If shaving is an art and you are the artist, you will need a kit.

And if you find that one tool that fits all canvases, on all days, your struggle is a short one.

The Heavy duty from Mekur is a double edged razor that comes with an included blade.

By the looks of it, it is one of the classiest designs they could ever give to a safety razor.

And it looks heavy enough to give you those close shaves day after day.

But is it that one tool you need to add art to shaving? We find out.

Handle length3.25 inches
Weight3.2 ounce
Made ofChrome-plated zinc alloy
Blades come with1
Rating:4.7 rated by 1631

Our impression

The heavy duty from Mekur is not a replacement for advanced razor ranges like the Norelco or the Fusion.

And it does not intend to be.

It is actually something that eliminates the need for technology from the cave-art of shaving.Unlike the electronic shavers which are best for three-day beards, this is something that you can use daily.

The heavy Duty takes tough beard and ingrown hair well in its stride. It is also one of the best military razors that you will ever find.

If you are new to wet shaving, Mekur could make a ton of difference to your lifestyle.

The Mekur HD has the qualities of being your first safety razor.

And it’s not just about the weight. Yes, the weight of the razor is a major factor and we are not debating that.

If you have used Mekur blades with another razor in the past, you will like how the performance just doubles up when it finds a just partner.

African Americans may still get that ingrown hair once in a while.

But that is more to do with shaving technique over anything else.

And the chance ingrown hair could be accompanied with a cut or two to ascertain incorrect technique.

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The blade loading simplicity of the HD stands out. It is not as simple as a “butterfly” razor.

But it definitely clicks better than most safety razors.

This sits all the better when you have little experience of loading/unloading razor blades.

Speaking of blades, it would only be just to drop a line or two on the sharpness and quality.

While Mekur blades are generally known to be star performers, the one that comes included with the HD is slightly disappointing.

It fares only on the medium scale between quality and sharpness.

Something like the feather is clearly a Samurai before it.

Mekur double edged razor

But we are not taking the blade of the HD too seriously. It just seems like one of those things they did to get more strength in the ad.

Also, since the quality of the steel is still Mekur, you can always regain form with some stropping.

And the replacements you buy will certainly perform better.

As it is, the quality of Mekur blades is far better when bought individually.

So it’s only just to consider the included blade in the right perspective.

But the blade will count as a negative nonetheless.

Moving on, the Mekur HD is something you will cherish for life if you have wire-thick beard and super-sensitive skin. Shaving never seems fun when you hit such kind of a combination.

But surprisingly, the seemingly under performing blade that comes included with the set generates great performance from the scratch.

The blade actually pulls off very smoothly with ach stroke.

Your skin does not feel that typical burn after every shave.

The design of the HD makes it heavy enough to ensure closeness without much pressure on the user’s part.

So, what we tagged as a, average blade for sharpness lovers could actually be a gift for thick-bearded, sensitive skin people.

The chrome finish on the Mekur HD makes you like it all the more.

The feel of it is doubled up with the knurled handle providing plenty of grip, even during wet shaving.

For first-time wet shavers, this is the ideal pick.

You can be slightly disappointed in the shorter handle for a start. But know that Mekur has kept it short on intention.

It only helps you with the technique that goes hand in glove with the overall build of the Mekur Heavy Duty.In fact, that gives the HD a certain edge over other cartridge razors.

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  • Great short handle design aids in technique.
  • No razor burns from excessive pressure.
  • Ideal for beginners to wet shaving.
  • Included blade handles sensitive skin well.
  • Superior handle grip for wet shaving.
  • Chrome-plate zinc body.


  • Blade lacks sharpness.
  • Chrome finish does not last long.
  • Closeness depends on individual technique.
  • Could be uncomfortable for large handed people.

Faq (frequently asked questions)

Merkur razor

  • Is it a stainless steel razor?

The razor is made of chrome plated steel alloy, which is pretty much the case for every safety razor in the range.

  • How does the razor work on heads?

The MekurlHD generally works well with heads. But if you have larger hands, the same shaving technique could be a little too heavy.

  • Does it come with a tray?

No, for bathroom storage you should consider buying a separate stand/tray. But a covered one if you feel the razor is going to take water splashes.

  • Is the product made inside USA?

No, the HD is precision engineered in Germany.

Wrap up

The Mekur HD is a tough safety razor.

It has the quality to resist the usual shortcomings of daily shaving.

You can use it as your first tool for wet shaving.

It comes with an included blade that works well for sensitive skin, even though it lacks a bit of sharpness.

It brings the precision of Germany straight to your morning shaves.

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Bottom line

Welcome an all new way of wet-shaving with the Mekur Heavy duty razor. It is the nearly the only partner you will ever need if you wish to have a wet razor.

Merkur Heavy Duty Double Edge Razor review
Value for money85%
84%Overall Score
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