Shaving products from Edwin Jagger belong to a league of their own.

The brushes and razors have natural markets and many cannot look beyond the brand.

This piece is about a rather unnatural offering though – a shaving bowl.

Yes, it is a porcelain shaving bowl from the brand that has been built for whipping lather.

It does pack a lot of promise and gives you healthy lather in no time.

But does it deserve your attention and money. Here below is what we feel about that.

Product dimension4.8 x 3 inches
Weight8 ounce
BrandEdwin Jagger
Made ofPorcelain ceramic
Rating:4.5 rated by 310
ColorBlack & Ivory

our impression

The Porcelain Shave bowl from Edwin Jagger gives a premium impression right from the build to jet black aesthetics.

You may use it with several hard refills for shaving soaps.

It makes a great partner with your wet shaving schedule.

It is even more important if you are using a shaving brush already.

You can easily whip with fabulous lather with good shaving soaps and some hot water.

The Edwin Jagger bowl goes a long way to redefine your shaving experience and makes for an excellent gift for anyone who likes wet shaving.

Here is why you should be spending money on this.

Right on the first day of use, you can whip up rich lather in the bowl in no time.

It is not one of those bowls that require you to follow a specific set of criteria in order to get the lather you want.

This sits hand in glove with the thoroughly refined looks of the mug.

The ivory color adds sheer elegance to the mug.

If you want to avoid the display of white cream, you may as well go for this color.

But sometimes, the white cream and black vessel contrast generates an appeal of its own.

It is really about your personal choice here.

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At first sight, you may feel the square base of the mug misses the mark by a little.

It is only when you whip lather in it, placing it on your palm that you realize it does a brilliant job.

Both methods work well – you can set the mug on an even surface and hold the handle or you may simply place it on your palm while whipping lather.

It gives you a tight grip even though the surface might appear slippery.

Edwin Jagger

The inner surface has ridges for two distinctive purposes.

It helps in generating traction when whipping up the lather.

This in turn gives you richer lather in lesser time.

And, it also makes sure no residual water sticks on the base.

So when you are using soap you whip lather, it dries a whole lot quicker than you would expect.

If you are using a shaving soap from Col. Conk, you can easily have it settled in the bottom of the mug with very little space left.

This way you will never have to remove the soap as it dries fairly quickly when inside.

The results on the porcelain bowl go up a few notches if you manage to team it up with an Edwin Jagger shaving brush. That simply seals the deal.

You will find that later comes out even richer and the wet shaving experience of the brush will be a treasure.

Another great way to use it is the microwave.

Yes, you can put a soap bar into it and place it inside the microwave to melt the soap.

Using it then becomes very easy.

The soap will automatically dry in less than an hour since no water seeps below the puck.

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To cut things short, the Edwin Jagger porcelain bowl is a great product for you if you already have a shaving brush from the same company.

And even if you do not, the bowl works just as fine.

It does not really matter if you are using a shaving cream or soap.

It works equally well for both. The aesthetics are mesmerizing in both the shiny black and ivory variants.

A well designed base makes it easy to hold it to place it on the hand and the handle gives you enough traction to place it on a surface.


  • Very well made aesthetics.
  • Available in jet black and ivory versions.
  • Whips lather in less than a minute.
  • Works well with both cream and soap.
  • Can be used to melt soap.
  • Can be held on the palm for whipping.


  • Size can be considerably small.
  • The bottom can be slightly more edgy.
  • Could stain the sink with water.
  • Some cream may get stuck to the bottom.

Faq (frequently asked questions)

Edwin Jagger

  • What is the diameter of the bottom and the top?

The top of the bowl is 4” in diameter and it slightly tapers down to 2.75” in diameter. Right near the bottom it broadens slightly to become 3”. So it has an hourglass figure.

  • Does it fit all shaving soap pucks into it?

It definitely fits all small shaving soap pucks into it. However, for the larger ones, the soap may not reach the base, leaving a gap in between.

  • Will it be wise to eat cereal from the bowl?

Yes, surprisingly. Many eat multi-grain cereals straight out of the bowl. And you may follow that upwith a brisk shaving session.

Wrap up

The Edwin Jagger has a great build, comes in two strikingly lively color variants.

The whipping capacity of the bowl is simply over the top.

The handle gives you a firm hold and you get rich lather in less than a minute.

The only downside would be the size of the bowl.

But we have to say that has been made up for extensively with the lather alone.

Bottom line

If you have used a porcelain shaving bowl before, you will like the Edwin Jagger for a change. If you have not used a porcelain bowl before, you will like it anyway.

Edwin Jagger Porcelain Shaving Soap Bowl review - top quality but a little pricey
Value for money90%
85%Overall Score
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