Buying a female all-body shaver always seems to be a very difficult choice.

And you seldom end up with the product you seek.

That changed with the Panasonic ES2207P. It is anall-body femaleshaver that registers a place among the best electric shavers for women.

The shaver is loaded with features and takes the sensitivity of the female skin into account.

This article presents a detailed review on what the Panasonic ES2207P is capable of and which boxes it does not tick. Read on to find out more.

Product dimension5.9 x 2.1x 1.8 inchies
Wet or dryBoth
Corded or cordlessCordless
Charging time12 hour
Running time30 min
AccessoriesTravel pouch ,ac recharger
Foil ReplacementWES9775P
Blade ReplacementWES9752P
Set ReplacementWES9769P
Warranty2 year
100% washableyes

Our impression

The Panasonic ES2207P electric shaver for ladies is among the very few electric shavers that have been custom designed for ladies.

The shaver works on the concept of heads that float independently.

The floating mechanism allows the blades to glide through smoothly over the female contours, especially the legs, arms, underarms and other areas of the body.

The shaver allows you both dry and wet usage.

You may even use it in shower with soap lather or shaving gel.

And it can be used dry at any time.

This allows you the option to go for a quick shave anytime, while wet shaving promises better and more even shaves.

The Panasonic ES2207P comes with super-sharp blades that are also hypo-allergenic.

The blades lower any irritation on sensitive skin, making way for greater comfort while shaving.

If you have sensitive skin particularly on the legs, you will notice how the Panasonic ES2207P does not cause the reddish scarring that is common to other shavers.

The blades play a great role in reducing irritation and promoting comfortable shaves.

The shaver has also proven effectiveness on the bikini area.

You can depend on it both for clean shaves and shapes.

For longer uneven hair, you can use the pop-up trimmer that comes with the Panasonic ES2207P.

Panasonic ES2207P Trimmer

The design of the Panasonic ES2207P is completelt waterproof. You may use it under shower and rinse it quickly under a running tap.

Unlike other wet/dry shavers that can shave we skin, this is something that you may use even when the skin is under running water.

The device provides you the trueconvenience that a wet/dry shaver is supposed to provide.

Even the dry shaving mode does not cause irritation that is common to other dry shavers.

In fact, the convenience that the shaver gives you with sensitive skin both in wet and dry modes is simply top class.

We intend to deliberate a little further on the floating head system of the Panasonic ES2207P.

There are three heads that float independently and follow the different contours of the body to promote smoother and cleaner shaves.

So what does this mean for you?

The answer is simple – you get close and even shaving like never before.

The heads of the razor adapt to your skin and shave close to the body without disturbing skin sensitivity.

The resultant smoothness of shaves is like nothing you have seen on the best women shavers.

Whenever you buy an all-body shaver, the performance on the bikini area becomes critically important.

The Panasonic ES2207P is among the best razors for the bikini area.

And we mean that because it is great at both shaving the area cleanly and creating shapes.

The clean shaves are simple to achieve.

All you need to do is keep making passes with the grain.

The floating heads of the shaver automatically adapt to the contours of the area and shave off every little hair.

For shapes, you can first create an outline with the pop-up trimmer and then go on to shave off the rest of the area.

The hypo-allergenic foil and blades of the Panasonic ES2207Pmake the shaver very soft on the skin.

Besides being durable and sharp, the blades are also very long lasting.

You get a space-saving, compact charger with the Panasonic ES2207P.

The charger holds the razor inside it and you can plant the whole unit on the bathroom counter-top.

This way you can save space and charge at the same time.

A small cleaning brush comes included with the charger.

Together, these features make the Panasonic ES2207P a complete female shaver that is great with performance and budget.


  • Hypoallergenic, super-sharp and durable blades.
  • Great for the bikini area.
  • Causes zero issues with sensitive skin.
  • Can be used wet and dry.
  • Completely waterproof, wet and dry shaves.
  • Works equally well on arms, legs and underarms.


  • Not for intense physical trainers.
  • Slightly difficult to hold.
  • Take a couple of weeks to adapt.
  • Slight quality control issue with packaging.

Faq (frequently asked questions)

Panasonic ES2207P

  • Is this a good shaver for the underarms?

Yes, this shaver shaves equally well on legs, arms and underarms. For maximum comfort, shave with the grain only.

  • Is it normal for it to not hold charge after 4 years?

Four years is sufficiently long. Some models die after just a couple of years of use.

  • Is a charger included with the shaver?

Yes, you get a charger with this shaver. The charger also has a space in which you can store the shaver.

  • Does the shaver work with very long hair?

Yes, the shaver manages well with all lengths of hair. But the post-shave cleaning has to be done very meticulously.

Wrap up

The Panasonic ES2207P is one of the best female shavers we know.

We would definitely recommend it if you are looking for a comprehensive wet/dry shaver for the entire body.

It shaves hair on legs, underarms, arms and even the bikini area with equal ease.

The blades are sharp, hypo-allergenic and are extremely gentle on sensitive skin.

And the three independently floating heads make it very hard for you to reject this shaver.

Bottom line

For an all-body female shaver, you deserve something that is sharp, gentle and dynamic. The Panasonic ES2207P offers you all this and more.

Panasonic ES2207P Ladies Electric Shaver reviews – Truly a winner!
Battery life77%
Value for money90%
85%Overall Score
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