A business trip is stacked with important meetings. What if you forget to shave for one of those appointments?

Just imagine the loss of impression there.

But things could be completely different if you had a travel electric shaver handy. A shave would be a matter of a few minutes.

We have busy lives. And it gets only busier from here. We so wish we could take time off and relax at home for a few days. But such is the nature of modern careers that travel cannot be avoided. A portable electric shaver becomes more a necessity then.

And it does not have to be the career all the time. I know so many travel hobbyists and adventure junkies who have been trotting the globe for merry. As you make more miles, you will find great company in a portable electric shaver.

Not every electric shaver is a good one for travel. You need the charging system, size, weight and cleaning convenience to fall in place simultaneously. With a travel charger, more weight adds on to these parameters. I will tell you more about these as you move ahead in the article.

If you are to set sail soon, you cannot miss these 5 reviews on what could be the best travel shavers of all time.

If you wish to avail the best products among them, read on to find out more.

Straight recommendation: Philips Norelco PQ208/40

Travel shaver comparison chart

Name & brandRun timeTypeWarrantyPowerd By
Philips PQ208/4060 minRotary2 year2 AA batteries
Panasonic ES3831K90 minFoil1 year2 AA alkaline batteries
Braun M9060 minFoil2 year2 AA batteries
Panasonic ES-RS10-S90 minFoil1 year2 AA alkaline batteries
Shavetech EAG01230 minFoil1 yearCharges via USB

Our top 5 recommended travel electric shaver reviews

# Philips Norelco PQ208/40 Travel Electric Razor

Our impression

Philips Norelco PQ20840

This amazing product from Philips combines the best in modern technology and innovation to provide consumers with an electric razor that has a special Travel Mode which is capable of providing you with a clean and smooth shaving experience while you are on the move.

The razor comes with special blades that are self-sharpening in nature which means that this razor excels at offering a shave that is close, leaving no traces of hair behind every time you use it.

The inclusion of independent floating heads is a wonderful idea for this product since it means that it is capable of following the curve of your face in a hassle-free manner without any difficulty, making the whole shaving experience a lot more pleasant.

There are two AA batteries included along with this pack so that you can start your shaving at once.

Moreover, this great product is equipped with a soft pouch which makes it ideal to take along with you on your travels.

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  • Includes cleaning brush and protective cap.
  • Travel case is offered for easy storage and protection while traveling.
  • Close shave is achieved with self-sharpening blades.
  • Provides cordless shaving experience of up to 60 minutes.
  • Placement of on/off button is inconvenient.
  • Consumes battery quickly.
  • Battery compartment opens up easily.

# Panasonic ES3831K Shaver for Travel, Battery Operated

Our impression

Panasonic ES3831K

Panasonic has always been a trusted and reliable brand when it comes to producing high performance grooming tools and this new razor from the company is no different.

Weighing just six ounces, it is incredibly lightweight and is the ideal choice of electric razor for men who wish to experience a quick and painless shaving experience on the go.

The design of the razor is such that it delivers a close shave every time and has a durable motor with a power output of 8500-rpm which means that you get an even distributed and fast shave without any hassles.

This electric razor is compatible with all skin types, including sensitive skin, due to the inclusion of the hypoallergenic, stainless steel floating blades that take care to provide you with a non-irritating and close shave.

This shaver is compatible with both wet and dry settings and it is 100% immersible as well as washable.

Cleaning this product is extremely easy since all you have to do is hold the product under warm running water and rinse it for some time.

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  • Ergonomic design makes the product easy to hold.
  • Easy to clean with running warm water.
  • Hypoallergenic and nickel-free.
  • Operates via batteries for easy use.
  • Requires you to apply a lot of pressure while shaving.
  • Does not shave uniformly.
  • Build quality is not very durable.

# Braun M90 Mobile Shaver

Our impression

Braun M90 Mobile Shaver

Braun has always been one of the most reputed names in the grooming industry and the new product from the company in the form of the Braun M90 Mobile Shaver is a testament to their dedication to perfection.

For one, it comes with a wide floating foil which means that you can experience a comfortable yet close shave.

There is a trimmer for long hair which means that trimming moustaches and sideburns will no longer be a hassle.

Cleaning the product is easy – all you need to do is hold it under running water.

The inclusion of a precision trimmer is a wonderful idea on the part of the company since you can use this setting to trim your moustaches and sideburns easily without any difficulty while on the move.

The product has a twist cap which affords a decent amount of protection to the foil while the cap remains closed.

The razor is operated via batteries and Braun has included AA batteries in the package so that you can start shaving right out of the box.

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  • Smart foil is capable of capturing hair growing in various directions.
  • Includes precision trimmer for cutting long hair easily.
  • Offers a comfortable and close shave thanks to wide floating foil.
  • Works very slowly.
  • Might not be suitable for people with sensitive skin.
  • Foil cover is not very durable.

# Panasonic Men's Shaver for Traveler ES-RS10-S

Our impression

Panasonic Men’s Shaver for Traveler ES-RS10-S Silver

This compact and powerful shaver for men has been developed by the house of Panasonic who are experts in producing amazing grooming products.

The company understands the requirements of the consumers and it excels at combining the latest in technology and performance to provide the users with a product that not only meets their expectations but provides them with a unique shaving experience that sets it apart from the rest of the competition.

This new electric razor is no different and it works great to provide you with a clean and smooth shave.

The foil blade is sharp and ensures that it cleans the tiniest hairs so that you get a quick and comfortable shaving experience.

The modern shave head of this electric razor is powerful enough to provide you with a decent shaving experience and you can get a nice and smooth shave.

The shaver requires 2 AA alkaline batteries in order to operate but those are not included with the product.

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  • Compact and lightweight in size.
  • Shave head of the product has a modern touch.
  • Sharp foil blade for close shave.
  • This product is available for sale only in Japan.
  • Japanese language manual.
  • Warranty of 1 year valid only in Japan.

# Black - Rechargeable USB Travel Razor

Our impression

Black Travel Razor

This electric razor is a great choice if you want a compact and powerful shaver for you to take on your travels that offers a great shave in a quick manner.

The design of the product is impressive and it is extremely lightweight. Being smaller in size than a smartphone, it fits easily inside your pocket or your luggage and so you will face no trouble carrying it with you.

You can experience a close and smooth shave with this razor thanks to the inclusion of fast vibration of the sharp blades.

The charging mechanism of this shaver is USB and you do not require any sort of batteries or power cables.

It is extremely easy to maintain since the hood of the outer foil is removable which means that it provides an easy cleaning experience and even comes with a brush.

The razor meets the standards of RoHS and is constructed without the use of any harmful substances.

When the razor is fully charged, it provides you with a shaving time of 30 minutes.

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  • Smaller in size than a smartphone.
  • Lightweight and compact design.
  • Easy to carry anywhere.
  • Fast vibration and sharp blades combine for smooth shave.
  • USB charging.
  • Motor is not very powerful.
  • Cheap build quality.
  • Is not capable of holding much charge.

Battery powered or rechargeable! which one is best for travelling?

The mantra to follow while traveling is “less is more” and electric shavers tend to adhere to this formula.

Rechargeable shavers do not need the users to replace their batteries on a regular basis; they just need to charge the shaver for some time.

Sometimes, the act of taking out a used rechargeable battery can be very difficult, especially if the battery has fulfilled its charge-discharge functions but it is true that rechargeable battery powered razors are compatible with powerful yet compact sources of power.

These also boast of a greater rate of oscillation than normal battery powered razors.

What characteristics will you look when buying an electric razor for travelling?

  • Is it portable? Portability is one of the primary concerns when you wish to purchase an electric razor that you will take along on your travels. The more lightweight the razor is, the better it will be since you will find it easy to carry along with you wherever you go. Not only that, the product needs to be compact as well since if it occupies a lot of space you will not find it very convenient.
  • Travel case or protective cover? While travel cases for electric razors are a good idea due to the fact that they save up on space, you should try and get an item that comes with a protective cover since electrical items need to be protected from bumps and pressures at all costs. There are many electric razors meant for travel that come with protective cases which are not only durable but compact as well which means that they offer you the dual benefits of protection as well as storage.
  • Long lasting battery: An electric razor runs on batteries and you need to charge them in order to ensure that your product runs long enough for you to get your job done without having to recharge it on a frequent basis. A long lasting battery is definitely one of the primary factors that you need to take into account while buying the razor since if your product runs out of charge regularly, then you will find it a hassle to use it while you are traveling.
  • Running time: The amount of time that the electric razor can run on a single charge is important since you do not want to face a situation where the charge of your battery runs out and the razor stops working in the middle of your shave. Make sure that you buy a product that has a decent running time so that you can get a sufficient number of uses out of it before you have to attach it to the charger once more.
  • Easy cleaning option: One of the common hassles that many users have to deal with while traveling is cleaning options for your electric razor. You might not always have the time or the opportunity to thoroughly clean your razor while on the go and so it is a good idea to invest in a product that comes with easy clean solutions for you to get the task done in a convenient manner and finish cleaning your razor without any difficulty.

It’s time to decide………….

Plenty of brands can be found in the market that claim to manufacture the best electric travel shaver but the truth is that not all of them possess the features that you might need.

Thus, in order to find the best shaver to take on your travels it is necessary to first understand your requirements.

However, one product that meets all the criteria necessary to become the best electric shaver for travel purposes is the Philips Norelco PQ208/40 Travel Electric Razor.

Bottom line

There are numerous companies which claim to produce the best electric travel shaver but you must realize your requirements if you wish to invest in the best item that will provide you with value for money.

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