Andis Master vs Fade Master: Which One to Buy and Why?

All the specialized hair clippers that barbers use for fades have one thing in common – close cutting blades. Andis Master and its popular successor Andis Fade Master have made a mark in the industry, not only because of their spot-on fading abilities but also due to their ease-of-use. I have had the opportunity to use both models at some point, which is why I think I am qualified to provide some useful insights.

Andis Master is an all-rounder hair clipper which allowed me to go creative with my hair and beard styles. It’s ideal for low to medium fades, taper cuts and drop fades. Edging and lining up my stubble, especially the beard neckline is a cakewalk with this swanky piece of equipment.

Fade Master, on the other hand, is more geared toward seasoned hairstylists or people who have used a hair clipper before. Its blades cut super close to the skin, making it suitable for all kinds of bald fade and edgy hairstyles. The blade length is easily adjustable (0.2mm-0.5mm) and can be zero-gapped as well for an even and tight trim.

Both models appear nearly identical and share many similarities which could easily confuse a first time buyer. I get you, man. To help you pick the right fade clipper that meets your individual cutting/fading needs and skill set, I have not only made a side-by-side Andis Master vs fade master comparison but have also reviewed each model in detail to give you a fresh perspective.

We will start with the reviews first.

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Andis Master vs. Fade Master Comparison

FeatureAndis Master Fade Master
Cutting strokes1400014000
Weight20 Oz17 Oz
Blade OilYesYes
IncludesBlade Guard2 Combs
Voltage120 V120 V
Price Check Price Check Price

Everything You Need to Know about Andis Master Hair Clipper – A Detailed Review

Andis Master is one of the most versatile hair clippers I have come across in my life. It’s a kind of tool you’d always want to keep handy, both at home and during travels, for a quick touch-up before a meeting or date. If you have finally decided to cut and style your hair on your own, Andis Master would make a great entry-level clipper for you.

Andis Master

What makes it truly stand out is its buttery smooth cutting ability and ease of use along with its robust build quality. The frame of the clipper is made from lightweight yet unbreakable aluminum, meaning this bad boy will last you for years if you take care of it well.

I absolutely adore the shiny chrome finish on it. The only faulty aspect is that the handle doesn’t have a ribbed rubberized surface. The entire surface is smooth, which makes it a little slippery. Although I have never had issues with the grip, it’s still a glitch Andis should fix in their next upgrade.

Coming to the ergonomics, the body has the right amount of heft to it which enhances the balance. Brownie points for the quiet operation. In fact, it’s one of the quietest close-cutting hair clippers out there which makes it ideal for pet grooming too. I have a separate pair of this clipper reserved for my Golden Retriever (his name is Yellowhead, by the way). Like all dogs and animals in general, he also loathes loud fur trimmers. But he seems to be okay letting Andis Master do its job without any interruption.

Coming back to its usefulness for human beings, Andis Master is a very capable fading clipper. If you don’t want to spend your precious time instructing the barber what fade style you want, you can teach yourself how to do it easily with Andis Master.

You won’t become a pro in a day, but you will definitely get there after a couple of trials and errors. The blade length can be adjusted (from size 000-1 or 1/50 to 3/32 inches, or 0.5mm-2.4mm) by moving a lever at the back of the clipper head.

This is as far down as most trimmers go. Fade Master, which I am going to review in the following section, is one of the very few fade clippers that are able to go even closer.

Andis Master is perfect for a plethora of fade styles and taper cuts. The semi-thick blades will buzz your hair very short but won’t bald your skin, if that’s what you are after. It also doubles as a brilliant beard trimmer, providing a uniform and neat cut with no rough edges.

I often use it to neatly groom my stubble look. You can handle pretty much every beard type and length with it, thanks to the easy-breezy adjustable blade length settings. From a mean 5 o’clock shadow look to a medium-length thick and full beard, Andis Master handles everything like a pro.

It gets all that torque from a premium-grade 14000 strokes per minute magnetic motor. The motor yields amazing results without vibrating like a scared kitten. It is a corded device, equipped with a 6 ft long cord, which allows adequate flexibility, at least to me.

You can even realign and zero-gap the cutting and the stationary blades for a clean-cut shave. Ladies reading this, Andis Master would make a fine hair-removal tool for your lady bits as well. Just remember that it’s not meant to work in the nether region.

The rest of your body, including arms, underarms, and legs could be smooth as velvet with the help of this incredibly versatile and sharp clipper.

Clean the clipper under running tap water after every use and lube up the blade periodically using the small tube of oil included in the box. The box also includes a blade guard to maximize your safety and reduce skin irritation.

If you want a really close and clean shave, you have to shave without the guards. If you are careful enough, you don’t have to worry about nicking, razor bumps or burns.

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  • Durable and robust design.
  • Blade length can be adjusted from 000-1 (or 0.5-2.4mm or 1/50 to 3/32 inches) by moving a lever.
  • Easy to clean and lubricate, comes with a small bottle of blade oil.
  • Can be used worldwide with the help of a voltage converter.
  • Fading, edging, trimming, clean shaving to pet grooming, this device does it all.
  • Very quiet.


  • Can feel bulky to someone using a clipper for the first time.
  • Gets hot if you use it for too long. If you will be using the device for bulk cutting, I’d suggest using Andis’ Cool Care Spray to cool down the metal casing. It’s a very common issue with electromagnetic-motor powered clippers with metal casing.

Everything You Need to Know about Andis Fade Master: What Makes It Stand out?

Fade Master is a piece of art that deserves an honorable space in every barber’s arsenal. It takes fading and shaving experience to the next level by implementing multiple ultra-thin blades that can trim your hair from size 00000-000 (0.2-0.5mm or 1/125 to 1/50 inches.).

Fade Master

This is the closest to the scalp a clipper can go and the 0.2 mm minimum length makes it ideal for skin fade or bald fade haircuts which requires balding the sides. For the same reason, this clipper works as a phenomenal manscaping weapon, giving you the closest possible shave with just a couple of light strokes.

The ideal use of Fade Master would be skin fading, edging, blitzy military haircuts and giving a clean and precise finishing touch to all kinds of fades and taper cuts.

The smooth, non-rubberized aluminum casing provides a good balance but lacks the grip of a standard rubberized handle. Nevertheless, you won’t struggle to hold the clipper firmly with dry hands. The blades are made from carbon-coated stainless steel, so rusting should be the least of your worries.

The model is made to operate on standard U.S household voltage and frequency. To use it overseas, you just have to carry a voltage adapter with you.

Mind you that the blade alignment and mighty 14000 RPM magnetic motor allow it to cut extremely close to the scalp. So you need to pay a great deal of attention while using it or you could easily slice off a chunk of your skin.

Although the unit doesn’t come with any blade guards, you can separately purchase the Andis purple magnetic blade guard for Fade Master. It fits easily and lessens the risk of razor burns and nicking, especially for individuals with ultra-sensitive skin.

There’s no need for additional comb attachments since you can fine-tune the trimming length by pivoting the lever located at the back of the clipper head. Wash it with plain water and lubricate the blades once a week with the included blade oil to keep the moving parts running smoothly for years.

If you are buying the tool for professional use, get yourself a blade disinfectant spray to maintain proper hygiene. For a thorough cleaning, dip the blades into an alcohol-based blade wash solution, switch on the clipper so that the solution works its way into the clipper head.

This will flush out all the dirt, grime and possible germs from the surface of the blades. Then you can remove the blade, wipe it with a clean cloth or just let it air dry. This should be done at least twice a month to keep the machine in top condition for a long time.

You can make the tool serve you loyally for at least two-three years with very little care and maintenance. To sum up, Andis Fade Master is one of the finest clippers for bald fades you can find today.

It’s not flawless and definitely suitable for bulk cutting, but professional hairstylists on the lookout for a tool for a great finishing touch and precise line-ups will get a lot of use out of this device. Home users who don’t want to drop off a bucket-load of money to get a sassy hi-top fade, skin fade or an edgy buzz cut could also give Fade Master a shot. However, I won’t recommend it to complete beginners, for the blades are very sharp and can easily cut badly if your hands aren’t steady.

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  • The ultimate mid-range professional-grade clipper for skin fading and low fade haircuts.
  • The ultra-thin blades can be easily zero-gapped for a super close shave.
  • Great weight distribution.
  • The shortest trimming length is 0.2 while the highest being 0.5 mm.
  • Requires minimal upkeep.


  • Very sharp, can nick easily and therefore, not recommended for rookies.
  • Can get very hot after several minutes of continuous use, just like the standard Andis Master model. You can try Andis’ Cool Care Spray to get rid of the issue.

Andis Master vs Fade Master: Feature-by-Feature Comparison

The whole point of writing this Andis Fade Master vs Andis Master comparison is to highlight the primary difference and unique attributes of these two models. The reason why most potential buyers are on the fence about which one to buy is because of the sheer number of similarities both models share.

They look pretty much the same, use the same robust 14000 RPM electromagnetic motors, have aluminum metal casing with a protective chrome finish on it and 6 ft. long cord attached to the base of the handle. They operate on standard U.S voltage (120V) and frequency (60Hz.).

The blades in these two models are made from high-quality carbon-coated stainless steel and for periodic lubrication, both models come with a tiny bottle of lubricant. Also, none of the model includes accessories e.g barber comb, cleaning brush, length attachments or travel case.

The quick and thorough cleaning and disinfecting process I explained in my detailed Fade Master review applies to Andis Master model as well.

Now coming to the differences, the Andis Master comes with a blade guard while the Fade Master doesn’t. But that’s not a big issue since the compatible purple blade guards for Fade Master doesn’t cost much.

I should also remind you that you can’t use the guards on both models if you are zero-gapping the blades. I would suggest using either of these two clippers without the guard while blending different lengths of your taper cut and also when you want a good ol’ clean-cut shave.

Andis Fade Master, weighing around 1.25 lbs. is a tad bulkier than the 1 lb. original Andis Master. Having said that, both have a rugged and robust build that results in a great balance.

The above-mentioned differences were very subtle and don’t make much of an impact on the overall functionality and performance. The main difference between these two models lies in the blade adjustments. The standard Andis Master blades can be adjusted from size 000-1 or 0.5mm-2.4mm or 1/50″ to 3/32″.

On the other hand, with Fade Master, you can tweak the trimming length from size 00000 to 000 or 0.2mm-0.5mm or 1/125″ to 1/50″.

As you can clearly see, Fade Master can cut extremely close to the scalp, close enough to bald the skin completely, which is precisely what skin fades and hi-top fade haircuts demand.

Andis Master is more suitable for a nice and tight crop, low-medium fades and many other types of hairstyles. It’s an all-rounder that effortlessly handles the hair from head to toe (barring the spot below the belt).

When it comes to precision, lining and edging up the faded hairline or beard line, Fade Master is unbeatable. But for everyday hair cutting, fading or beard trimming, Andis Master will serve the purpose quite well.

Also, maneuvering the uber-sharp, fast-moving blades of Fade Master requires a lot of practice and steady hands. If you are a complete beginner, Andis Master would be a better starting point.

Final Verdict

Taking into account the unique advantages of each clipper, it’s almost impossible and also quite unfair to call one model better than the other. If you just want a high-quality clipper for a tight buzz-cut and maintaining a dashing stubble look, Andis Master totally fits the bill.

But if you are a seasoned barber or just a regular person who has prior experience of using a trimmer and want mean and bold hi-top fades and drop fade Afros, Fade Master is a must-have weapon in your arsenal.

I hope to have successfully cleared up your confusion by now.

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