If shaving is an art, Taylor of Bind Street somehow manages to make a masterpiece with every product.

The Taylor Sandalwood shaving cream is a scented shaving cream for daily shaves.

If you like the idea of fresh mornings with some fragrance infused into them, this one could be the cream for you.

In this review, we attempt to evaluate how the cream measures up to the standard checks and misses of shaving creams.

We also analyze how profitable it will be for you to invest the cream. So relax and let the Taylor Sandalwood smell good for you.

Our impression

Taylor of old Bond Street is known for making shaving products for the urban as well as the retro man.

The Sandalwood cream for shaving perfectly summarizes this claim in many ways.

It comes in a bowl and is the old way of “preparing” the beard before shaving.

The cream gently acts on the beard and moisturizes your face at the same time.

The blend is something like this – it is a rich texture of scented exotic sandalwood and cedar, topped with rosemary and lavender.

The end feel is like the masculine and confident bouquet that you always wanted in yours having cream.

The Sandalwood cream comes with an included bowl that makes creating lather easier for you.

If you are trying out razor-shaving for the first time and using a Parker shavette, you should start with a very long and hot shower before the shave.

Once done, strop the razor and take a small among of the Taylor Sandalowood on your shaving brush.

It is best if you use a badger shaving brush with this.

You may use the cream to make rich lather on your face.

Only a small amount of the cream makes very rich lather on the face.

The Taylor Sandalwood whips a huge lather with very little quantity.

You almost end up wasting some cream in the first few shaves.

Make an effort to pick up as less cream as possible.

The lesser you take, the longer it lasts.

The lather is either sufficient or overdone; it is never wasted.

If you shave on alternate days, you can use an exfoliator on the other day to prevent razor bumps.

This will be needed only for the first few weeks of shave.

Once your skin and the Taylor adapt to one another, that will no longer be necessary.

Taylor of Old Bond Street

As you ease into using the Taylor Sandalwood, you will realize that the shaves have become way smoother than before.

By the start of the fourth week, you will not need anything else to avoid razor bumps.

If you acne issues, you will notice how the Taylor Sandalwood makes a difference over time.

You may even go for a personal consultation with a skin specialist to find out the solution for acnes before you start treating your skin with blades.

But never mind mild acne. The Taylor Sandalwood will take that into fold very easily.

The fragrance of the Taylor Sandalwood deserves a special mention.

It almost reminds you of the fresh sandalwood you bought on your last holiday to India.

The company has taken keen measures to make sure the fragrance lasts through the last molecule of the cream, even if it has dried up. Yes, drying up is an issue with the Taylor Sandalwood.

Over a period of time, it appears to go in a vegetative state if you do not use it regularly.

While this will qualify as a downside to the cream, you do not need to worry much about it.

Just add a couple of drops of water and the cream is back in shape.


  • Great fragrance of lavender infused sandalwood.
  • Takes very little quantity to lather.
  • Produces rich lather.
  • Helps with skin acne.
  • Comes with included bowl for lather.
  • Can be applied to the face directly.


  • Dries up fairly quickly.
  • May cause razor bumps for the first few weeks.
  • Could cause irritation on dry skin.
  • Does not fill the container fully.

Faq (frequently asked questions)

Taylor of Old Bond Street

  • Is the bowl a cream or a bar of soap?

The Taylor Sandalwood comes in the form of a shaving cream and not a bar. You may simply dip the brush inside the bowl and make lather.

  • What is the advantage of using bowl cream over canned ones?

Firstly, you get to avoid the chemicals that come with the can. Then, you also save a lot since the bowl cream lasts you longer.

  • How long does the bowl last?

If you use the cream to shave every day, it lasts you for about 4 months. With better lather-making practice, you may even make that 5 months.

Wrap up

The Taylor Sandalwood is a scented shaving cream.

If you have an issue with scented shaving lather, you should avoid it. But if you like fragrance, the sandalwood, lavender and rosemary of the Taylor Sandalwood will surely do their best to entice you.

The cream makes rich lather with very less quantity.

It easily lasts for 4 months on daily use and offers you plenty of value for money.

Bottom line

The Taylor Sandalwood shaving cream comes in a box that helps you time your shaves better. You should make a timely investment in it already!

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