7 Best Beard Trimmer For Long Beards: The Essential Guide

Facial hair can be tricky to maintain, especially if you’ve got a long thick beard. Choosing the perfect beard trimmer can be confusing and tiring for any guy, what with all the fancy features, terms, and model numbers companies like to throw around. If you feel a bit intimidated when browsing through different beard trimmers, don’t worry,  you’re not the only one.

This article narrows down the seven best beard trimmers on the market today and notes how good (or bad) they are to use for even the longest beards. Plus, read on for a short section on what criteria you should be considering when looking to purchase a beard trimmer, as well as tips on how to take your beard grooming routine up to the next level.

Don’t waste your time or ruin your locks with cheap razors and poorly-made clippers. Instead, invest in one of the best beard trimmers for long beards on the market. Read on to find out what the best beard trimmers are, tried and tested by long-bearded fellas just like you.

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Best Beard Trimmer For Long Beards – Comparison Table

ModelRun TimeIncludesNotable FeaturePrice
Wahl Lithium Ion+ Trimmer4 Hours12 Guards4 different head Check Price
Philips Norelco Series 70005 Hours14 CombsDualCut Technology
Check Price
Andis Professional T-OutlinerCordedBlade Oil T blade trimmers Check Price
Philips Norelco Series 510070 Minutes2 Combs17 Length settings Check Price
Panasonic Men’s Beard Trimmer50 Minutes1 Combs19 Length settings Check Price
Braun Grooming Kit MGK398060 Minutes4 Combs4 different head Check Price
Philips Norelco Trimmer BT5215/4170 Minutes4 Combs17 Length settings Check Price

7 Long Beard Trimmers On The Market

Don’t make the mistake of going in blind! Some trimmers just aren’t made for trimming longer beards, either they’ll cut things too short or uneven, or they’ll pull and snag at your beard, causing a whole lot of pain. Here’s the definitive list of the top 7 beard trimmers on the market that are specifically designed for trimming and maintaining longer beards:

Wahl Stainless Steel Lithium Ion+ Beard Trimmer for Men

The Stainless Steel Lithium Ion+ Beard Trimmer from Wahl is one of the slimmest and sleekest-looking trimmers being sold today. Despite its simple and minimal design, it provides a good weight in the hand at about 1.2 pounds. It’s got self-sharpening blades made of carbon steel which guarantees a smooth shaving and trimming experience.

Wahl Stainless Steel Lithium Ion+ Beard Trimmer for Men

This beard trimmer from Wahl also boasts of its high torque which makes it ideal for cutting through even the thickest hair while making sure it doesn’t pluck or snag a few hairs along the way. Even with its powerful motor, the Wahl Lithium Ion+ operates quietly and is cordless.

The Wahl Lithium Ion+ beard trimmer is fast charging and can run for four hours after an hour of charging. Even on a one minute charge, this beard trimmer can operate for about three minutes, just long enough for a super quick trim. It’s also got universal voltage which makes it great for international travel.

This beard trimmer comes with 13 cutting lengths, from 1/16 of an inch to an inch, for different hair styles. Accessories for this Wahl beard trimmer include: a T-blade, 12 guide combs, four detachable heads, a beard comb, a detail trimmer, an ear and nose trimmer, a cleaning brush, and blade oil, all in a compact zipper case.

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One drawback to mention about this beard trimmer from Wahl is the design. While it certainly looks cool enough to be a beard trimmer James Bond would definitely approve of, the lack of a rubberized grip plus that extra torque could spell disaster for even the steadiest of hands. Warning: trim with caution!

Philips Norelco Multigroom Series 7000

The Philips Norelco Multigroom Series 7000 is arguably their best trimmer to date, advertised as a 23-in-1 groomer. In fact, to simply call this a plain ‘ol beard trimmer might be an understatement.

Philips Norelco Multigroom Series 7000

Weighing at just a little less than a pound, it’s got a great feel in the hand which is not too bulky. It has a stainless steel handle with a rubber grip on the top half to provide better control for a more precise shave and trim.

This specific model boasts precision cutting, having twice as many blades that cross each other for more cuts and at the same time, sharper blades. Philips guarantees that its blades will stay in top-notch quality up to three years of use. With the styling guards, the Philips Norelco Multigroom 7000 can trim lengths from 1mm to 16mm.

This multigroomer is cordless but can be used while plugged in when it’s run out of battery power. The rechargeable lithium-ion battery runs up to five hours on a full one hour charge with an LED light to indicate battery life.

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As mentioned, this arsenal of a multigroomer is 23-in-1. This includes: a precision foil shaver, detail trimmer, extra wide hair trimmer, nose and ear trimmer, six extra wide hair guards, two beard guards, two stubble guards, two body guards, a cleaning brush, and a charger or power cord all in a carrying bag. All hair guard attachments for this model are made of fiberglass.

The multiple attachments included make it great for grooming from head-to-toe. For convenience, attachments are individually marked for clean cuts, trims on long beards, stubble, as well as head and body hair.

The Philips Norelco Multigroom Series 7000 is fully washable even with the attachments. A few downsides noted by users is that the quality of the bag that it comes in isn’t that great. Many users also shared that it may be too many attachments and accessories, especially for those with signature styles who don’t really need that many comb lengths. Still, the different attachments can be good (or disastrous?) to have just in case you suddenly feel like it’s time for a new look.

The verdict: as an all-around groomer it gets a definite thumbs up, but if you’re just looking for a beard trimmer, then this might be too much all at once.

Andis Professional T-Outliner Beard/Hair Trimmer

Andis is a favorite among professional barbers. This hair trimmer has a reputation for being one of the best trimmers of all time because of its vintage design and simple features.

Andis Professional T-Outliner Beard/Hair Trimmer

Andis T-Outliner weighs a little less than a pound, about 0.70lbs and fits comfortably in the hand. Its body is made with a hard plastic casing with ridges on either side for an easy grip, especially for longer grooming sessions. Compared to other beard trimmers, this one definitely feels a bit bigger in the hands.

This trimmer from Andis works best for dry shaving and is able to cut super close thanks to its adjustable blades. The trimmer itself though doesn’t come with any comb attachments or guards, but replacement and additional blades can be purchased.

Andis Professional T-Outliner Trimmer requires a wall plug in for power. It has an 8-feet long cord and hanger loop. It runs at a good speed and shaves pretty quietly which makes it popular among professional barbers. Because its motor is quieter compared to other trimmers, this also makes it good to use on kids.

Get Andis T Outliner at Amazon

The only inclusion that comes with each purchase of an Andis trimmer is blade oil. Other attachments, like replacement blades, need to be sold separately. Combs and guards that can fit this model are also very hard to find.

While this model from Andis gets a lot of praise for its classic look and ability to do a clean, close shave, it gets a lot of flack for being a bit too basic. Many users don’t recommend this model of Andis for those with longer beards who want to keep it that way. Since this blade trimmer doesn’t come with any comb guards, you could easily shave off way more than you need to if you haven’t got steady hands.

This Andis trimmer is also a bit inconvenient and too bulky to travel with. Like hello, imagine trying to make room in your luggage for an 8-feet long cord. Some users also note that on longer grooming sessions, the trimmer itself gets pretty hot. Maintenance and cleaning is also noted to be a bit of a hassle for this hair trimmer.

This trimmer is definitely simple, efficient, and reliable, but despite it being the best model made by Andis, it’s not the best trimmer to purchase for those with long hairstyles.

Philips Norelco Beard Trimmer Series 5100, BT5210/42

Another Philips Norelco trimmer tossing its hat into the ring is the Series 5100, BT5210/42. This is the third generation beard trimmer made by Philips released two years before their Multigroom series mentioned above.

Philips Norelco Beard Trimmer Series 5100, BT5210/42

This lightweight beard trimmer features a beard guide system. How it works is it basically lifts and guides hair during cutting with the help of an integrated hair lift comb to easily follow curves and contours while cutting at a uniform length. This feature from Philips Norelco guarantees that no stray hairs will be awkwardly left behind, even after just one pass over with trimmer.

This Philips Norelco hair trimmer has 17 length settings ranging from 1/64 inch (0.4mm) to ½ inch (13mm). Lengths are adjustable through a wheel in the front middle of the product.

Like all newer models of Philips’ trimmers, this series is cordless with a lithium-ion battery that can run for 70 minutes for each hour it is charged. Even after just five minutes of charging it can run for about three to five minutes. When out of juice, the trimmer can still be used when plugged in.

The BT5210/42 also has self-sharpening stainless steel blades that should cut hair without pulling or plucking any away. Each purchase of this trimmer includes: one beard and stubble comb, one short hair comb, one long hair comb, a cleaning brush, an adapter and an appliance plug.

This Philips Norelco trimmer is fully washable and can be used in the shower, when cordless of course. It does not need any blade oil, though it is advised not to clean it with alcohol or pass the blades through a towel or tissue as it can dull its sharpness.

Whether you think it’s a big minus or an irrelevant factor, some users note that for this model of Philips Norelco, it makes way too much noise.

Despite its lift and trim technology, reviews show that it can still miss a few hairs, especially for thicker, denser beards. Though this model of Philips Norelco is said to be okay for shower use, it doesn’t do a very good job at wet shaving.

Panasonic Cordless Men’s Beard Trimmer With Precision Dial

This beard trimmer from Panasonic is favored to be one of the best electric trimmers on the market and is perfect not just for trimming beards, but also mustaches. Most notably, it has one of the most comfortable designs with an ergonomic and rubberized grip. The trimmer itself has a curved design so it fits well in the hand, with a handle that’s slimmer for a more controlled shave. At 12.8 ounces, it isn’t too bulky and is conveniently travel-sized.

Panasonic Cordless Men’s Beard Trimmer With Precision Dial

The Panasonic Cordless beard trimmer delivers the same shave quality and ease whether you’re dry or wet shaving. It can even be used along with shaving creams, foams, gels, and lotions—a function that many other trimmers can’t do.

The blades one the Panasonic Cordless Men’s Beard Trimmer are hypoallergenic and angled at 45 degrees which is apparently the best angle for when you’re trimming beards, mustaches, and hair. It boasts a clean and close shave with just one pass for even the thickest of hair.

This beard trimmer by Panasonic has 19 length adjustments ranging from 1mm to 10mm with 0.5 increments through an adjustable dial located on the front. It is cordless and rechargeable. After a full one hour charge, it can run for up to 50 minutes.

Attachments with this Panasonic trimmer include three combs, a cleaning brush, and a charging stand. Cleaning the trimmer is easily done by simply putting it under running water to rinse out any stray hairs. It is entirely washable with an open water drainer in case any other hairs or product gets into it.

Panasonic recommends air drying this trimmer after rinsing since wiping down the blades could affect its sharpness in the long run. One downside noted though is because it only charges on a stand, you won’t be able to use it until it’s got enough power, unlike other cordless trimmers which can still be used when plugged in.

Braun Multi Grooming Kit MGK3980

This multi grooming kit from Braun is one of the most top-rated trimmers, and makes quite an impression as a birthday or holiday gift.

Braun Multi Grooming Kit MGK3980

The trimmer is in a cool black and blue design with a matte finish and weighs a little over a pound, 1.39lbs to be exact. It has a slim design with a comfortable grip that makes it easy to shave along contoured areas, shaving down to as short as 0.5mm. It is 100% waterproof which makes it safe to use when shaving wet hair or for body shaving in the shower.

The Braun trimmer has a maximum battery life of 60 minutes from a full 60 minute charge. It has an LED indicator that lights up when it’s almost out of juice. After 5 minutes of charging, the Braun trimmer can run for about 5 minutes, which for most is just enough for a quick trim.

This 9-in-1 kit includes attachments that make the Braun multigroomer super versatile. You can change the blade heads to make it a beard trimmer, hair trimmer, ear and nose hair trimmer, or a body groomer. Plus, it comes with a Gillette clean shave razor and a zipper pouch. The beard and hair trimmer has 13 length settings and includes four comb attachments ranging from 1mm to 21 mm.

The entire kit is guaranteed to last long and is pretty low maintenance. Braun guarantees that the blades will always stay sharp even after years of use, granted that you regularly oil the blades.

Users of the Braun Multi Grooming Kit shared that the best part of this kit are the comb lengths because they’re great for guys who are still trying to experiment with how thick or long of a beard they want.

Philips Norelco Beard Trimmer Series 5100, BT5215/41

Another addition to the Philips Norelco family of trimmers is the BT5215/41, not to be mistaken with the one mentioned above, the BT5210/42. At first glance, the obvious difference between the two models is their finishing. While this trimmer series has a black chrome finish, the BT5210/42 has a plain chrome finish.

Philips Norelco Beard Trimmer Series 5100, BT5215/41

Both trimmers have soft touch handles with this model weighing at 1.1lbs, just a few ounces more than its predecessor which weighed a little less than a pound.

Similarly to the BT5210/42 model, this BT5215/41 model version also has self-sharpening steel blades, a beard guide system and lift and trim feature to efficiently cut without pulling on hair. Its length options are exactly the same with 17 length settings ranging from 0.4mm to 13mm.

Battery power for this model is also the same as the previous one, with 70 minutes of running time after an hour of charge. It is cordless but can also be used when plugged in if the battery is out of power.

While its previous model had only three comb attachments included, this BT5215/41 model has four. While the previous model was regarded and advertised as a beard and hair trimmer, this one is made for beard, hair, and body grooming.

Downsides noted for this model is that it is still very noisy, just like its previous model. Despite the additional comb attachment, many users do not recommend this model for those with longer beards. Instead, this trimmer is better for shorter beards and clean lines. Users who purchased both the BT5215/41 and BT5210/42 models didn’t find any significant differences or improvements between both. Those who did try both recommend going for either the earlier version or go straight to the multigroom series.

Things To Look Out For When Picking A Beard Trimmer For Long Beards

A good beard trimmer doesn’t have to cost you a fortune and it shouldn’t break after your first use either. Finding the perfect beard trimmer for your long beard can be easy if you know what you’re looking for. Before purchasing a beard trimmer, here are some things to consider and questions to ask yourself to make sure you’re getting the best one that suits you and your facial fur.

Things To Look Out For When Picking A Beard Trimmer For Long Beards

  • Quality Of The Blades

Blade quality should definitely be at the top of your criteria. You don’t want to be stuck with a trimmer you’ve invested money in only to have the blades get duller and duller after each use. Make sure you know what material the blades are made of. If they’re stainless steel, they’re sure to last and stay sharp for long. Titanium blades are also starting to become popular, though stainless steel is still a better choice as they don’t rust. For dual blade trimmers which are usually stainless steel, the blades are often self-sharpening.

  • Structure And Build

Take note of what the body of the trimmer is made of. Is it made of plastic? Stainless steel? Does it have a rubber grip? Is it shaped well so it’s ergonomic and comfortable to hold? Is it maybe too heavy or too light in your hands? Will you be using it in the shower? If so, would it be slippery and dangerous to hold if it were wet?

  • Motor And Battery Life

A trimmer’s motor should be consistent and reliable. If you’re looking for a trimmer made for thicker hair, higher powered motors may save you some time. Make sure to thoroughly look into beard trimmers that boast about being the “most powerful”. Sometimes it’s all a marketing ploy to intimidate you into purchasing it. Also relating to motor and battery, think, how long will this trimmer need to charge before you can use it? Is it too powerful of a motor that you constantly find yourself having to charge it?

  • Versatility Of The Device

This includes any additional accessories or features you’re looking for in a trimmer. Maybe you’re a total pro with steady hands and love the look and feel of the Andis Trimmer or maybe you want something more user-friendly for a guy who’s just starting to get into grooming, so you’re leaning more toward the Braun Multi Grooming Kit. Whichever kind of guy you may be can help you better figure out the beard trimmer you need.

  • Portability And Travel Accessability

If you travel quite often, guess it’s safe to say that lugging around an Andis trimmer with its 8-foot long cord isn’t practical at all. It might not even be enough that you purchase a cordless trimmer as you might find in the long run you would prefer one that can be both corded and cordless. Make sure you also double check on voltages and charging appliances, as some trimmers only need a plug, others need to charge through a stand which oftentimes isn’t so portable.

  • Shaving Length Options

Not taking this into consideration would be your biggest mistake, especially if you’ve got a long beard. Most beard trimmers have adjustable lengths as well as comb attachments to make it easier to shave and trim beards. Always make sure to double check the comb attachment lengths or else you might end up with a much shorter beard than you would have wanted.

  • Your Personal Budget

You don’t have to break the bank in order to buy yourself a quality beard trimmer. Many trimmers now come in kits, which includes different sized combs and attachments, which could sometimes drive up the price because you’re also getting more. It can be tempting to go for an all-in-one kit that’s priced a little more than a simple beard trimmer because of all the extra stuff you get, but would you actually use it for something other than just trimming your long beard?

Top Tips For Trimming Long Beards

Top Tips For Trimming Long Beards

  • Make sure your beard is dry if you’re looking to just give it a clean trim. If you trim your beard while it’s still wet or damp, you might end up taking off less, or worse, more, than you had intended. If you use a hair dryer on your beard, make sure to compensate for that dryness by adding beard oil at the end of your trim.
  • Always brush out your beard and mustache before you start trimming. Make sure to brush your hair out in the direction of its growth and then trim it with an upward stroke.
  • When trimming your mustache, comb it out sideways fadefirst and then down over your lip so you can trim any hair that hangs over.
  • For a really tight fade along your cheeks, you can opt to remove the comb attachments on your trimmer—just make sure to keep a steady hand! You can also use a comb to help you get those lines super straight.
  • When shaving along or below your jawline and neck or any underside, stretch your skin out for an easier trim.
  • No matter how much you try to brush your beard, a few hairs will still rebel against you and refuse to stay down. Keep a pair of scissors handy for finishing up and for snipping off any of those strays.
  • Always finish up your beard grooming routine with a beard oil, balm, moisturizer, or pomade so your locks have a nice shine and don’t look too dried out. Go for beard products with natural formulas and ingredients, like argan oil and jojoba oil.
  • Make it a routine, and have fun with it! Whether you like it or not, beard maintenance falls under self-care. It can be easy to fall behind on grooming and let things run wild if you start seeing this as a chore. You grew out this beard, so commit to it and make it the best damn beard you’ve ever grown!

Corded vs Cordless: Which Beard Trimmer Suits Your Long Beard Best?

Corded vs Cordless- Which Beard Trimmer Suits Your Long Beard Best

Deciding whether to get a beard trimmer that’s corded or cordless is as easy as choosing between getting vanilla and chocolate ice cream. If you’re a swirl type of guy though, you’ll be glad to know there are a few beard trimmers now that can both be used with or without a cord.

For trimming long beards in the comfort of your own home, a corded beard trimmer will be just fine. It’s also ideal to use a corded beard trimmer if you’re doing longer grooming sessions, whether on yourself or on others, like say if you’re a barber or stylist. If for some reason you often find yourself in situations without plug-in electricity or maybe if you just travel a lot, a cordless beard trimmer could be your best bet. Cordless beard trimmers can also either require batteries or a wall charger for power.


Even though having a long beard means you’ve stopped shaving, it doesn’t mean you have to stop grooming. Grooming your facial hair is just as important as grooming other areas of your body. A long beard isn’t something you can easily hide and it isn’t something people can easily glaze over. Your beard could be one of the few things strangers will remember about you and let’s be honest: it can make or break your look.

Investing in a good quality beard trimmer is a must have if you’re trying to maintain your facial hair by yourself rather than visiting your local barber every other week. Having to groom your beard may seem like a tiresome chore at some point, which is why having the right tools within your reach can greatly help make your grooming routine easier, and fun too!

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