Choosing a new Braun shaver is one heck of a task. Not only are there a lot of models to choose from, there are also several parent Series where these devices belong.

Being one among the big daddies in the electric shaving business, Braun has rolled out a fair share of ranges. Popular names include the Series 1, Series 3, Series 5, Series 7, Series 9, WaterFlex and Mobile Shave.

Series 5 and Series 7 are two shaver ranges that have been in circulation for a while. And like all first time shoppers of electric shavers, you are bound to face certain choice-related inconveniences while lining up for the purchase.

In this piece, we will try and get you sorted with the features, similarities, differences, the individual models and the comparisons between them in the two exclusive electric shaver ranges from Braun.

Series 5 and Series 7: an overview of features

Braun Series 5 is a typical mid-range series with the prices ranging between $100 and $150. While the range started with five models, only the 5090cc, 5040s and the 5030s are in circulation in the US now. 5050s and 5070cc are out of circulation.

Here are some features that define the Series 5 models:

Cross Hair Blade  

Cross Hair Blade

The cross hair blade in the Series 5 is a slightly mellowed down version of the Direct and Cut feature of the Series 9.

While the Series 9 Direct and Cut feature allows the indecently floating heads to capture hair from all directions, the crosshair blade does the same thing, sans independently floating heads.

Commonalities within Series 5

Braun has put up some cleverly made explainer videos on their website. These explain how the Series 5 models are different from the inside out and how each feature in each model has been expressly executed.

But things aren’t exactly so lush. There are plenty of similarities in the Series 5 models. Most of these are too self-imposing to ignore. Sample a few.

  • Ultra/Active lift feature

Ultra/Active lift feature

In the Series 7, you have a similar lift action. But there, it is largely propelled by the middle trimmer of the device.

The middle trimmer is positioned in a way that flat hair is lifted and cut simultaneously.

The technology that facilitates this is Lift&Cut Technology.

In Series 5, a similar action is achieved, though not through the Lift&Cut action.

It is done simply through the oscillating blades of the device.

  • Completely flexible / Macro and micro motion

flexible / Macro and micro motion

For every shaver in the Series 5, the head pivots quite freely and bends to suit the edges and curves on the face.

The OptiFoil with floating elements make sure you get the additional traction when the shaver runs through the face.

Even better flexibility is achieved with the suspension of the individual cutting elements.

This works in tandem with the pivoting action of the head to promote better stability.

  • Head Lock

Head Lock

The head lock became an important feature ever since some shavers (by different manufacturers) reported the head slipping off and causing accidents.

The multiple head lock is a Series 5 mechanism that holds the flexible head of the shaver right at the base.

This works great when you are striking different parts of the face at multiple angles.

  • Waterproofing and wet shaving

Waterproofing and wet shaving

It is easy to clean every shaver by simply removing the head and placing the shaver under running water.

For more intense shaving, you may even use hot water for cleaning the body.

As far as shower shaving goes, it is anyone’s guess that not all Series 5 models allow compatibility.

The 5040s can be used in shower without a hitch.

In the Series 7 range, only the 799cc facilitates shower shaving.

  • Clean&Renew™ System

Clean&Renew™ System

Braun deserves categorical applause for including the Clean and Renew system in the Series 5.

It really does a commendable job at cleaning the shavers. Apart from the 720s, all the Series 7 shavers get the Clean&Renew system.

In Series 5, the Clean&Renew system is present in all notes except the 5030s and the 5040s.

While the system is majorly effective, the cleaning fluid will be in for replacement every 3 months.

Every file of the Braun cleaning solution ships in at $6 for now.

There are other cheaper alternatives to the Braun cleaning solution.

The Braun one is alcohol-based. You can actually make your own one if you are sure enough.

  • Pop-up Trimmer

Both the Series 7 and the Series 5 come with pop-up trimmers that help in trimming sideburns, mustaches and sometimes hair around the nose.

Pop-up trimmers are also great if you are looking for additional styling.

  • Battery

Both the series come with batteries that charge up in an hour flat. While the Series 7 gives you runtime of 50 minutes, the Series 5 comes with 45 minutes of runtime.

All the shavers in the Series 5 can be plugged in or run on battery while operating. The case is different only for the 5040s, which works cordless only.

  • Travel aid

The Series 5 is largely devoid of a custom travel pouch. Only the 5090cc comes with a travel pouch. On the other hand, every Series 7 shaver comes with some sort of a travel pouch or case.

For individual models

When dealing with individual models, you will typically find a combination of some of the features mentioned above. The longer the terminology of the model, the more features you will receive. For example, the 799cc-7 naturally has the best features while the 720s-6 is arguably the most basic in the Series 7.

Similarly, the Series 5 has the 5090cc as its flagship model which features wet/dry shaving as well.

Differences between Series 5 and Series 7

Intelligent Sonic Technology

  • Display


The display is not generic for both the models. Most of the Series 5 models come with two (or three) level LCD displays.

All Series 7 shavers get standard LED displays with some modifications like the hygiene sensor and travel lock indicator.

Surprisingly, the 5040s from the Series 5 also gets a travel lock indication.

That is surprising, given the 760cc-4 does not get the same features all the while along.

  • Charge and Runtime

Charge and Runtime

The time taken for fully charging any Series 7 or Series 5 model would be an hour.

While the Series 7 delivers 50 minutes of runtime on full charge, you get 45 minutes of operation performance on the Series 5.

But the difference of 5 minutes in runtime should not make a major difference, as it only counts two quick shaves.

Well, unless those two shaves are all you need.

  • Travel Pouches

Travel Pouches

Not a great one, but again all these are compatible shavers that deserve good aids for travelling.

Now the Series 5 comes with sophisticated pouches that include protective caps as well.

The quality of material in the Series 7 travel pouches is slightly better though.

However, it is up to you to decide how dearly you will miss that protective cap.

  • OptiFoil and CrossHair


The Series 5 models come with Crosshair technology that catches hair from all directions while increasing the traction between the shaver and the face.

This technique works quite well for most users actually.

But the CrossHair technique in optimized cutting does not really measure up to the OptiFoil from Braun, which is really the hallmark of the Series 7.

The OptiFoil makes all the difference when you are looking for that extra traction in problem areas like the chin and the neck.

Head to Head Comparisons

799cc-7 and 5090cc

799cc-7 and 5090cc

The 797cc-7 is the best shaver from the Series 7 by some distance. And the 5090cc is the best from the Series 5. So a comparison between these two should well and truly settle the debate at the top.

Both the Series 7 799cc-7 and the Series 5 5090cc miss out on the 4stage Fully Flexible system of shaving that defines Series 9 shavers.

Unlike the 799cc-7, the 5090cc does not come with Intelligent Sonic technology. So it shaves with uniform power on all parts of the face and does not increase power with the beard density. You will need your own technique for extra power in the 5090cc.

Both the 799cc-7 and the 5090cc miss out on some top-end features like Active Cooling technology, MicroComb technology and even the Wet/dry technology. This is particularly unfortunate for the 799cc-7 since its root model 799cc-7 facilitates wet/dry shaving.

You get the Braun pivot shave head arrangement for both the models. This  extends to the flexible cutting elements that generate the traction for most Braun shavers in the market.

While the 5090cc comes with CrossHair technology, the OptiFoil in the Series 7 marks a major point of difference between the two models. It does not only make for more face-grip, but also adds to the other dimensions of the shave.

The Middle trimmer is a vital part in most Braun shavers. Features like the HyperLift&Cut and Direct&Cut make for the most advanced middle trimming in the high-end Series 9.

In the 5090cc, we have a simple sonic middle trimmer. It graduates into an ultrasonic trimmer in the 799cc-7. This does not have any instinct advantages unless you have super-thick beard though.

Either model can be picked and placed under the tap for washing. Both are completely washable.

There are some considerable differences in the LCD though. The LCD display of the 5090cc has a 6-level battery indicator. You get an indicator for foil replacement and a hygiene status (also 6-level).

The 799cc-7 gets an LED display. It works on 5 levels. There is an additional indicator for the hygiene status too. The LED marks a major difference in the display quality.

Charging the 5090cc for an hour gives you a runtime of 50 minutes. Charge it for just 5 minutes if you want 1 quick shave. On the 799cc-7, an hour spent in fully charging the shaver returns 45 operational minutes. You retain the 5-minute quick charge for a shave though.

The simple looking clean and charge station in the 5090cc snowballs into a 4-action Clean&Charge Station in the 799cc-7. There is no special arrangement for travel storage in the 5090cc. The 799cc-7 gets a pouch.

Precision trimmer makes an entry for each model.

720s-4 and 5030s

720s-4 and 5030s

The 720s-4 is the cheapest Series 7 shaver (discounting discounts) available in the US now. The same applies for the 5030s in the Series 5. The price difference sits around $85. Let’s measure things up.

We are not expecting any advance mechanism like the 4Stage Full Flex systems for shave in either shaver. But Intelligent Sonic makes an entry in 720s-4 and gives the 5030s a pass.

Big ticks that elude both participants are the Active Cooling tech, wet/dry shaving, MicroComb and Clean&Charge stations.

Both get picoting shave heads and flexi elements for cutting though. For optimized elementary cutting, the 720s-4 gets OptiFoil while the 5030s majorly depends on Crosshair cutting technology.

Sonic and ultrasonic middle trimmers in the 720s-4 and the 5030s respectively, can make a major difference if you are looking at shaving extra-thick beard. Both models can be washed under the faucet.

The 5030s gets a nice LED battery indicator operation on 2 levels. Unlike some of the higher priced ones in the Series 5 itself, the 5030s also comes with a travel lock indicator. With an extra level of display and a foil replacement indicator, the 720s-4 has a slightly better screen.

720s-4 runs for an extra 5 minutes on full charge compared to the 5030s. The 5-minute-charge for one shaver works on both models.

As you would expect, a precision trimmer is available for each model.

A major plus for the 5030s is the travel storage – it gets a protective cap-equipped soft bag. The 720s-4 gets a standard travel bag.

760cc-4 vs 5040s

760cc-4 vs 5040s

Albeit separated by some $90 on the tag, both the 760cc-4 and the 5040cc are mid-priced in their respective series. That solely merits a comparison.

It would be unethical to expect bigger features like the full flex shave or active cooling or even micro comb for that matter. However, the 760cc-4 does get the Intelligent Sonic technology for better shave-monitoring.

Attributes that make regular entries for both the devices include a precision trimmer, toe rough washability, flex cutting elements and a pivot head.

The major difference between the 760cc-4 and the 5040s is wet/dry shaving. While 5040s not only supports wet/dry shaving, it also includes shaving with gels and foams. The 760cc-4 does not get wet/dry shaving despite being a higher-priced model.

The760cc-4 attempts a faint comeback with the OptiFoil, and this does drive a point home for the shaver. The 5040s only has a CrossHair arrangement for shaving that does the job all right, but does not quite measure up to an OptiFoil.

Another surprise is the middle trimmer – 5040s gets an ultra-sonic trimmer while the higher end 760cc-4 settles with a simple sonic shaver. This again majorly shifts the competition in favor of the underdog.

Both models get LED battery indicators. The 5040s has a 2-level while the 760cc-4 gets a 5-level display. The 5040s gets a travel lock indicator, while the 760cc-4 has an indicator for foil replacement. It’s surprising the 760cc-4 misses out on the travel lock indicator.

Both charge for an hour to reach full battery. The 760cc-4 offers 50 minutes of use on full charge, 5 minutes more than the 5040s.

There’s no clean and charge station for the 5040s. So you will have to make up with under-tap cleaning. The 760cc-4 gets a neat 5-avction cleaning station.

However, the 760cc-4 gets a simple pouch and the 5040s comes rolling yet again with a soft and protective cover.

In all the Series 7 v Series 5 battles, this is the first one where a Series 5 shaver lifts the trophy!

Which model walks away with the honors?

None honestly; almost every model has a lot of things going for it. We excluded the 799cc on intention, as it is the only shaver in the Series 7 that facilitates wet/dry shaving. Surprisingly, in the present line-up, only the 5040s facilitates wet/dry shaving. We will take some time dealing with that.

Now the Series 4 giant 799cc-7 is the priciest in the list. It comes with advanced Intelligent Sonic Technology and a 5-action cleaning and charging station. However, an extra tick against the wet/dry shaving box could have made it even greater a shaver. As weird as it may sound, we are throwing our weight behind the Series 5 5040s for now.

Wrap Up

Let’s make no bones about this – this was a rather unevenly matched contest between two unlikely opponents. While the Series 7 stuns wit what is the start of high-end features in Braun shavers, the Series is so high on usability that is becomes almost impossible to lowball. Sure, the Series 5 has its own cost benefits. But the Series 7 comes with the Intelligent Sonic Tech and automated charging-cleaning function. Let’s just keep it at that till out next. Peace out!

Bottom Line

Do not let confusion define your choice of an economical electric shaver from Braun. We bring you some of the best shavers from Series 5 and Series 7 to get things sorted out.

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