction with ease with just slight pressure from the fingertips. Holding the handle from the rear end makes it hard to reach places very possible to trim and clean.

The package comes with three attachments to make trimming easier for particular places of the body. Glutes, groin, underarms, chest, arms or any other place you want, this has its arsenal ready for you.

This awesome little cordless trimmer uses an AC charging stand that can fully charge the device within 8 hours and provide 40 minutes of uninterrupted trimming. The AC charging stand also comes in handy to store the trimmer itself. Plus, it looks very stylish!

This very easy to maintain trimmer caught my attention and proved its worth without a doubt. If you are out there looking for the best butt shaver for yourself, then this product is definitely worth looking into.

What I Like about this Shaver

  • As is the matter with any Panasonic product, it offers a highly comfortable shave.
  • I’ve found the build quality to be very solid. You won’t be able to damage it even if you drop this.
  • Panasonic’s shaver doesn’t cause skin irritations of any kind even if the person is a sensitive type.
  • It is a wet shaver. That means, people can clean it using water and cleaning solutions as well.
  • With this shaver, hard to reach areas are a piece of cake due to superior control.

What I Don’t Like about this Shaver

  • Properly adjusting the blades can be an issue. You need to be careful when buying blade refills.
  • The blades themselves are not very durable. People will need blade refills quite often.

Manscaped Best Electric Manscaping Groin Hair Trimmer

Let me introduce you to something just awesome for below the belt trimming. I have used it for a long time and it has not let me down by far. Manscaped claims that this is the next-gen technology to make your manhood and private areas look neat, clean and well-trimmed.

Manscaped Best Electric Manscaping Groin Hair Trimmer

So how good is this thing actually? Let’s find out.

Once I used the Lawn Mower 2.0, I was so impressed that it made me wonder why I didn’t try it before. Its features and functions are simple but super effective and get the job done right.

This machine here is cordless and can be charged with a USB cable. Which I found to be super convenient. To be frank, I don’t appreciate a long cable coming in between my personal business.

And being a USB supported charger you can charge it using any proper cable you can find apart from the dedicated one. Pretty cool right?

This thing also comes with two adjustable combs just in case you want to work with different hair sizes. I have my personal preferences as well. I don’t want to stick to a particular grooming style for long. A bit of change is always appreciated.

Apart from providing an even trim each time I got a lot of additional features that were super useful. The lawnmower 2.0 is completely rustproof which increases the longevity of use overall. There is a ceramic snap in the blades as well to ensure hygiene and sharpness at the same time.

Worried about nicks, cuts, and snags? Well, let me tell you, these issues became a thing of the past for me ever since I started to use this for myself. I got totally used to the smooth efficiency that is provided each time. Smooth and Even cleanup of the butt are guaranteed 100 percent.

There are a few basic rules you have to follow through. You can’t just start trimming the moment you unbox it. You have to charge it for 5 hours and then it will be ready to serve you as you please. Snap-on your blade, adjust the hair length and you are ready to go.

Try this for yourself and see how you feel about it. I doubt that you will be unsatisfied as the quality of the product should speak for itself.

What I Like about this Shaver

  • It’s a wet and dry shaver, which is great. People can use it with water and shaving cream.
  • No chance of slipping as the grip is ergonomic. Forget about accidental damages due to drops.
  • Manscaped is aesthetically quite attractive. The sleek design will attract the young and the old.
  • The adjustable glide combs make it easy to shave and trim. Trimming is fun with variable options.
  • The snap in blades make it quite easy to work with Manscape shaver. Switch blades is easy!

What I Don’t Like about this Shaver

  • I didn’t find any flaws with this blade whatsoever.

A Guide to Keep the Butt Shaver Purchase Satisfactory

As far as butt shaving is concerned, I have already presented a list of products that I felt were the very best out there. But still, personal things can have a personal preference. See these neat tips and tricks that will help you a lot while choosing your shaver for yourself.

  • The Basic Build is Crucial

The Basic Build is Crucial

The type of material used to make the best ass shaver does hold some importance. Using something that seems flimsy won’t feel good on the hands nor on the mind. A solid build quality, however, offers a premium feel that makes the user more inclined towards trusting the brand.

If the brand itself is renowned and well valued then it is highly unlikely that they will make the shaver out of something like cheap plastic. A solid build doesn’t necessarily always mean a brushed metal finish. Plastic can offer a strong grip as well. It all depends on the manufacturing process.

  • Motors Have to Pack the Power Needed

Motors Have to Pack the Power Needed

Motors are at the core of the functionality of any kind of shaver. Blades do not rotate by themselves. Check the RPM and the actual power that it packs. Too much horsepower can prove to be harmful while trimming. The pull might be a bit too much due to the motor. So, you need to find out the balance between power and performance.

Another thing is motor noise, a noisy motor can get distracting while you are shaving your sensitive parts. So, it is an actual fact that you might want to consider. The best of experiences require the best of components and the motor is very important nevertheless.

  • The Blades are Essential

The Blades are Essential

You can’t really trim or shave without a proper set of blades, can you? Try to choose blades that have gear which ensures that do not go too close towards the skin. Too close can often mean too close for comfort as well. Let’s face it no one likes unwanted irritation in their private parts.

You will see that some blades have the self-sharpening capacity and that indeed increases the lifetime of a cartridge. Different butt shavers use specific types of mechanisms to provide optimum performance. It would be best to do your research on it before you place the order.

  • Battery Life can be a Life Saver

Battery Life can be a Life Saver

It can get really… really… frustrating if the battery dries out when you are doing some private grooming. So yes, battery life is very crucial. To avoid these unwanted circumstances, check the battery life and how much it actually takes to fully charge the shaver up.

Let me give you a handy little tip, an LED indicator will prove to be very useful. You will be notified when you are about to run out of juice and when the device gets fully charged.

Oh, and one last thing, check out the cable that is used to charge the shaver. I personally recommend USB supported ones as they are rather easy to find.

  • Cordless Function can be Great

Cordless Function can be Great

When you are shaving your rear or your armpits or any other sensitive area, it can be a real bummer if a long-tangled cord comes in between your business. Always go cordless no matter what. Cords are necessary for charging but a real drag when you need to do your personal grooming.

Even if you don’t get something that is cordless, make sure that the cord is long enough so that you don’t have trouble to go wherever you want the shaver to go. Braided cords will do you good because they are less likely to tear up and be damaged.

  • Wet and Dry Shaving is Nothing to Overlook


You might feel like a shaver has all that you could possibly want. But you might just forget about a very primary attribute that a butt shaver should have. Wet and dry features do matter. The shaver must be capable to function in both situations.

Some shavers indicate the fact that they work better in dry situations. Note that carefully, otherwise, you might find yourself in a pinch when you feel like going to the shower to do your personal business. I personally feel that dual options should be present in the product you buy.

How to Go about Shaving Your Ass?

No matter how you look at it, shaving our asses is a tough job. You’ll have to follow a set of steps to get this thing just right. Falter and you’ll have a scar in a place that you can’t even show to people. Embarrassing isn’t it? To avoid a scenario like this, let me teach you how you should approach it.

How to Go about Shaving Your Ass

  • Firstly, I’d tell you to get yourselves ready with a hot shower. A hot shower helps in killing off bacteria. I use anti-bacterial soap to clean myself. Once you’re done with the shower, make sure to properly dry yourselves just so new bacteria cannot inhibit your body.
  • Once you dry your bum, make sure to use a new shaver to clean the butt hair. If you’re using a product you used before, make sure to clean it with hot water. Don’t forget to disinfect the item by rubbing a bit of alcohol on the blades to avoid the risks of infections.
  • I would always recommend people to trim off long hair of the butt (if you have it) before you run your shaver on the skin. Long hairs prevent shavers from catching the root of your hairs. The shaver clogs with long hair strands. This, in turn, makes shaving time consuming.
  • It’s time to clean the razor with hot water again After that, use shaving foam or cream to lather up your butt cheeks and start shaving. While lathering up, make sure to do one butt cheek at a time. This way, you can hold one for a good grip and do the other. Your hands won’t slip and cause accidents.
  • This is the hardest step to take. It’s here where you’ll have to be careful. You’ll be shaving the in-between areas of your butt after all. I follow the same process here as well. I lather up the areas one at a time and hold the dry part for a good grip while I shave. Remember to clean and unclog the shaver after every stroke you take. It helps you in remaining infection-free.
  • The last step should be to rinse your butt and clean yourself. This time, my advice would be to use cold water and body wash for the job. After shaving, hair follicles open up. Coldwater closes them properly. Use a clean towel to pat yourselves dry. Please use new towels. Don’t rub the baby soft ass of yours too hard. You might end up getting rashes.

My Two Cents at the End

Obviously, people will strive for a clean-shaven look even if it is down there. Yes, it doesn’t show like other parts of our body. But it feels good to have clean butt cheeks. For that, shaving is the best option we can take. That’s why I came up with some of the best butt shavers technology has to offer.

Remember, when you go for a sensitive area, the safety of yours should be the prime concern. You need to be careful with the hair and the sensitive parts while navigating your shavers.

This is where these products on my list come in. These shavers save you from razor burns, scratches, nicks, and cuts. These are hygienic as well. Speaking of hygiene, try and follow my tips to make sure you’re being extra careful about cleaning up after the sessions.

If you don’t like what you see, there’s a buying guide tucked in there for you to do your own research at your own time.

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