Privacy Policy

We collect and collate personal data that includes first name of the users, last name, usage trends and statistics, cookie data and personal email addresses. Either users voluntarily submit personal data through our website or cookies do the job for us.

We use cookies and other types of tracking tools for indentifying our users, providing web-based services and remembering the preferences of our users. Please be informed that the data collected through our website helps us in serving you with updated information about razors and razor products.

Data security

We take highest security measures for protecting the data collected from you and for thwarting unauthorized modification or access or disclosure of the data collected from you. We use high level encryption and sophisticated computer systems, not to mention private servers, for safeguarding the data. We also use standardized procedures for processing and transmitting the data.

Please note that your personal data is accessed by insiders at charge of administration, communication and sales. However, we do not sell or share your personal data, unless of course you submit your personal data using forms on third party websites. Your data is also accessed by hosting service providers and mail clients.

Thanks for patiently reading the Privacy Policy. Should you have a query, please get in touch with us to know more.

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