If it’s been a long time since you read about a great electric shaver, here’s a hearty welcome to you.

And joining us in the address is the ES8243A Arc4 from Panasonic.

The ES8243A Arc4 is an easy going electric foil shaver that makes no bones about its purpose.

It is a near-high range shaver that looks heavy-duty.

The blue handle, the grey head, black display and orange notifications give the ES8243A Arc4 the looks of a wartime shaver.

But is it really that big a time saver? Read and decide for yourself.

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Product dimension9.6 x 3 x 7 inches
Type of motorLinear
Speed of motor13000 RPM
Blades number4
Corded or cordlessCordless
Running time40 min
Full Charging time60 min
Quick charge5 min
Warranty2-year Limited Warranty
Battery typeLi-ion
100% washableYes

our impression

The ES8243A Arc4 is a quintessentially high-range shaver from Panasonic that does not promise you the best shave.

It just delivers without making a promise.

It is on the pricier side of the Arc4 range and Panasonic followers will know how closely the brand is attached to its flagships.

To cut the slack, let’s introduce the 4 ultra-sharp Nanotech Arc4™ blades.

Much of the performance delivered by the razor is dependent on these blades in many ways.

We will keep touching on that as we go.

For a start, the blades allow you equal ease on wet and dry shaves.

The electric foils of the ES8243A Arc4 play the perfect consorts to the blades.

The multi-fit foils allow the razor to gently conform to varied facial contours.

The way the shaver maintains contact with the face when going down or up the jawline, chin and neck is a feeling to cherish.

Right when the razor is about to make a dip on a facial contour, the foils press it against the skin a tad stiffer.

The force is just enough to facilitate a firmer grip on the skin.

The result is majestic closeness in machine shaving, a feeling that remains mostly elusive to foil shaver enthusiasts.

The head of the Panasonic ES8243A Arc4 plays a major role in giving the nod.

The pivoting head of the Arc4 is flexible and moves up and down effortlessly.

It gives you that perfect support when gliding down the chin, jawline and neck.

It also works well in tandem with the foils to generate the traction on the more difficult areas.

The effect is only added up by the motor of the shaver.

The motor offers 13, 000 cuts in a minute for each blade.

That toughly adds up to over 50, 000 cross cutting actions over the four blades.

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Panasonic Arc4

And you get the 50, 000+ cross cutting action even when the battery is at a tenth of its fullness.

Panasonic have looked into this with detail to ensure that you have the most even shaving experience at any level of battery power.

With that assurance, you may even carry the shaver into the washroom and discover how flawlessly waterproof the device is.

Shaving with it under shower is as easy as dry shaving.

You should ideally use gel or foam when using the shaver under shower.

But if you have developed a connection with the blades, you may just go with water.

The black LCD panel shows neat notifications in a yellowish orange color.

The ten stage panel gives you a full range of information on the razor status.

It includes a five-stage battery power indicator, a reminder for cleaning, a sonic vibration cleaning indicator and a foil and blade replacement reminder.

At par with the LCD performance of the device is the sonic vibration cleaning mode.

The razor uses sonic vibrations to shed off hair and self-clean.

But more often than not, you get better results with just a thorough wash.

The wet-dry convenience can easily be leveraged for cleaning the razor.

The pop-up trimmer on the Arc4 is different from others in that it does not only clean it up, but also helps in detailing mustache andsideburns.

So if you have a style-book ready, this will help you try out a gamut of new looks. The 30° orientation of the nanotech blades makes sure that the blades cut at the very base of every hair even when you are looking for a non-enforcing kind of a shave.

The razor also respects individual skin type and skin sensitivity and gets more adaptive on skin with time.

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  • Wet and dry shaving.
  • Four stainless steel, ultra-sharp Nanotech(TM) blades.
  • Flexible pivoting head glides easily over jaw, chin, face and neck.
  • Provides excellent close shaves.
  • Arc4 linear motor produces 13,000 cuts every minute.


  • Foils for razor are highly expensive.
  • Razor blades do not last long.
  • Setting of blades is not efficient.
  • LED display is prone to malfunction.

faq (frequently asked questions)

Panasonic ES8243A

  • What are the power requirements for this electric razor?

This electric shaver from Panasonic comes with an AC adapter which works with 100-240 volts.

  • Where is the product manufactured?

According to the package information, this electric razor is manufactured in Japan.

  • Are screen and blade replacements easily available?

The replacement parts for this razor are easily available in stores and you can even order them online.

  • Can this shaver be used to get rid of unwanted pubic hair?

Despite being really smooth and offering a clean shave, it is best if you do not use this shaver on your pubes.

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wrap up

The ES8243A Arc4 does not give you much to complain about in the first six months.

By the time half a year passes, you realize replacing the foils is expensive.

And you are so addicted to the shaving style of the Arc4 that you just go ahead and buy the foils.

That is why Panasonic has already won you over with the ES8243A Arc4.

bottom line

Try out the Panasonic ES8243A Arc4 if you feel there is more to shaving sessions that just removing facial hair.

Panasonic ES8243A Arc4 Electric Razor review -Thing shaves like a champ
Battery life84%
Value for money90%
85%Overall Score
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