In 2014, José Mourinho gave Chelsea FC their bets ever start in 23 seasons.

So when the currentManU manager was appointed the brand ambassador for Braun a few years back, little did we know that the Braun Series 9 and Mourinho would receive identical bits of criticism in the long run.

  1. Expensive
  2. Not as “negotiable” as the competitors
  3. Assembly of highly unnatural tech!

Controversial as it is, both Mourinho and the Braun Series 9 are geniuses in their own spaces.

Talk about speed, vision and peripheral view and you will know why the Series 9 is as unpredictably unbeatable as José.

Plus, now that we have Jessica Alba taking over things, we can only expect bump free rides!

And what better way to establish this than a comparison of the best Series 9 models. In this Series 9 comparison article, I give it all out. No strings attached.


9090 cc
9093 s
Active drying
Corded/ cordless
Automatic Cleaning System
Automatic program selection

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Common features that define the 9 brigade

There are a few important features that cut through the lists for all Series 9 models. Here is a list.

  • Intelligent Sonic Technology

Sonic Technology

The Intelligent Sonic Technology is widely recognized as one of Braun’s best renditions in the shaving unit market.

It works up to 40,000   cross-cutting micro-vibrations every minute and manages to remove more hair than any other shaver.

The ‘intelligence’stems in from the way the shavers adapt to the denseness of hair in different parts of the face.

This way, you always have more power in areas that are considered more ‘problematic’. This includes the neck and the chin.

  • Lift and Cut

Lift and Cut

There are several flat-lying hairs on the surface of the face that are difficult to cut with brute force from the motor.

The first necessity is to have them lifted from the surface of the face and then cut right above the face.

This is achieved with the Lift and Cut trimming technology by Braun.

No prizes for guessing, the Lift and Cut mechanism, finds expression in all Series 9 models.

Most other companies are still struggling to find an equally successful technology.

  • Direct and Cut

Common features

The direct and cut trimmer is a specialty of the Series 9 and represents a feature that is not present in most other ranges by Braun. This is one of the occasions where you get rewarded for the extra dollars you pay.

The direct and cut feature is simple enough in its purpose – tackles hair growing in different directions.

The blades basically look for hair everywhere and take into account all eight directions.

The models with independently floating heads are even better with the application.

  • Opti Foil

The Opti Foil is a straight rip-off from theSeries 7 with exactly the same purpose. It makes sure the shaver sticks closely to the surface of the skin all the while when you are shaving.

Additionally, all Braun Series 9 shavers come with:

1. Flexibility of cutting elements that are mounted on top of a fully pivoting head.

2. Water submergence ability of up to 5 meters.

3.Integrated precision trimmer that is friendly on skin.

4. Clean and charge systems (with variations in models).

What differentiates the Series 9 shavers?

  • Wet/dry shaving

Wet & dry

Wet/dry shaving is not present in all shavers in the Series 9. There are several models that cannot be used under the shower.

Precisely, only the 9040s and the 9095cc in the Series 9 can be used under the shower.

However, all the models are available for cleaning under the tap.

Being an expensive set of products, it would have been better if wet/dry shaving was available for all Series 9 models.

  • Pricing structures

Like the Series 7, we witness some anomalies in the pricing structure of the Series 9.

For example, the 9090cc and the 9095cc have almost the same feature set with the exception of the 9095cc providing wet/dry shaving.

However, the 9095cc does not provide the convenience of corded shaving. Many would prefer corded shaving too.

Even more surprisingly, the 9093s is $90 cheaper than the 9090cc for the simple sin of not including an auto clean station.

Again, does not add up pretty well considering it has a near-identical feature set as well.

  • Available pouches

Travel pouch

This is a simple one – one that you can easily miss and we can conveniently ignore. But, let us not forget that Series 9 shavers are also projected as travel shavers.

All Series 9 shavers come with good enough pouches meant for travel.

While the 9093s and the 9095cc come with premium leather pouches, the 9090cc comes with just a premium travel pouch.

If you ask us, there is really no point why the premium travel pouch was not included for 9090cc when it was given away with the 9093s, especially since the former is +$90 on the tag.

  • Applicability of technologies

This is not as vehemently felt as in the Series 7. Almost all Series 9 shavers do well vis-à-vis applicability of technology.

Whether it is the OptiFoil or the Intelligent Sonic Technology or the HyperLift&Cut mechanism, every application is executed well in all the shavers.

But there are still noticeable differences as you climb up the ladders. Features that are identical behave differently when you use them on the 9095cc immediately after using the 9093s.

Head-on between the models 

9095cc v 9090cc

9095cc v 9090cc

The Braun Series 9 9095cc and 9090cc are similarly priced shavers with a difference of about $40. Both the models come with completely flexible 4-stage shaving systems that provide superior cleaning experience and stick to the facial contours.

As expected, the Intelligent Sonic Technology is incorporated in both 9095cc and 9090cc. However, none of the models get the much awaited Active Cooling Technology from Braun.

Another feature that is missed in both the 9095cc and 9090cc is the MicroComb Technology. This technology unrelentingly adds on to the aggressiveness of the shaver.

While the 9095cc features wet/dry shaving, the 9090cc gives this feature a pass. This constitutes the major difference between the two shavers.

Moreover, both the models come with a pivoting shave head that further helps in keeping up with skin traction. Flexible cutting elements and OptiFoil is also present in 9095cc and 9090cc.

The Middle Trimming arrangement is also similar both the models – you get these two in both the shavers:

  • 1 HyperLiftandCut Trimmer
  • 1 DirectandCut Trimmer

Both the 9095cc and 9090cc shavers are completely washable and come with high-functionality displays.

The Runtime for the battery is 50 minutes in both the shavers and a 5-minute quick charge suffices for single shaves.

While you get a premium travel pouch for the 9090cc, the 9095 goes a notch higher and comes with a premium leather pouch.

Both models include precision trimmers.

9093s v 9095cc

9093s v 9095cc

A comparison between the 9093s and the 9095cc caught our fancy since both the shavers stem from the 9090cc base model and yet are priced at a difference of about $100. So here goes.

As the 9093s gets a full flex 4Stage shaving mechanism like the 9095cc, you might be tempted to reconsider the price difference that is actually present. Intelligent Sonic Tech makes a regulation entry like for the entire Series 9.

Both the 9093s and the 9095cc miss out on Active Cooling technology and MicroComb Tech. There’s the pivot shaving head and flexible cutting elements in both the models.

The real difference again is in the wet/dry shaving arrangement. While the 9090s does not support shaving under shower, the 9095cc does it with élan.

Likewise the last comparison, OptiFoil makes a feature entry in both the models again and unlike some estimates, the 9093s is also fully washable, just like the 9095cc.

Again, you get 50 minute standard runtime on both the batteries. And surprisingly, the premium leather pouch also makes a mark for the 9093s, just like the 9095cc.

Apart from the wet/dry shaving expertise for the 9095cc, a major difference would be the cleaning mechanism. While the 9093x gets only a clean and charge station, the 9095cc comes rolling with a 5-action Clean&Charge System.

A custom precision trimmer is included in both the models.

9090cc v 9093s

9090cc v 9093s

The 9090cc is priced at $50 above the 9093s, and we are not particularly excited about that. Here are some reasons that will help elucidate.

First of all, the 4stage flex cleaning system is available with both the models. This dictates most of the closeness that the shavers generate out of the blue.

Intelligent Sonic technology decides the force at which the motor operates on different areas of the face in both the models. So a check against that box too.

While there’s no Cooling technology in both the models, the 9093s and 9090cc come with pivot shaving head arrangements to make shaves less liner and more dynamic. Also, you will find flexible cutting elements with the incorporation of Opti Foil in both the models.

All other features are almost similar in both the models – the middle trimming arrangement with HyperLift and DirectandCut, full functional washability, a display that indicates travel lock and shows hygiene status and runtime of 50 minutes.

The similarity list ends with a precision list. So what’s different in the two models? Let’s start with the cleaning systems.

Both the 9093s and the 9090cc come with separate cleaning mechanisms. While the 9093s gets a clean and charge station, you get a 5-action cleaning system with the 9090cc.

For storage while travelling, the 9093s performs better – with a premium leather pouch compared to a travel pouch for the 9090cc.

The major difference between the two shavers is not even in the wet/dry shaving department. Both shavers inconvenience you on that. That reasserts our fear of those extra $50 going in vain.

Important Precautions to Observe with the Series 9

Series 9 is a relatively expensive set of devices and you will not want to lose out effort and money to sheer ignorance. Here are some neat precautions you need to observe:

  • A special cord set comes with each model. This includes a power supply for extra low voltage. Tampering with any part of this cord could cause an electric shock.
  • While cleaning under the faucet is a healthy way for all Series 9 shavers, make sure it is unplugged from the wall power.
  • Only the 9095cc and 9040s are wet and dry models. This means only these two models can be cleaned under the tap and are suitable for shower use as well. Also, only cordless use is allowed for these models.
  • Do not attempt shaving if you find some damage in the charging cord. Also, do not allow children to play with the appliance.
  • The models 9030s and 9040s come with oil bottles. These must be kept out of children’s reach. Never apply these on eyes and dispose safely when used.
  • Make sure the cleaning and charging station is kept on flat surfaces only. This prevents leaking and make sure any transportation does not toss the station around.
  • There is a flammable liquid inside the cleaning cartridge. Always keep the device from all potential sources of ignition.
  • You must not try refilling the cartridge. Always use original Braun refilling cartridges only.

Which Series 9 should you buy?

The Series 9 is slightly tricky competition when choosing the best. The 9095cc is easily the best bet in the Series 9 if you are bent on wet/dry shaving convenience.

But you need to watch out for a small piece of detail here. The 9090cc has exactly the same features and experience and a price tag that reads $40 lesser.

Similarly, the 9093cc has almost the same feature-set as the 9090cc. But it lacks the automatic cleaning system and loses to the 9095cc to its wet shaving convenience. However, it is priced at around $90 lesser than 9090cc.

Keeping all the metrics in mind, we can say the 9095cc beats competition in the Series 9 despite a considerable and somewhat unaccounted price gap. In this day and age, the wet/dry shaving convenience is too hard to miss.

Wrap Up

Make no mistake – the Series 9 is a set of devices worth their salt. Be it the basic 9093s or the advanced 9095cc, every device knows its purpose. All in all an expensive set, each model of the Series 9 guarantees the closest shaves you will ever have. While there are some things that could have been fixed for each of the models, we do not yet have the perfect shaver anywhere, do we? If you are looking to go beyond the Series 7 in both comfort and precision, the Series 9 should be a jungle full of hares for you.

Last Word

The Braun Series 9 is a premium range of electric shavers from Braun that does not only make things look better when shaving, but also produces amazing results – results like you’ve never seen before.

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