In mens grooming, the market attention span is very short.

If your product is not worth it, it will simply not last, irrespective of how unrelentingly you advertise.

And if boar and badger shaving brushes have made it to the top, it is only because they deserve it.

Both have been there for long, survived the test of the market and made rich lather all the while.

But how do you go about sorting between the two shaving brushes?

How do you know which is the best?

Actually, there is no easy answer. One might make richer lather and the other could feel softer on skin. So I decided to give Boar V Badgera shot among the best five models in the combined category.

Straight recommendation: Escali 100% pure badger

Top 7 shaving brush comparison

Bristle typesHandle materialProduct dimensionRating & reviewedPrice
Escali Escali Pure BadgerReal wood2 x 1.8 x 0.8 inches4.4 reviewed by 6620$
Semogue 830Semogue
BoarAcrilyc2.2 x 1.7 x 1 inches4.4 reviewed by 95$
Parker ParkerSilvertip Badgerfaux
5 x 2 x 2 inches4.8 reviewed by 136$$$
ShavewayShavewayPure Badger Wood HandleNA4.6 reviewed by 348$
AmbroleyAmbroleyBadger Wood + metal3 x 2 x 2 inches4.6 reviewed by 341$$
Parker HandmadeParker HandmadePure Badger Wood + chrome metal3 x 2 x 2 inches4.7 reviewed by 653$$
Semogue 1305Semogue
BoarPainted Beech Wood2.2 x 2 x 1 inches4.7 reviewed by 168$

Our top 5 recommended shaving brush reviews

# Escali 100% Pure Badger Shaving Brush

Our impression


The Escali Badger brush for shaving gives even the sharp safety razor blades a run for their money, that too from another segment.

You get hair bristles that are 100% badger from start to finish.

These bristles exfoliate your skin very gently.

In the process, you get a rich lather.

If you are a wet shave lover, you will love how this brush brings water to the face to give you truly wet shaves.

The texture of the bristles in the Escali badger brush is sufficiently soft.

Even if you use a shaving soap, these bristles will be soft enough.

The logo is printed on the side of the base just the way you see it on the picture.

Rinsing the brush is sufficiently easy as well.

You just hold it under a running tap and it virtually just rinses itself. The bristle fall is minimum, the average being three bristles in four weeks.

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  • Soft textured bristles.
  • Holds water; ideal for wet shaving.
  • Easy rinsing under the tap.
  • Tightly held bristles do not fall off.
  • Impressive price point.


  • Quality control issue with bristles.
  • Has a weird smell for the first week.

# Semogue 830

Our impression

Semogue 830

Let us start with the dimensions for the Semogue 830.

The bristle loft and handle height are 55 mm and 44 mm respectively. The knot diameter is 22 mm. Each Semogue 830 is hand-made in Portugal.

With this brush, you may feel there is a shedding issue in the first week. But that is just the brush getting used to your face.

There is simply no shedding with the brush there after.

For a standard boar brush, the Semogue 830comes you at a great price point.

Even if you are a newbie to brush-shaving, you can get rich lather in just 30 seconds.

The creamy lather is thick and settles down simply on the face.

The tips of the brush are incredibly soft and do not trouble you even on the first day of use.

The Semogue 830 has some mastery at lather-making and it virtually beats most other boar brushes at that.

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  • Rich lather in 30 seconds.
  • Very less shedding problem.
  • Even better with warm water.
  • Grows better within a week of use.


  • Not the best aesthetics.
  • Some pieces might have an odor.

# Parker Safety Razor 100% Silvertip Badger Bristle Faux

Our impression


The Silvertip Badger from Parker gives off a premium look right at the outset.

It has been handmade to provide you excellent quality.

The silver tip badger bristles used in the Silvertip Badger are totally silvertip and are the best that are available in the market now.

The great thing about the Silvertip Badger is it generates great lather with almost any soap or cream you use.

The bristle density on the Silvertip Badge is very high.

The high bristle density of the Silvertip Badger promotes even higher water-retention.

This further adds to the richness of the quality of lather in the Silvertip Badger.

Unlike most other brands, Parker provides you with a proper stand for the Silvertip Badger where you can dry and store the brush after use.

While it may seem inconsequential to many, this is really very important for caring of the brush.

Just suspend the brush in the stand upside down after use.

Best deal I found on the Parker Safety Razor


  • One of the best aesthetics.
  • Uses best silvertip badger bristles.
  • Comes with an included stand.
  • Great bristle density holds a lot of water.


  • Not suited for small faces.
  • Bristles not the softest.
  • Slightly heavy.


Our impression


The AMBROLEY best promises to become the best shaving brush of your life.

Or, they will return your money back.

How valid is the claim? Let us analyze.

Firstly, it gives you fine quality badger hair which is the top-grain in the segment.

The classic wood handle of the AMBROLEY BEST makes holding it very easy.

The hand-craving of the wood handle is the best we have seen among badger hair brushes.

The bristles used in the AMBROLEY BEST are sourced from the top 20% of pliable badger hair.

So you basically get the same quality of pure badger hair for a lot lesser price.

Unlike many other badger brushes, even women can use this for foaming up legs and nether regions.

The bristles feel very soft and yet give you all the strength to produce all the lather you want.

That is very much the deal you are looking for here!

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  • Soft bristles, work up dense lather.
  • Works well on women too.
  • Most beautiful badger brush handle.
  • Takes very little time to start.


  • Standard shedding issue prevails throughout.
  • Not silver tip badger bristles.

# Shaveway 100% Pure Badger Shaving Brush

Our impression


The Shaveway pure badger brush for shaving brings you 100% badger bristles for superior shaving. It starts smoothly and exfoliates the skin gently.

It gives you rich lather in less than half a minute.

It retains a lot of water and brings much of it to the face.

The wet shaving experience on the Shaveway is better than most boar brushes you will come across.

It fits well in most razor-brush stands.

You will have to buy the stand additionally though.

The lather texture worked up the Shaveway is rather creamy and richer than most other badger brushes too.

The dense filling of bristles in the brush gives you very even distribution of the lather throughout the face.

However, there may be some variation in this since there can be a constant shedding issue with the brush.

This may cause significant variation in the shaving experience.

On the whole, the Korean handle and the badger hair bristles make this brush a great exfoliating agent.

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  • Dense badger bristles for better lather.
  • Generates rich, creamy lather.
  • Korean made hard wood handle.
  • 4 inch long for better handling.


  • Sheds a lot intermittently.
  • Bristles deposit on the soap.

A brief history of shaving brush

The shaving brush that we use today can be traced back to France of the 1750s.

The local word for shaving brush there translates into “badger.” Back then, these brushes used to come in all sorts of grades.

The handles would be made of fashionable materials like gold or ivory.

The better quality ones were badger hair and the lower ones would be boar or horse.

Personal use of the shaving brush began sometime in the 1800s when the straight razor brought shaving to homes.

Types of shaving brush!

  • Boar Brushes: The bristles on these brushes are generally harder than badger brushes. While the bristles are very hard at first, you will not feel any major discomfort the first time. The texture of the bridles becomes useful when you are lathering soap. In time, the tip of each bristle softens and the brush feels for comfortably broken in. However, the feel will never be as soft as badger hair. These brushes are available in a variety of colors.
  • Horsehair Brushes: The horsehair brushes are softer and of finer texture than boar hair brushes. You get a variety of color options in these brushes, just like you get for horses. These brushes are used extensively in Western Europe, particularly in Spain. These brushes are often compared to the badgers for quality and price. Spanish brush makers export these brushes worldwide. Vie-Long is among the noted brands.
  • Synthetic Brushes: There has been significant improvement in the quality of synthetic brushes over the last few years. The cheaper ones would still use thicker bristles made of nylon. These are not the most comfortable to use. But there are upper-quality variants that are made from better synthetic fibers. The 2.0 Silver Tip Fiber bristles are considered closest to the best synthetic shaving brush you will find. On several counts, the tips are better than animal hair brushes.
  • Badger Brushes: Hair from badgers have been in use for over two centuries for making shaving brushes. While there are no unanimous conventions on naming, the four generally agreed upon types of badger brushes include: best, pure, super and silver tip. However, different manufacturers use different names for the types.
  1. Pure Badger: Pure badger is considered the, least expensive among the four grades and the color varies for light grey to black. The bristles have greater flexibility than boar hair and the texture is coarser than other high grade badger hairs. These are good for the massaging effect many wet shavers like.
  1. Best Badger: These brushes are a significant step up from pure badgers. The color variations are from grey to light brown and water-retention is better than pure badgers. It feels softer on the face and does not feel as scratchy. The price is higher than pure badgers and average life expectancy for these is six years.
  1. Super Badger: This grade goes further in softness of bristles and the scratch feel is negligible. There is a typical color pattern on the bristles with the midsection being black and tips being whiter. There is greater hair density and you will find a noticeable difference in water-retention capacity of these brushes.
  1. Silvertip Badger: These use the most expensive and arguably the best variety of badger hair. The color branding is even more distinctive and the contrast is better defined. The feeling on the face is luxurious, comfortable and gentle – more like a soft sponge. While these are priced higher than the other three grades, they last you about 10 years.

Difference between boar and badger shaving brush!

Boar vs badger

To state plainly, badger and boar shaving brushes represent the respective animals from whose fur the brush has been made.

The badger brushes are slightly better in quality than boar brushes.

The bristles on boar brushes are longer and firmer than badger brushes.

This makes the boar brushes less costly than the badger ones.

However, the badger brushes generate more lather, are softer on the skin and retain water better than boar brushes.

You could still go for a boar brush if you are on a cash-diet. But badger is any day the better lather-maker.

What characteristics will you look when buying the best shaving brush?

  • Does it have highest quality natural hair?

There have been several cases where unnatural (synthetic) hair has been passed off as natural and companies have sold them to buyers.

This is where you need to be careful. Best quality shaving brushes use only natural animal-sourced hair.

However, this rule does not apply for synthetic brushes.

  • Does it help you get a precise shave?

A good shaving brush has a great role in improving shaving experience.

The brush is responsible for spreading the lather evenly on the face.

This in turn has a lot to do with pre-shaving lubricationand moisturizing.

A decent brush could save you extra dollars that you otherwise spend hunting the best pre shave oil.

It is all the better if the brush can help you get rich lather.

  • Is it comfortable to hold?

The handle of the brush greatly determines whether or not you feel comfortable using it.

There are some brushes that pay great heed to this and develop handles that offer neat ergonomics.

Take a hold of the brush and swing a few strokes to see how comfortable you are with the grip.

  • Does it naturally exfoliate the skin?

Exfoliating the skin is one of the vital aspects of pre-shaving preparations.

It is jointly done by your shaving cream and the shaving brush.

Shaving brushes that have high quality tips play a great role in exfoliation.

See what extra you get when investing in a decently priced shaving brush.

  • How well does it minimize irritation, burn and pore infection?

This is an important point since most lower-grade shaving brushes are known to cause several kinds of infection and skin irritation.

You must make sure your skin does not react to a particular kind of animal hair before going ahead with the purchase.

It is advisable that you got for a trial before the purchase.

  • Does it well match with your favorite shaving soap or cream?

Good quality badger brushes are compatible with all brands of shaving soaps and creams.

Some will work you wonders with the best shaving creams.

Check out a few combinations to decide on what needs to be done to improve further on the experience.

Mostly, a good brush will not present any soap-compatibility issue.

What makes the escali 100% pure badger shaving brush a better choice than the rest?

The Escali pure badger brush brings you 100% pure badger bristles that are both soft textured and long lasting – a combination you hardly get to see in these brushes.

It holds water very well and is best suited for shaving wet.

It rinses easier than any other brush we reviewed. The bristles do not fall off even after extensive use.

And all this fits snugly within an impressive price point.

Bottom line

We believe it is evidently clear by now on what we are backing. Just make sure you get the confidence right behind the product you like.

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