A back shaver with a big mouth could bring big opportunities when at pool parties.

And that couldn’t go any more literal than the BIGMOUTH from Backblade.

It shave with comfort, handles with ease and finishes like a pro.

And we are not mincing any words on the performance here.

It has its fair share of lacunae too. We shall talk about that as we go.

For now, let us see how it cleans your back of coarse, tall, short and just any type of hair.

Read on and you will know if the BIGMOUTH is really the teeth you need to cut through hair in the back.

Our impression

At the outset, the Do-It-Yourself BIGMOUTH seems to be the back shaver that was meant for maximizing efficacy and minimizing nicks and cuts.

The patented new design of the shaver helps in doing just that.

The blades of the back shaver are safety approved and you are at lesser risk of cutting your back when shaving with this blade.

The design of the Do-It-Yourself BIGMOUTH is both lightweight and ergonomic.

The wide 4” blade is what gives the product its name.

It also ensures that greater areas are cleared every time you run the blade through your back.

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The plus with the Do-It-Yourself BIGMOUTH is its great dry shaving ability.

That saves you on the shaving cream too.

And does it qualify for a wet shaver too?

Well, absolutely. The company has not expressly mentioned on whether the Bigmouth is a waterproof shaver.

But that gets totally eclipsed when you consider just how well it does with wet shaves.

And it is totally to save on cream as well.

But you can forget about that the moment you see the kind of finish that the razor leaves.

It is a smoother Fusion-like finish unlike the clipper trim most back shavers leave.

The reach of back shavers always seems to be some sort of a problem.

And that applies even for the ones with the longer handles.

That is not the case with the BIGMOUTH.

It is able to reach even the most difficult areas of the back without much stress.

In fact, even if you have limited hand mobility, you will like just how easily the shaver goes through the rough patches of the back without making a glitch ever.

And combine that with the fact that it is available in several colors.

While this may not be a table-turner, it just works in case you are a furry person.

NEW! baKblade's "BIGMOUTH"

There is a small note about the wet shaving part though.

If you have not shaven your back under the shower, it will help if you use a large mirror.

Alternatively, you may simply wet your back and shave after turning away from the shower.

That will replicate both the method and effect of facial shaving.

This means you can simply step up on the quality of the shaves and have smoother finishes down the line.

This is also a definitive step up from the rechargeable shavers that do not really match up to the closeness of shaves.

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The Do-It-Yourself shaver also gives you an advantage over the rechargeable shavers vis-à-vis the charge.

For the ones that come with rechargeable batteries, the batteries have a definite life cycle.

The moment they stop charging, you would have to toss them.

Buying new rechargeable batteries could be a tough task when done quite often.

On the other hand, the BIGMOUTH only requires you to have new blades once in a while.

And since the back is not shaven so often, the replacements will not come before six or seven uses with each blade.

The real good thing about baKblade products is you actually get to avail a working customer service.

This is so important considering these water-use electronics have a great chance of going rogue halfway through their lifespans.

The quick and effective customer service of the company really makes up for that part.

They are quick both in collection and resolution.

And that makes a great combination when you consider the level of closeness the blades actually achieve when shaving your back.

Unlike many other back shavers we tested, it also works well on the hair on the side of the shavers.

That should seal the deal in case you had any doubt left.

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  • Greater ease than a manual safety razor.
  • Sharp blades ensure shaving closeness.
  • 4” wide blade gets more hair with each stroke.
  • Can be used for wet shaving too.
  • Leaves no place unreached in the back.


  • Costly replacement blades.
  • Combination of double edged blades used.
  • Susceptible to nicks and cuts.
  • Not the ideal back shaver for sensitive skin.

Faq (frequently asked questions)

BaKblade's BIGMOUTH Back shaver

  • Does the product come with some kind of discreet packaging?

Yes, discreet packaging applies to this product. And you cannot be sure what’s inside unless you have opened the whole pack.

  • How well does it deal with ingrown hair?

Backblade tackles ingrown hair very well. Backblade has paid special attention to removal of ingrown hair.

  • How many blades are included in the pack?

There is only one blade that comes included in the pack. You will have to buy the replacements.

  • What works better – dry or wet shaves?

The shaver works both dry and wet. But the initial design for built for performance on dry skin. So you will receive better performance when working on dry skin.

Wrap up

The baKblade BIGMOUTH is one of the few back shavers out there that guarantee great performance when shaving dry.

It does not compromise with quality even during wet shaving.

The construct of the handle and the product in general is well made.

The blade is bit of a setback, despite being 4 inches wide.

They will not last more than 6 uses and replacements are pretty costly.

For everything else, this is the thing that makes summers brighter.

Bottom line

Shaving the back can be fun too. And the new baKblade BIGMOUTH self-shaver adds a little discreet to that. Just shave it and ditch the shirt.

Bakblade’s Big Mouth Do-it-Yourself Back Hair Shaver Review - Worth every penny!
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