There is a sheen about straight razors that does not seem to fade away, even after decades of use and when competing with raw technology.

And that is way the Dovo Carbon straight razor forces you to drop back and throw a second look at it, even if you are unwilling.

To start with, merely holding the razor in your hand gives you a feeling of classy construction and a hearty masculine design.

Look a little further and you know that the artist took special care with the design.

Read on as we give you a load reasons why the Dovo straight razor is a valid contender in this age.

Made of
Carbon Steel
Type of Hollow
Handle material
Ebony Wood
Blade depth
Made by
4.5 rated 31

Our impression

If you have had a fair experience with Dovo razors, you will notice that this one does not have that typical emblem symbolic of these razors.

But still, for some strange reason the Carbon looks good without the emblem.

Every other spec of the aesthetics of the razor seems perfectly as pictured. If you are a fan of ebony wooden handled in straight razors, there is no going beyond this one.

It is definitely a welcome change considering most modern straight razors make use of plastic handles.

On the look of it, there is not a hair that the manufacturer could have cut wrong with the Dovo carbon.

Come to the experience of shaving with the carbon and you will be pleased to know that it comes shave-ready.

It gives you a feeling of assured sharpness the moment you rest the blade against your fingers.

While we did strop it a few times for certainty, separate tests showed that it works just as well when using straight out of the box.

Again, it is evident that the blade was designed with a lot of care right at the first stroke.

The feedback is great and you will have no trouble whatsoever taking a few strokes backward as well.

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The Dovo carbon is costlier than most other straight razors in the market.

It would also be safe to say that the cost almost measures up to some elementary electric shaver models.

But do not be taken aback if we tell you it is worth it.

Even at seven times the price for staring straight razors, the Dovo Carbon feels enough value for money.

The Carbon is lighter than most other straight razors in the market, giving it a feel of sophistication.

There is more grind in the metal throughout the length of the blade.


The major attraction is the fine edge of the blade in the Carbon. While most straight razors rely heavily on the edges to get them through competition, it appears a little different with the Dovo Carbon’s edge.

It will be an understatement to simply state that the edge is fine.

The edge is not just fine for this one, it is one of the finest that you will ever come across in a straight razor.

Also, it feels a little diamond-cut in the texture.

You can feel this texture of the blade even more closely when shaving backward with it.

The only reservation against buying this Dovo could be the cost of the razor.

But as all great things hurt a little more in the pocket, the Dovo Carbon takes you just a step closer to greatness.

You will anyway eventually upgrade to something better than what you are using right now.

It only makes more sense to get to something classy at the first attempt itself.

We can guarantee you from our personal tests that you will not regret it.

And honestly, if this is the last razor you will ever need to buy, there is actually a lot you save on disposables.

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If you are beginner with straight razors, it only makes sense to use pre-shaving oil before lather.

Apply a good after-shave once you are done shaving.

It might feel a little awkward after the first few shaves.

You should know that it takes some time to adjust when you are switching razors.

If you feel that the blade of the razor is not performing well, there is no need to force.

Just give it some time and scope and it will start adapting to your skin type soon.

Dovo is famous for making razors that start responding to your skin.


  • Simple, elegant and stylish design.
  • Evenly ground metal through the blade.
  • Fine edge makes shaving graceful.
  • Elegantly designed wooden handle completes the aesthetics.
  • Safest choice for a first safety razor.


  • Beginners may not like the idea of repeating strokes.
  • Could take more than expected time to set-up.
  • There can be a few glitches without supervision.

Faq (frequently asked questions)

Dovo Straight Razor

  • Does the razor come shave ready?

The razor comes in a state that Dovo describes as ‘factory-shave ready’. This means that while the razor is ready to shave, you could consider stropping it for a while.

  • Is it a good razor for beginners?

This is possibly the best razor is someone is beginning to shave with a straight razor. The company is known for being beginner-friendly.

  • Is there any advice for those switching from electric shavers?

The best way to get about the process when switching from another type is to go slow with it. The Dovo Carbon will eventually adapt to the skin type.

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Wrap up

You cannot possibly go wrong with a Dovo when shopping a straight razor out of the blue.

But the game simply changes when you are using the Dovo Carbon for daily shaves.

The shaver is easily the best straight razor available in the market.

You do not have to consider buying a razor in your lifetime if you purchase the Dovo Carbon. Such is our faith in the product.

Bottom line

The Dovo Carbon is among the very few grooming products that dispel the need of investing in the same category once you have bought it. Do not waste time. This is the one.

Dovo Straight Razor Carbon review - expensive but worthy
Value for money78%
79%Overall Score

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