Let’s face it – the hair down there tends to outgrow its relevance.

Do not mind it for a while and it has a mind of its own. Much like fire in the jungle, ru….(you get the idea)

Most women are comfortable grabbing a pair of blunt scissors and trimming them back to decency.

While that’s a perfectly okay way of keeping things in shape, they could be missing on an exciting part of the game – the shapes.

You could even take it back to its oh-so-baby natural softness if you do it well.

Now, shaving the bikini area is all about application and deft use of the fingers. It is unarguably the most sensitive area of the body and you will have to elevate the precaution standards you use when shaving other body parts.

In this article, I go one step at a time into explaining all missable details of shaving the bikini area.

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How To Shave Your Bikini Area

Waxing ( tough choice)

Waxing is a total breakaway from shaving.

It is a different procedure altogether and you do not have to worry for a good three-four weeks once you have done it.

Unfortunately, waxing involves a lot of pain and cost if you have someone else do it for you.

However, there are a few simple steps in which you can go about waxing yourself, and in the process saving much pain and cost.

We will talk about self-waxing the bikini area in a separate article.

Trimming (most popular choice)

Trimming the bikini area is a dual option really.

You can use it along with or instead of shaving the bikini area.

If you are not too bent on styles and strips, trimming could well be standalone for you.

You can use safety scissors to trim the pubes to any desirable length.

Do not try to cut too close to the skin though. You can re-trim the hair at any time provided you can enough length for a legitimate trim.

The only risk involved in standalone trimming is very short hair lengths. Avoid this at all costs.

Also, pick up a safe pair of scissors that are sharp enough to cut with one slice. A less sharp pair could take a painful pull on the hair.

Shaving ( most common choice)

When you are out for that no-nonsense look without a trace of hair down there, shaving is the way to go.

Shaving the bikini area is usually done in two ways – complete shaves and shave styles. The complete shave is one where you just shave off all the hair at a go.

When it comes to creating styles down there, you have a real range of options to try out.

However, you must take extreme precaution when shaping the hair. Remember, safety comes before style.

Steps to Shaving the Bikini Area

  • Choose a razor

It is up to you on whether you would like to go with a manual razor or an electric razor. There are quite a few options in both the categories.

Be a little more circumspect when choosing manual razors. Decent manual bikini razors come with protective cushions for a grip. These make sure that the razor does not slip out of your grip, even when you are shaving with wet hands.

For better lubrication, some manual razors (and almost all the electric ones) come with a lubricating strip right above the blades.

This strip allows sufficient lubrication of the area that you are just about to shave. For electric razors, a pivoting head is the bare minimum you need to look for.

  • Soften the area

This is a very important step, particularly if you have real rough hair on the pubes.

You may just take a quick shower (preferably warm) to make the area softer.

Alternatively, you may also soak a little in a tub before moving on to the shower area.

This will make the follicles a lot softer and more shave-ready right from the first pass you make.

If you wish to give the area a proper wash, do it before you shave. This will save exposing the nascent shaved skin later.

Note: In case you cannot locate a shower and yet need an urgent shave, leave a wet washcloth on the area for a few minutes.

  • Pre-shave oil is a must

It does not matter if you have typically dry skin or not.

Most skin types in the bikini area are quite sensitive to razors.

Pre-shave oil serves two major purposes. First off, it helps lubricate the skin which makes razor glides easier later.

Then, a good massage with oil will help settle any dead skin particles or cells resting on the skin.

Left on their own, dead skin cells and lumps could be a major cause of razor bumps and irritation.

Good pre-shave oil also makes up for mediocre shaving gel to some extent.

  • Shaving cream application

Do not let any other idea fancy your imagination. Application of shaving cream is definitely among the most important steps of the game here.

You must always use a shaving cream when shaving the bikini area. There is no such thing called dry shaving here. If you are unsure of the results, make a thick layer of cream. This also applies to those who have sensitive skin.

It is best if you leave the shaving cream there for a couple of minutes before you actually begin shaving. This will help the cream penetrate each and every follicle, making them even softer.

  • Shave gently

Before shaving, prepare the razor in two simple steps.

First make sure there is no stain of rust or any other impurity on the blades of the razor.

It is better if the razor has multiple blades.

This reduces chances of a single blade getting stuck between follicles.

While it is all right to shave in patterns and in any legitimate way you like, you just need to watch out you shave in the direction of the hair growth.

It does not matter how close a shave you want. Never shave against the grain.

There is no need to apply additional pressure when you shave. The tension created by the razor should suffice in most of the cases. If it does not, go for a different razor.

  • Wash with water

If you feel all the hair is not completely shaven, you can use more shaving cream and keep shaving with the grain.

After this is done, use plenty of plain water to wash things clean.

Be careful here. Do not use soap, however mild it may be. If some water does not seem enough, use more water.

Do not mind a little soapy feeling that might be left from the shaving gel. That is actually the lubricating elements which will prevent further chaffing of skin.

  • Use a soft scrub to dry

After shaving and washing the area clean, you may use a soft scrub to dry the area. Do not press too hard or go against the grain here.

If you have the time for it, air-dry the area instead of scrubbing.

For more sensitive skin types, use of a light moisturizer would be advisable too.

In either case, do not be too bent on wearing underwear in the next few hours. Wear light clothing that does not sit tight against the newly shaven area.

6 Attributes that Define good Bikini Shavers

  • A firm grip

A lot depends on the grip of the shaver. And this applies to both manual and electric razors. You will have to consider the fact that a lot of the shaving involves wetting the area and exfoliating it well and applying the shaving gel and doing similar things that might end up wetting your hands too.

The grip of the razor must be able to hold up well even when using with wet hands. Also, the grip should not be so hard that it starts hurting the hand.

  • Rigorously tight water-proofing

If you are using an electric razor, make sure the water proofing of the razor is something that is looked into. Also see if the motor of the device is placed in a water-tight compartment.

If the shaver offers wet/dry convenience of use, this is a must. And since most of the electric bikini shavers are meant for wet shaving, this becomes somewhat a necessity. The best bikini shavers in the market are inadvertently waterproof.

  • Free floating head

Much of the flexibility and reverse traction generated by shavers throughout is from the floating head that is placed on the shavers.

The floating head gives you a greater chance of capturing all hairs lying flatly on the surface of the skin.

The floating head will also be multi-directional and give you better capture rates per pass. The free floating head will significantly alleviate chances of nicks and cuts.

  • Wet and dry shaving

While dry shaving is not the advisable thing for shaving the bikini area, you should look for something that goes cool with both wet and dry shaving.

This makes sense on occasions where you do not find enough room and scope for a full wet shave and have to make do with some dry shaving.

  • Sensitive skin treatment

It goes without saying that any shaver for the bikini area will have to cater to skin sensitivities including those of very sensitive types.

Any bikini shaver you pick should be able to make up for all skin types including the most sensitive one. And it should be noted that the skin of the bikini area is generally sensitive already.

  • All necessary attachments

You do not need a lot of attachments to shave the bikini area.

However, a few become mandatory considering the nature of the job. If you have longer hair and do it only once in a while, a ready trimming attachment really becomes worth.

Then, if you are ready to take the challenge, some styling attachments are also available. In fact, there is a hell lot of exploration to do when you are looking to add more to the style segment.

Some Popular Bikini Shaving Styles

  • The Brazilian

The Brazilian is also popularly referred to as the Sphinx or the more popular Hollywood.

In nutshell, it is considered the king of styles.

The Brazilian is about removing all hair from the pubes and the anal region.

In some countries like Iran, it is considered one of the safest and most hygienic methods of sexual wellbeing.

  • The Landing Strip

The name is prey much self-explanatory here.

Most of the scantily clad models go for the landing strip and it is also a popular style for many young girls out there.

It is also referred to as French design in some quarters of the fashion industry.

The width is maintained between two and three fingers and the hair is trimmed well too.

Most hair from the anal area or the labia is removed too.

This is a popular style for those who want to give styling a try, but are not ready to bare it all either.

  • Big Bush

Again, presents its own case with the name.

It is all about keeping it absolutely natural and doing completely nothing with the hair around the pubes.

For some, being completely natural is a great sexual attraction in itself. So far, oral sex seems to be the only major problem the big bush holds.

  • Bermuda Triangle

This is where those sophisticated attachments that accompany high-end bikini shavers come into play.

The Bermuda Triangle is one of the most popular styles out there and you should be extremely careful when creating this style.

For a first, it is always safer to have a professional do it for you. You can always take it ahead with some experience.

  • The Hearty Fantasy

If the both of you have an eye for fantasy, going for a secret design like the heart could be a great deal of fun.

The heart actually happens to be the commonest secret out there. You could even try something unusual like a diamond or a dolphin.

Again, precaution and deftness in handiwork hold the key round the play. Do not be overenthusiastic. If in doubt over the result, it is always better to go for a professional session first.

If you still have a question on shaving the bikini area, or would like to know of some of the higest-rated shavers for the bikini area, do write back to us.

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