The Philips Norelco Electric Shaver 5700 belongs to the same league with another wet and dry shaver from Philips, the Norelco 5500.

While most of the features are similar in the two shavers, there are also a few remarkable differences that we will highlight as we go along.

It is essentially the wet and dry shaver that you could depend on for daily shaves.

But things do not stop just there.

Philips has paid severe attention to details and some features reflect that perfectly.

We will take a look at what these features are and tell you what matches and what is different from its cousin Norelco 5500.

Product dimension7.9 x 6.3 x 10.2 inches
Corded or cordlessCordless
Shaving systemMultiPrecision Blade System
Counter following5-direction Flex Heads
SmartcleanCleans & charge
Precision trimmerYes
Running time45 min
Charging time1 hour
Display3 level indicator
Battery typeLi-ion
100% washableYes
Warranty2 year

our impression

The Philips Norelco 5700 comes with all the goodness of its predecessor, the Norelco 5500 and packs in a little more too.

The impressive feature list is difficult to ignore and it all starts with the turbo mode.

The turbo mode ups the power by 10%, which gives you enough steam to run through denser areas of the beard.

That is coupled with another feature of the Norelco 5500 – the multi-precision system of blades.

The system raises long hair at a certain length and then cuts them to size to leave a more uniform finish.

We take that on again in a bit.

The flex heads are empowered to move in five different directions to provide a close and faster shave.

This also allows a greater level of dependency on the shaver when you consider using this as your sole facial grooming device.

As usual, we have the Aquatec dry and wet system incorporated in the razor to give a refreshing and comfortable shave.

In our review, this works up pretty good for both dry and wet shaves and you will notice a remarkable difference even when using it in the dry mode.

And the wet shaves are equally refreshing too.

One point where the Norelco 5700 scores heavily on the Norelco 5500 is in the ease of cleaning.

While both the shavers use a smart cleaning system, it appears to be more smartly placed in the 5700. The Norelco 5700 uses an alcohol-free formula which is both skin-friendly and thoroughly cleansing.

While the company’s claim of 10x better performance than water seem a little too exaggerated, we easily found the clean systemgo above and beyond our expectations.

So if you have had troubles with the cleaning part, this product from Philips is a great one to opt for.

Philips Norelco Electric Shaver 5700 Wet & Dry

One of the most persistent questions we have come across is on the performance of various shavers around the jaws and the neck.

With the Norelco 5700, you can rest a little on this. The performance around the jawline and the neck might not seem too exciting too soon.

But if you are ready to give it a little time, you will soon start experiencing the results.

The razor only gets better with your facial contours with use.

The flex head is designed to move in five directions, and you will be pleased to know that it can actually align with the jaw and below.

Getting back to the turbo mode, we are a little disappointed to note that its use is only as justified as it was in the Norelco 5500 – which is not much.

You typically get enough power with the normal mode to guide you through difficult sessions of shaving.

But again, if you are one who has abnormally dense beard hair or have harder Afro-American texture of beard, you may as well find this feature of some use.

But other than that, we really feel Philips could have used the energy and effort to reduce the charging time of the shaver.

The multi-precision blade system is a genuine improvement though. It was good in the 5500.

It is even better in the 5700. The way it just glides through longer hair is so much better.

The slight drawback here would be the lack of any tactile feedback when the shaver is going through longer hair.

But it is actually supposed to be that way since the shaver lifts and cuts.

The charging time is the standard one hour, which again could have been improved upon.

The smart click trimmer included with the shaver works pretty well with mustaches and sideburns.


  • 1 hour quick charge.
  • Head flexes in five directions.
  • Alcohol-free cleaning station cleans 10x better than water.
  • Aquatec Wet and Dry shaving.
  • Detailed LED display.
  • Separate battery indicator.
  • Smart trimmer from mustache and sideburns.


  • Cannot be used when plugged in.
  • Closeness comparable to some lower priced models.
  • Multiple strokes required in the same area.
  • No space for attachments in case.


Norelco Electric Shaver 5700

  • How is the performance on the head?

The Norelco 5700 works pretty well on bald heads. Some people have used it on their heads for years at a go.

  • What should be the right procedure to follow when dry shaving?

The right way to dry shave would be to wash the face before shaving. The shaver does not stick much to the skin.

  • What is the performance review on very dense facial hair?

The shaver is built to go for fine and coarse facial hair alike. And the extra 10% power of the turbo is barely needed.

  • Are there adjustments for lengths?

No, it is only for clean shaving.

wrap up

The Philips Norelco 5700 Wet and Dry shaver comes with a series of features you would typically expect in modern dual foil shavers.

The good thing about this product is that you can achieve the desired level of closeness of shave owing to the newly designed blade system of the product.

There is also a little bit of extra with the cleaning station doing a great job flushing out all the cut hair.

bottom line

The Philips Norelco 5700 is a great shaver when you are looking for something that cuts small and large, fine an coarse, wet and dry hair with the same ease.

Philips Norelco Electric Shaver 5700 Wet & Dry, S5370/84 review
Battery life83%
Value for money78%
80%Overall Score
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