Shaving the back is nothing like shaving beard.

You cannot look at what’s happening and omissions are very frequent.

The Mangroomer Pro is back shaver that promises to make a difference.

It is one of those back shavers that tick almost every right box out there.

It comes with two interchangeable heads that are meant for long and short hair respectively.

The charging capacity is impressive and so is the capacity to deal with coarse hair.

But is the device really as effective as promised? Read on as we tell you about the boxes and their ticks.

Overall Specification
Used forNeck, chest,
shoulders, stomach
Includes2 Shaving head
Blades size1.8 Inch
Blades materialStainless steel
Angle lock allowingYes
Hair typeAll
CleaningWipe Clean
Quick chargeYes
Charge indicatorYes
Voltage100-220 V
Warranty2 Years

Our impression

The Ultimate Pro is a back shaver from MANGROOMER that comes with a pretty ergonomic design.

It helps you reach most areas of your back without a glitch.

The patented design is actually pretty smart in operation and gets your back rid of almost all the hair with less effort in less time.

It is a welcome change from the back shavers that require lot of maneuvering and twisting.

The design is also supposed to work better on the coarse hair in the back that you generally would have more trouble with.

The extra power burst feature takes care of that in a more seamless manner.

The MANGROOMER pro shaver comes with two interchangeable attachments.

One is a 1.8-inch wide blade.

You can use it to clear large areas of the back in shorter time.

You can practice the general long moves with this head.

It is also the one that takes care of coarse back hair. The second hair is more of an auxiliary.

It is an additional groomer that comes with a two-directional head that takes of regular maintenance.

The good thing about this head is that it moves on almost every part of your body. It works best on shorter hair.

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More than the heads of the MANGROOMER, it is the neck that does the job for you.

The necks of the attachments are shock absorbing and come with a multi-function flex.

The neck bends at just the right points to follow the contours of the face well.

The neck actually makes it possible for the blades to maintain skin contact at all angles.

This is one major reason the device does so well getting so much hair constantly.

It also significantly elevates the comfort you experience while shaving.

You will like just how close it feels when the blades shave your back. Just be careful not to exert too much of pressure though.


The handle of the MANGROOME deserves special mention.

It is an ergonomic, rubberized stick that is variable in length. You can lock the place at whichever length you like.

Even the angle of the handle can be adjusted likewise.

Just press the lock button and all additional movements of the handle along with the angle are cut out.

This gives you better command at the length and angle, which in turn translates into shaving just the areas that are needed.

And the good thing is once you find the suitable angle, you can continue with it forever.

Then comes the MANGROOMER battery, something which inspires confidence in every customer looking to buy a long-serving shaver.

The quick-charge battery can be recharged quickly and easily. You also get charge light indicator that alerts when the shaver is charging and when it is running low on charge.

It shows red when charging and turns green when the device is fully charged.

You will note that the charge will be consumed at a higher rate when using the Power Burst function.

So does the MANGROOMER pro fit the bill of the back shaver which you can handle all by yourself?

It very well does. It is lightweight and can be maneuvered easily with one hand.

The patented design of the Mangroomer gives it a totally adjustable handle which works very well when locked at the ideal angle and length.

You will find it fairly easy to use even if you have limited mobility in the upper limbs.

On the whole, it is the perfect back shaver that allows you all the room for summer pool partoies and beach outs. And if you did not know it before, it also helps you sweat lot lesser.

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  • Long ergonomic handle is easily maneuverable.
  • Fast charge and quick recharge.
  • Ideal angle and length lock feature.
  • Can be maneuvered with just one hand.
  • Power burst mode takes down dense hair.
  • Additional head for overall body grooming.


  • Requires charging once every week.
  • Second trimming head may require quick replacement.
  • Life span could have been longer.
  • Needs many passes over the same area.

Faq (frequently asked questions)


  • Does this back shaver also work well on chest, stomach and lower body?

It works very well on lower body including the legs. While it does function smoothly on the stomach and the chest, you should adjust to the angle first.

  • Can it get the hair on the sides of the back?

Yes, getting the hair on the sides of the back is just as easy, once you find the right angle.

  • Is the back shaver waterproof?

The company has not made any such claim. It is best to avoid wet shaving with this.

  • Is there also a trimming attachment?

No, both the heads have only shaving options.

Wrap up

The MANGROOMER pro back shaver emerges as a champion the moment you consider the functions it stands for.

It comes with a great handle which is not usually the case with other back shavers that ignore the handle altogether.

The second head that comes for overall body grooming can be used to shave away short hair on the legs, stomach and chest.

The battery charges very quickly. And the power burst feature is ideal for coarse back hair. Your money is definitely on this.

Bottom line

Back shavers are ideally suited for those who want to make shirtless statements. The Mangroomer Pro back shaver relates to your sentiments.

MANGROOMER Ultimate Pro Back Shaver reviews- This groomer shines!
Battery life81%
Value for money92%
84%Overall Score
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