Can you rely on your current shaver blindfolded?

No. Then it’s time for the Braun Series 7. I am fairly confident you cannot find better ways to invest on personal grooming.

Few brands are as trustworthy as Braun. It has a continuous record of holding to the highest quality benchmarks in the industry.

They continually innovate with new technology and precision engineering. The Series 7 is totally reflective of that.

The Series 7 is the first exponent of the Intelligent Pulsonic Technology by Braun. Till date, no competitor has been able to come up with a comparable piece of technology.

The shavers come with as many as five shaving mode, including two personalized extra sensitive and intensive modes. Together, these modes make easy, close and efficient shaves veritable.

The pivot shaving head enables cutting hair from difficult areas like the neck and under the chin. The Braun Series 7 also works well on sensitive skin.

All Series 7 shavers are 100% waterproof. You can wash them under running water any time you want. However, the 799cc is the only shaver that is compatible with shower shaving.

You will be amazed to know, the Braun 790cc has been the best-selling electric razor from 2010 till now.

The four Series 7 razors are 720cc, 760cc, 790cc and 799cc. Honestly, I just love these shavers. The pricing strategy is a little indigestible to me though. The products are anyway very well marketed. But they hike their prices significantly for an extra feature or two.

To save you from the guise, I will take you through all important features of these shavers and compare them among one another. Stay with us and move out enlightened.

Straight recommendation: Braun 790cc

Braun series 7 comparison chart

Active dryingNoYesYesYes
Auto program selectionNoYesYesYes
Fast cleanNoNoYesYes
Shower shaveNoNoNoYes
3 level
5 level
6 level
6 level
Travel storagePouchPouchPremium
Leather Pouch
Leather Pouch
Color availableBlackBlackNoble
metal /Black
metal /Black
Rating & reviewed by4.4 by
4.3 by
4.4 by
4.7 by
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Head to Head Comparisons(720cc Vs 760cc Vs 790cc Vs 799cc)

720s vs 760 cc

720s vs 760 cc

To be honest to the 720s, it is the first model of the Series 7 lineup and we will submit that it does not get some of the advancements that we see in the later additions.

But these are the minorities like cleaning systems and battery indicators.

But the shaving performance of the 720s is comparable to something like the 760cc.

The 760cc comes with features like active drying and cleaning and automatic program selection straight out of the box.

The 760cc also comes with a 5-stage battery indicator and is priced at just a paltry $20 above the 720s. Based on that, you can make your own educated guess between these two.

760cc vs 790cc

760cc vs 790cc

On the metrics of performance, there is little difference between the 760cc and the 790cc.

The bulk of the difference again lies in the advanced-features column.

There’s an additional auto program selection module in the 790cc.

The LCD battery level indicator in the 790cc comes in 6 stages compared to the 5 stages in the 760cc.

Also, unlike the 720s and the 760cc, you get a premium leather material pouch instead of a normal pouch.

Interestingly, the tricky Braun pricing syndrome that we talked about earlier shows itself in this area as well.

Despite being an upgraded version, the 790cc is actually priced at a deficit of $15 from the 760cc.

790cc vs 799cc

790cc vs 799cc

This is the big battle within the Series 7.

The 799cc and the 790ccare identical on the feature table with one major difference – the 799cc can be used inside the shower.

And it costs a neat $100 more than the 790cc.

Barring that, if you look at the technologies, you will see why we call these models so identically inclined toward each other.

Both come with the Pulsonic technology, personalization option, an exra trimmer and 3x optimization in cutting action.

The Intelligent Sonic Technology incorporated in both the models allows them to strike up to 10,000 vibrations in a minute.

Also praiseworthy is the manner in which the 799cc and the 790ccbridge the gap on comfort and closeness of shaves.

The heads of the 799cc and the 790cc comes with pivot arrangements and flexi cutting systems, giving them all the extra traction that enables the foil to stick closely to the contours of the face, even in the difficult areas.

There are some differences in the battery indicator though.

While the 790cc comes with a 5-stage LCD indicator, the 799cc gets a 6-stage indicator with a separate display for the hygiene status.

So it really boils down to personal convenience if you wish to decide on one between the 799cc and the 790cc.

If shaving inside the shower really means the deal for you, go ahead and spend those extra $100 on the 799cc.

But keep in mind that 790cc gives you all the same features at a lesser price, sans the shower option of course.

First, the Common Threads

Aside the minor differences that occur almost in continuum as you rise up the ladder in the Braun Series 7, the string of similarities that runs through the Series 7 is hard to miss too. Here are a few that caught our eyes.

  • Full Flex Shave System

Full Flex Shave system

If you have been keen on flexibility of shaving systems, you could simply pick up one of the models from Series 7.

Almost every Series 7 model comes with a fully flexible shaving where the head(s) move independently and give you the much needed control over the traction between the shaver and your face.

Now, the application of the Full Flex has been executed in variegated degrees in different Series & models. We will take you through these in details as we move through.

  • The Active Lift

The Active Lift

The ‘Active Lift’ is Braun’s solution to the many problem areas that you encounter while facial shaving.

Sure enough, every model – right from the 720s to the 799cc get the Active Lift.

The technology really comes into own while shaving the neck. Getting a real good, yet time-poor shave on the whole of the neck is a real deal for many.

The Active Lift separates the Series 7 from most its competitors, particularly when shaving the neck area.

At 130 movements every second, lifting and cutting flat-lying hair is a  real joy for many.

  • The Hyped Sonic Technology

Hyped Sonic Technology

The Sonic technology, or the Pulsonic technology as is it’s been named by Braun, is another commonality possessed by Series 7 models.

The deal here is pretty real – sonic technology makes a neat analysis of your face.

It then adapts the shaving mechanism of the razor to the density of the beard.

This way, you will not always need to make use of the 10,000 micro vibrations that the Series 7 is capable of revving up.

  • Braun’s Personal Trump Card: OptiFoil


Now the OptiFoil is touted to be the best feature that Braun has come up with in quite a while.

The ergonomically designed OtiFoil allow greater contact between the blades of the shaver and the skin to give you the closest shaves possible.

And it also makes sure the independently floating head of the shaver never comes too close to the skin to actually make a cut through the tissue.

The balance is perfect here – the shaver shaves so closely that the slightest of grain is taken off, and yet no damage is done to the skin.

But like in the case of the Full Flex, there is a great difference in application through the models, one we shall shortly explore.

  • Different Shave Modes

Different Shave Modes

The Series & shavers typically come with 3 different shaving modes.

These personalized modes are generally categorized as Intensive, Normal and Extra Sensitive.

Their purpose is self-explanatory really; anybody’s guess. Just so you know, the shavers do remarkably well with sensitive skin generally, especially when compared with other stray competition in the market.

Check price of 720s

Check price of 760cc

Check price of 790cc

Check price of 799cc

Now, the Bones of Contention

  • Tricky Pricing anomalies

Let’s face it – you never quite get to tell the part with Braun’s pricing policies.

While we are in no way suggesting that any of the Series 7 shavers are unethically priced, the anomaly is really in comparison.

If you start with the 720s, you will realize that the price is just a tad lesser than the 760cc, albeit there are significant technological upgrades in the lesser.

It is almost like Braun is giving you a small incentive to go for a newer, less popular model for a small extra.

We will take you through more examples are we compare the individual models.

  • Feature incorporation

While the shaving action and the OptiFoil find apt expression in all the models of Series 7, the incorporation of features is what often makes the difference in shaves and makes up for the difference in the comprehensible price differences.

For an example, the 799cc and the 790cc are completely on part with each other going by the sheer features.

But the 799cc also features advanced shower use, and charges a premium of an extra for that. Similarly, the 720s misses out on some advanced features like battery level indicator and a cleaning system.

  • Application/Execution of similar attributes

This is one of those subtle differences that actually go on to create a giant impact.

As noted earlier, attributes like the Flex Shave System and Active Lift find repetition throughout the Series 7 models.

But with the more accomplished ones like the 790cc and the 799cc, the application of the same features goes up by a few notches straight away.

Now, this happens because of a combination of factors.

Most of these factors include the overall build quality, the number of attachments available, the power of the motor and performance on the battery.

  • The sub variants

Some variants within the Series 7 have sub variants of their own.

For example, we have a 790cc 4 for the 790cc. It is essentially a minor upgrade of the 790ccthat the company decided to sell with a different name altogether.

This is not exactly a different product though.

However, the sub variants are not available for all the Series 7 models.

Best deal I found on braun 720s

Best deal I found on braun 760cc

Best deal I found on braun 790cc

Best deal I found on braun 799cc

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

  • The subtlety: How is 790cc different from the 790cc4?

If you have had your time with the research on Series 7, it is a given you have noticed the convention ‘790cc4’ being used for some models and ‘790cc’ being used for some others.

Actually, these aren’t pure naming conventions used differently by Braun.

The 790cc4 (also 790cc3 is some quarters) is actually a cosmetic upgrade of the 790cc.

You get 2 extra shave settings that add some more flexibility to the mix.

You get a zip-up case with the 790cc4 instead of the plastic case that is the usual with the 790cc.

Also, there’s more plastic and less metal in the 790cc4.

  • Are they selling you the same product with five names?

This question is one of the major reasons we actually thought of doing this piece here.

A lot of our readers have called us out for the similarity of features in Braun that they experience.

The issue is a little muddled up.

Think about a motorbike manufacturer and how they reincorporate so many features in consecutive models to make bikes and designs that are completely different.

One could argue that they get to play with a bigger chassis, and most differences are cosmetic.

While that is part true, the difference lies in the feel.

Similar is the case with the Series 7.

On casual inspection, you could say these are really one and the same.

That is, unless you closely look for the nuances.

That is when you realize these are very vastly different products.

  • What really explains the pricing anomalies?

It becomes very difficult to have a conclusive frame of mind if the pricing anomalies seem too incomprehensible.

However, you can actually comprehend better and bother less about it.

Braun is a giant of a manufacturer and some of the earlier models of the Series 7 like the 720s have sold like hot cake in the past.

The profit surplus they gain with such high sales is often carried forward to relax the initial pricing of upgraded and new models.

This is done till they make better hay in terms of reputation and customer reviews.

Do we have a winner here?

The 790cc, if you ask us is the real hero of the Series 7.

It has just about everything you can dream of in a mid-end shaver. It comes with all the stock features like Active Lift, OptiFoil and Flex Shave System.

Then, come the upgrades like a better LCD battery indicator and better muscles to gel with the pulsonic vibrations.

While the799cc is still better with the shower use convenience, we really could not appropriate well with the extra $100. The 790cc on the other hand, weighs 0.2 pounds lesser than the 799cc and makes a great travel companion too.


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