Shavers that work in and out of showers present distinctly different advantages over other devices.

The Philips Norelco Electric Shaver 5500 Wet & Dry makes no bones about its in and out utility.

While there are several shavers that depend on just that, this one from Philips adds to that with a battery of features difficult to find in any other product in the segment.

We tell you about each and every spec that separates the Norelco electric shaver from scores of other products.

We pay special attention to user experiences surrounding individual attributes in our review.

Our impression

Let us start with rounding off the feature list for the Philips Norelco Electric Shaver 5500 Wet & Dry.

As the name would suggest, it offers turbo powered shaves, which would ideally give you a 10% hike in power over the normal mode.

So it could either be that the normal mode it pretty powerful in itself or that the turbo does not make a legitimate difference.

We will speak more on that in a bit. Meanwhile, there is a little extension in the feature list.

There is a blade system which comes with a ‘multi-precision’ tag.

In practice, this allows the device to raise long hair, and then cut them short.

This should give more even shaves, especially ‘if you come fresh from the shavers that just go about plucking bear randomly.

The flex heads of the Norelco are capable of moving in five different directions.

This allows them the capacity to generate even closer shaves.

Of course, there is the wet and dry feature that allows you to shave both in and out of the shower.

There is also a precision trimmer ‘smartclick’ which runs through the sideburns and mustaches smoothly.

Now that we have rounded off most of the features in the Norelco, let’s analyze the ones that make a difference.

Ti begin with, the 10% extra power will not make a lot of difference.

So if you have been too excited with the Turbo Mode in the name of the product, it is time to shake it off.

But there is no reason to lose heart really. The normal power of the shaver is sufficient to get you through the toughest of sessions.

Typically, we will not find much need for the turbo mode unless you have some areas with very dense beard.

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Philips Norelco

The multi-precision blades are a handful though. They are not just ordinary saw blades that cut off material at an angle.

There is a lot more detailing that Philips has put into it. When these blades come across a portion of the beard where hair is significantly longer, they do not keep chopping randomly. Instead, the blades pick up individual hairs and cut them to size one by one.

That gives you the most uniform shave from a machine you could ever look for.

This works honestly well for those who like different beard patterns with longer hair in some areas.

The blades are capable of moving in five directions.

While this does not seem really much on the face value, this is actually one of those features that facilitate the closest of shaves powered by the Norelco.

The same feature also allows you to choose how you would like to shave.

You could go for a more intense ‘turbo’ shave. That can also be done when you are using the shaver in the dry mode.

But like we already mentioned, you will not really find much use for the turbo if you do not have very dense of Afro-American type beard.

The hallmark feature in this wet and dry shaver is in the neatness with which it performs when you are under the shower.

While most similar products do not allow use of gel or foam during wet operations, the Norelco does not have any such reservation.

You may simply go ahead and use your favorite gel or foam with the Norelco, even when using the device under shower.

With that, it gains a complete list of features that even the elite in the wet and dry category will have a hard time matching.

Additionally, an LED display and a low charge time of one hour only make it simpler from here.

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  • LED display.
  • One hour charge time.
  • Can be used both in and out of the shower.
  • Extra power with the turbo mode.
  • Gel can be used during shower operations.
  • Blades run in five directions.


  • Turbo mode is really not necessary.
  • Noise cuts out the shaving feedback.
  • Multiple strokes needed for closer shaves.
  • LED messages could be a tad confusing.

Faq (frequently asked questions)

Philips Norelco 5500

  • Where is the manufacturing done?

Philips seems to have phased out the manufacturing process in different places. Some of it is done in China. There is also a functional Netherlands unit. The product is not manufactured in the USA.

  • Is it possible to connect it straight to the wall?

No, you will have to charge it first. The battery fully charges in an hour. The manual advices against use while charging.

  • Can gel be used during shower shaves?

This is among the very few shaversthat can be used with gel in the shower. However, it is important to follow contextual manual instructions.

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Wrap up

The Norelco 5500 Wet and Dry from Philips is one razor you can own for a lifetime.

It gives you the much needed power and there is no annoying need for changing batteries just before each session begins.

You can use the shaver while in shower and using it dry is also a no-pain job.

While the turbo mode seems largely unnecessary given its generous power in the normal mode itself, there is a need for it if you have really dense beard.

Bottom line

If you want to stop the hunt right now, settle for a The Norelco 5500 Wet and Dry and you will not regret it. There is loads of power in the product and it comes with impressive features galore.

Philips Norelco Electric Shaver 5500 Wet & Dry,S5370/81 review
Battery life83%
Value for money78%
81%Overall Score
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